This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 100


Chapter 100 Revenge of blood relatives

Only today was beheaded by Wu Song, Gao Qian was mentally damaged, It is suitable to go to Wu Song again.

While it was all right, Gao Qian brought in some information to look at.

Baiyin Lake’s geographical environment survey report, detailed maps, as well as information on senior members of the Blue Flag consortium, etc.

Silver Lake is the site of the Red Eagle Empire. Although Shen Zhengjun leads the team, it is very dangerous.

Because their main purpose is to detect Monster Race changes, once found, Monster Race will not play the rules.

And the Red Eagle Empire is mixed in, and the situation will be more complicated.

A little more information beforehand may be helpful for this trip. At least you can recognize who is an expert, and you can find your way when you run for your life.

In his hand, he also has the design drawings of White Dragon armor, including various assembly blueprints, instructions for use and so on.

A Source Armor is actually very complex from design to manufacture.

In the hands of Source Master, Source Master also needs time to adapt and adjust in order to bring out the true formidable power of Source Armor.

The White Dragon A has not been obtained yet, so Gao Qian has to study first.

Grand One Palace can keep people in the best condition all the time, it is simply a Divine Item for reading and learning.

In the early morning, Tang Hongying and Zhou Yuxiu came out of the yellow door.

Tang Hongying was greatly shocked, Shi Qian and Yan Qing made her see a wider world.

Especially Yan Qing’s martial arts is high, she and Zhou Yuxiu teamed up, but also was battered and exhausted.

Although Jiuyang Promise Sword is powerful, it has no chance at all.

Tang Hongying found out that teacher Taiyi was also there after she came out. She sat on the throne on the high platform and looked at something.

With her keen eyes, she couldn’t see exactly what the teacher was holding.

Tang Hongying didn’t want to spy on anything, she was just curious about this teacher.

There was no reason to bring her into the Grand One Palace. Without raising any conditions, he taught her the peerless martial arts.

In Tang Hongying’s view, this kind of unprovoked love is actually very abnormal.

What’s even more amazing is that as long as krypton gold can become stronger. It just suits her so well.

Even though she wasn’t very interested in martial power, she realized how terrifying and perverted this power was.

She is also a little more in awe of this cheap teacher. At the same time, I am more curious.

Is the teacher a living person, and what is the identity of a living person? What did he want to do with his disciples?
Although Tang Hongying is very social, she is still a little reserved in front of an unfathomable teacher who possesses great magical power.

She looked towards Zhou Yuxiu , this Senior Sister should be able to provide some help.

Zhou Yuxiu whispered to Tang Hongying: “teacher is very kind, but he doesn’t like to talk. We can see the teacher when we go in and out every day and say hello…”

Ling’ er snickered next to her, the young and beautiful girl is really naive!
Zhou Yuxiu brought Tang Hongying over to say hello to Gao Qian, Gao Qian was dismissed and didn’t say much.

When the two girls left the Grand One Palace, Gao Qian said to Ling’er: “The Grand One Palace seems to be a little small, and there is no private space…”

“Wait. The father is very powerful, and the Grand One Palace can be expanded…”

“When will it be?”

“Father has trained the King Kong Divine Power Sutra to the 4th Layer level, it should be fine. !”

Gao Qian lost interest as soon as he heard it, it was too far away.

Second day, Gao Qian went to the special affairs bureau to meet Shen Zhengjun.

Shen Zhengjun informed him that the entire group would be leaving for the plane in the afternoon, so he was prepared.

“So soon?” Gao Qian was a little surprised, he thought it would take a few days to prepare.

After all, with so many people and so many things, it is not a simple matter to coordinate all aspects.

“No one knows what Monster Race is doing, so we must find out as soon as possible. In addition, the Liaojiang River is about to freeze, so we have to hurry up…”

Liaojiang is The most important passage leading to the Red Eagle Empire is frozen for half a year, making this passage completely ineffective.

It’s just that the Liaojiang River is really going to freeze, at least until mid-October.

Gao Qian didn’t quite understand what Shen Zhengjun meant, but he didn’t ask any further questions. This kind of major event, someone can call the shots.

Knowing more is a hassle.

Gao Qian had asked Lan Jie to pack her suitcase, apart from this, was to take out the dragon scales knife.

Even if this knife is stolen, Gao Qian can get it back at any time through Ling’er.

Long trips, so long a saber he can’t hide. Otherwise, if you take it out temporarily, it will definitely arouse suspicion.

Just and honorable take it with you, so you won’t think much about it.

Linhai has no airport, only the defense regiment has a spare landing strip.

Although the runway conditions are very general, military aircraft are very durable and can be barely used.

The round military transport plane fell, and the sky was filled with dust and smoke in the whistling.

After everyone boarded the plane, they sat at will in the cargo warehouse of the transport aircraft. Even Shen Zhengjun can only sit here.

Between Yang Yunjin and Shen Zhengjun, Gao Qian chose Shen Zhengjun.

Yang Yunjin is good-looking, but with so many people around, she can’t do anything.

It’s better to be close to Shen Zhengjun and learn more from this big guy.

Shen Zhengjun’s identity is different, others will naturally give up a lot of space for his position.

Gao Qian leaned over and sat down with a smile, “Sir, I’ll accompany you, don’t think I’m annoying.”


Shen Zhengjun With a smile, “Just in time, I was looking for you.”

Others thought he was the boss and were in awe of him. However, he is also a normal person who always needs to communicate and have fun.

Gao Qian is good at keeping things close, but not humble, relaxed but not rude. Talking is also fun.

The key is that this kid is really capable and has innate talent.

Shen Zhengjun is really optimistic about Gao Qian, but the last time he took the initiative to recruit Gao Qian was rejected. What kind of identity is he, it is impossible to take the initiative to recruit Gao Qian again.

Of course, it would be another matter if Gao Qian offered to follow him.

Shen Zhengjun waved, and a staff member came over with a silver suitcase.

Gao Qian can tell by looking at the box, it must be the White Dragon armor.

Anyone who was there, everyone had this big case with Source Armor.

“Your White Dragon armor just happened to be transported by the plane.”

Shen Zhengjun said with a smile: “Try it.”

Gao Qian opened the box , a complete set of silver Source Armor presented in front of him.

Helmets, breastplates, armplates, handplates, legplates, footplates, plus the scabbard on the side, there are a total of eleven pieces.

Gao Qian also wears Source Armor, so he’s no stranger to it.

Put the largest breastplate on first. After the metal magnetic buckle is connected, there will be stable and reinforced screw buckles on the outside, and it will be locked by pressing lightly.

This is easy to put on, but requires professional tools to open it.

Then leg armor and foot armor. Armor, gauntlet. Lastly is the helmet.

As far as Gao Qian feels, the White Dragon armor is different from Iron Man’s tight-fitting Battle Armor, and it is also different from Gundam’s exaggerated armor style.

The style of White Dragon armor is closer to ancient armor, but it has a strong modern industrial style in appearance.

There is a roaring silver dragon head on the chest of the armor, and the two dragon claws in front fall on the shoulders, forming a raised shoulder pad, and it also has a beauty in appearance.

The spine on the back is a long dragon body. Irregular metal ridges form the uneven surface of the armor, and the metal screws show a rough industrial aesthetic.

The lines on the leg armor have a texture close to the muscle, which is both beautiful and full of strength.

The silver of the White Dragon armor is not mirror silver, but a very restrained silver, bright but not bright, full of texture.

The helmet has a simple appearance, and the front window is like a huge silver goggle, covering most of the face.

Although Gao Qian couldn’t see his own appearance, he had seen the pictures earlier and knew that this set of White Dragon armor was very cool and gorgeous.

After actually armed with the White Dragon armor, the strong sense of wrapping of the metal Source Armor naturally gives people a sense of security, and all fearless courage naturally spews out of the heart.

It’s like holding a sharp long knife, people can’t help but want to chop something.

Gao Qian, armed with the White Dragon armor, naturally became the focus of everyone in the cabin.

There were quite a few third rank Source Masters present, however, these people’s faces were clearly envious.

The White Dragon armor is very balanced in attribute, and it is not a good choice for third rank Source Master.

At the third rank level, each Source Master has its own path and characteristics.

Generally speaking, Source Armor will choose to make it yourself, even if it is a standard Source Armor, it will also choose the one that suits its own strength characteristics.

A Source Armor with balanced attributes such as White Dragon A is considered good in the Second Rank, but it is too general when it reaches the third rank level.

The only benefit of the White Dragon armor is that it looks cool and gorgeous. However, this is also the biggest problem with the White Dragon armor.

It’s so cool!

Being too cool on the battlefield is tantamount to sarcasm!
So, third rank Source Master will almost not choose this set of White Dragon armor. This is also the fundamental reason why Shen Zhengjun can happily take out the White Dragon armor.

Gao Qian jumped directly to the third rank, the source power is pure but not biased, and does not show any other characteristics.

It is the most common enhancement system Source Master.

The so-called strengthening system means that Source Master balances and enhances all aspects of his abilities. Seventy percent of Source Masters are Enhanced.

Considering all aspects, Shen Zhengjun feels that Gao Qian is very suitable for White Dragon A.

As for the overly cool appearance of the White Dragon armor, it is obviously also suitable for Gao Qian.

Shen Zhengjun doesn’t think this is a big problem, and Gao Qian is not a warrior, so he doesn’t have to go to the battlefield all the time. His Source Armor is used to deal with the daily combat, no problem pulling the wind.

Gao Qian took a few steps and moved his hands and feet. Arming the Source Armor still has a certain restraint on the body, but fortunately, it has little effect.

For Source Master, as long as there is enough source power, Source Armor will become its own muscles, not only will not affect the movement, but can enhance its own strength in all directions.

Gao Qian asked Shen Zhengjun: “Sir, what do you think?”

Shen Zhengjun smiled: “It’s very handsome. It suits you very well.”

Gao Qian took out Close the golden blade scabbard, pull out the dragon scales knife attached to the trunk and insert it into the scabbard.

Sure enough, modern industry is developed. The golden blade sheath and the dragon scales knife fit perfectly.

Gao Qian put the golden blade scabbard behind his back, and the magnetic buckle on the back of the armor firmly held the scabbard.

Gao Qian held the handle of the knife and felt that this stable way of carrying the knife was very good.

He drew his sword and slashed, leaving a long snow-colored light curtain in front of him.

All Source Master expressions all are a condensate, they all instinctively sense the danger.

Gao Qian turned his head to look at Yang Yunjin, who was beside him. Sure enough, there was deep surprise on the face of this beauty.

It’s not that Yang Yunjin is ignorant, it’s just that Gao Qian can cut this blade really fast. Even if he had no killing intent, the cold blade light made her feel a deep chill.

Also, this knife is really Top Grade! I don’t know where Gao Qian got such a sharp knife!
It is no wonder that Andrea and other Source Masters can be easily killed!
Shen Zhengjun was interested in the dragon scales knife, “Good knife, show it to me.”

Gao Qian respectfully offered it with both hands, Shen Zhengjun showed a hint of surprise when he took the dragon scales knife, “Okay. A heavy weight!”

Such a long knife in this shape has a weight of fifty kilograms, so one can imagine how great the formidable power of slashing will be.

Shen Zhengjun flicked the blade, sensing the cold and hard texture and beautiful texture of the blade.

He feels a little pity, this knife is of very high quality, but unfortunately, it is not very friendly to source power.

This also affects the level of the knife.

Shen Zhengjun returned the knife to Gao Qian, he praised: “It’s really a good knife.”

Gao Qian took the dragon scales knife, he put the knife back in the sheath and sat beside Shen Zhengjun Down.

“Good sword and good armor. Thank you for the White Dragon armor sent by the commander. Really very handsome!”

Shen Zhengjun looked at Gao Qian and said: “With your source power, the most Support ten minutes of battle. You have to learn to control the source power. Without source power, this Source Armor is just a heavy jacket, it is difficult to withstand a blow from the same tier Source Master…”

Gao Qian Nominate to be taught. He sat next to Shen Zhengjun just to learn more.

4th rank powerhouse teacher, I can’t find it anywhere.

On the other hand, he was also very curious and didn’t know how strong the fourth rank Source Master was. If he spare no effort, how far is he from the fourth rank Source Master.

Shen Zhengjun’s source power is as continuous as the Yangtze River, and there seems to be no limit.

In terms of source power, it can be said to completely crush him. It’s just the real battle strength performance, which is hard to say.

Shen Zhengjun gave Gao Qian a lot of tips on using source power and Source Armor, which are very practical and in line with Gao Qian’s current state.

When the plane was about to land, Shen Zhengjun finished the teaching. He said to Gao Qian seriously: “According to the custom of the Red Eagle Empire, the other party will definitely invite blood relatives to revenge.

” This ancient rule means that the Ender Lie Family clansman can send five people to fight you. You have to beat these five to survive. Of course, they must not send fourth rank powerhouse off the field. The duel of five people must also be carried out in sequence, and you still have a good chance of victory…”

After Shen Zhengjun finished sighed, his face showed a bit of apology.

He didn’t say it beforehand because he was afraid that Gao Qian would back down. This matter concerns the safety of Liao Prefecture, and Gao Qian could not be allowed to back away.

Gao Qian suddenly understood, no wonder Shen Zhengjun treated him so well, so it was here Waiting for him.

He thought for a while and said, “It’s because of me that it’s because of me, it’s reasonable and reasonable for me to settle the grievances myself.

“In addition, it is my honor to be able to help the superior for Liao Prefecture!”

Shen Zhengjun apologized even more deeply, he patted Gao Qian’s shoulder comforted: “Don’t worry, Everyone sees your credit and will never let you pay in vain…”

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