This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 109


Chapter 109 Homecoming
After lying on the icy snow for 20 minutes, Gao Qian recovered. Come on.

The fourth rank Source Master almost killed him with a single blow.

Fortunately, this spirit strength attack could not move the Grand One Token deep in his Divine Soul after all.

However, the Grand One Token cannot protect his body. Under the powerful source power secret technique, his body almost collapsed on the spot.

Relying on the tyranny of the King Kong Divine Power Sutra, as well as passives such as heart poison and Tiangang body, forcibly survived, but was also seriously injured.

As a result, Tianshang is stimulated passively, and the power is proportionally increased by seven times. In addition to the power of Jiuyang Wuji Sword to the extreme of Yang and sharpness, and the formidable power of Tianxing Shuangdao, this is the only way for the double swords to be slaughtered. One move to kill Marovite.

There is also the passiveness of Xinjing, which allows Gao Qian to accurately capture the relaxed state of Marovite and seize the best chance to shoot.

Marovite was obviously tired too, and his state was at a low point.

As a Spiritual Source Master, Marovite is not good at melee combat, so he chose the simplest hard resistance.

Gao Qian didn’t think it was a fluke, but killing Marovite required various conditions.

If it were Shen Zhengjun, he would definitely be able to use the sword in time. He would never be able to kill the opponent so easily.

Gao Qian has a very clear understanding of this, and he is now very far from the fourth rank powerhouse.

Relying on the tyranny of the King Kong Divine Power Sutra, Gao Qian slowly regained a little strength, and the first thing he did when he woke up was to cut off Marovite’s head.

The fourth rank is a Source Master in spirit, and he is so eloquent. Who knows what special ability is hidden.

It would be trouble if Divine Soul didn’t leave.

Gao Qian found another bottomless crevice and threw Marowett’s body into it.

The matter of beheading Marovet is of course very impressive. But couldn’t explain it clearly.

Also, he doesn’t have the power of fourth rank. This credit was too hot for him.

Kill Marrowitt and get a set of Dark Souls Source Armor and Nightmare Staff, which should be worth some money.

Gao Qian knew that this place couldn’t stay for long, and the constant flow of Monster Race would definitely spread everywhere. It won’t be long before he catches up.

On the other hand, the Red Eagle Nation is unlikely to sit back and watch Monster Race spread. No matter what the upper echelons think, the wild beast general Monster Race will only destroy, and will not do them any good.

So, nuclear weapons will come soon.

Gao Qian is now too tired to hold the knife, so Ling’er has been admitted to the Grand One Palace.

In the state of serious injury, Gao Qian can’t travel much faster than the ordinary person.

After a few kilometers, Gao Qian could no longer walk.

Marowett’s source power secret technique caused huge damage to the whole body. This damage cannot be recovered in a short period of time.

If he goes on like this, he will probably die on Snow Mountain.

Gao Qian has a wireless pager on his body. This special wireless device is small and has no call function. It can only transmit wireless distress signals.

He’s been useless, just can’t believe it. Now, he can only send out a distress signal and wait for rescue.

After waiting for more than an hour, when Gao Qian was about to freeze, he finally got a helicopter.

Gao Qian knew it was a federal plane when he saw the livery of the helicopter, and he also relaxed.

When the plane landed, Gao Qian actually saw Yang Yunjin jump down from it.

“You’re still alive, very good!”

The fully armed Yang Yunjin still had a calm expression on his face, but his bright eyes were full of undisguised joy.

She really thought that Gao Qian was finished, and when she received a wireless signal, she took the idea of what to do and flew over in person.

Yang Yunjin was really surprised when she found out that it was Gao Qian. At this moment, she realized that she seemed to really like Gao Qian a little bit.

Gao Qian avoided a catastrophe, and when he saw Yang Yunjin again, he looked good no matter what, no matter what he looked at.

He laughed to Yang Yunjin: “Excuse me.”

After he finished speaking, Gao Qian passed out as soon as he closed his eyes.

Yang Yunjin instinctively hugged Gao Qian, but she felt that something was wrong when she turned around. It was too coincidental that Gao Qian was in a coma…

The huge rumbling sound made the sleeping Gao Qian feel woke up.

Gao Qian saw Yang Yunjin’s profile as soon as she opened her eyes, she looked nervously ahead, and tightly clasped his hand with one hand.

Of course, although this one is not wearing a helmet, his hands are wrapped in azure metal gauntlets. It doesn’t feel good to hold hands like that.

Of course, Yang Yunjin’s profile is very good-looking, even if she looks nervous.

In contrast, a choppy helicopter is not worth worrying about.

“Are you awake?”

Yang Yunjin’s senses were very sharp, and she immediately noticed Gao Qian’s gaze.

“It doesn’t seem like the situation is good?”

Gao Qian glanced outside the window.

“The Red Eagle Nation has dropped two high-yield nuclear weapons, and we are right in the shock wave range.”

Yang Yunjin comforted: “It’s okay, we are almost three hundred miles away from the core position. kilometer, the shock wave airflow is no longer a threat to us…”

“There is such a momentum three hundred kilometers away?”

Gao Qian was a little shocked, he knew that the nuclear weapon formidable power is huge, Only by truly experiencing the formidable power of nuclear weapons can we feel the terrifying power of destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

“It should be a ten million-equivalent nuclear bomb. This is also to destroy the Space Crack and wipe out the Monster Race.”

Yang Yunjin sighed: “Even if it succeeds, the radiation on the ice sheet It will last for several decades. Lin Hai will be greatly affected.”

Gao Qian is silent, indeed, it is relatively simple to release nuclear weapons, but it is difficult to clean up the mess.

The destruction of the ice sheet will not only disrupt the direct link between the two countries, but also damage the ecology.

“Fortunately, our Liaojiang River is located in the upper reaches, and the Snow Dragon Mountain Range lies in the center of the ice sheet, which is enough to block most of the radiation…”

Yang Yunjin looked sad, she was transferred to Lin Hai , originally wanted to show off.

As a result, the grand plan was revealed, and it was directly killed by Monster Race and nuclear weapons.

It is foreseeable that in the next several decades, Lin Hai’s environment will be greatly affected, and it is impossible for any further development.

On the other hand, Liao Prefecture will also increase its defense level, and Linhai will definitely become a Defensive Array.

In this case, there is no need for the local administration office, and everything will be brought into the military management.

Gao Qian has been in the system for two months, and he can guess that Yang Yunjin’s consul is coming to an end.

He asked, “What are your plans in the future?”

Yang Yunjin shook his head: “Let’s go back to Liao’an to rest for a while, and let’s talk about the rest.”

The Yang Family made the Great Accomplishment for this development plan, but encountered such force majeure and suffered heavy losses.

As the plan executor, Yang Yunjin must take some responsibility for this.

Although she is a core member of the family, after this setback, I am afraid that she will never have the opportunity to be reused again.

Life is like this, a little bit of hard work, a little bit of destiny.

Yang Yunjin felt unspeakable bitterness in her heart when she thought of this. Although she and Gao Qian knew each other very well, it was still inconvenient to talk about such private matters.

She turned and asked, “What are your plans?”

Gao Qian shook his head: “I have no idea…”

Yang Yunjin persuaded seriously : “Because of the radiation, the wood and fishery resources in the forest are exhausted, and the forest is dead. Because of the great changes in the forest, Changyang will lose a lot of vitality.

“With your ability, you should go to Liao’an, It’s right there for you! “

Gao Qian nod>

: “Thank you for your suggestion, I will consider it carefully. “

“I remember that your home is from Liao’an?” “Yang Yunjin was a little curious. She had read Gao Qian’s file and remembered that Gao Qian came from Liao’an.

“I became an orphan when I was a teenager, and I read the Inspection Academy with the support of aunt … …”

Gao Qian is actually quite close to this aunt, but there are many children in the aunt’s family. In order to pay for his tuition, the aunt’s family can’t help but gossip.

Gao Qian arrives It’s not that he’s angry. It’s not natural for him to use other people’s money. It’s not natural for others to have opinions.

It’s just hard for him to have a good relationship with others. In fact, he is very proud.

He will definitely not reluctantly be in a bad relationship.

After becoming rich, he will transfer 500,000 yuan to aunt. It’s not that he is stingy, It’s just that I’m afraid that aunt will think too much about giving too much money.

It’s the 500,000 yuan, and he repeatedly explained to aunt, and aunt reluctantly accepts it.

Yang Yunjin is so smart, just listen to it Gao Qian’s family relationship immediately understood most of it. This kind of complex family relationship must be difficult to handle.

She said with a smile: “This time you have even killed Nissen and the others, and made great contributions. . Shen Lao will definitely not treat you badly. When you return to Liao’an, you are completely homecoming, so majestic…”

“Homecoming, it sounds quite tempting. “

Gao Qian also smiled: “When I get home, please drive a top sports car to send me, and let them all startled to fall the chin!” “


Yang Yunjin laughed happily, “Okay, that’s it!” “

When Gao Qian returned to Lin Hai, he rejected Yang Yunjin’s proposal to send him to the hospital for treatment.

The special source power secret technique of Marovite is easy to identify. It’s not good for others to see.

Besides, the hospital will examine his body in detail. His body data is secret, and he doesn’t want to be known by others.

In the end, it’s him Although his body is seriously injured, he is slowly recovering.

Gao Qian feels that he only needs to rest for a while, and then he will recover completely naturally. No treatment is needed.

Back to his villa , Gao Qian felt a lot more relaxed. After sleeping all day, the whole person recovered a lot.

At noon on the second day, Shen Zhengjun personally came to visit Gao Qian.

Shen Zhengjun saw that Gao Qian was in good spirits, so he encouraged him a few words.

Gao Qian found that Shen Zhengjun was very pale, and guessed that the fourth rank boss was injured.

This kind of He still came to visit him when he was still in good condition, and Shen Zhengjun treated him well.

After chatting for a while, Gao Qian took the initiative to mention the battle on the snowy mountain, “Andrew and a group of people came after me, but they were all killed. I killed…”

Gao Qian didn’t mean to show off, but two helicopter pilots survived. I’m afraid this can’t be hidden.

Another On the one hand, the Rihui Sword has to be taken out to see the light, and there must be a reasonable explanation.

He briefly explained the process, of course, the explanation was processed, and the sneak attack was solved. Andrew waited for the expert, and the remaining Source Master broke up on the spot.


Shen Zhengjun was shocked, and he turned around and sighed a little: β€œIt turned out to be like this, no wonder Marovite was at that time. He ran away anxiously. “

“The Sunbright Sword is also in your hands, hahaha, it’s a Top Grade sword.” “

Shen Zhengjun was very happy, “Well done. Thank you for this time! “

He asked Gao Qian: “What do you want, just say it?” “

Gao Qian was waiting for Shen Zhengjun’s words, “Sir, I want to transfer back to Liao’an.” “

“This is easy. “

Shen Zhengjun agreed immediately, “There are ten districts in Liao’an, and it is not difficult to arrange for you to be the deputy director of the inspection branch. “

He said sternly: “You are too young and your qualifications are too shallow to directly serve as the director.” At least a year or two of transition, you understand? “

Liao’an is the capital of Liao Prefecture, each district is very large, and the relationship is tangled and complicated.

In particular, the Inspection Bureau holds great power. It is extremely important. Not to mention the Deputy Chief, even a small Section Chief has countless people breaking their heads to grab.

Shen Zhengjun’s plan to arrange a Deputy Section Chief for Gao Qian is already a great energy.

“Sir, I don’t want to be an inspector anymore. ”

Gao Qian shook his head, he could still be tough in Lin Hai, but in a place as big as Liao’an, he would definitely kill himself by doing this.

He was in trouble, I can’t do it.

Gao Qian said: “I want to go to the special affairs bureau and do some leisure work…”

After so many things, he also needs to adjust and rest. More It takes time to accumulate cultivation.

When you have the ability to straighten your back and face everything, it will not be too late.

He is different from others, he has Grand One Palace, give him enough time, and he can continue to upgrade.

Shen Zhengjun didn’t expect Gao Qian to have such a request, but he considered what Gao Qian and Lin Hai did, and felt that he would not go to the Inspection Bureau. Good thing.

He nodded: “Okay, I’ll arrange…”

(End of this chapter)

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