This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 102


Chapter 102 The situation is not good
Shiva is very beautiful, and her background is good, her husband Andrew is even more It is the sword of prestige and blood.

Many people think that Andrew is bound to advance to the fourth rank in the future. Such a Source Master with boundless prospects and a strong family background, naturally no one would dare to offend him.

Until now, Shiva is used to aloof and remote, and she has never been confronted directly. And Gao Qian speaks politely, but the mystifying energy in the bones is unbearable.

Siva is not a child either, she completely understands the connotation of Gao Qian’s words. This annoyed her even more.

She spoke without hesitation in the red eagle language. Gao Qian listened with a polite smile. Although he didn’t understand the specific content, he probably understood what the other party was expressing.

Seeing Gao Qian’s smile, Shiva was even more angry.

Swearing is to release anger and to stimulate the other person. When scolding someone, no one wants to see the scolded party smiling.

Shiva’s skin was so pale, her face was flushed with anger, and even her neck was flushed.

Gao Qian’s eyes couldn’t help but slide down. The other party’s reaction was so violent that he couldn’t help but think of certain scenes.

Of course, in this world, this violent reaction is actually running source power.

Gao Qian clearly felt the flow of source power, and it was obvious that this woman was flustered and exasperated.

Well, this kind of rough style is indeed the tradition of the Red Eagle people.

Not waiting for Gao Qian’s response, Yang Yunjin stepped forward and pulled off his trench coat, revealing the beautiful Azure Lotus breastplate inside.

“Ms. Shiva, calm down.”

Shiva really calmed down a lot after seeing the Azure Lotus breastplate. She didn’t wear a single Source Armor in order to wear the dress.

It would be too much of a loss for Yang Yunjin, who was armed with a breastplate.

Although Shiva is arrogant, he doesn’t do stupid things.

She looked at Gao Qian and sneered: “You really have the ability to ask a woman to help you stand out.”

Gao Qian said very modestly: “Ms. Shiva has won the prize, no Don’t dare to take it.”

Shiva can’t be angry, this kid can take sarcastic words as a compliment, and he is polite and humble, his face is really disgusting!
Gao Qian can’t fight, and Yang Yunjin can’t fight with her hands. She turned around and shouted: “Andrew,”

A tall red haired man walked over quickly, different from the Red Eagles present. , Although this big man is dressed casually, he is carrying a cross long sword in his hand.

Shivar took the tall man’s hand and said, “Darling, this kid is bullying me!”

Of course, she used the red eagle language.

Looking at Shiva’s posture, both Gao Qian and Yang Yunjin knew the man’s identity: Andrew, the sword of iron blood!
Andrew is about the same height as Gao Qian, but his shoulders and back are unusually broad, his eyes are like eagles, and his face is as cold as iron.

Even though Yang Yunjin was wearing the Azure Lotus breastplate, facing Andrew who was holding the sword, he felt a strong sense of unease.

It was clear that Andrew’s personal imposing manner completely overwhelmed her.

Without doing anything, Yang Yunjin knew that she was by no means a match for Andrew.

Yang Yunjin was a little frustrated, she felt that she was already very good in the younger generation, and she came out to realize that she was nothing.

Andrew didn’t care about Yang Yunjin either. This woman looked like a little flower in a greenhouse. Her source power was pure, but her fighting spirit was too bad. not worth mentioning.

He looked towards Gao Qian: “You are Gao Qian, you killed Andre and Anna?”

“This is a tragedy.”

Gao Qian bowed slightly: “I am very sorry about this.”

“In your words, kill for life!”

Andrew coldly said: “Our rules It’s Blood For Blood! It’s all the same. I don’t care who you are or why you kill, it doesn’t matter.

“I swear to Your Majesty the great Svenwest now, we Will Blood For Blood! “

As Andrew drew out his cross sword, he cut the index finger and middle finger of his left hand, and drew blood on his face diagonally with blood.

This square face is because of This bloodstain suddenly became more wild and more hideous.

This move also attracted the attention of the people around.

The stalwart Nissen stood out from the crowd, and he walked to At Andrew’s side, his fingers were slashed with the Andrew’s cross, and blood was drawn on his face.

“I, Nithan Felix Nikolai, swear to Your Majesty the great Svenwest , Blood For Blood, must kill Gao Qian! ”

Two third rank experts made a blood oath in public, and they swore to the most powerful god of the Red Eagle Empire. This kind of oath has an inviolable sacredness.

Breach Oath, will lose all honor and be cast aside by everyone.

No one didn’t expect, the banquet will suddenly become like this.

However, this is not over yet, and again Three people came out one after another, and they all made a blood oath in public to kill Gao Qian!

Among the three people, there was an extremely beautiful red-haired beauty.

Five people stood Swearing blood for Blood, this scene is solemn and sacred, and full of murderous aura.

Shen Zhengjun, who was talking to Marovette, sighed helplessly, “Why is this! “

He had expected the other party to play this move in advance, so he made it clear to Gao Qian in advance.

However, Shen Zhengjun still hoped that the matter could be resolved by more gentle means.


At least, don’t let the other party fight five to one, that’s too shameless!

As a result, the other party suddenly attacked at the banquet. Don’t give him a chance to turn around.

Shen Zhengjun also knows that this is the other party’s plan. It is definitely not an impromptu intention.

Marovite laughed: “My friend, some things cannot be avoided. “

Marowett is very old, with whitening red hair, a bushy beard rolled up, gold wire glasses on his nose, and a traditional white robe of the Red Eagle Empire.

This old man looks very wise and elegant, and his speech is always neither too fast nor too slow.

Shen Zhengjun is clear and upright, but he has less time than Marovite to experience the vicissitudes of life Steady.

Shen Zhengjun is also a little helpless about this. Marovite is a source master of the spiritual system, and his spirit strength is much stronger than that of the source master of the same level.

When you really start, He is not afraid of Marovite. However, under normal circumstances, Marovite’s aura is much stronger than his.

The source master of the spiritual system can also influence others in the unnoticeable influence. Shen Zhengjun knows that just now He was unconsciously led by Marovette and said a lot of nonsense.

Before getting to the point, the other party has already finished the matter.

This is the end of the matter, so is Shen Zhengjun Lost interest in speaking: “Since you insist on doing this, I just hope you don’t regret it. “

Marowett smiled: “We made our own choices, and we bear the consequences for our choices.” “

His words actually have other meanings. He believes that Shen Zhengjun also understands what he means.

Shen Zhengjun nodded: “I understand.” “

The two seem to be talking about Gao Qian, but in fact they are talking about more important things.

Shen Zhengjun persuaded Marovite to be particularly chaotic, Marovite said this. It’s their choice.

There is no point in talking about it any longer.

Shen Zhengjun came to Gao Qian: “Let’s go, let’s go back to rest. “

Andrew nodded slightly> to Shen Zhengjun, after all, it was the fourth rank powerhouse, so he didn’t dare to be rude.

“Okay, see you tomorrow, good night everyone.” ”

Gao Qian smiled and bowed before saluting, and then left with Shen Zhengjun and Yang Yunjin.

Andrew and the others were also a little surprised. This young man is really unusual. Polite, smile calmly!
As a woman, Shiva always felt that Gao Qian was abnormal. She asked Andrew a little uneasy: “We can definitely win, right? “

“Of course. “

Andrew couldn’t help laughing, women are timid, and Gao Qian’s pretence frightened her.

No matter how strong Gao Qian is, he can forcibly grind after five turns. Kill him.

Besides, just now he saw that Gao Qian’s source power is very strong, but he is slightly inferior to him.

With Gao Qian, he may not be able to pass the first test. !
Nissen even burst into laughter: “Don’t worry Shiva, I will definitely cut off that kid’s head and make it into a wine glass for you! ”

Other people also laughed, in their territory, there are so many expert elites, how can it not be Gao Qian impudent!

Everyone talks about tomorrow’s battle, On the contrary, they were all very excited. A group of people raised their glasses and drank, and some people took out their guitars to play. A group of people sang and danced around the bonfire. At the scene, he frowned and walked over to Marovite, “They’re too relaxed, it’s not good. “

Marovette smiled: “Child, no matter what kind of intelligent life, the core is to enjoy life and enjoy happiness.” The rest, cultivation, fighting, killing, serve this purpose.

“Your happiness is gained from killing, but you don’t have to despise them. It’s their happiness. The form is different, but the happiness is the same.”

Andrew shook his head slightly. : “Shen Zhengjun led the team and obviously wanted to spy on our secrets. We should treat it with caution, instead of indulging in joy…”

“Shen Zhengjun just let him spy, he can see what it is. He is the Seeing it clearly, what can be done.”

Marovite indifferently said: “Look at the sun in the sky from east to west, rising and setting. Everyone knows how the sun works, but who can stop it, Who can change?

β€œSo does the fusion of the two spaces. All intelligent life races are but ants in the face of such great natural forces of the Great World. The more you resist, the quicker you will die…”

Shen Zhengjun, who was far away, naturally couldn’t hear this remark of Marovite.

He was talking to Gao Qian with a solemn expression: ” Marovite knew what we were doing, but he was so open and generous, and the situation was very wrong…”

Normally, Marovette must be on guard, send people to keep an eye on them, and never give them anything There is a gap.

They also want to get rid of the stalking and find opportunities to spy on secrets.

As a result, Marovite held a banquet, and a group of expert elites were having a good time singing and dancing there.

With such relaxation, either the other party has a good chance of winning, or the other party is open-minded and not afraid of their spying.

Yang Yunjin asked a little uneasily: “Old Shen, then what should we do? “

Shen Zhengjun deeply sighed then said, according to his ideas, he will leave immediately tonight.

However, their team ran here and didn’t figure out anything, so they just left. It is too unreasonable to panic and escape.

On the other hand, he is also responsible for the safety of Liao Prefecture. He must figure out the situation.

Shen Zhengjun whispered to Yang Yunjin : “Don’t stay here, go now. They never expected you to leave at this time. “

Yang Yunjin was shocked: “Where am I going? “

“Go back and report that there is a team of reinforcements on the north bank of the Yinma River.” Your aunt is also there. But she’s not enough by herself, call more people to pick us up…”

Yang Yunjin was a little stunned, deep in the icefield, it was late at night, how far could she run on two legs?
Shen Zhengjun said: “I will arrange for two people to go with you. “

Yang Yunjin was helpless and could only follow Shen Zhengjun’s arrangement.

During the return to the house, Shen Zhengjun explained to Gao Qian: “You must be targeted, you can’t leave if you leave.” . See your luck. ”

Gao Qian laughed, β€œSir, I understand. “

He could see that it was purely an excuse for Shen Zhengjun to ask Yang Yunjin to report the letter. In fact, it was to tell Yang Yunjin to run quickly.

Mainly because it was useless for Yang Yunjin to stay and something happened. She has to take care of her. On the other hand, her status is also important. Arranging her to go first is the best choice.

Even if nothing happens, Yang Yunjin will only suffer in vain.

It’s just that Yang Yunjin is still a little confused about the situation. It’s not her fault. It is one thing to engage in internal affairs, and it is another to have a brutal struggle in a tangled and complicated environment.

Yang Yunjinin After all, the bones is not a warrior, and it is much worse in this respect. There is absolutely no warrior’s keen sense of smell for danger.

Shen Zhengjun is the real boss. He can see something wrong in a party and react very decisively.

If it wasn’t for his identity and responsibility, I’m afraid that Shen Zhengjun would also take the opportunity to run away.

Gao Qian also wanted to run away with Yang Yunjin, but Mr. Shen didn’t run away. He can only accompany him.

Shen Zhengjun said to Gao Qian: “Have a good rest, if there is a mutation tomorrow, I will try my best to take you away. “

He warned again: “You also have to be prepared, don’t take chances. “

“many thanks sir.” “

Gao Qian is very grateful, no matter if Shen Zhengjun is cheating or not, at least this boss shows great concern for him.

“Have a good rest, tomorrow will be difficult.” “

“Good night sir.” “

Gao Qian went back to his bedroom. Since he can’t run, let’s face tomorrow’s battle with the best possible state.

Entering the Grand One Palace, Gao Qian didn’t even fight with Ling’er Chatting, he went straight to Wu Song!

Anyway, I must take Wu Erlang tonight!

(Uh, it’s a bit late~)

(end of chapter)

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