This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 108


Chapter 108 Incredible Anti-kill
Marovette saw two helicopters from a distance , he gave up chasing Gao Qian and stopped by the helicopter.

“What’s going on?” he asked sharply.

The driver in the cockpit was full of panic, and he didn’t know how to express it for a while, and the humming of the propeller even affected his speech.

The driver could only keep pointing down with his hands, signaling Marowett to take a look.

Marowett descended to a height and immediately saw large bloodstains and corpses on the pure white snow.

He turned a half circle in the air with a gloomy face, and soon found Andrew’s body.

Not only did Andrew lose his head, but also the Light Armor on his body and the most important Sunshine Sword.

Marovite looked at the already cold corpse with a complicated expression on his old face.

He has always had high hopes for this disciple. Why didn’t expect, Andrew would die in the wild mountains!
On the other hand, he hated Andrew’s incompetence. Holding the Sunbright Sword in his hand, he was actually killed by a nobody!
Looking at the ground again, there is an obvious deep mark, which is clearly the mark left by the Sun Wheel’s high-speed straight forward after beheading.

Apparently, Andrew even used the Sun Wheel chop and was killed anyway!
“This Gao Qian, I don’t know what power is hidden…”

Marovite was very angry, but he was also a little curious.

Gao Qian killed Nissen and the others in a row, showing a superb martial skill. However, it is absolutely impossible to kill Andrew with his martial skill!

Marovette is in his 60s and 70s.

He sensed the sudden termination of his disciple Life Aura and hurried back.

Before seeing the corpse, he was actually already prepared.

Now is not in a hurry to take revenge. If First Layer gets back the Rihui Sword, this divine sword must not fall into the hands of others.

Secondly, we need to dig out the secrets of Gao Qian. Try to make up for the loss.

Marowett stayed for one minute, and after he followed him, he triggered the source power to fly forward.

The power of the fourth rank Source Master allows him to easily resist gravity and fly at extremely low altitudes.

Of course, there are too many obstacles on the ground, and flying too low is also dangerous.

Marowett felt that the mark of the Nightmare Arrow was rapidly receding, and he also increased his height and speed.

The fourth rank Source Master can fly at full speed, faster than the most advanced fighter jets.

This powerful mobility is difficult to guard against and difficult to track with modern weapon systems.

This also makes the fourth rank Source Master a side powerhouse, and no one dares to offend easily.

A flying snow mist streamer was raised high, which also indicated the direction of Gao Qian’s escape.

Marovite accelerated and instantly passed Gao Qian who was running, blocking in front of Gao Qian.

Gao Qian sighed stopped the castration and stopped seven meters away from Marowett.

With a few more seconds of delay, he can clear the mark of the Nightmare Arrow. when the time comes just dig a hole in a tree, and Marowett can’t find him if he’s exhausted.

Unfortunately, it’s just a little bit short. This is life!
Gao Qian is still very resigned, he holds the dragon scales in his hand and smiles politely at Marovette: “Mr Marovette, you are catching up in a hurry, do you have any advice?”

Ma Lovett nodded, “You can still laugh at this time. I admire your courage.”

“Someone told me that it is not only by fighting and killing to solve the problem. In this world, solve the problem. There are many ways.”

Gao Qian said frankly: β€œMr. Marovette, you can ask anything you want, and you can discuss anything.”

β€œ Hehe…”

A gloomy person like Marovite couldn’t help laughing, it’s really funny how Gao Qian dares to talk to him like this at this time.

He glanced at Gao Qian’s hand with the identical dragon scales swords, “The same double swords, transformed with the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel?”

Dragon scales swords like this Top Grade knives, very rare. Two identical long knives are even rarer.

The key is that Gao Qian only had a saber in his hand before, where did the other a saber come from?
Marovette immediately thought of the Myriad Elephant Wheel, which can simulate everything. Only in this way, everything can be said.

In the face of such an old-fashioned Marovite, Gao Qian simply nodded: “Mr Marovite is very discerning, there is indeed a saber that was copied with the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel.”

“Sure enough.”

Marovite added: “I have also heard about the special changes of the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel, didn’t expect to be able to replicate such a high-grade knife. It’s a bit weird… …”

If the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel is so powerful, it will definitely not stay in the hands of that low-level blood demon forever.

There must be some changes here, but these are details, not very important.

Marovite pondered and said: “You killed my most important disciple, but I am not a must for revenge.”

“As you said, solve There are many ways to ask questions.”

Gao Qian was very obediently nodded: “You said.”

“Where did you hide the Sunshine Sword?”

Marovite asked the first question, and it was the one he valued the most.

He knew that Gao Qian was a smart man, and he didn’t need to hide the importance of the Sunlight Sword in front of Gao Qian.

“I hid. I hid it very secretly.”

Gao Qian said confidently: “A place where no one can find it.”

He’s really not bragging. In the Grand One Palace, no one can get the Sunbright Sword except him.

Slightly frowned, Marowett thought Gao Qian was a smart man, but it was stupid to try to use the Sunlight Sword to get him down.

However, he suppressed his anger.

He said again: “You have great martial skills and you are young. I will give you a chance to join my holy light teaching and be my disciple.”

Gao Qian thought After a while, he asked: “Mr. Marovite, it’s not impossible to take you as a teacher. I just have a question, what do you mean by opening Space Crack to introduce Monster Race?”

“Monster Race No matter whether it is human or human, they are all low-level life races in the universe. Only our Source Master, who has a powerful source power, is the master of all life.”

Marowett said this with an old pair of eyes All gleaming, “Our world and otherworld fusion is the general trend, and no one can stop it. Open Space Crack early, we can get more powerful power one step ahead.

“As for the ordinary Monster Race , Humans, their life or death is irrelevant. “

Marowett said, clenching the Nightmare Staff in his hand, “This planet has a history of billions of years. Compared to the planet, our hundred-year life is just in an instant.”

“But in this instant, we encountered unprecedented changes. In the face of such changes, what race, what society, and civilization is not worth mentioning at all.

“Heaven overflowing giant wave swept over, we either ride the wind and the waves, or we perish in the wind and waves…”

Looking at the somewhat fanatical Marovite, Gao Qian also had to admit that this remark was very It is delusional.

It is true that the short-lived civilization of mankind is not worth mentioning in the long history of the planet.

From this perspective, the survival of mankind becomes even more insignificant.

However, as a member of human beings, Gao Qian does not have such a grand vision and pattern. He feels that although human civilization has many problems, it is unacceptable for him to overthrow and destroy them all!

Seeing Marovite’s fanatical selflessness, Gao Qian really wanted to give him two swords.

After talking for a while, Tang Hongying’s side has been upgraded.

Gao Qian can Feeling the power of Jiuyang Wuji Sword Zhiyang Zhirui is circulating in the body, which makes his battle strength greatly improve again.

Third Layer’s Jiuyang Wuji Sword is equivalent to source power third rank, in width and upper limit It is higher and stronger in terms of aspect, but after all, there is a huge gap between it and fourth rank source power.

Gao Qian also shouted inwardly. Unfortunately, if these source drills are given to him, it will be enough to push King Kong Divine Power Sutra to the Third Layer .

Then you can go hard steel with Marovite, there is no need to bow down and listen to the old man’s speech.

Gao Qian weighed or gave up the plan to start violently, but the other party didn’t seem to have a problem. Defense, but the fourth rank source power field is not so easy to break.

The fourth rank Source Armor is even more difficult to break.

Gao Qian praised: “Listening to your words is worth a word. I was really enlightened, and the pattern was opened up.

“I just have a question, if I follow you, how can I gain your trust?”

Marovette laughed heartily: “child, don’t try. My disciples are all To the Nightmare Staff, swear allegiance to me forever. After I go back, I have to complete the ceremony under the testimony of God.”

“That’s it.”

Gao Qian felt a little regretful, Without the ceremony, he might have been able to pretend to be an undercover agent.

Of course he also understands that a smart man like Marovite would have left such a big hole for him to exploit.

Gao Qian sighed, “I don’t want to die either, but right and wrong don’t exist. Mr. Marovite, forget my impoliteness!”

With that, Gao Qian turned all his powers around Converging on the double knives, the Divine Power Sutra is the strongest and the strongest, the Jiuyang Wuji sword is the most yang and sharp, and the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel is centered and coordinated.

Gao Qian didn’t move, the two knives were already divining light, exuding unparalleled sharpness that slashed everything.

“It’s up to you!”

Marovite sneered, the little third rank Source Master, who doesn’t even have a Source Armor, dares to pose in front of him, I really think he is dead!
Marovite pointed a finger, and a black light like an arrow shot out from the fingertip, hitting Gao Qian’s eyebrows.

This is one of his extremely powerful spiritual source power secret spells: Death Order.

By condensing spirit strength, it is transformed into invisible arrows, which directly penetrate the enemy’s spirit, instantly destroying all consciousness and vitality of the opponent.

The disadvantage of this secret technique is that it poses little threat to powerhouses of the same level, but it is a magical technique to kill low-level Source Masters, and it is in no way unfavorable.

Marowett felt that Gao Qian had some value, so after saying so much, didn’t expect the other party to play clever, which really angered him.

Gao Qian, who was about to attack with a knife, instantly had a black spot on the center of his eyebrows, and his bright eyes also dimmed.

“Something that acts recklessly…”

Marowett couldn’t help but cursed.

As for the Sunbright Sword, it must be hidden in the vicinity. In such a big place, it is easy to find the Sunshine Sword with source power!
It is the Aurora Myriad Elephant Wheel in the opponent’s hand, like Interesting.

Marowett was about to bring the knife over to take a look, but Gao Qian, who was standing still, suddenly moved.

Two cold and snow-like blade lights crossed each other, and Marovette was shocked, this kid didn’t die!
He has only released the source power secret technique, and he is in the most relaxed state, so he has no preparations for this.

On the other hand, he fought against Shen Zhengjun and Yang Mingxiu, consuming most of his strength. He tried his best to get back, and consumed a lot of energy.

Gao Qian’s double-knife was too fast, and the distance between the two sides was too close, and it was too late for Marovite to sense something was wrong.

In a hurry, Marowett didn’t have time to block and dodge, so he could only try his best to trigger the source power field.

The black source power field shone out, forming a translucent black mirror in front of Marowett.

The cold blade light slashed, and the black mirror shattered. Marovite’s Black Soul neck armor also broke suddenly under the blade light.

The head of the fourth rank spiritual source Master Marovite just soars with the blazing cold blade light!

spirit strength The tyrannical Marovite was not dead for a while, his head rolled out in the air far away, but the dive light in his eyes did not dissipate.

Marovite felt a strong sense of unwillingness in his heart. The power of Gao Qian’s final blow had already reached the fourth rank. How could this be possible!

It’s just that without the body, no matter how strong Marovite’s spirit strength is, he can’t control the source power.

Marovite’s brain rolled far on the ground. At the last moment of his life, he couldn’t see Gao Qian, but he could hear Gao Qian’s sudden fall to the ground, and he could hear Gao Qian. Talking in a very weak voice: “Ling’er, staff, Source Armor are all holding…”

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