This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 106


Chapter 106 Acquiescence
The propeller of the helicopter is spinning wildly, and the huge rumbling sound is resounding mountains.

The snow on the trees and the ground was blown into the sky.

Gao Qian stood with a knife in the wind and snow, with a polite smile on his face.

It seems that he is not surrounded by more than 40 Source Masters, but more than 40 lovely children.

Gao Qian is really not arrogant. He is blessed with five stars and the strength of two apostles is enough to sweep the third rank.

As for the absence of Source Armor, it is an advantage for him.

What made Gao Qian happy was that many Source Masters on the opposite side had red eyes, and some of their bodies began to swell and deform.

In so many Source Masters, almost half of them are disguised as Monster Race.

To him, it was a precious moral aura.

To be honest, if it wasn’t for Space Crack’s too much momentum just now, and Monster Race too much, he really wanted to swipe his knife to get points.

With his quick knife and so many low-level Monster Races, it’s easy to get a few thousand moral auras.

It’s just that the fourth rank powerhouse is playing hot, Gao Qian still doesn’t dare to take the risk.

What’s more, the Space Crack is so huge, who knows if there is a high-level Monster Race in it.

Again, the moral aura is very good, but it’s not worth taking the moral danger to brush.

If Andrew had to be delivered to his door, he could only happily accept it.

Andrew couldn’t understand Gao Qian’s smile, what’s so funny?

The other party doesn’t even have Source Armor, so what can they fight with them? Even if you have Source Armor, you are not qualified to fight with them?

Andrew looked all around with some doubts, but found no problems. He clenched the Sunlight Sword in his hand tightly, what conspiracy did Gao Qian have to stop the Divine Sword in his hand?
He shouted to the crowd: “Go on, kill him!”

Many Source Masters were ordered to rush towards Gao Qian together. Several of the tall, wolf-headed Monster Races were the fastest.

After transforming, Monster Race has a thirst for blood and killing.

These Monster Races are physically tyrannical. They have mastered Source Armor in the human world and naturally become Second Rank Source Master.

Because of their aggressive body, their battle strength is generally much stronger than Second Rank Source Master.

The physical advantage makes them choose heavy weapons such as big axes, heavy hammers, and heavy flails.

This kind of weapon is very effective against the Source Master of the armor, and it often hits the source power field and Source Armor directly, and the Source Master will also be smashed to pieces.

Three Monster Races attack in three lanes from left to right, simple but effective. Among them, the main attack with the big axe, the other two Monster Race support.

As long as you are surrounded by them, the numerical advantage will come into play immediately. No matter how high Gao Qian martial arts is, with few enemies, it will never last long.

To the surprise of several Monster Races, Gao Qian did not retreat, but advanced. He was too fast, one step ahead of the Monster Race in the middle, and at the same time avoiding the three weapons. attack.

The Monster Race was startled with the big axe. Before he could react, the dragon scales slashed the knife horizontally, and the Monster Race’s head flew into the sky.

Only the two Monster Races had to react, the cold snow-colored blade light was one point left and right, and the two Monster Races and their Source Armor were all diagonally broken into two sections.

Second Rank Source Armor, Monster Race’s strong body, is no different from tofu under dragon scales.

Gao Qian’s sword is both vicious and poisonous, and it will tear people apart with one blow, killing them all on the spot.

Many Source Masters in the back saw blade light shining and blood light splashing everywhere. These Source Masters were a little shocked.

The first few were a little hesitant, but Gao Qian didn’t hesitate and waved his knife straight ahead.

Having mastered the double sword of punishment, Gao Qian Blade Technique has made great progress again. Yuhuan step made him a qualitative leap in moving, turning and changing speed in a small range.

The cold blade light was like a cycle, and the seven or eight Source Masters in the front were all broken by the knife, and they didn’t even have time to scream.

In an instant, Gao Qian had already killed 1/4 of the Source Masters.

Leaving the Source Master to find out that it is not good, the Source Master who was almost at the cultivation base slammed into the side.

Two third rank Source Masters came up with crossed long swords.

They shine with silver light all over them, and they use bright Sword Art. This Sword Art is simple but efficient, and its bright source power is known for being fierce and powerful.

These two third rank Source Masters consciously can control Gao Qian, at least block Gao Qian.

Gao Qian doesn’t want to delay time, the fourth rank powerhouse is still in the sky, he must solve the battle as soon as possible.

The power of Jiuyang Wuji Sword was also urged by him. The power of extreme yang and extreme sharpness is concentrated in the whole body, and it circulates endlessly on the dragon scales knife.

Slashing to two cross swords, snapping neatly under dragon scales. The two third rank Source Masters were horrified, they never imagined that Gao Qian’s knife was so sharp.

The dragon scales knife that slashes straight ahead, cut two Source Masters chest-to-chest.

This process is less than 0.2 seconds, that is to say, if the people around him blink, he will not be able to see the process of killing the two Source Masters.

In fact, most Source Masters cannot see the process. All they could see was the blade light flashed, and the swords, armor, and people of the two third-rank Source Masters were all broken.

The remaining Source Masters panicked. From the start, no one could catch Gao Qian’s knife.

In just a few seconds, the most elite Second Rank and third rank Source Masters were all killed.

Although the Red Eagles are warlike, they are not afraid of death.

Watching Gao Qian let go and kill, the low-level Source Masters spewed out their bile.

Andrew complexion ashen stood behind him. He wanted to stand behind and watch the situation before deciding what to do.

As a result, so many Source Masters were killed by Gao Qian at once.

Andrew’s heart sank too. The current Gao Qian is even more brutal and vicious than when he was dueling.

He really regretted it, he knew he shouldn’t have caught up.

It’s just this step, it’s too late to turn around and run away.

Siva’s face turned pale with fright, and the hand holding the sword was shaking.

As a beauty, although she is the Second Rank Source Master, she has never participated in such a brutal battle.

Andrew wanted to tell Shiva a few words, but seeing her like this, he was not interested in saying it.

If he loses, the woman will die. Saying it is in vain.

Andrew held his sword to meet Gao Qian, and the Source Armor rays of light on his body became more and more prosperous, and even formed a circular halo behind him.

The Great Light Secret Technique he cultivated is a real high-level secret technique. The sun-bright sword in his hand is said to be forged with a divine object from another world, with an endless divine might like a scorching sun.

As the heir to the family, Andrew holds this divine sword and has always been invincible.

Today, Andrew is holding the Divine Sword, and his anxiety is gradually calmed down by the powerful power circulating in the Divine Sword.

With the Sunbright Sword in hand, I am invincible within the third rank!

Gao Qian also admits that Andrew, who comes with Sun Wheel light effect, really has several points of divine meaning.

Gao Qian bowed slightly to Andrew, nodded: “Mr. Andrew, your dive might be admirable and enviable.”

He paused and said, “So are your subordinates. Such bravery and fearless are all true warriors.”

The killing was too fast just now, and he didn’t have time to say a few polite words, which is not very good.

Andrew’s face was dark, his spirit and the Sunshine Sword gradually fit, and his soul was full of sacred and powerful power.

In this state of entering Demi-God, all his emotions were suppressed to a minimum.

Gao Qian’s words mean little to him.

Andrew said slowly: “I admit that I underestimated you, but I will correct this mistake myself.”

He spoke without emotion, and his tone and attitude were solemn and solemn. It also means aloof and remote.

It’s like a god preaching to his followers.

Gao Qian noticed the strange state of Andrew, and he felt a little vigilant in his heart, and he couldn’t underestimate the enemy.

The Red Eagle Man in front of me seems to have something!

Gao Qian also restrained his polite smile, “Mr. Andrew, your strength really amazes me. I take the liberty to ask, what sword are you holding in your hand? Such a showing off one’s ability, such a sacred majesty!”

The cross long sword in Andrew’s hand has a blade of 1.13 meters long, a width of 3 centimeters, and a handle of 20 centimeters long.

The blade is as bright as a mirror, and the hilt and scabbard are intricately patterned and inlaid with beautiful red gemstones.

This Sword God is very bright, and before he can do it, the sharp edge emanating from the sword has made Gao Qian feel strongly vigilant.

“The Divine Sword forged by the blazing sun is called Sunlight.”

Andrew neither too fast nor too slow said: “You can die under this sword, your soul All will shine because of this!”

β€œThank you.” Gao Qian sincerely thanked.

“en?” Although Andrew was not emotional, he didn’t understand what Gao Qian was thanking.

“It’s good that you gave me a chance to let my soul shine.”

Gao Qian smiled slightly: “Although I can only refuse. But I still want to express my gratitude.”

He sighed with some regret: “Unfortunately, my dragon scales knife doesn’t have this function. I’m afraid there is no way to make your soul shine. I can only give you a painless one to express my personal respect. “


Although Andrew didn’t quite understand the specific meaning of Gao Qian’s expression, he knew that the other party didn’t say anything nice.

He held the Sunlight Sword in his hand and stabbed straight forward suddenly. This sword was simple and direct, but extremely fast.

The Sun Wheel shining behind Andrew, like the turbine engine of an airplane, gave Andrew a very terrifying speed.

Gao Qian was going to take a horizontal knife and kill the opponent with one strike, but he immediately realized that the opponent’s speed was too fast.

Gao Qian stepped on the jade ring, walking in an arc and staggered past Andrew.

When the two passed by by mistake, Gao Qian slashed with a backhand, but this blade failed.

Because Andrew actually accelerated again, the man shot out more than 20 meters like a rocket before turning around.

Gao Qian didn’t stop.

Shiva’s face was full of horror, but he instinctively raised his sword and stabbed.

“Sorry, beautiful lady.”

This was also the last sentence Shiva heard, and her vision twirled up and down.

At the last moment, Shiva saw Andrew in the distance, and his whole body was shining brightly, and behind him, a halo like a Sun Wheel was slowly spinning and shining.

Andrew looked indifferently at Shiva’s flying head, this superficial woman, finally died.

He should be very sad, but in this state, he has no emotional fluctuations.

Gao Qian turned around and said to Andrew, “Mr. Andrew, if you want, I will send you to reunite with your wife now.”

A sneer appeared on the corner of Andrew’s mouth , “You ignorant idiot, you don’t deserve to say such big words!”

Andrew once again urged the Sunlight Sword to shoot directly at Gao Qian like a streamer.

Gao Qian ignored Andrew, because the other party was too fast, which also made it difficult for him to turn. Well, Andrew couldn’t control it so delicately.

He carried the dragon scales and flew forward in an arc, catching up with several Red Eagle Source Masters within a few seconds.

Before these Red Eagle Source Masters could react, the blade light swept over, and their armor was torn apart.

Gao Qian is not a murderer, it’s just that this group of people hooked up with Monster Race and wanted to kill him. He’s sorry for not killing him.

Andrew was chasing after him. He was faster than Gao Qian, but far less flexible than Gao Qian.

One of the helicopters fell down to meet him, and Gao Qian slashed the cockpit into two pieces. The helicopter exploded out of control on the spot. The other two helicopters that were frightened hurriedly pulled up more than a hundred meters, not daring to fall again.

In less than one minute, Andrew’s men were beheaded by Gao Qian.

In the snow-capped forest, blood and corpses are very eye-catching.

Gao Qian stopped after killing the last Source Master, he bowed slightly to Andrew: “Mr. It’s so cruel.”

There seemed to be a fire burning in Andrew’s heart, and the Sunlight Sword that could control his emotions seemed to be unable to suppress the fire.

He didn’t want to say another word to Gao Qian, he just held up the Sunlight Sword, which also gave off an extremely strong dive light.

β€œSun Wheel slash!”

Andrew shouted in the Red Eagle language, and he charged towards Gao Qian with his sword again.

This time Gao Qian didn’t let it go either, and he also held the knife straight at Andrew.

As the swords clashed, Gao Qian performed the jade ring step again, and he circled an arc. Just avoided the Andrew Sunshine Sword.

At this time, Andrew’s Sun Wheel suddenly shone in the future, and Andrew turned into a silver ring of light and shadow, and instantly went behind Gao Qian.

The sun shining sword silently sank into Gao Qian’s chest, Gao Qian also switched hands and swung the sword backhand at the same time, and the cold blade light wiped Andrew’s neck at the same time.

The two were recruited almost at the same time, and Andrew didn’t expect Gao Qian’s Blade Technique to be so realm.

More didn’t expect dragon scales, the knife could actually cut through his big light armor.

With a “pu” sound, Andrew’s head flew up.

His headless body still holds the Sunbright Sword, but the rays of light on his body are rapidly dissipating.

The Divine Sword, which shines with rays of light, is also rapidly dimming.

Gao Qian looked down at the divine sword that penetrated his chest, and he said with sincere admiration: “Good sword, good Sword Art!”

He slowly turned around to face him. Looking at Andrew’s headless body, he said, “Mr. Andrew, does it not hurt at all? I’m still talking.”

Headless Andrew didn’t respond to Gao Qian, but his neck was “chi chi”. Swallow blood.

Gao Qian thought for a while and then said: “In return, you give me the armor and sword, isn’t it reasonable?!”

“If you don’t speak, you will acquiesce. I understand. .”

(end of this chapter)

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