This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 10


Chapter 10 Promotion
Gao Qian stands tall and straight, with a calm and natural look, with shining black eyes .

Although Mu Guofeng has a lot of opinions on Gao Qian, he has to admit that this kid is very good-looking.

Moreover, he had a bright and energetic look between his brows, but he was sharp and restrained and very friendly. It is easy to be trusted.

Looking at the appearance, I would never have imagined that this kid killed his immediate boss within a few days of his arrival.

Killed the Black Tiger Gang and their major event! Damn it!

Mu Guofeng was very shrewd and hated Gao Qian in his heart, but his face showed no emotion.

He was silent for a while before speaking: “What’s your relationship with An Pingchang?”

“It’s me Third Uncle.” Gao Qian replied.

β€œThird Uncle?”

Mu Guofeng is suspicious, An family is a Great Family in Liao Prefecture, but Gao Qian is not An, how does this relationship work?

Gao Qian smiled without explaining much. The explanation is too clear, but it is troublesome. With the tiger skin of An Pingchang as the banner, of course he holds it as high as he can.

“What you did about the Black Tiger Gang was too reckless. It led to Du Tao’s death. The consequences of this incident are very serious. Do you know that?”

Mu Guofeng sternly With an official face on his face, Gao Qian repeatedly nodded: “What the deputy director taught is that we are too reckless. Captain Du is jealous of evil and charged forward, and this is the heroic sacrifice…”

Anyway, Du Tao They are all dead, and if Du Tao is pushed all this, he will not come out to refute.

As a subordinate, obeying Captain’s orders is a matter of course. No matter what he said, the hat of impulsive action could not be put on his head.

β€œDon’t say anything indecent, do not act indecently.”

For more than ten years, Gao Qian has gained extensive experience in observing precepts. Telling lies skillfully does not violate the commandments.

The standard of etiquette is not to ask people not to tell lies. If the standard is so strict, there will be no place for ritual.

Mu Guofeng laughed instead, “Indeed, Du Tao is very impulsive, and he is incompetent when he dies.”

Gao Qian can’t say anything, so he can only be silent. .

Mu Guofeng turned and said: “You are young and promising, you are courageous and knowledgeable, and you are the talent of our inspection team. Just be cautious in your future work.”

“Yes, I I’m young, and I’m a bit irritable. I still need to learn a lot from the seniors of the inspection team.” Gao Qian didn’t know what Mu Guofeng meant, and his posture was very low, and he looked honest.

“You are very capable and motivated. The fourth team is missing the leader of the major crime team. Go and bring the major crime team up. Don’t live up to my high hopes for you…”

Mu Guofeng gave a gracious instruction, and he finally said: “Okay, I still have something to do, you can go back.”

“I will definitely keep the deputy director’s guidance in mind and do things well. “

Gao Qian didn’t quite understand what Mu Guofeng meant, so he was called here to promote him?
How come this guy doesn’t look like a kind person, why is he so friendly to him?

β€œI’m going out first, Deputy Director.” Gao Qian saluted again, politely closing the door of the office gently.

When the door was closed, Mu Guofeng picked up the landline to contact his old friend.

“I chatted with that kid, he is very shrewd and strict. An Pingchang can show up, it proves that they are close…”

“It doesn’t matter whether the kid is alive or dead, The key is the Black Star 3 pistol. Must find it.”

The voice in the microphone was a little anxious, and Mu Guofeng could only explain patiently: “I went to check the records of the evidence department, and there were several Pistol. Besides, you know, they all like to take things easily.

There are people from the special affairs bureau at the scene.

“The pistol must be found as soon as possible, the stakes are very important!!”

The voice in the microphone became more irritable, and Mu Guofeng was also a little unhappy. He was silent for a while before saying: “It’s related to the special affairs bureau, so be cautious. If the special affairs bureau finds out the clues, we will be finished…”

“I don’t care, you must find that Black Star pistol as soon as possible, no matter the cost! “


Gao Qian was also relaxed when he came out of Mu Guofeng’s office.

This era is really simple and rude. Du Tao, an inspector, Captain, died inexplicably, and no one investigated and collected evidence. An Pingchang’s words were qualitative.

Mu Guofeng doesn’t mean to pursue this at all. It looks like this, at least officially, is over. As for whether there will be revenge in private, that is another matter.

Gao Qian called An Pingchang when he returned to the inspection team’s office.

Mu Guofeng suddenly gave him a promotion. He was really confused about the situation, so he had to ask An Pingchang for help.

“It’s okay, you’ve done a great job of fighting the gangsters and eradicating evil. You should be promoted. I’m afraid of shit.”

An Pingchang said confidently: “I don’t say it in private, the official face. You, Third Uncle, still have a face in Lin Hai.”

He thought for a while and then said: “Monster Race is fierce, and if you have revenge, you must pay attention to your personal safety. Be careful of the black gun behind you… ”

After putting down the phone, Gao Qian went to Vice Captain Li Yan and offered to temporarily stay in the dormitory of the patrol team.

The patrol team needs to deal with emergencies at night and has a special dormitory. Gao Qian used to dislike the poor conditions here, so he went out and rented an apartment by himself.

Li Yan was very enthusiastic: “Du Tao has a dormitory with complete supporting facilities, and he also passed away. Just for you…”

Gao Qian went over to take a look, Du Tao’s dormitory is at the end of the corridor on the second floor. It covers an area of more than 70 square meters and is luxuriously decorated. It has a separate bathroom and even a bathtub.

This dormitory is much better than the apartment he rented.

Gao Qian didn’t refuse.

Li Yan also dispatched several inspectors to help Gao Qian move house in the patrol car. Gao Qian has very few things, just some paraphernalia.

In order to please Gao Qian, Li Yan waved his hand and exchanged a new set of personal items for Gao Qian with the public funds of the inspection team.

Some people have money, so they sorted out Du Tao’s dormitory in one afternoon, and replaced all personal items with new ones.

In the evening, Gao Qian sensibly invited Li Yan and several inspectors to dinner, and brought inspector Shi Ming with him.

This kind of dinner, there is always a little brother who brings tea and water.

Li Yan and the others are about to have a relationship with Gao Qian. Gao Qian is so good at being a person, and the two sides chatted happily at the dinner table.

During the dinner, Li Yan reminded Gao Qian to be careful of Black Tiger Gang retaliation. It is said that Duan Heihu has two guys, Black Wolf and White Wolf, who are very fierce…

The other inspectors are scolding the Black Tiger Gang, and everyone praises Gao Qian for eradicating the Black Tiger Gang. .

After a meal, everyone became good buddies, almost beheading chickens and sworn to their brothers on the spot.

Full of wine and food, everyone was full of red light, Li Yan took Gao Qian’s shoulders and said, “Brother, let’s go, brother will take you to have fun…”

His face The smile was a little more promiscuous: “Sapphire Bath Center is a good place, brother will find you the most beautiful girl!”


For a moment, Gao Qian really hesitated, and only hesitated.

He dignified a high-quality male human being, how could he do such a thing.

Gao Qian politely refused: “Brother Li, it’s not convenient for me to go there. Next time…”

Li Yan was stunned, he didn’t believe that men would not like it These. However, his relationship with Gao Qian was not that far after all.

Gao Qian looks more like he has some scruples, of course he doesn’t really ask for it.

“Okay, next time next time.”

Several people watched Gao Qian go on a motorcycle, and an inspector twitched his lips: “How serious is this kid? .”

Li Yan glanced at the man, “Don’t talk nonsense, dare to be able to bear, this is not an ordinary person!”

Gao Qian returned to his luxurious dormitory and used Take a bath in the bathtub. The only downside is that the electric water heater is a bit slow, and it takes a long time to take a bath.

After taking a comfortable bath and putting on the newly purchased pajamas, Gao Qian lay on the bed, closed his eyes and slept peacefully with a bag of source drills in his hand.

Next moment, Gao Qian descended to Grand One Palace.

Gao Qian handed the bag to Ling’er: “Research the source drill first.”

Ling’er took a look and said in surprise: ” Father, you brought the source diamond into the Grand One Palace!”

The actual item can be copied in the Grand One Palace, but the actual item will not actually enter the Grand One Palace.

This bag of original diamonds was brought into the Grand One Palace by Gao Qian.

Gao Qian didn’t believe it, he regained consciousness and returned to the real world, and found that the bag was still in his hand, but the source diamond in the bag had passed away.

Back at the Grand One Palace, Gao Qian and Ling’er studied for a long time, but neither of them could explain what was going on.

In the end, both of them felt that the source diamond was the condensed essence of source power, with extraordinary characteristics, so they could be brought into the Grand One Palace.

According to this rule, Source Armor should also be able to deposit into Grand One Palace.

Unfortunately, Gao Qian doesn’t have Source Armor on hand. He had seen Source Armor twice during the inspection of the Academy, and he had only seen it before, not even qualified to touch it.

“Something’s wrong with Elder Sister Zhou?”

Ling’er suddenly slightly frowned, she said nervously: “Father, go and see, Elder Sister Zhou is in danger! ”

(end of this chapter)

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