This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 528

In the secret room, Lin Chuan sat quietly, eyebrows down in thought, digesting the entire process of development that Daggo said.

creak creak creak ……

On the side, Big Mouse is holding a piece of barbecue, gnawing like a mad dog, eating so that the whole head is filled with oil.

This is already the twentieth piece of barbecue it has eaten, and its stomach has swelled up like a balloon, and it still refuses to stop.

For this Flame Mouse, this barbecue is too delicious. It is countless times more delicious than the scorpions, centipede, and snakes inside the mine.

“This is the rat life…, I really followed the master, and the master’s master Mister Chuan…”

“father, mother, second uncle , Second aunt, and…”

Big Mouse muttered the names of hundreds of relatives in his heart, and murmured in tears, “Don’t worry, as the last Flame Mouse, I will definitely live There is an extremely wonderful rat born!”

“I, Big Mouse, will definitely become the Flame Mouse clan, the greatest Flame Mouse. I want to have a thousand, no, ten thousand mothers. The rat breeds and gives birth to hundreds of thousands of it, millions of offspring, the master, and the owner of the master to open up the territory…”

Eating such a delicious barbecue, Big Mouse has fallen. It is full of respect for Master Kitty, the owner of the master.

On the table, Kitty Lan glanced at Big Mouse and shook his head very annoyed. This pet mouse really has never seen the world! Meow…, such a piece of barbecue, the barbecue of any store in Shihai Mountain City, is ten times stronger than this, and it can also eat weeping bitter tears.

The Flame Mouse like this is Kitty Lan’s pet. Little Brat feels that it’s too out of style. After going back, he needs to be trained.

After that, Kitty Lan thought about it again and thought it was also good. Big Mouse is so easy to satisfy, which means it’s easy to feed!

If Big Mouse, like it, is so picky about everything, and the food is equivalent to Gold Coin, then this Master Kitty can’t afford it.

Thinking of this, Kitty Lan secretly nodded, and thinks it is so good, and Big Mouse’s vision is just fine.

While Little Blue Cat was thinking about it, Lin Chuan lifts the head, looked towards Daggo, who was standing on the side, and said: “putting it that way, your big brother Lindon Marlunk died because he got The key to that Sealed Territory of Northern Land, this [Earth King Equipment], is this the most important reason for his assassination?”

Daggo nodded, this empty shell of [Earth King Equipment] is When Lindon was learning through experience in Northern Land, he accidentally discovered in a ruin and took away most of the things there, including [Earth King Equipment], the cultivation method of Daggo cultivation, and other treasures.

It is precisely because of this that the strength of Lindon Marlunk can improve so fast.

However, what didn’t expect is that Shi Hulie also entered the ruins later and obtained the secret about that Sealed Territory.

That Sealed Territory of Northern Land, until now, is guarded by Centaur Race.

It’s just that thousands of years ago, after the Continental War, [Earth King Equipment] was damaged too badly to open that Sealed Territory, and Centaur Race also lost the qualification of Guardian.

Thousands of years ago, this secret was not too secret. With the ebbing of time, it has become a secret that few people know.

It is precisely because of such treasures, coupled with his extraordinary talents, that Lindon takes the top spot among the seven peerless genius, which attracts a lot of hostility from influence.

Lin Chuan is slightly nodded. If Lindon Marlunk enters the eighth boundary, then activate [Earth King Equipment] and open Sealed Territory. Both itself and the power of the Northern Land Royal Clan will reach a peak.

Such a situation, the Mysterious Star Empire royal family does not want to see it. If the Northern Land army directly killed Great Mysterious Star Prefecture in the past, it would not be a joke.

Northern Land Noble Zhong, the third oldest family in Northern Land, has always been looking for opportunities to replace it with Northern Land Royal Clan.

If Northern Land Royal Clan has a Lindon, then the wild hope of Noble Zhong lineage will probably be postponed by a hundred years…

As for the branch of continental family Gong Family , Has always had the ambition to plot Northern Land, and naturally I am not happy to see such an outstanding figure in Northern Land Royal Clan.


So, the three parties will work together to calculate it.

Oh, no, it’s not a tripartite, but also within the Northern Land Royal Clan, those Royal Clan influences who believe in the supremacy of direct lineage also have a kick…

This, just This is the real reason why Lindon Marlunk was assassinated!

As for the subsequent assassinations of the other six peerless genius, some were misunderstandings, some were to exclude dissidents, and there were private grievances…

“So, 11 years ago, Do you know the real cause of the tragedy that broke out in Northern Land Royal City?” Lin Chuan asked again.

When Daggo heard this, he did not hesitate at all this time, nodded and said: “Of course I know, it is a secretly implemented plan within Royal Clan, together with Noble Descendant Zhong seven child.”

“Noble Descendant Zhong seven child, coveted the beauty of Princess Hazel, so he did that ugly deed in the plan!”

Speaking of this, the corners of Daggo’s mouth twitched slightly. He was deceitful. very ruthless, but still can’t do such a bastard thing.

“The plan at that time was for the Northern Land Royal Daughter, but because she was so empty, Princess Hazel became a substitute for the dead, poor Hazel…”

Daggo sighed, A bit sentimental, he is also a member of Northern Land Royal Clan. Although he is a member of the side branch, he also knows Hazel. According to his seniority, the latter is Daggo’s peer. However, in terms of age, he is watching Hazel grow up. of.

The youngest sister of the Northern King, because of the birth of the Northern Land Royal Daughter, she assumed the responsibility of taking care of those juniors and never married.

And Princess Hazel’s beauty, as famous as her gentle temper, is a jewel of Northern Land Royal Clan.

For this kind of Princess, Northern Land Royal Clan has nothing to dislike. 11 years ago, the tragedy caused by the tragedy was far greater than expected.

Because of this, Northern King was furious and almost launched a purge of the entire Northern Land. Finally, after the veterans of Royal City advised him, he gave up…

It is also known that Princess Hazel is in Northern King, the status in the hearts of many people in Northern Land Royal City, Noble Descendant Zhong seven child joined Royal Clan insiders to push the charges to the missing second son of Centaur Clan Head, Bayen.

Daggo has only learned the truth of this matter in the past two years. He was planning to kill Shi Hulie, obtain the treasure of Sealed Territory, and go to Noble Descendant Zhong for trouble.

Lin Chuan’s complexion moved slightly and sighed. In this way, Bayen is really bad luck. The whole thing has nothing to do with him. In the end, not only did the Experiment Base explode, but after he escaped from the dead, he also remembered On such a charge.

“So… 12 years ago, in Shihai Mountain Mystical Place, what about the explosion of the Experiment Base at Centaur Race? You should know about it…”

Lin Chuan paused , Suddenly looked towards Daggo and asked this question.

This question is actually what Lin Chuan wants to know the most, because Bayen is his friend, and he is still very concerned about his friends.

Daggo trembled and was startled in a cold sweat. He had guessed just now that Lin Chuan has a deep understanding of these things, but he didn’t expect it even 12 years ago. Also so clear.

As soon as his thoughts turned, Daggo dared not hide it, and responded quickly: “The mastermind of that incident was not Shi Family, nor the branch of Gong Family, Noble Descendant Zhong, but the people inside Royal Clan. I don’t know who it is. The purpose is actually the same as the purpose of plotting against the Lindon big brother…”


Lin Chuan’s brows moved slightly, Daggo said The mastermind was someone from Royal Clan, and he knew it.

In the final analysis, it is still to exclude dissidents. There are factions within Northern Royal Clan who believe in the supremacy of direct lineage, and naturally there are also parties that are hostile to Centaur Regiment.

If Centaur Race repairs 【Earth King Equipment】, and therefore opens Sealed Territory, there will be people inside Northern Royal Clan who don’t want to see it.

In the final analysis, it was all power that caused trouble…

A Northern Land throne, decades ago, so many things were involved…

At the same time, came the coldly snorted from Tai Gu: “I know the endless internal friction. With this strength, the Sea Beast Regiment on the coastline of Five Seas can be invisible…”

[Moon Core] also agrees, and is very angry at this behavior. As the core part of [Earth King Equipment], it was created to fight Sea Beast Regiment.

Now, because of [Earth King Equipment], so many disturbances have made him very indignant.

Daggo is by the side, observing Lin Chuan’s look, cautiously said: “Mister Chuan. If your purpose is Sealed Territory, you can use this [Earth King Equipment] directly, and Shi Family. It’s difficult to be a friendly relationship. Can I use the power of my hand to fight Shi Hulie’s Old Guy fiercely.”

Lin Chuan took a look at Daggo, knowing his thoughts, but actually thinking about it again. With the help of his side, deal with Shi Family together.

“Your layout for more than forty years is really too limited…” Lin Chuan shook the head, said.

In the hands of Daggo, it can be said that he inherited all the inheritance of his big brother, Lindon, this complete [Earth King Equipment] shell, and related treasures, such as this strange cultivation of its cultivation method ……

Having so many hole cards and the layout of the past 40 years, but now, there is no other enemy, Lin Chuan thinks this guy’s head should be something wrong.

I thought about it, but there was something wrong with my head, Illusory Flame Ore poison had penetrated into Daggo within the body long ago, and this guy’s nerves were a bit abnormal.

As soon as his thoughts turned, Lin Chuan looked towards Daggo and said: “This matter, wait until I go back to talk about it, Mister Daggo. Did you know that Lindon Marlunk has a granddaughter in the world?”

“Big brother’s granddaughter?! You mean Lymira…”

Suddenly, Daggo screamed, and the whole person jumped up. The muscles on his body were scorched, and the muscles on his body twitched uncontrollably. It looked a bit biting, and seemed to want to rush over.

Lin Chuan clenched his hand tightly and slammed [Blood Spirit World Lock], Daggo screamed again, fell to the ground, convulsed violently, and sprayed foam from his mouth.

Looking at the scorched black figure twitching on the ground, Lin Chuan secretly nodded, and can be sure in his heart that Lymira is indeed the granddaughter of Lindon Marlunk, and Village Head Leeman and Old Guy did not lie to him.

“Think of it, this trip to Northern Land, the things that should be clarified, have been clarified, it is not easy…”

Lin Chuan sighed, secretly After doing some calculations, I surprisingly discovered that after clarifying these things, the power held in his hand, and the power that can be mobilized indirectly, has reached an astonishing level.

The power of Daggo…

Fire Gnome Village Head, Grey Rock Ridge Wolf Lord…

Plus, after a few days, The [Void Bone Shadow] that is about to arrive…

There is also the armed force of the Redbud Organization that has arrived…

“Okay, okay, now that I’ve figured it out, Then something needs to be done. Since I can turn on the things in the Sealed Territory, I can’t let Shi Family, or Noble Descendant Zhong, Gong Family get involved…”

Lin Chuan muttered Then, stood up, looked towards Daggo, and said: “Lymira is with me, you are like this, tidy up and see your only relative again.”

gu lu ……

Daggo got up immediately, moved towards the room in the secret room.

“What excuse should I think of and return to Shihai Mountain City…”

Lin Chuan whispered, turned his head, and watched Big Mouse have three five meters in diameter. After eating the big pot of barbecue, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes. How to deal with such a big guy, and it can’t be reduced like Kitty. It’s not easy to bring…

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