This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 111


Chapter 111 Reunion
Gao Qian knows this old man, he surnamed Su, this is born big Buck-toothed, and especially likes to gossip about people behind their backs, and has a nickname: Su Daya.

This kind of large northern courtyard usually has several families living in the courtyard.

Su Daya lives in the same yard as his aunt’s, and is also an old neighbor.

Gao Qian often comes to aunt’s house and is very familiar with this one.

Of course, it’s okay for the neighbors to call Su Daya face to face. As a junior, Gao Qian can’t be called that.

“Hello, Uncle Su, I have been transferred back to Liao’an for work.” Gao Qian replied politely.

In addition to talking a lot about secrets, Mr. Su is actually not a bad person. At most, he has a bit of bad taste. When Gao Qian was in his teens, he always told Gao Qian how good women are. Let him get closer to women.

Gao Qian felt that Uncle Su didn’t teach him to pick up girls, he just wanted to use his words.

Because of this Uncle Su, he broke his precepts at least three times!

Now that I think about it, it’s pretty interesting.

Su Daya glanced down and saw the tobacco and alcohol in Gao Qian’s hand, with a surprised look on his old face.

He was afraid that he had read it wrong, so he lowered his head and leaned forward to take a closer look. The cigarettes were from Liaoning, and the wine was from a golden stage old cellar, and the prices were very expensive.

A bottle of Liaoyan smoke costs more than 200 yuan, and a bottle of Golden Stage Laojiao costs more than 400 yuan. Four cigarettes and four bottles of wine are almost three thousand yuan!

The salary of an ordinary worker is only a few hundred yuan, which is about half a year’s salary for Gao Qian.

Su Daya looked at Gao Qian in disbelief, a slim black woolen coat, a dark gray striped scarf around his neck, and a faint white shirt collar inside, straight casual trousers, black leather shoes.

The old man doesn’t know these clothing brands, but he can see that Gao Qian’s outfit is a bit high level.

The old man couldn’t help baring his big buck teeth and rejoicing: “You’re good, you’ve developed, and put on airs! It’s good!”

He exclaimed: “It’s said that inspections can make money. Damn, I still don’t believe it! I would have known that my son would also be an inspector…” Watching Gao Qian grow up, this child has been sensible and polite since he was a child, and his mouth is sweet. He looks like a person who can do things.

I just didn’t expect, I just worked for less than half a year, and I look like a developed one.

Gao Qian said modestly: “If you don’t make a fortune, you will earn a dead salary. A little bonus is also hard money.”

He didn’t lie to the old man, he earned the extra money , but overturned the entire Linhai gang. The people killed for this are rolling, and finally the people of the Lanqi consortium are provoked.

Nearly, he died at the hands of Marrowett.

According to this, the 20 million he earned is really nothing.

Su Daya didn’t believe this, he waved his hand: “Don’t talk nonsense, the uncle understands everything, there is no way to be an inspector who doesn’t accept black money. What kind of inspector does he not accept black money!”

He didn’t allow Gao Qian to refute either, and said with a look of approval: “You child still has a conscience, you didn’t hurt you in vain!”

Su Daya knew about the situation at Gao Qian’s family, if it weren’t for Gao Ning For this nephew to go to school, how can this child have the opportunity to be an inspector.

Now it seems that Gao Ning really didn’t work in vain. Gao Qian looks promising!
Su Daya was also very emotional about this. Although he envied Gao Qian’s development, he was also happy to see Gao Qian repay Gao Ning, which was in line with his values.

While they were talking, two young women walked past them, and one of them looked at Gao Qian curiously.

In the winter, it has already snowed in Liao’an. People here are used to wearing bloated padded jackets and trousers, and down jackets if they are fashionable. Gao Qian’s clothes are too eye-catching.

Seeing Gao Qian’s deep three-dimensional features, bright and deep eyes, the girl in the white down jacket was dumbfounded.

The other girl in the red down jacket felt something was wrong. She followed the gaze of her companion, and she was also a little dumbfounded.

Gao Qian smiled at the girl in the red down jacket: “Xiao Jia, are you out of school?”

The girl in the red down jacket is his third cousin Zhao Jia, who is two years younger than him, studying Not bad, I’m studying the Normal Academy.

“Third Brother!”

Zhao Jia and Gao Qian have always had a good relationship, but didn’t expect Gao Qian to appear suddenly, and I was a little stunned when I saw Gao Qian, thinking that I was wrong people.

In fact, in the past six months, Gao Qian martial arts has made great progress. Although the appearance has not changed, the whole has changed a lot. The more familiar he is, the more he can feel the change.

Su Daya is a good cheerleader, he said with a smile: “Xiao Jia, your Third Brother is now promising!”

Have not seen each other for half a year, Zhao Jia told Gao Qian It’s a bit unfamiliar. In addition, I always feel that Gao Qian has changed a bit.

Zhao Jia was a little stunned for a while and didn’t know what to say.

Wang Xiuhua next to her stared so big, she couldn’t believe that such a handsome man was actually Zhao Jia’s brother!

Zhao Jia’s brothers and sisters have all met, and they are all middle-aged. The gap with Gao Qian is also too big.

Gao Qian also noticed Wang Xiuhua’s gaze, he nodded slightly in greeting, Wang Xiuhua’s face turned red in a flash, and the nervousness made her facial muscles a little stiff.

β€œSecond aunt is at home?” Gao Qian saw Wang Xiuhua nervous, so he naturally changed the subject and chatted with his cousin.

“My mother is at home every day.”

After saying a few words, Zhao Jia also found the familiar feeling with Gao Qian, and her words and attitudes became natural.

Gao Qian laughed to Zhao Jia, “I haven’t seen him for more than half a year, and Xiao Jia is beautiful too!” Familiar, I used to love to play with Gao Qian.

Zhao Jia was said to be a little sorry, she hurriedly said, “I’ll call my mother.”

She dragged Wang Xiuhua into the room in a hurry, and her family occupied the main room and the house. The north wing has three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and even a study.

The living room is simply furnished, with a set of old-fashioned sofas covered with ash-gray cloth covers, an old coffee table with teacups and kettles, and even a metal biscuit jar with candies .

As soon as Zhao Jia entered the door, she motioned Wang Xiuhua to sit down. She grinned and shouted, “Mom, mom, where are you?”

Gao Ning’s anger came from the kitchen Sufficient voice: “When you come back, you will be called a soul. What am I doing here?”

“Mom, the Third Brother is here!”

Zhao Jia threw away her schoolbag, how many hours Stepping into the kitchen, he saw Gao Ning stewing meat in front of the gas stove.

The meaty broth exudes a rich meaty aroma.

Zhao Jia’s face showed a happy expression: “Today, hahaha, Third Brother came just in time!”

Gao Ning finally understood, she was a little surprised: “Xiao Qian. Are you back?”

“Yeah, I bought you a gift.”

Zhao Jia is still relatively young and has a simple mind, so he didn’t think too much, “Third Brother seems to be I’ve made money, and I’m looking good!”

Zhao Jia didn’t know how to describe Gao Qian’s dress, but she felt like a movie star, indescribably good-looking.


Gao Ning hurriedly wiped his hand on the apron, “Look at the pot, don’t burn it!”

She said in a hurry He opened the greasy curtain and walked out. As soon as he entered the living room, he saw Gao Qian walking in with something.

Gao Ning stayed for a while before her face was full of surprise, “Xiao Qian, I’m really back, why didn’t you tell me earlier…”

She stepped forward and took Gao Qian’s hand Looking up and down carefully, the slightly fat face was full of joy, “It’s good to grow taller and handsome again!”

Gao Ning is very pleased, she has always been very worried about Gao Qian going to Lin Hai , when Gao Qian transferred 500,000 yuan back, she was even more worried.

Obviously, the 500,000 impossible is on the right track. She has been law-abiding all her life, and it is really hard to accept this kind of money.

Just for the sake of Gao Qian, she gritted her teeth and held onto the money. Only give it to Gao Qian when he gets married.

She didn’t say anything about the money, but she only thought about it occasionally, which made her a little worried.

Seeing Gao Qian’s heroic expression, Gao Ning was relieved, no matter how you look at her nephew, she should be doing well.

Gao Qian put down his things, he said with a smile: “Second aunt, I’m fine, I just miss you.”

Gao Ning is about 1.7 meters tall, Slightly fat, in his fifties, he doesn’t look too old, but his hair is a little gray.

In this world, Gao Qian has many relatives, and there are very few relatives who are truly recognized by Gao Qian.

Among them, Gao Ning is undoubtedly the most important relative. He was also very happy to see that the second aunt was still full of energy and strong.

The things in the Grand One Palace are useless to the ordinary person. His spills of war are also used for fighting.

I will only wait for the opportunity in the future to find some medicines to strengthen my body, so that my second aunt can live a healthy and healthy life for a few more years.

Gao Ning is not sentimental, seeing Gao Qian so good, she is also in a good mood.

“You came back just in time. I’m going to cook pork ribs tonight. I’ll go out and buy a roast chicken. You can accompany your uncle to have a drink…”

“Okay, it’s just me. I bought a few bottles of wine.”

Gao Qian had a general impression of his uncle Zhao Mingyuan, who was not a big official and not too knowledgeable, but he liked to take the scholar’s shelf, and he liked to hold the official shelf.

It’s actually not bad for him, but he always likes to teach others a lesson, so that he likes does not raise.

The other children in the family are actually the same, and everyone is close to his aunt.

When Gao Ning saw the tobacco and alcohol, she couldn’t help frowning: “It’s all from her own family, what are you doing buying such expensive things! A prodigal!”

“Second aunt, I also made some money Money, express your intentions…” Gao Qian explained this for a while, before Gao Ning reluctantly accepted, “Don’t deal with these bells and whistles next time, your family, it’s a waste!”

Wang Xiuhua Looking on the side is very envious, the relationship between this aunt and nephew is really good. This cousin is so handsome!
She pulled Zhao Jia and whispered: “What is your brother doing?”

“He’s the inspector.” Zhao Jia was a little proud, Third Brother let her show her in front of the classmates today put face.

“The inspector is so rich?” Wang Xiuhua was shocked and gave a few thousand yuan as a gift, which subverted her understanding of the inspector.

“I heard from my mother that my Third Brother is old, I have a good job, and I was promoted exceptionally…”

“Awesome, your Third Brother must have a girlfriend. Isn’t it?”

“I don’t know, why are you asking this, is it ulterior motives!”

The two girls sat together chirp chirp twitter twitter, and they were very happy .

Gao Ning grabbed Gao Qian and asked a lot of things, but with outsiders around, she couldn’t ask too much.

When Zhao Mingyuan came home from get off work, he was a little surprised to see Gao Qian coming.

Seeing the gift that Gao Qian took, a smile appeared on his always cold face.

As the Vice Principal of middle school, it is not that he has not seen good things. It’s just that Gao Qian’s thoughts are rare. It’s not in vain that Gao Ning has always loved this nephew.

At six o’clock, Zhao Peng also came back. He is the same age as Gao Qian, a few months younger than his birthday.

Zhao Peng has always been obsessed with Gao Qian because he thinks Gao Ning is too partial to Gao Qian.

However, now he is also in the society and knows the importance of connections. Seeing Gao Qian’s well-developed appearance, his words were naturally more enthusiastic.

The family sat together, talking and laughing, and it was very lively.

During the banquet, Gao Ning couldn’t help but ask Gao Qian: “Xiao Qian, why are you coming back suddenly? When are you leaving? Let’s leave after the New Year at home!”

“Second aunt, I have been transferred back to Liao’an, and I will work in Liao’an from now on.”

Hearing what Gao Qian said, Zhao Peng’s little eyes shined and can be transferred back to Liao’an from a small remote place. The energy is too much.

He has been in the society for two years and understands the truth. This cheap cousin seems to have a bit of ability.

My uncle Zhao Mingyuan was a little surprised, “It’s good to be transferred back to Liao’an. But you are still young, don’t learn from those Old Foxes. When you do this job, just do something for the people in a down-to-earth way. Do something good, don’t take bribes…”

“What my uncle said is.”

Gao Qian nodded and said, “I must be clean,”

No When Gao Qian finished speaking, Zhao Peng suddenly interrupted him, “Don’t listen to my dad, isn’t the purpose of being an official in this world for corruption and bribery.”

Zhao Peng said to Gao Qian chuckled: “Third Brother , I just have a business, you have something to do with it, please help me…”

(end of this chapter)

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