This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 1


Chapter 1 Reciprocity

Liao Prefecture, Linhai City.

The setting sun is like blood, and the river goes east.

Gao Qian stood on the embankment by the river, looking at the turbulent and turbulent river all the way to the east, his eyes were blank and thoughtful.

The Master said: The dead are like this.

Twelve years ago today, Gao Qian, who was only ten years old, drowned in the river.

He happened to be brought to this world by the Grand One Token, transmigrated to the ten-year-old Gao Qian, and let this young body be reborn. Since then, Gao Qian has become his name!

For him, June 6th is his real birthday. It’s a pity that even the closest people can’t tell such secrets.

The blood-red glow of the setting sun reflected Gao Qian’s tall and straight figure from the side. His straight black patrol uniform seemed to be flashing, but the silhouette had an indescribable loneliness and bleakness.

Han Laoyao, who is standing behind the tall body, doesn’t care how handsome or melancholy Gao Qian poses.

Han Laoyao looked around furtively. The embankment was empty and there was a large willow forest behind it. There were no boats on the river. He thought it was a good opportunity to do it.

He slowly opened the holster around his waist, pulled out a six-round pistol specially designed for patrolling, and aimed it at Gao Qian’s back.

Han Laoyao clicked his little eyes and muttered silently in his heart: “every injustice has its perpetrator, we are just following orders. When you become a ghost, remember to go to Du Tao…”

Although this is a bit of self-deception, it is enough to make him pull the hammer and pull the trigger without any psychological barriers.

โ€œpeng~ peng~ peng~ ย โ€ฆโ€

The reels of the six-round pistol turned continuously, emptying six rounds in a few seconds.

It is not difficult for him to shoot stationary targets at a distance of less than two meters.

This small-caliber pistol is not enough formidable power. Han Laoyao was afraid that Gao Qian could not be killed, and two shots were shot in the back of Gao Qian’s head.

To Han Laoyao’s surprise, Gao Qian, who was shot, didn’t fall to the ground on the spot, but stayed where he was.

Although the formidable power of the six-round pistol is not enough, no one can stand it after so many shots.

This is outrageous!
Han Laoyao has done a lot of murder, but this is the first time he has encountered such a situation.

Han Laoyao was a little dazed when Gao Qian turned around. Han Laoyao was stunned for a moment.

Gao Qian’s handsome face had a strange look, he seemed a little puzzled and a little angry, and he had a little patience for pain.

โ€œYou idiot,โ€

Gao Qian who was about to scold someone suddenly stopped because a white-clothed girl appeared out of nowhere, she was floating in midair like a ghost.

The white-clothed girl anxiously shook her head and waved at Gao Qian: “father, don’t swear at anyone!”

The white-clothed girl has bright eyes and long black hair that is tied into the height of a Taoist priest. Gao Dao bun, the white clothed on the body is also in the shape of Dao clothing. Looks like a pretty and cute Dao Child.

Gao Qian glanced at the white-clothed girl, and forcibly swallowed the swear words on his lips.

He adjusted his mood and showed a standard smile: “You fool, you have been beaten by others.”

Gao Qian touched the back of his head as he spoke, he faced Han Laoyao showed the blood on his finger: “Look, it’s bleeding.”

He asked again: “Brother Han, we only met half a month, I have always respected you. What did I do wrong? Now, you have to shoot me?”

“You’re still shooting in the back, tsk tsk…”

Han Laoyao has a hellish expression, Gao Qian is still so handsome in front of him Handsome and polite.

He couldn’t see the white-clothed girl beside Gao Qian at all, and he didn’t know that Gao Qian almost yelled at him.

In this case, Gao Qian’s abnormal behavior is indescribably weird and terrifying.

Han Laoyao has been an inspector for almost 30 years and has never seen anything like this. Heart panic to death.

Even a Source Master with extraordinary powers can’t stop a pistol without an armed Source Armor!

Han Laoyao’s mouth has always been able to speak, but this is also a dry mouth and unable to say a word.

Gao Qian saw that Han Laoyao was too scared to speak, he comforted him softly: “Brother Han, don’t be afraid, I’m not a ghost, just a little stronger.”

Han Laoyao’s small eyes rolled around, and he couldn’t hide his panic.

A little bit of skin is broken after six shots. Is this a stronger body? What a liar!
He shivered and said, “Sir Gao, Gao, I didn’t mean to.”


Gao Qian couldn’t help laughing: “You fired every six shots. On me, it’s not on purpose, Brother Han, you’re a little too much.”

“I-I mean I’m not going to kill you.”

Han Laoyao Fat The flesh on his face was shaking, but his tongue became more and more agile, “Captain Du Tao ordered me to do it, Du Tao is the culprit, I, I am a murder weapon…”

Han Laoyao burst into tears as he spoke, his small eyes were like open faucets, and some exaggerated hua hua tears came out.

“Senior, don’t kill me, don’t kill me, please…”

He threw down the six-round pistol in his hand and knelt on the ground with a pious expression. Confession of wrongdoing.

โ€œBrother Han, donโ€™t do this.โ€

Gao Qian grabbed Han Laoyaoโ€™s arm and helped him up. He looked at Han Laoyaoโ€™s small tearful eyes and felt very happy. .

He suppressed his smile and asked, “Brother Han, I still don’t understand, I’m new here, and Captain Du is lacking hatred and enmity, and I ask myself, and there is no rude collision, why did he kill him? Me?”

The expression of Gao Qian faint smile was even more terrifying in Han Laoyao, he was scared to pee his pants.

Han Laoyao hurriedly said: “You caught a batch of Divine Immortal soil a few days ago, it is the goods of the Black Tiger Gang. Everyone in the patrol team knows that Captain Du and the leader of the Black Tiger Gang, Duan Heihu Wearing a pair of trousers, who would dare to check their goods…”

“Just for this?”

Gao Qian sighed and said, “Captain Du is also, and the goods are his. I said, I know how to do it.”

“It’s not good to kill people when you come up.”

Han Laoyao followed the nodded: “Yes, yes, It’s all Captain Du too much. There’s no need to be so extreme. I’ll go back and have a good talk with Captain Du, this is a misunderstanding…”

Gao Qian laughed and asked: “Brother Han, you know where Captain Du is. Right?”

Han Laoyao hesitated and said, “Captain Du is waiting for my news at the Black Butterfly Bar. Mr. Gao, I can take you there.”

He emphasized again One sentence: “Black Butterfly Bar is the home of the Black Tiger Gang, their Gang Lord Duan stays there all year round, and I know Gang Lord Duan very well…”

“No, this is me and I will talk to Captain Du about Captain Du.”

Gao Qian said to Han Laoyao: “Brother Han, I am the most fair and disciplined person, and I will never embarrass you.”


Hearing Gao Qian’s tone softened, Han Laoyao was also relaxed. He forced a smile: “Master Gao, you spared me generously. I will remember your great kindness and virtue for the rest of my life.”

“No, no, it’s over.”

Gao Qian waved his hand. He picked up the six-round pistol that Han Laoyao had thrown on the ground. He pushed out the magazine to remove the case, and then took out bullets from his belt and filled them into the magazine one by one.

Gao Qian’s movements at a moderate pace made Han Laoyao have one’s hair stand on end, he slowly stepped back, and he persuaded: “What are you doing? Don’t kill me , killing is a life-threatening death.

“You are an inspector and have boundless prospects…”

“I’ve said it all, I’m a fair person, you shot me six times , I’ll give you six shots. Never take one more shot. Gao Qian said slowly.

Han Laoyao was a little desperate: “It was all instructed by Du Tao, Master Gao, please spare my life. “

“Captain Du, of course I’ll find him.” you do not need to worry. “

Gao Qian looked at Han Laoyao with a pale face, and he couldn’t bear it, “Brother Han, we also met.” Well, I’ll give you three shots at a 50% discount. Interesting enough? “

“I’m going to fuck with you…”

Han Laoyao can see that, Gao Qian looks friendly and cheerful, but this person is very poisonous.

He cursed and jumped to the surface of the river.

He grew up by the river since he was a child.

Gao Qian suddenly improved and stretched out his hand, grabbing Han Laoyao’s ankle.

Han Laoyao, who was as fat as a ball, weighed almost 200 pounds, plus a jump He was forcibly grabbed by Gao Qian with one hand.

Moreover, Gao Qian was as easy as grabbing an empty paper bag.

Frightened to death by the upside-down Han Laoyao, He never imagined that Gao Qian was so powerful and reacted so quickly.

He hurriedly cried out for mercy: “Forgive your life, spare your life…”

“Brother Han wants to swim, I help you. โ€

Gao Qian made a force on his hand, and Han Laoyao was turned in a circle and flew up to a height of more than one meter.

When Han Laoyao fell, Gao Qian swept his leg across the ground. He put it on his back.

This leg Gao Qian was full of strength, fierce and fierce.

in midair Han Laoyao was directly drawn into a V shape. His spine was broken on the spot , I don’t know how much the organs were blasted to pieces.

Han Laoyao spewed blood and flew out two meters, and plunged into the turbulent river in a strange posture.

โ€œGoodbye Brother Han , happy night swimming. โ€ Gao Qian waved at Han Laoyao who was swirling in the river, but Han Laoyao had no intention of responding.

After his fat body swirled in the river for a few times, he was quickly swept away by the turbulent river. Swallowed, no more shadows can be seen.

“Ling’er, my legs are not bad, right? “

Gao Qian asked the white-clothed girl next to him with a smile.

The white-clothed girl gave Gao Qian a thumbs up and said, “One word: absolutely. โ€

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