This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 101


Chapter 101 is ruthless
Baiyin Lake, as its name suggests, looks like a giant silver mirror when viewed from the sky .

“It will freeze before October?”

Gao Qian’s eyes are keen, and he can see countless criss-crossed frozen cracks on the ice surface of Baiyin Lake.

This natural ice pattern is also very beautiful.

Yang Yunjin, who was standing aside, replied: “This is the depths of the ice sheet, and the temperature during the day has reached about minus ten degrees. In December, the lowest temperature here can reach minus sixty degrees.”

β€œIt’s a really cold place…”

Gao Qian said: β€œSo it’s strange that the Blue Flag consortium is building up here.”

“They claim to have found rare minerals, so they want to build a semi-permanent settlement here…”

Yang Yunjin said: “It is the positive attitude of the Blue Flag consortium that enables us to develop the ice field. A plan to establish a trading port.”

“I don’t understand one thing, why do they dare to propose blood relatives’ revenge?”

Gao Qian asked: “Andre they are Monster Race, They don’t know?”

The whole world is at odds with Monster Race. As long as the identity of Andre Monster Race is revealed, the first thing the other party has to do is to prove that he is not a Monster Race, how dare he clamor for blood relatives revenge against him.

Taking this matter apart, it seems unreasonable.

Yang Yunjin glanced at Fang Shenzhengjun in front of her, and she whispered: “The other party’s proposal for blood relatives revenge is a temptation.

“Of course we can say that Andre is Monster Race, and then Fighting with each other. However, our purpose here is to scout out the Monster Race setup to see what the hell they’re up to and if they’re actually going to open the Space Crack!

“We point out the identity of the other party’s Monster Race, and the other party will definitely be on full alert, even in advance. Moreover, they also impossible to allow us to enter Baiyin Lake again.”

Yang Yunjin Seriously said to Gao Qian: “We need this reason.”

“If we don’t say it, they won’t doubt it?”

Gao Qian felt that there was still a problem, and the other party said Not stupid, not so naive.

“They were suspicious, so they demanded that the bodies be returned, and they also offered to discuss the matter with us. We are going to test them, and they are also testing us…”

Yang Yunjin said: “So, this time, it’s not just you who are in danger, we are all in great danger, including Chief Shen.”

“So, we still have to come and take risks?”

Gao Qian said: “We can first contact the senior management of the Red Eagle Empire to report this matter…”

“How can you be sure that the Red Eagle Empire is trustworthy? Can’t the president of the other party be Monster Race? The Lanqi consortium is an Old Feng consortium, which shows how deep the Monster Race has penetrated.”

Yang Yunjin asked again: “Besides, how do you know we haven’t communicated?”

“The bigger the organization, the more internal factions will stand in great numbers. If you don’t shout Monster Race, everyone will unite with the enemy. The relationship between the Federation and the Red Eagle Empire has never been harmonious!”

Gao Qian heard that Yang Yunjin’s tone was not very good, he forced a smile: “I understand the truth, but I’m afraid some people don’t understand it. Let’s discuss and discuss, and we can also deepen understanding and enhance feelings.”

Yang Yunjin Gao Qian rolled her eyes, and after getting to know Gao Qian, she no longer deliberately suppressed her emotions with a straight face.

“You are so sincere, it’s very beautiful…” Gao Qian praised sincerely.

Compared with a stern face, Yang Yunjin’s cute and lively expression makes her alive and has multi-layered charm.

Gao Qian remembered something, he asked: “You can ask the fifth-rank boss to come directly. Anyone who has a problem will blow up the other party.”

“You will Allow other countries’ nuclear weapons to enter their own territory just because the other party claims to have a Monster Race?”

Yang Yunjin said: “You never understand that the threat of Monster Race is too far away, and the threat of neighboring countries is real.

“Everyone doesn’t fight. The fundamental reason is that all countries have fifth-rank powerhouses and a large number of nuclear weapons, and no one dares to fight. “

“Problem baby, do you still have any problems?” “Yang Yunjin teased.

“You talk a lot, you are right. “

Gao Qian turned like the wind, but this kind of tone always made Yang Yunjin unhappy, but he couldn’t say what was wrong.

Yang Yunjin thought for a while and said, “This is Next time your opponents should be the Iron Sword Andrew and Storm Nissen, these two are experts from Andre’s team, I’ll give you the information later…”

She thought for a while and then said : “We must be cautious when speaking after we move in, the other party is likely to have installed various eavesdropping equipment. “

“Okay, I’ll find you tonight.” “Gao Qian’s answer was very decisive and resolute.

He would never miss this kind of appointment!
Yang Yunjin rolled her eyes at Gao Qian angrily, and she didn’t bother to explain. What’s wrong with Gao Qian? You can do whatever you want.

A few people from the Lanqi consortium have been waiting here. The leader is a full beard man who looks extremely burly and is about 2.2 meters tall.

Baiyin Lake is now biting-cold wind like a knife, but this big man is only wearing a white shirt, Gao Qian can even see the thick red chest hair inside the shirt.

The big man doesn’t seem to be cold, his hands Standing there with his trouser pockets in his pockets, he looked proud.

This man is so tall and burly, everyone will see him at first sight.

When the big man saw Shen Zhengjun, his face The arrogance on the top of the board has only restrained a little, and the hand in the pocket has also been taken out.

“Mr. Shen, we meet again. “

“Long time no see, Mr. Nissen is getting more and more powerful…”

Shen Zhengjun’s compliment was somewhat ridiculed, Hannison forced a smile, “In Shen Zhengjun Before Mr. I dare not impudent. “

Although Nissen is arrogant, he will not challenge a fourth rank powerhouse head-on.

When the two were chatting politely, Yang Yunjin whispered to Gao Qian: “That man It’s Storm Nissen, don’t look at his tall stature, he is the Source Master of the element system, he can control the flowing airflow, um, just the wind. When it erupted, it swept together like a storm, so it was called a storm…”

“This person is very tall and looks very difficult to deal with. “

Gao Qian can’t help but sigh, he is already an expert height, but in front of Nissen, he looks short.

“In the third rank Source Master, Nissen is quite fame. “

Yang Yunjin said: “The battle strength of Source Master is difficult to quantify, and can only be roughly divided by the order of source power. Only when the two sides really make a move can they distinguish between the high and the low. “

“Do you think I can win?” “Gao Qian asked casually.

“One-on-five, the odds of winning streak are really low. “

Yang Yunjin looked at Gao Qian deeply, “I hope you can win!” “

Gao Qian laughed to Yang Yunjin, “Thank you for your auspicious words, it would be even better if there were substantial rewards. “

Yang Yunjin is not angry, she is just a little confused, anyone will have emotional fluctuations in the face of life and death. Gao Qian is always talking and laughing without a trace of strangeness.

I don’t know if this person is too shrewd, or if he is really sure of victory. Either way, it is a bit terrifying.

Nison, who was being polite with Shen Zhengjun, suddenly looked towards Gao Qian in the crowd, he was dark blue There was a sudden killing intent in his eyes, “Are you Gao Qian? “

Nissen’s Federal language is not very standard, with some arrogant accents unique to the Northeast of the Federal Republic.

Gao Qian bowed slightly: “Hello Mr. Nissen, I am Gao Qian. “

“Very good. “

Neeson exclaimed, “I promise, I will never kill you with a sword.” I’ll cut off your limbs and watch you scream and cry out of breath. “

To Nissen’s surprise, Gao Qian was not angry, and he bowed politely: “Mr. Nissen, I understand your mood. I’m sorry, but I can’t help you fulfill your wish. “

Nissen is not very good at words, Gao Qian’s seemingly polite and vagueness answer made him speechless for a while, but he didn’t know how to answer.

He stayed for a while before using it. Red Eagle is cursed with swear words, but I don’t want to talk nonsense with Gao Qian anymore.

“Mr. Shen, see you tonight. Nissen suppressed his anger and explained to Shen Zhengjun, who turned around and left with a group of people.

The few Blue Flag consortium staff who were in charge of hospitality all had embarrassed smiles on their faces.

Shen Zhengjun wasn’t angry either, he laughed: “Youngster is just a firepower…”

He was really not angry, a small third rank, he was not qualified to slap him.

The other party is so rude, it only shows that he can’t control his emotions.

Any powerhouse will not let emotions affect reason. This Nissen can’t be a great thing. This is a good thing.

Yang Yunjin gave Gao Qian a thumbs up and said, “Nice job! “

Gao Qian is polite and mystifying, which is very difficult to control. Nissen obviously has no knowledge, and was almost blown up on the spot.

Gao Qian smiled slightly: “This is The man is tall and sturdy, but his air is narrower. It seems that we can’t be friends anymore…”

The Lanqi consortium built a base next to Baiyin Lake, and hundreds of wood houses are arranged in a square array. The central area is a three-story wood building

The wood house is all log exterior walls, which looks rather rough, but it is in harmony with the primordial style of mountains, forests and ice lakes.

A group of more than 40 people live in separate rooms.

In more than a dozen small buildings.

According to the arrangement, Shen Zhengjun had a small building to himself. However, Shen Zhengjun brought Gao Qian with him.

Shen Zhengjun did this mainly to prevent the other party It’s a bit of a joke.

Of course, Shen Zhengjun also has several personal attendants. They all live in the same wooden building. Fortunately, Gao Qian can also have a single room to his own.

In the evening, the local Chief-In-Charge Marovite of the Blue Flag consortium held a dinner to entertain the Shen Zhengjun entire group.

Although the reason for the meeting was not pleasant, out of respect for the fourth rank powerhouse, there should be The ceremony will have it.

Gao Qian also saw the Red Eagle Empire style dinner.

Just set up a bunch of bonfires on Baiyin Lake, and a few cooks were roasting sheep, Roast beef, roast deer, and even bear meat, wolf meat, etc…

Several oak barrels are placed there, each hand has a one-foot-tall beer mug, facing the whistling cold from the north In the wind, everyone eats he he, chatting and laughing.

In addition, men in the blue flag consortium wear suits and shirts, and women wear light skirts and dresses, showing their thighs and arms.

From dress Said, it is completely in line with the etiquette standards of the banquet.

The people from the federal embassy are all dressed warmly. Yang Yunjin is wearing a long black trench coat with an Azure Lotus breastplate under it.

Gao Qian sighed at Yang Yunjin with a little regret: “It’s a little unethical for you to wear so much. “

Yang Yunjin doesn’t eat meat or drink alcohol, her hands are in the pockets of her windbreaker, her face is indifferent as a matter of no concern to oneself.

She really can’t adapt to the red Hawkman’s style, and I don’t like this style.

“They say they are Barbarians, and that’s true! “Yang Yunjin whispered and complained to Gao Qian.

“Ma’am, it’s very rude to talk about others behind your back! “

Before Yang Yunjin finished speaking, a tall and beautiful red-haired woman came over. She raised her chin slightly and reprimanded Yang Yunjin very rudely.

Although Yang Yunjin is 1.7 meters tall She was in her teens, but she was half a head shorter when she stood in front of the woman.

The woman was wearing a deep purple dress with two pieces of cloth crossed over her chest, apart from this, and her upper body was no longer covered.

This woman’s skin is delicate and snow-white from the same porcelain. Under the bonfire, her skin glows with an indescribably beautiful luster.

Gao Qian couldn’t help but take a second glance. I have to say that she has such a figure The appearance is really irresistible.

Judging from the appearance, this woman is very similar to the dead Anna. Should it be Anna’s sister?
Yang Yunjin was a little embarrassed to say, but she is not easy to fight back

Of course Gao Qian couldn’t watch it, he said with a slight smile: “Beautiful lady, it’s rude to listen to someone’s privacy behind your back. “

The woman looked towards Gao Qian: “You are Gao Qian!” Remember, my name is Shiva, Anna’s elder sister. “

She said viciously again: “I will use your beautiful head to make a wine glass, and I will never break my promise!” “

Gao Qian sighed in disappointment and then said: “Beautiful lady, I can’t believe that such ruthless words can be said from your plump and warm lips, it could have been made warmer and warmer.” There are things of love…”

(end of this chapter)

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