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Marowett, Andrew, and Nissen all read it very seriously.

They can despise Gao Qian in words, but not in actions.

What they know about Gao Qian is also very limited. They were also curious about what ability Gao Qian had.

Baki’s long spear is fierce and changeable, and in terms of weapons, it is just right to restrain Gao Qian’s long spear.

Bucky was the first to appear, and it was a deliberate arrangement.

The other side, Fei Shen Zhengjun and the others, were also watching the battle seriously. The members of the federal embassy were all very nervous.

They haven’t been in contact with Gao Qian for a long time, but they are very fond of this polite, cheerful and humorous young man.

They hoped that Gao Qian would win, but Gao Qian was too young, only twenty-two years old this year.

Bucky is in his thirties this year and is in his prime. The two are at least ten years behind the cultivation base.

For Source Master, this is a huge gap.

Looking at the imposing manner of the two sides, Gao Qian is obviously much worse.

Many people even thought that this was a deliberate arrangement by Shen Zhengjun. Anyway, as long as Gao Qian died, this matter would be resolved.

It will not hurt the harmony of both parties.

Most of the low-level staff of the mission do not know the real purpose of this trip.

So, everyone was still nervous for Gao Qian.

Shen Zhengjun is very confident in Gao Qian. If he can kill Andre and many other Source Masters by himself, he can see his ability.

Although this Bucky is strong, he is no match for Gao Qian.

It’s just the latter few, one stronger than the other, that’s the trouble!
No matter what the spectators thought, Bucky’s crimson red long spear had already stabbed Gao Qian’s chest, and Gao Qian was only stabbed.

Bucky’s face behind the translucent visor showed a hideous smile, what formidable power he stabbed with a gun, Gao Qian wanted to block with a knife, it was courting death.

He doesn’t care what Gao Qian plots against, he originally used seven points of force for this shot, and left three points of strength to respond.

At this step, there is no point in staying focused.

Bucky’s brow deep red Source Star shone, the source power exploded like gunpowder, making the power of his body and limbs to explode violently.

The long spear that was stabbed out blazed with crimson fire, and the long spear suddenly accelerated again.

Just as the long spear pierced through the White Dragon armor, Gao Qian turned sideways, progressed, and fired.

Yuhuanbu’s super explosive power allows Gao Qian to easily avoid the long spear, the dragon scales knife takes advantage of the trend, and Bucky, who has exhausted all his strength, wants to avoid the parry before it is too late.

Bucky can only urge Source Armor frantically, trying to resist this blade with powerful Source Armor.

However, the snow-colored blade light of the dragon scales was cold and biting, and Bucky was in despair. He knew that he was done!
“pu ”

The dragon scales knife forcibly slashed through Source Armor, cut off Bucky’s neck, and sent his head spinning into the sky.

Bucky’s feet were very solid, and his headless body spewing blood kept his gun in a straight forward position, and he couldn’t stand still.

Gao Qian, who passed by with Bucky, returned the knife to the sheath with his backhand.

Gao Qian gave Bucky’s headless body in the traditional polite way: “you let me win”

Out of courtesy, he felt that he had to praise him: “You let me win” The Spear Art is great.”

Bucky, headless, naturally couldn’t hear this polite remark, and I’m afraid he wouldn’t be happy if he heard it.

The people around the Blue Flag consortium were stunned. They didn’t quite believe it. The famous Bucky was just killed?
Everyone looked at the head that fell to the ground. Behind the translucent mask, Bucky’s eyes were still staring at the boss, and the expression on his face seemed to have a bit of pain.

Looking at the headless body holding the gun, the blood is still spraying non-stop, emitting steaming heat.

The people on the mission were cheering and cheering loudly. It’s just that there are too few of them, on the open ice, so the sporadic sounds are also very thin and have no imposing manner.

The expressions of experts such as Andrew and Nissen became very solemn, and Gao Qian was much more powerful than they expected.

This blade is too precise about timing. As long as there is a slight mistake, Gao Qian will die.

Because the risk is so great, Gao Qian solved an enemy in the quickest and most labor-saving way. Almost no consumption.

As for what Gao Qian said, Andrew doesn’t care, the winner can say anything.

Neeson’s temper tantrums, he can’t stand it. He looked at Gao Qian clenching one’s teeth and said: “arrogant, I’m here for this game!”

Marowett slightly frowned, he looked at Nissen: “It’s not your turn yet.”

He said to Moyes next to him: “You go in this round.”

Moyes is good at double swords, and he is extremely fast and dexterous in controlling the source armor of the wind.

Judging from the battle just now, Gao Qian clearly favors the speed flow. But not so fast.

Moyes should be able to restrain Gao Qian from his fighting style.

With Marrowitt’s orders, Moyes came on without the slightest hesitation.

The staff had already carried the body away, but there was a lot of blood left on the ice, but it was too late to clean up.

Moyes drew out a pair of slender rapiers. This rapier hardly uses slashing moves. However, this pair of rapiers is exceptionally sharp, and it can be easily slashed with all his strength. Pierce third rank Source Armor.

Gao Qian danced a knife flower with the dragon scales sword in his hand, “Please.”

Moyes didn’t answer either, he walked lightly around Gao Qian with two swords in his hand.

Bucky was killed just now, which made Moyes very cautious.

Blast Source Armor and Shuangjian are both deep blue, and Moyes circles around Gao Qian faster and faster.

Most of the ordinary person can’t even see where Moyes is, but can only see a shining blue silhouette.

Suddenly the blue silhouette came out of the sword, and the two swords stabbed one after another with dazzling eyes.

The cold snow-colored blade light flashed is fleeting, and the dazzling blue light rain splits and dissipates from the middle.

Moyes stayed where he was and stopped for a while before his body evenly split into two pieces along a blood-colored midline.

The two bodies fell to the ground, facing each other. This was also the first time that Moyes’s eyes looked directly at each other.

It’s just that the rays of light in both eyes are rapidly dissipating.

No matter how strong the Source Master life force is, it can’t last a few seconds under such an injury.




Seeing Gao Qian kill his opponent again , the people on the mission really got excited.

Playing at such a rhythm is not impossible!

Shen Zhengjun also disapproved slightly, the shot just now was considered a risky trick, and killing this blade of Moyes was very skillful.

On the blue flag consortium, the audience’s faces were ugly.

They admire martial power and like blood. But seeing his own expert being killed consecutively, even Heartless is really happy that does not raise.

Skaia, who was going to play for the third time, turned pale.

She is on the same level as Bucky and Moys, but each has its own characteristics.

Gao Qian also showed great strength by killing Bucky and Moys in a row.

At her level, there is basically no chance of winning.

Neeson glanced at Skaya disdainfully. Although this woman was her lover, he despised cowards.

“Trash, I’ll do it!”

Although Nissen looked down on Skaya, he didn’t want Skaya to die in vain. After all, this long-legged and big-ass Source Master is still very dry.

At this time, Marovite did not stop him. He thought for a moment and explained to Nissen: “Gao Qian is fast and ruthless, martial skill is extremely brilliant, and he is experienced in combat. Don’t expect him to make mistakes. He source power It’s pure, it’s the reinforcement system.

“I know, I never expect the enemy to make mistakes. “

Neeson is very confident, “I just roll over it, how can he be right or wrong!” “

Nissen held a double-edged giant axe and walked to Gao Qian with ease.

Gao Qian greeted with a smile: “Mr. Nissen, see you again.” It’s an honor to play against an expert like you. “

Nison can’t see Gao Qian’s eyes through the silver goggle-like window, and can only see his mouth open and close.

“Don’t talk nonsense!” “

The silver double-bladed giant axe in Nissen’s hand suddenly burst into a cloud of silver light, and the silver storm armor on his body shone with dazzling silver light.

Gao Qian’s goggle-like helmet is not As a decoration, the specially processed helmet can naturally filter strong light, even poisonous and harmful radiation.

This level of source power rays of light is no threat to him.


In fact, Gao Qian is not used to fighting with source power. His roots are in the martial arts, but so many people are watching. He can’t justify it without using source power.

Only the strength of source power In terms of source power, Nissen is indeed much taller than him.

Of course, whoever has stronger source power can win. p>Unless it is a fourth-rank and fifth-rank Source Master, one can crush a low-level Source Master with powerful source power.

Nissen’s double-edged giant axe should have more than 200 kilograms, and he has it in his hand. It is as light as nothing in it.

Gao Qian heard Yang Yunjin say that Nissen is not only powerful, but also his special source power can reduce gravity.

It can also be used when giant axe slashes Instantly added weight, causing devastating damage.

This change between light and heavy also made it particularly difficult for Nissen to deal with it.

Yesterday, Gao Qian had to be more serious Only then can he deal with it.

But after getting the Heavenly Damage Star and the passives of Heavenly Damage and Heart Mirror, he has been able to clearly grasp all the subtle source power changes of Nissen.

I have to say, The passive mirror of the heart is also called a magical skill.

When facing the enemy, most of them just don’t know what the enemy wants to do, so they have to keep trying to prevent mistakes.

The heart mirror allows Gao Qian to grasp the reality of the enemy, and then make a decision calmly.

When facing the same level of enemies, Gao Qian with this ability has been invincible.


The giant axe didn’t think about it so much in Nissen. Although Gao Qian killed two people in a row, in his opinion, Bucky and the others were too rubbish.

Nissen double-edged giant axe’s There is a rope on the handle, and he swings the rope The belt makes the giant axe spin at extreme speed.

Waiting until the giant axe turned to a very fast speed, Nissen suddenly slashed towards Gao Qian.

The double-edged giant axe of high-speed rotation has huge formidable power in itself. Coupled with Nissen’s instigation of source power, this slash has the mighty power to sever everything.

The onlookers all showed a terrified look. Although they were far away, they all sensed the terrifying formidable power of giant axe.

To everyone’s surprise, Gao Qian not only did not dodge, but instead swung his sword to meet him.

Many members of the Liao Prefecture mission closed their eyes.

The dragon scales knife is a knife after all, and the weight of the double-edged Heavy Axe is too much. Such a hard connection to the giant axe must be the end of the knife and the people.

Shen Zhengjun’s expression also became solemn, it would be unwise to forcefully take this axe!

As the swords and axes clashed, Gao Qian turned the dragon scales sword in his hand and used the back of the sword to hard connect the double-edged giant axe.

The sound of metal collision was low but very penetrating, and everyone watching the game was shocked.

Nison didn’t expect Gao Qian to be so brave, his giant axe seemed to be incomparable but he didn’t exert his strength, the purpose was to force Gao Qian back.

As a result, his Heavy Axe was actually blocked by Gao Qian with a knife.

Nissen was furious, and he urged the source power giant axe to become extremely heavy immediately, and his power was difficult to burst out with the long sword and giant axe.

However, Gao Qian’s power is tyrannical, and Nissen can’t take advantage of it.

Nison was thinking about how to break the game, when Gao Qian turned the dragon scales knife in his hand, and his giant axe also turned.

In the momentary gap, the dragon scales stabbed against the handle of the giant axe.

Neeson was horrified, he wasn’t sure to block this blade with Source Armor. The critical moment, he didn’t even bother to hide it.

The Source Star gleamed in the depths of his brows, and the Storm Mystery was fully provoked.

Silver Source Armor and giant axe shine at the same time, releasing one after another silver lightning.

Nissen is actually an Elemental Source Master, but he never publicly uses the power to harness lightning.

Until the critical moment, he will be finished without this power.

Such a powerful lightning force was enough to pierce through Source Armor and paralyze Gao Qian’s entire body.

When the time comes, Gao Qian can only be slaughtered by him.

Nissen had a good calculation in his heart, but he didn’t think that thousands of lightning strikes would strike Gao Qian, but Gao Qian was completely unaffected.

Sen’s cold and clear dragon scales knife had already stabbed in front of Nissen’s eyes, and Nissen was horrified.

At this moment, Marovite, who was more than ten meters away from the battle, suddenly pinched the magic seal in his hand, his dark blue eyes turned strangely black, and he chanted the magic spell in his mouth at the same time.

Nightmare arrows gathered with powerful spirit strength, shot directly at Gao Qian.

Low-level Source Masters can’t see the Nightmare Arrow, but they can’t hide from fourth-rank Source Master Shen Zhengjun.

In Shen Zhengjun’s eyes, the Nightmare Arrow was like an arrow made of black smoke, which silently penetrated Gao Qian’s eyebrows.

Shen Zhengjun was both shocked and angry, dignified fourth rank Source Master Marowett, known as a nightmare, actually started sneak attack Gao Qian, really shameless to the extreme!

However, Marovite’s actions also showed that he had no scruples.

β€œYou dare!”

Shen Zhengjun shouted sharply, pulled out his thunderclap sword, and was about to save Gao Qian, but found that Gao Qian was only slightly shaken and his hand was long. The knife did not stop.

“pu ”

The dragon scales slammed into Nissen’s helmet, stabbing his head back and forth.

Nison, who was shone with lightning like Heavenly God, immediately lost all vitality. That shining lightning also quickly dimmed.

The spectators were shocked, and the dignified storm died just like that. There were so many people on the scene, but few saw Marovite’s shot.

Andrew and the others were even more shocked. What kind of ability is Gao Qian? Even a single stroke of the Nightmare Arrow won’t hurt!

Marovite was also surprised, he raised his cane and pointed at Gao Qian without the slightest hesitation.

No matter what this guy does to stop the Nightmare Arrow, he must die!

Gao Qian also felt a strong crisis, and his heart trembled instinctively.

Earth Thief Star’s agility, the mirror’s sense of external forces, and his own Martial Artist intuition all tell him that this moment is extremely dangerous.

At this time, a deep blue thunderclap sword suddenly fell towards Marowett.

Marowett could only turn his cane and point at Shen Zhengjun, and the figure of Shen Zhengjun, who was flying up from the sky, suddenly stagnated.

Shen Zhengjun shouted in the air: “Old fogey damn it!”

Marowett sneered: “None of you want to run today…”

In A black robed man walked out behind Marovite, he said hello to Shen Zhengjun: “Dear friend, Swa greets you…”

This man while speaking stretched out his hand, and a mass of flames surged up , engulfed all the thunderclap sword light in the sky.

Shen Zhengjun’s heart sank, Vulcan Swa, another fourth rank powerhouse! Today’s situation is very bad…

When several fourth rank powerhouses faced off, Gao Qian seized the opportunity to slash on the ice.
The frozen layer was several meters thick. A huge crack more than ten meters long burst out.

When everyone reacted, Gao Qian was gone.

The lake water undulates along the cracked gap, and a piece of white paper from somewhere is also slowly falling down in the air.

On the white paper, there are several large black characters: If you are in a hurry, please do not send it. goodbye!
Shen Zhengjun in the sky saw the words on the paper, although the situation was very bad, he couldn’t help laughing.

The fourth rank powerhouse, Marovite and Vulcan Swa, also looked strange. In front of them, a little third rank Source Master ran away.

It doesn’t count if the other party ran away, but also leave a message to ridicule them…

(end of this chapter)

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