This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 114


Chapter 114 is coming again
Tang Hongying is very confident, but she is a little empty.

Taiyi teacher is indeed an endless Divine Ability, which can be upgraded with krypton gold, presumably fifth-rank Source Master does not have this ability!

Senior Sister Zhou also said that Taiyi teacher once helped her solve the enemy, slaughter all sides.

The question is, how can the teacher come?

If she has time, she can enter the Grand One Palace by sleeping and beg the teacher for help.

Now, she could only recite the teacher’s name silently in her heart, but she didn’t get any response.

Sun Xun didn’t want to wait any longer, he sneered: “I’m courting death, so I can’t blame us!”

He waved his hand, “Go!”

Fang Zhenhai Ze He shouted, “Don’t kill Tang Hongying, catch him alive!”

A group of pirates rushed up, shouting and shouting. This group of people looked like mob, but they were all led by third rank Source Master.

Among them, the two-meter-three iron shark was the most eye-catching. Holding a jet-black iron rod in his hand, he slammed straight into Tang Yuan.

The long stick weighs more than 200 catties, and it is really powerful when swung in the hands of the iron shark. Even if he did not deliberately urge source power.

This kind of natural Divine Force has a huge advantage in fighting.

Tang Yuan, Shi Dahai, and Wang Jiu retreated at the same time, and they were not sure they would be able to catch this blow.

The three generals, Sea Snake, Iron King Kong, and Split Sea, all rushed forward. These people have rich fighting experience, and they fought around Tang Yuan and their three people, and they did not give them a chance to let go.

Tang Yuan’s source power cultivation base is very high, and he also has combat experience, but he was born in an Aristocratic Family, where would he fight with people every day.

Compared with this group of pirates, the combat experience is obviously much worse. In this fierce actual battle, Tang Yuan was immediately suppressed by several pirates.

Shi Dahai and Wang Jiu have rich combat experience, but there are too many opponents.

It is also fortunate that this sea-viewing hall is extremely spacious, and everyone is fighting together, but it can still be used.

It’s just that the various sculptures, potted plants and other furnishings in the hall will inevitably be smashed to pieces.

A group of people fought together and the scene was extremely chaotic.

Tang Yuan originally wanted to take care of younger sister, but was suppressed by several experts, so he had no time to spare.

Tang Hongying just said hard-heartedly, but seeing the real thing battle between everyone, she also a little not knowing what to do.

She has learned several sword techniques. For her, sword technique is no different from dancing. It is just jumping around with a sword and trying to show a beautiful posture.

Seeing that everyone was fighting so fiercely, she didn’t know what to do.

Fang Zhenhai has been staring at Tang Hongying, he quietly bypassed both sides of the battle and came to Tang Hongying.

“It’s really white, tender and big, Top Grade!”

Fang Zhenhai glanced at Tang Hongying’s chest, the wide nightdress can hold up, this girl is really in stock.

But Tang Hongying is tall and slender, and her waistline like a water snake can be faintly seen through the nightdress.

“Tang Zhengyang really knows how to raise a daughter!”

Fang Zhenhai liked it more and more, he said with a smile: “little darling, aren’t you very capable, come on! ”

The Tang Family information has long been investigated, Tang Hongying is only the First Rank Source Master, and has never participated in battles throughout childhood.

For Fang Zhenhai, dealing with such a little girl is as easy as catching a chicken.

Fang Zhenhai grinned and grabbed at Tang Hongying. Tang Hongying was not used to using a sword, but she was very familiar with this kind of fisting.

Tang Hongying did not hesitate to use sword sheathe to say goodbye to the opponent’s wrist. At the same time, turn sideways into the elbows.

Fang Zhenhai has a lot of fighting experience, and he knows that it is not good if he misses a move.

The deep blue source power field of body protection is stimulated.

Fang Zhenhai was a little surprised.

However, this guy obviously has no combat experience and doesn’t know how to take advantage of the situation to attack. Taking the lead but backing away.

This is also the repercussions from the fight with Yan Qing. Because Yan Qing wrestled too close, she would be unlucky if she got too close.

Tang Hongying felt that Fang Zhenhai didn’t seem to be too strong, which also gave her two points of confidence.

She was thinking about whether to do it first, when she heard Sister Ya screaming behind her.

A pirate wearing black Source Armor is laughing wildly and pounces on Sister Ya.

Although Ms. Ya is also a Source Master, her cultivation base is not high. Nothing compares to a fully armed pirate.

Seeing the other party rushing over, Sister Ya’s skills panicked and retreated.

Sister Ya’s weak posture made the pirates even more excited. The pirates swooped over and tore off Sister Ya’s black maid’s skirt.

He attacked extremely fiercely, and the metal gauntlet left several long bloodstains on Sister Ya’s chest and abdomen, and the flesh was rolled up.

This kind of injury is far beyond what Sister Ya can bear, and her screams are even sharper due to the severe pain.

The pirate is also even more excited, he not only wants to play with this woman, but also make the other party’s flesh and blood!
Tang Hongying became anxious when she saw that Sister Ya was injured. Sister Ya has been taking care of her for almost ten years. She is said to be a maid, but in her mind she is similar to her elder sister.

Under anger, Tang Hongying almost instinctively drew her sword and swept away.

Before the laughing pirate could react, a crimson blade like Blood Sword slashed his neck.

Red Lotus Sword was originally a fourth rank sword weapon. With the blessing of Jiuyang Wuji Sword, the opponent’s Source Armor was like thin paper.

Sister Ya was stunned. I saw a lot of heads just now, but watching the heads of the living people fly up, this is a completely different feeling.

Tang Hongying shouted to Sister Ya, “Sister Ya, run!”

Sister Ya looked up at Tang Hongying and couldn’t believe the bright girl she had grown up with. He can chop off other people’s heads with his own hands.

She was in a mess, and she didn’t even hear what Tang Hongying said.

Tang Hongying was about to speak, but she suddenly felt a warning sign, she almost instinctively flashed forward.

An arc-shaped long knife slashed diagonally from her back, as bright as a blood drop threw away on the blade of limbid autumn water.

Fang Zhenhai was surprised. His sudden sneak attack failed to seriously damage Tang Hongying.

His original intention was to cut off Tang Hongying’s spine, didn’t expect the opponent’s instinctive reaction to be very fast, even if there is no Source Armor, it can be accelerated in an instant.

Although the long knife leaves a knife mark about one chi long on the opponent’s back, it can only penetrate about one inch into the meat, and it is not enough to cut off the opponent’s spine.

Of course, this injury must also be very painful.

Fang Zhenhai was not Tang Hongying. He failed to succeed with one move, so he swung his saber again without the slightest hesitation.

No matter how good-looking this woman is, first of all she is a threatening enemy.

Only by completely removing her threat can this enemy become a plaything!
Before this, Fang Zhenhai will not have any carelessness.

Tang Hongying was suddenly injured, and the pain she had never suffered made her almost scream.

In this brief moment, her mind was very clear, and the most important battle now is not screaming.

Tang Hongying strikes the sword from the backhand by feeling. Although this sword has a veiled element, it is derived from the keen intuition cultivated by Jiuyang Wuji Sword.

Fang Zhenshan, who was chasing with a knife, saw the blood-colored sword light flashed, he was also startled, and immediately blocked with the knife.

The swords clashed, sparks scattered, and a crisp golden iron clang sounded.

What shocked Fang Zhenshan even more was that his knife was swayed away. Moreover, there was a deep gap in the sword that he regarded as his life.

Fang Zhenhai was both shocked and angry, how dare this woman do this! How did she do it!

The furious Fang Zhenhai didn’t hold back anymore. Now he only wanted to chop Tang Hongying into pieces, so that he could take out this evil breath for his treasured sword!

Fang Zhenhai knew Tang Hongying’s sword edge and would not fight with her sword again.

Relying on the ruthless Blade Technique, the slaughtered Tang Hongying was defeated.

Tang Hongying is also very helpless, she doesn’t know Sword Art, and she doesn’t know how to use the long sword.

There is the peerless power of Jiuyang Wuji Sword in the air, but it cannot be displayed. You can only rely on some combat experience learned in Yanqing, and constantly avoid attacks.

Fang Zhenhai’s knife is not so easy to hide. In just one minute, she has been beheaded four times. Although it is not the key point, it leaves deep scars.

The white cotton nightdress has been stained red with blood.

Consecutive injuries made Tang Hongying concentrate completely. She pursed her lips tightly, looking for an opportunity to defeat her opponent in the battle.

However, Fang Zhenhai is so old-fashioned, not a novice like her.

Even if Tang Hongying is high-spirited, she can’t find a chance to use the sword.

Tang Yuan, who was wandering in the distance, also discovered that Tang Hongying was in danger. He was extremely anxious, but there was nothing he could do.

In fact, Tang Hongying’s support for so long has greatly exceeded his expectations.

It can be seen that Tang Hongying really did not brag, she really reached the third rank of source power. Unfortunately, she is not very good at fighting, and she has no Source Armor. Facing a powerful enemy like Fang Zhenhai, she has absolutely no chance to counterattack.

Tang Yuan is very desperate, their siblings seem to be dying here today!

However, at least he and Hongying can still die standing up, and die hard and look better!
Although it doesn’t mean much to them!
As for the teacher that Tang Hongying said just now, Tang Yuan didn’t take it seriously. Maybe Tang Hongying really has a mysterious teacher, but in this desert island, her teacher is the fifth-rank powerhouse, and she doesn’t know how long it will take to fly over!

In less than ten minutes, the battle here will be all over!
Although Tang Hongying insisted on gritting her teeth, she also knew in her heart that she would be defeated and killed sooner or later.

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to wait for the teacher…”

Tang Hongying suddenly understood a very simple truth, father, big brother, teacher, including wealth and power, these are all external force.

At the critical moment, she can only rely on herself.

Moreover, she has the peerless Divine Art in her hand, with such a convenient upgrade condition, she should not always think about relying on others!
Unfortunately, she didn’t cherish such an opportunity…

When Tang Hongying was in despair, a deep voice of teacher Taiyi sounded in her mind: “I’ll help you.”

Tang Hongying is very familiar with this voice. Although Taiyi teacher is mysterious, he speaks very directly, unlike those great characters she knows, who always like to hold it.

Taiyi doesn’t call himself a teacher, this seat, etc. He uses direct addresses like “you” and “me”.

“Relax your body and mind. Don’t resist.”

Gao Qian received a message from Ling’er, but luckily he hasn’t gone out yet, so he can come directly.

Tang Hongying’s situation was very bad, and Gao Qian didn’t have time to look at it any more, and the conscious body descended directly on Ling’er.

Five stars such as Tianshang, Tiangang, Tianxiong, Tianqiao, and Earth Thief followed his conscious body.

These stars are completely locked with his Divine Soul, and where his Divine Soul realizes, these powers are naturally attached.

The Nine Yang Promise Sword in Tang Hongying’s body is extremely pure and powerful. In terms of power, it is actually a bit more tyrannical and tyrannical than his King Kong Divine Power Sutra.

After all, this is Third Layer’s Nine Yang Promise Sword.

As for the wound on Tang Hongying’s body, it didn’t do much harm to the body, but a lot of blood was shed, which looked a bit scary.

Under the blessing of King Kong Divine Power Sutra, the wound on Tang Hongying’s body shrinks naturally to stop bleeding. This girl’s tender lovable body also immediately possesses terrifying explosive power.

Gao Qian sensed the various changes in strength, and was still very satisfied with Tang Hongying’s body. It is indeed the most powerful recipe!

Tang Hongying’s body is occupied, her consciousness can only retreat to one side, but she can share all the feelings of her body.

At this moment, she felt that her whole body was full of endless power.

Fang Zhenhai, who was battered and exhausted just now, suddenly became very weak.

This weak feeling is entirely the result of her own strength to measure.

It’s like an adult who sees a three-year-old child and naturally has a feeling of being in complete control of each other.

Tang Hongying immediately became excited, Senior Sister Zhou didn’t lie to her, and the power of the teacher who came at random was too powerful!
It’s a pity that Tang Hongying couldn’t express her current excitement.

The body controlled by Gao Qian became naturally relaxed, her eyes naturally became deep and cold, and there was a majesty that looked down on everything with aloof and remote.

Derived from the aloof and remote divinity of Grand One Token, because Gao Qian is a state of consciousness.

What Fang Zhenhai did was to buy and sell. Of course, Tang Hongying’s bearing changed so much, of course he could see it clearly.

He was puzzled, what was the situation, how could it be like a different person!
Just now Tang Hongying was like a deer who was desperately trying to escape. Although she was tenacious and full of energy, she was harmless.

The present Tang Hongying, with her naturally contemptuous gesture between her brows, is proudly like the empress who dominates the world!

“dressed up as God, playing the Devil!”

Fang Zhenhai couldn’t figure out Tang Hongying’s situation, and he didn’t want to think about it anymore. No matter what she did, just hack it to death!
Fang Zhenhai swung his sword and slashed fiercely. His move was a 3rd-layer change.

Under the blessing of source power, the bright light of a long knife like limpid autumn water shines and flows, completely turning into a cold and sharp rainbow light.

To Fang Zhenhai’s surprise, Tang Hongying, who was on the opposite side, just stood silently, not escaping and wandering at all, nor did he make any moves to block.

The opponent did not play cards according to common sense.

Wait until Fang Zhenhai’s long sword is old, the Red Lotus Sword in Gao Qian’s hand lightly moves the long sword, and the Red Lotus Sword turns naturally. to the weak side.

Fang Zhenhai was horrified, he felt bad, but it was too late.

Red Lotus Sword was as red as the Blood Sword’s blade, and Fang Zhenhai’s head flew up with the blade.

Fang Zhenhai, the so-called big pirate of Daozhen Baihai, was killed by one move!

Sun Xun, who was watching the battle from behind, was shocked, and the pirate experts who saw this scene were also shocked!

(end of this chapter)

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