This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 530

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“Seven Grandpa, there are those people … they are all killed …”

In the

in the room, the low 低 出 出,.. 变…..

Tears in the eyes of Bayen, he is both anger, it is grievance, but also remorse …, all kinds of emotions have picked themselves.

It is true, about 12 years ago, the Experiment Base explosion, Entire Group investigated for so many days, has a general outline.

However, hear the truth from the DAGGO mouth, Bayen’s psychological defense is still broken, this Robust Man is almost cried.

The explosion of 12 years ago, there is also a Royal City tragedy in 11 years ago. He, and Centaur Race, and Princess Hazel is innocent, but it has fallen this field …

“Bayen. When I learned about these truths, it is already a few years later, everything is late …”

DaGGO SIGHED, very sad, he was also touched.

For Centaur Race, because Lindon has always respectful, Daggo, who is Younger Brother, has always been friendly.

If at the time, Daggo really gave a message, will definitely warned in advance.

Unfortunately, the Daggo, Cultivation Named Cultivation Method, the Illusory Flame Oore is deep, the brain is a bit unleavened, and a heart thinking thinks about how to kill Shi Hulie, where there is a thought to manage other thing.

“Uncle Daggo, Many Thanks you tell. This hatred, my MUST newspaper!” Bayen Said Solemnly.

Daggo, said: “I am the same as your goal, my Big Brother Lindon is also dead in these people. Everything listened to Mister Chuan’s arrangement, in this respect, I believe in his ability.”

Everyone is very amazed, and Didn’t Expect Daggo has such a one of the Eighth Boundary Expert, is actually to listen to it.

However, a line of companions for Lin Chuan, there is absolute confidence, since Daggo said, everyone is very happy, there is such an EIGHTH Boundary Expert to join, the grasp of the action is even greater.

“SECOND UNCLE, I also believe Mister Chuan.” Lymira raised his head, Pupil Light flashed, with an inexplicable.

Daggo, not shocked, he is coming over, of course, I understand a girl to show such a look, what is the thoughts.

He can’t help but secretly: Lin Chuan, the mind is like a sea, the strength deep and unmeasurable, can not be a good match of Lymira!

Thought, Daggo’s attention, and the plan of Bayen and the Others attracted the past.

Entire Group gathers together to discuss subsequent cooperation programs.

“From me, you can negotiate with Grey Rock Ridge Wolf Lord, then the old brother owes me a life, I will definitely agree. Add your strength, it is already branch than Shi Family, Gong Family, and Noble Descendant Zhong’s power is stronger … “Daggo said.

Lowden and the Others can’t help but shock, they are known, the original Peerless Genius, Lindon, Fire Gnome Village Head, Grey RodGe Wolf Lord Three big genius is very good, Lymira is more Village head leeman younger Brother raised.

is just between Didn’t Expect, Daggo and Grey Rod Ridge Wolf Lord, there is such a relationship.

, Madame Die has been surprised. In this way, the power of your own side is not a general power.

Her hands in her hands Organization, the degree of pismine in Northern Land, but peak.

plus the power in Mister Chuan, Daggo’s power, and Grey Rock Ridge Wolf Lord, these three parties, single from paper strength, it is already able to subvert NORTHHERN LAND A Terrifying Influence.

Of course, how much tripartite is, or an unknown number.

At this time, Daggo, Bayen’s Communicator rang, which is the news sent by Lin Chuan, let two people go together, follow-up plan to start.

so fast …

Everyone is shocked, but there is no more asking, Daggo is Patted Lymira, let it stand well, leave with Bayen.


In the evening, Shihai Mountain City has rain, and the rain is covered with this area, so that the temperature of the whole city has dropped, just as cold in the winter.

The temperature difference between the mountains and nights is always so big …

LIN CHUAN at this moment has long been quietly left in the lab of Smelting Plant, and it is a building near the suburbs of the South District.

This building is the location of THIRD ROYAL SON, Gong Bieqian secretly meet.

In order to meet each other, Gong Bieqian simply gave the home worth 10 million Gold Coin directly gave Lin Chuan.

LIN Chuan sitting on the sofa, the opposite is a smile and the Heeqi, but also TEACHER, GONG Bieqian.

“Mister Chuan .mechanical Honeycomb, the protection of your protection is really thoughtful! Such excert is also sent, protect you …”

gong bieqian smiled and said that the door of the Looked Towards study room, with its keen perception, it is noticeable to the building, two shares are incomparably. Terrifying.

When the strength of Gong Bieqian Quasi Eighth Boundary, when I just entered the building, I was also scared by these two breaths, a Sixth Boundary PEAK, a Seventh Boundary Expert.

The two big EXPERTs have lurked in the room, act as Lin Chuan’s personal bodyguard.

When Lin Chuan is told, this is the EXPERT that Mechanical Honeycomb, and Gong Bieqian has a new cognition for this young mechac.

“That is the face of Teacher Bassi, please come to these two expert, protect my security in Northern Land. Don’t do it, Third Royal Son, you also know what happened yesterday, I almost thought that it is dead … “

Lin chuan said this, his face revealed a shocked Avoided a Catastrophe.

“HMPH …, SHI Hulie is too many people who are imminent, Mister Chuan is said to be affected.” Gong Bieqian comforted, and in the way, a shi family was discredited.

lin chuan’s complex, like Gong Bieqian, evoke the dissatisfaction with Shi Hulie.

, Third Royal Son is a non-hair, giving it teacher, and Lin Chuan poured tea.

lin chuan looked at Gong Bieqian, the secret is the strength of it. It has a more clear understanding. The strength of this guy is QUASI EIGHTH Boundary, and does not go to the extent of the EIGHTARY.

This house is not only Bayen, Six Arms, and Daggo.

this Time, let the three have lurked here, one is to protect the protection, two, and want to explore the bottom of Gong Bieqian.

If gong bieqian, the presence of Daggo is noticed, that is, the real EIGHTH Boundary Expert, the strength of the Gong Family branch, needs to be re-evaluated.

and the same, can also make Gong Bieqian understand that Lin Chuan’s protection is powerful, don’t worry about it.

If Daggo is not found, it is actually better, before the strength of the Gong Family branch, there is no access.

Slightly sinking, Lin Chuan: “This time, I have a self-recognition of Bad Luck, anyway, I don’t have to go to Shi Family. SHI Hulie’s request, I have done it.”

What? !

is done? !

Third Royal Son, Gong Bieqian Complexion Changed, looking at Lin Chuan, full of shock.

These days, they have been paying attention to Shi Family from Lin Chuan, paying attention to the repair progress of [Earth King Equipment].

Originally, in accordance with Lin Chuan, at least Half A Month is required, that is, the Northern King birthday banquet will begin with Breakthroughity.

How to get a blink of kung fu?

lin chuan sighed, booth stall, said: “I accelerated progress, helped them to complete the activation startup of [Earth King Equipment]. So, from today, I have cleared the relationship with Shi Family.”

This is indeed a fact. Before you meet with Third Royal Son, Lin Chuan will activate the related research of [Earth King Equipment], and a brain is sent to Shi Hulie.

The latter is ecstatic. I sent a good gift of promise in the afternoon. During this period, I won’t come to bother Lin Chuan. After a while, Shihai Mountain City’s situation was relatively stable, shi hulie reached thank.

“Mister Chuan is to avoid trouble, so accelerate progress …”

gong bieqian speaks some buses, and the tone is full of incredible, and he has a quite understanding of the difficulty of repair [Earth King Equipment].

[Earth King Equipment] If it is so easy to repair, Centaur Race has been repaired for so many years, and CENTAUR Regiment also returned to Peak.

can’t think of it, Shi Family spent so many years, the repair process is so slow, and it is done so soon, in order to avoid trouble, it will be completed so quickly.

For this Mechanic Talent, this research process is to speed up the speed?

gong Bieqian Breathes Deeply, quickly digest this amazing message, thoughts turn, said: “Mister Chuan. Can also give us a copy of the relevant research. You can rest assured, I will thank you!”

“Mr. Don’t do, this is some of our agreement, some don’t match …” Lin Chuan Slightly Frowned, some unhappy.

gong bieqian smiles, takes out a box, after opening, is a four-four square metal, exudes a rich blue light.

Lin Chuan, but some sitting can’t stand, this is the highest quality [dark blue alloy], this is the rare metal in the Five Seas, which has always been the need for the SEA beast regiment refining Sea SoveReign Item. .

This kind of metal is now in the Five Seas, I can’t think of a piece of Gong Bieqian in his hand.

This piece of [dark blue alloy], its value is more than 1 billion gold coin, but also Money Cannot Buy.

as a Northern King Third CHILD, is also the most well of this generation, the most excellent one, how Monte has no ambition.

just, unsil now, he all presses the ambition in the bottom of the heart, and dare not touch.

After all, he has a too excellent Younger Sister, from her birth, unplug the sword, destined the next Northern King position, and then don’t do the second person.

From that day, not only Third Royal Son Monte, his Big Brother, Elder Sister, and the following two younger sisters, all have had a thought.

, in particular, in the smallest younger sister, Northern Land Royal Daughter exhibits incomparable, Monte, no extravagance.

Even if it is a student in gong bieqian, there is a Gong Family’s support, in the adult ceremony, from the Teacher mouth, learn the plan of Gong Family this Several Decades to secretly prepare, Monte has not much extravagant …

He is a smart person, knowing that this plan wants to succeed, first need [Earth King Equipment] to fix, activate start, and open Sealed Territory.

just, [Earth King Equipment] is repaired, activated, and it is so simple, CENTAUR RACE is busy with That Many year, or has little progressed.

Even 12 years ago, Gong Family, with Northern Land, a few huge monster’s Influence, bombed the Centaur Race’s Experiment Base, secretly captured some secret information, so that this plan has great progress, Monte is still Don’t have much hope.

In his opinion, [Earth King Equipment] is repaired, how can it be twenty years, or even a long time, when his Younger Sister, Northern Land Royal Daughter is among the ranks of the world, The prestige of Northern Land does not have anyone.

When you control Sealed Territory, Shi Family does not think that the rebellion is not made …

I really launch a war, Northern Land Royal Clan is a big way, and has a strong strength, plus extremely high prestige …

The situation, the outside Influence will not be sitting, inevitably, will never change what, he is still the Third Royal Son …

, now it is now, [Earth King Equipment] will be repaired immediately, activate the startup, the gate of the SeaThern Land is about to open, this time Very Good.

If gong family really controls this Sealed Territory, take Centaur Regiment!

That, third Royal Son Monte, gains Gong Family support, becoming the opportunity of the next Northern King, which greatly increases …

Breathes Deeply, Monte is a hot, said: “Teacher, everything will look at you, there is any place to be me, please tell students.”

See Monte so respectful, gong bieqian satisfied nodded, proudly laughed, squinted, began to fantasize the beautiful future …

is here –

In a small alley on the side, I suddenly rushed out of a team of floating motorbike, Moved Towards Gong Bieqian’s Floating Vehicle collided.

Under the street lamp on both sides of the road, this team floating motorbike speed rushed, the driver SIMULTAANESLY fed out a bundled metal sphere, and the past threw.

peng ~ peng ~ peng ~ …

At this time, a group of dazzling Rays of Light rushed to the sky, this neighborhood was shrouded, the people inside were only strong and glaring, like a straight look, and they have eyes and planted.

A circle of current fluctuations, crazy swept to the FLOATING VEHICLE, form a layer of thick electromagnetic cage in an instant, and imprisoned Floating Vehicle.

“Who ?! Dare to attack Northern Land Royal Clan …”

gong bieqian anger, one palm shot on the door, Terrifying’s Jinyao passed through the door, such as the tsunami generally swept to this team.

is not, the person headed is raised, and the road is straight, the palm is granted, and it is actually in the palm of the mountain.

at the same time.

This block is shrouded in the strong light. The traffic on the street, and Simultaneously stopped, but there is no such voice, all arround Very Quiet, Like A is coming to another space.

“Northern Land Royal Clan? We are looking for you …”

“gong Bieqian, don’t be inside, come out …”

The head of the motorcycle is open, from floating motorbike, picking out the helmet, showing an incomplete and handsome face.

Seeing this person, the face of Gong Bieqian in the carriage, suddenly overhead, and the green tú tú on Forehead, one hand pressed on that Light Screen, I want to destroy it.

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