This Big Shot is a bit Careless Chapter 555


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Over the palace, Manhua, who fought fiercely with the tree people, stepped back suddenly, and then threw a punch like lightning.

This fist had no warning, and the speed was so fast that the fist of a huge horn was smashed out in the sky, and it smashed down like a mountain.

On the square in the center of the palace, many experts only felt that a thunder exploded in their ears, which shocked them all.

“Shit…, the confrontation of the ninth boundary expert, really is not a place for people to stay?!”

“Why is this vine wall so thick that it can’t be beaten through…”

The experts were frightened and scolded in secret. If possible, they could not wait to escape from here immediately, staying far away, never come to this terrifying place in this life.

Before, when the old Centaur Race appeared, Shi Hulie and the others, who knew his identity, were panicked and stopped talking. Other experts almost screamed out.

These people did not recognize the identity of Manhua, but recognized the strength of his ninth boundary expert. The major event is not good…

The battle between two ninth boundary experts was the scene of Disaster Level, since ancient times. These expert encounters must isolate a city from the battlefield, otherwise, a city will really be involved.

Now, the two ninth boundary experts are fighting in the sky above the palace. In this situation, even the eighth boundary experts have to scold their mother.

The eighth boundary, the ninth boundary, the difference is large, it can be said that the sum of the first boundary to the eighth boundary is even more.

At this moment, Manhua suddenly blasted a punch, which was clearly a full shot, which made the experts on the scene not frightened. If this is scratched to a point, the eighth boundary expert will be immortal or disabled.


The tree man screamed and greeted him directly. The two huge auras collided together, and the sky seemed to burst suddenly, bursting out loud noises of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

In the palace, the Northern King is holding the king’s sword and guarding the half-destroyed palace with a solemn expression.

“This old man of Centaur Race on the ninth boundary is similar to the legendary Regiment Commander…”

Northern King muttered to himself. He was very familiar with the history of Northern Land. After reading many secrets thousands of years ago, he naturally saw the appearance of pretty flowers.

This Centaur Race old man is certainly senile, but from the power, moves, and other aspects that it displays, Northern King has such speculations.

“Father, do you want to avoid…” Royal Daughter said with some worry.

“Avoid? This is my palace, where do I retreat?”

Northern King said solemnly, “Even if a group of ninth boundary strikes, as the Northern King, I must fight to the death!”

Between words, there is a sharp aura on his body, begin to stir, which seems to be shot out of his body.

On the side, the Royal Daughter found father’s abnormality, a little astonished, and finally there was no words.

hong long long ……

In midair, the treant’s arms exploded and turned into powder and dissipated.

The formidable power of this fist of Manhua is really earth shattering. If it is not the ninth boundary expert, it is replaced by the experts on the square, even if a group of experts team up, most of the casualties will be killed.

“Get out of…”

The tree man screamed and his arms quickly recovered. It seemed that he did not want to entangle with Manhua, and wanted to leave here quickly.

This move naturally attracted the attention of Man Hua. The old man at Centaur Race didn’t understand why the tree man had such a reaction, but he could also guess that there should be other changes.

This situation has greatly increased Manhua’s chances of winning. The fight between the ninth boundary expert and the two sides is extremely energetic. Even if it is for Nine Stars Level equipment, it is a protracted battle.

If there is a problem with the mentality of one party, it is a great opportunity…

“in a spurt of energy! Kill it…”

Manhua operates its power, and a group of people on its side hide in the dark, not for the benefit of the fisherman, but to observe how to effectively kill the treeman.

Tai Gu gave a method, which is to completely smash the tree, even if it can’t be eliminated, it will greatly weaken its power.

In this regard, Manhua deeply believes that this is not a complete Life Tree. To defeat it completely will inevitably cause considerable trauma to it.

It’s just that it’s difficult to achieve this in the confrontation of the ninth boundary expert…

Now, it is a great opportunity!

At this moment, the Northern King’s shout suddenly sounded in the palace: “Senior, take action together and defeat it!”

In the half-destroyed palace, a sword light suddenly shot out. The sharpness of this sword is far more than just now.

Shi Hulie, Gong Bieqian and the others saw this sword light, and their eyes were stinging. Of course, they noticed that this sword actually contained the prototype sword intent of the ninth boundary.

Northern King is about to break through? !

This thought flashed, Shi Hulie and the others were cold…


sword light flashed by, cutting off the tree man’s newly recovered left arm and a left leg. The cut was mirror-like, and there was a ninth boundary leftover sword intent……

On the opposite side, Manhua immediately shot, double punches in succession, each punch slammed on the tree man firmly, breaking his body continuously.

Rageous fist strength, accompanied by a roar, the tree man’s body collapsed, the broken leaf vines scattered from the air, the body all split up and in pieces, and a deep green trunk with long arms fell down .

“That was the work of the contaminated Life Tree…” Manhua’s face was dark.

At this time, the square was all around, and the experts also saw this section of the tree trunk, all showing the color of greed, this is an incalculable treasure!

Some experts began to stir in their hearts, but reluctantly suppressed them with greed and snatched this treasure in front of the ninth boundary expert, which is no different from courting death.

Suddenly, a vine wall on the south side of the square cracked, and a silhouette rushed out of it and flew towards the Life Tree.

“Dare you…”

It wasn’t Manhua or the Northern King who spoke, but the voice from the vines and leaves underground. It was the tree man’s angry growl.


That silhouette angry roar, the terrifying Sound Wave spread, it was so shocking that it couldn’t help but retreat.

The experts all around the square are not to mention, one by one is skewed, except for the experts on the seventh boundary, all of them were shaken to the blood spout from mouth, suffered serious injuries, and the cultivation base was lower than the fifth boundary. , I was shouted to death…

The experts on the scene died all of a sudden, causing others to exclaim, another ninth boundary expert? !

The silhouette was so fast that it was going straight to the Life Tree…

At the same time.

In the palace ahead, one after another beam of light suddenly lit up. A volley of hundreds of Energy Crystal heavy artillery fired towards the silhouette.

dong dong dong ……

One after another beam of light blasted on the silhouette, as if hitting an extremely solid object, the latter was actually unscathed, but the speed slowed down involuntarily, showing its true colors.

The experts present at the scene can see that this silhouette is also a tree man. Compared with the tree man just now, he is much thicker, more than five meters tall, and the bark presents a corrupt color, exuding a boundlessness. The weird and decadent breath.

Anyone with a little bit of vision can tell, there is a clear difference between this tree man and the tree man just now.

“What about another piece of Life Tree…” Manhua’s eyes moved slightly, frowned.

Two tree people, representing two life trees, appear in the palace at the same time, this thing can reveal too many strange things…

pēng pēng pēng ……

In the palace in front, one after another silhouette rushed out, and suddenly all around was filled with an incomparable fighting intent, one by one Centaur/troops fighters with full equipment, moved towards the stout tree man who appeared later rushed over.

“Centaur Regiment?!”

Shi Family, Gong Family, Zhong Family and the others changed their faces. For them, the most fearful thing in Northern Land is not the Northern King, but the Centaur Regiment.

Before this trip, these major influences all knew that Centaur Regiment was encircling the Black Dwarf influence on the west side of Northern Land.

But it didn’t expect, Centaur Regiment has been lying in ambush in the palace of the Northern King, only then appeared…

“Has the Northern King plot against this moment long ago?”

Shi Hulie’s back was a little cold. If there weren’t so many changes, the four major influences joined forces to rebel in the palace and faced the elites of Centaur Regiment, what chance would they have?

dong dong dong ……

one by one Centaur/troops The fighters launched a charge, and the Heart-Origin Equipment on their bodies radiated light, and they were actually covered together to form a whole, bursting out incomparably powerful power.

This thousand-man army is like a whole. This is also the rumored place where Centaur Regiment terrifying…

However, many people have questions in their hearts. It is said that [Earth King Equipment] has been repairing. How can Centaur Regiment activate this formidable power?

A move in Manhua’s heart, looking towards the palace, the old man Centaur Race’s eyes were not blocked, and he could see the situation inside.

A lithe and graceful woman stood with the Northern King on the high building of the palace, holding the king’s sword together. A strange wave of fluctuations spread from the sword, which happened with the Heart-Origin Equipment of these Centaur/troops warriors. It resonates.

“Wang Jian’s real Inheritor…, it’s no wonder that he was named the Royal Daughter…”

Centaur Race old man secretly thought, this is a secret that only he and Northern King know. Northern King’s king sword, [Earth King Equipment], can resonate with Centaur Regiment’s Heart-Origin Equipment.

And Wang Jian, [Earth King Equipment] united together, is the strongest form of Centaur Regiment!

This is the real secret of Centaur Regiment’s invincibility a thousand years ago!

It’s just that Wang Jian’s real successor is actually rarer than Centaur Race’s [Rock Than Pattern], much rarer…

boom~ boom~ ……

In the square, Centaur Regiment and the stout treant’s fighting broke out, and the connected Centaur Regiment launched a charge, which was able to contend with a ninth boundary expert.

The sturdy treants roared again and again and fell into a heavy siege. No matter how they bumped from the left to the right, they were unable to escape from the encirclement of Centaur Regiment.

On the contrary, leaf vines were continuously shot out from the ground, obstructing their actions and gradually sinking into a disadvantage.

In this scene, many experts have scalp numb. In these years, Centaur Regiment has not participated in the war. However, because the opponents are easily defeated, it is difficult to measure the battle strength of Centaur Regiment today.

However, because for a long time, there are rumors that Centaur Regiment is not as good as before. On the Ranking List of Continental Legion, it also falls outside the 20th place.

This has also caused many people to have a misunderstanding that Centaur Regiment is not strong, and it is still on the Ranking List of continent Legion because of the remaining prestige accumulated in the past.

Now, I have witnessed thousands of Centaur/troops fighters joining forces to trap a ninth boundary expert. This will immediately cause the shock of Mysterious Star Empire.

Not only that, but the experts also felt that the fighting intent exuded by these Centaur/troops fighters was as strong as lava, making them feel stiff and shocked.

It’s still like watching the battle on the sidelines. If you really face it, the feeling will be tenfold, a hundredfold increase, when the time comes, ten percent of the power can’t show up to seventy percent, and it’s crushed all at once… [ 19459002]

In the distance——

In the shadows, Bayen’s gaze fell on this Centaur Regiment, rushing to the front of a Centaur Race warrior, that was a Centaur Race guy with a face somewhat similar to him, his strength was extremely strong, reaching The seventh boundary Peak commanded the Centaur/troops soldiers to rush into the battle.

“big brother…”

Bayen was very excited and stepped forward, but was stopped by Tai Gu.

“Don’t go out to make trouble…”

Tai Gu talked with his head, his attention was not in the center of fighting, but looked towards all around. Based on Smartbrain’s scan, he felt something was wrong.

ka ka ……

The bark of the stout treant continued to crack and could no longer withstand the impact of this Centaur Regiment, and there was a lot of flowers on the side from time to time to make up for a tricky sneak attack, which caused his body to be continuously damaged.

As the bark fell off, everyone suddenly discovered that the bark was not a body intertwined with leaves and vines, nor a trunk, but a human body.

A skinny Human Race body…

This scene stunned the experts, how could it be like this…


The head of the stout treant exploded, revealing the face of an old Human Race, with countless wrinkles on his face, all seeming to be wrinkled together.

Really alone! ?

Many people have scalp numb, and a Life Tree tree man is enough to shock the world. Later, in the tree man body, there is actually a Human Race old man hidden.

What is going on? !

“hehe……, I didn’t think it was you……”

Manhua laughed. He knew this old Human Race. During the continent war a thousand years ago, he had dealt with each other more than once.

Thousands of years ago, there were not a hundred conflicts between Centaur Regiment and Imperial Knight Regiment, but there were 90 times…

The imperial Knight Regiment at the time was the old man in front of him, the continent arbiter, Kesinaly!

“Why is this like this!? You Centaur Regiment, after so many years, have come to ruin my major event……”

The bark on the surface of the body shattered, Kesinaly’s face was distorted, and his anger reached the extreme, roar towards the sky, her figure suddenly showed countless traces of cracks, and a wave of violent energy emerged.

Is this going to be self-detonation? !

The experts present were startled, but the nearest Centaur Regiment was not in a panic. Under the command of the mighty Centaur/troops, he quickly propped up one after another light shield and stood in front of him.


Kesinaly’s body burst apart, but it did not cause a big explosion. Instead, a section of the tree trunk melted into the leaf vine and disappeared.

“Hanging a shot?!”

All the experts were shocked. They had not yet realized what was going on. Suddenly, there was a violent vibration from the ground.


The ground began to crack, and the entire square, including the palace, was suddenly split in half by a strong tearing force.

I saw underground, densely packed leaf vines everywhere, the thickness of which may exceed 10,000 meters…

In the palace, the Northern King appears with the Royal Daughter, joins Centaur Regiment, and meets Manhua.

“This Centaur Race senior…, dare to ask…”

Northern King, Centaur Regiment looked towards Manhua, there are a series of questions, the behavior of this old Centaur Race is too similar to the Legendary Centaur Regiment, and it is also a ninth boundary expert, it is easy to make people think .

“Don’t talk about this…”

Manhua is the complexion sank, waved his hand, and Lin Chuan’s warning came from the old man of Centaur Race earphone.

“Manhua Old Master, it seems that the enemy you waited for has appeared…, he is devouring the other two Life Trees…” Lin Chuan said.

You kid didn’t show up for a long time, now you bring me such a bad news to Senior…

Suddenly, Manhua cursed secretly, but he sank in his heart, saying: “Where? Is it time to stop…”

“It seems a bit difficult, but…, let’s meet first…, it seems a bit troublesome…, after all, I came to the palace a bit late…” Lin Chuan sighed in the earphone.

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