This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 115


Chapter 115 there is no stronghold one cannot overcome
The Source Master above Second Rank, as long as you are willing to Dividing work, generally can live a good life.

However, there are still a lot of Source Masters who come out to be pirates. Some people are naturally adventurous and cannot accept restraint.

There are also some people, born criminals, who like to kill and set fire. Furthermore, it is the Source Master that each organization intends to send.

After all, 70% of the trade between countries in the world today relies on shipping. If you master the sea, you will master the power of world trade.

It is conceivable how great the interests of the sea are. Therefore, there are more Source Masters at sea than on land.

The White Sea is the outer sea of Haizhou, and it also occupies a very important position in the federal shipping.

The Great Tang consortium fought the Black Flag Pirates, which was actually a fight for sea power.

The Black Flag Pirates convened many pirates to come and fight back, but also to teach the Great Tang consortium a lesson and let them know that they have the final say at sea!
As the organizer, Fang Zhenhai is known as Daozhen Baihai. Although he has a lot of boasting elements, he can also see that this guy is really powerful.

The fact that Tang Hongying was able to deal with Fang Zhenhai just now was far beyond everyone’s expectations.

Therefore, many pirates have been paying attention to the battle between Fang Zhenhai and Tang Hongying.

Many pirates like Tang Hongying and don’t want Fang Zhenhai to kill her. Such a Top Grade woman is too hard to find.

Even as a plaything, they are very valuable. Besides, Tang Hongying is Tang Zhengyang’s daughter.

But this identity, selling a ten-twenty billion is not a problem!

Seeing that Tang Hongying is in danger, several pirates are ready to save people.

As a result, everyone didn’t expect, Tang Hongying actually killed it!
It’s like the rabbit killed the tiger, all the pirates who saw this scene have one thought: how is it possible!

Many pirates were shocked and triggered a chain reaction.

The experts who besieged Tang Yuan and other experts also noticed that the situation had changed, and they naturally contracted their strength to observe the situation.

Tang Yuan and the others also got a breather. In fact, the fierce battle was less than two minutes, and Tang Yuan was exhausted from such a high-intensity battle.

It turns out that Shi Dahai and Wang Jiu are more experienced, and the two are in better condition, but they have no spare energy to support others.

The attacking pirates suddenly slowed down, giving them a precious respite.

Tang Yuan and the others had time to observe the changes around them, and only then did they realize that Tang Hongying had actually killed Fang Zhenhai!

Shi Dahai and Wang Jiu were shocked, but they seldom dealt with Tang Hongying, thinking that Tang Hongying was deeply hidden. All this was deliberately arranged by Tang Zhengyang.

Tang Yuan is very aware of the younger sister’s situation, even if the younger sister source power cultivation base advanced by leaps and bounds, but her playful temperament, how could she have tempered the tyrannical Sword Art.

Besides, this is a life and death battle, not a game. An oversight is the result of death on the spot.

Hongying has no combat experience at all, so why kill an experienced third rank Source Master.

Tang Yuan took a deep look at his younger sister, and always felt that the current younger sister was somewhat incomprehensible.

Her white cotton nightdress has been stained red with blood. Through the cracks on the nightdress, you can see the dazzling bloodstains on her body one after another.

Through childhood, they were all pampered, and Tang Hongying was so delicate, clean and beautiful. Never been hurt.

However, the seriously injured Tang Hongying had an almost indifferent calm.

It’s like all the pain is not worth mentioning, like all the people in front of you are like mustards.

Tang Yuan is very close to the younger sister and knows the younger sister very well.

This younger sister may be a little arrogant, but in the bones is very kind and gentle, and she will never have such an expression or such a look.

“What happened to Hongying? Someone controlled her mind?” Tang Yuan was both shocked and disturbed, and was very worried about the younger sister’s safety.

However, the younger sister in this state has the mighty majesty of Supreme who controls everything. This made Tang Yuan have some expectations. Could younger sister really break this dead end? !
Gao Qian controlled Tang Hongying’s body and didn’t care about Tang Yuan’s surprised expression.

Not only Tang Yuan, but most of the people around him have this ghostly expression.

Fortunately, there is no need to speak when borrowing the body of the apostle, otherwise he would have to comfort him politely.

Gao Qian floated forward with his sword in hand. The two pirates saw that the distance was right, and the girl was unsuspecting again. They couldn’t help but start together.

Two long spears stabbed at the same time, Gao Qian drove Tang Hongying forward suddenly.

Quickly speed up and easily avoid the double spears. The red Lotus Sword blade sticks to a person’s long spear and cuts the opponent’s chest.

The blood-red sword edge rose along with the trend, and the pirate’s head on the other side flew up along with the sword edge.

Killing two Second Rank Source Masters with one sword, the move is very simple, but it is better than it is neat, and the sense of proportion is just right.

No extra effort, no extra centimeter.

Gao Qian has been playing with the Sunbright Sword every day during this time. Although he can’t stimulate the special power of the Sunbright Sword, Sword Art has made great progress.

He was originally a Blade Technique Grandmaster. Although there are differences between swords and knives, there are many similarities in fighting skills.

In addition to Gao Qian’s profound accomplishments in boxing and other aspects, his Sword Art has also reached the Grandmaster level.

Although this group of pirates has rich combat experience, it is impossible for them to hone their skills all day long.

The Source Master values both source power and Source Armor more. After all, that’s what Source Master is all about.

In Gao Qian’s eyes, the martial arts of pirates are too crude. With the same strength and speed, with his judgment and skill, he can easily crush all pirates.

Many pirates stared wide-eyed this time, and they saw the engagement process very clearly.

The two pirates killed were both Second Rank Source Masters, and both deserved to be called experts.

As a result, Tang Hongying casually killed her. The girl’s dress was fluttering, and the sword movement was elegant and agile.

Even the two pirates who were beheaded died very smoothly.

For a time, the pirates were all at a loss for this young and beautiful girl, and they were all speechless.

Sun Xun was the first to react. He raised his sword and shouted with a dark face: “What are you doing, let’s fuck her together!”

Sun Xun shouted at this, Gao Qian immediately saw that he was the leader of this group of pirates.

There is an ancient saying: shoot person first then shoot horse, catch the thief first and catch the king.

Gao Qian floated his sword towards Sun Xun, and a group of pirates with the most people around Sun Xun immediately rushed up.

A dozen pirates armed with various weapons surrounded Gao Qian.

Tang Yuan was a little worried. He was about to remind the younger sister aloud when he saw the blood-colored sword light rising.

In a flash, Gao Qian slashed thirty-six swords in a row, and the sword light stretched out in all directions with his body as the center.

The Nine Yang Promise Sword is extremely sharp, fully revealed at this time.

The sword light refers to, there is no stronghold one cannot overcome.

Weapons, Source Armor, and people all shattered neatly under the crimson blade of the Blood Sword.

The blood-colored sword light just fell, and the splattered blood turned into a larger blood flower and bloomed suddenly.

A group of pirates surrounding Tang Hongying were instantly wiped out.

The pirates charging behind stopped abruptly.

Sun Xun, who was in charge of the overall situation, changed his face. Tang Hongying this move wiped out the pirates, showing his strength at the ruling level.

As far as Sword Art is concerned, he is many times stronger than him. Moreover, Tang Hongying’s source power operation is obscure and esoteric and difficult to measure.

“Use a gun!”

Sun Xun saw that Tang Hongying was not wearing a Source Armor, so he had a sword in his hand. It was the most convenient way to use a firearm to deal with this Source Master.

The two pirates beside Sun Xun hurriedly raised the Thor heavy machine gun. As a pirate, the heavy machine gun was actually easier to use than most Source Masters. Heavy machine gunners are also standard for them.

The two pirates are First Rank Source Masters, best at handling heavy machine guns.

But they were too close to Tang Hongying. It only took Gao Qian 0.2 seconds for the distance of ten meters.

Before the heavy machine guns of the two pirates were raised, the blood-colored sword light had already fallen.

The heavy machine gun and the two pirates tangentially broke into four pieces.

Sun Xun watched as the bloody sword light approached, and the speed made him a little desperate.

He almost unhesitatingly triggered the strongest source power secret technique: Divine Sword!
As a source master of the spiritual department, Sun Xun is very good at guiding and controlling other people’s emotions, which is why he can be the boss of the black flag.

The ability to convince so many experts to form alliances is largely due to his ability.

Sun Xun’s battle strength is also very strong, but he is very clear that he is far worse than this bright girl.

There is no luck in doing it. It can only trigger the strongest source power secret technique, and does not seek to kill the opponent. As long as it can shock the opponent’s spiritual consciousness, he can kill the opponent.

The secret technique of slashing the Divine Sword condenses all the source power into an Invisible Sword blade, directly slashing the opponent’s spiritual consciousness.

For Source Masters below the third rank, Divine Sword can directly kill all of the opponent’s consciousness, directly turning the opponent into a brain-dead living dead.

The third rank Source Master depends on the opponent’s spirit strength and source power cultivation base. Generally speaking, cutting the Divine Sword is enough to make the same-level expert sluggish for three or five seconds.

Sun Xun didn’t need three or five seconds, because Tang Hongying didn’t wear Source Armor at all, as long as he was given a few tenths of a second, he could cut off this beautiful head.

Cut Divine Sword invisible and formless, but when the source power is gathered, it will inspire a faintly discernable silver light.

Mental source power Secret technique, the most powerful thing is that it is secretive, fast, and psychic.

Sun Xun’s slashing Divine Sword’s silver awns disappeared into Tang Hongying’s brows in the blink of an eye.

Tang Hongying felt a sharp sting in the consciousness lurking aside. It was like being stabbed by a red-hot steel needle.

She didn’t know whether it was a conscious injury, or if the physical injury was fed back to her consciousness.

To Tang Hongying’s surprise, the teacher who controlled her body was not affected at all.

Sun Xun couldn’t even think of this!
The bright young girl in front of her had indifferent and deep eyes, as if slashing the Divine Sword had no effect on her.

Not waiting for Sun Xun to react, the Red Lotus Sword flashed, and a red line extending straight down appeared on Sun Xun’s eyebrows.

After a pause, Sun Xun split into two pieces evenly in the middle.

The group of pirates behind Sun Xun realized that something was wrong. The bright girl in the white dress had already approached with a sword.

The blood-colored sword light shines, the sword light goes too far, the armor is broken, and the people are split. No one could catch a move from the Red Lotus Sword.

In the blink of an eye, Sun Xun and the pirates around him were beheaded.

The rest of the group of pirates ignored Tang Yuan and the others. The third rank Source Masters, Sea Snake, Iron Shark, Sea Splitting General, and Iron King Kong, all looked at Tang Hongying solemnly.

Smashed corpses in one place, blood in one place.

Tang Hongying stood in a white dress, even though her body was stained with blood, she was so bright and gorgeous. Just like the red lotus blooming on the filthy quagmire, it is pure, elegant, bright and gorgeous, and it is indescribably beautiful!

Tang Yuan’s expression is even more complicated. This younger sister is sure to kill with a sword.

The slaughtering attitude is agile and graceful.

He really looked more and more strange, and even gave birth to a bit of awe.

Sister Ya also has a big mouth. She is Tang Hongying’s personal maid. She knows Tang Hongying well, but she has never seen Tang Hongying in such a state.

The third rank Source Masters such as Sea Snake gathered together, and their courage was also a little stronger.

Tang Hongying killed Fang Zhenhai and Sun Xun as easily as chopping melons and vegetables. It really scared them off as a group of third rank Source Masters.

Since the leaders of Fang Zhenhai and Sun Xun are dead, there is no need for them to fight again.

At this meeting, what everyone thought was not how to kill Tang Hongying, but to get out safely as soon as possible.

Pirates like to kill people and set fires, but they don’t like to fight with their own lives.

People only have one life, and the grass on the graves who like to work hard is old and tall, and they can’t survive until now.

The sea snake winked at everyone, everyone shook their heads or nodded, but the expressions were the same, no one wanted to fight with Tang Hongying.

The sea snake understood what everyone meant, he took the first two steps and said to Tang Hongying: “This Miss Tang, we are all invited by Sun Xun and the others to help, and we have no personal grudge with you. If you die, we don’t need to fight.”

Seeing Tang Hongying’s indifferent expression, she didn’t mean to speak at all.

This made the sea snake a little annoyed: “Miss Tang, you have a high ability, but you can really beat all of our third rank Source Masters?”

He sneered: “You really want to force us Don’t think about it!”

They also have six third-rank Source Masters, and more than a dozen low-level Source Masters, so many people are working hard, even if Tang Hongying is not afraid, the rest of the Tang Family are still not afraid?
Sea Snake thinks Tang Hongying is too arrogant!
Tang Yuan also felt that there was no need to fight recklessly with the other party.

Leave them alone, and it won’t be too late to settle accounts with this group of people later!
Just as Tang Yuan was about to speak, he saw Tang Hongying play the Red Lotus Sword, and a clear sword cry interrupted Tang Yuan.

The sea snake who was talking also closed his mouth. Although he is not an elegant person who knows elegant intentions by hearing Xianyin, he understands the sonorous and cold killing intent in the sword cry.

It’s very simple.

Sea Snake’s face was extremely ugly, and he shouted at Iron Shark and the others: “This bitch thinks we’ve settled for us, afraid of her being a fart, fuck her!”

Iron Shark and the others are also very annoyed, don’t blame them for trying so hard.

They always bully others, but no one dares to bully them!

This tone, they can’t bear it!
Everyone shared the same hatred, each with a murderous aura, foul-mouthed.

The white skirt fluttered, and Tang Hongying had already arrived with a sword.

The iron shark is the most heroic, and smashes it with a stick.

It was an iron bar with a powerful force, and the strong wind forced the Source Masters on both sides to back away.

Only Tang Hongying was facing up, and when the iron bar smashed in front of her, she reached out at a moderate pace.

Iron Shark is so powerful that he can’t bear this light wave. Even people with sticks were taken out to one side.

Tang Hongying had already swept past the iron shark, and the iron shark’s body, which was leaning back, suddenly broke in the middle. His life force was tyrannical, and he could not die for a while, lying on the ground frantically struggling and screaming.

Iron Shark’s strong and powerful baritone also covered up the screams of others.

The second middle sword is the sea snake. He walks around like a snake, but the red light flashes like the Blood Sword, and the sea snake that walks even has a human with a sword and turns into four segments.

The three generals of the split sea are all ferocious, and the three are Source Masters of the element system, mastering the three elemental powers of ice, fire, and wind.

A large swath of white cold air first covered Tang Hongying, flames spewed out, and the wind turned into an azure blade and then slashed.

The transformation of source power into elemental changes is a very high-level source power secret technique. At the same time, it also consumes source power abnormally.

Of course, formidable power is also huge.

The three generals of the split sea fight together, and they all have skillful routines. But they met Gao Qian. With all kinds of passive blessings, the transformation into elemental power had no effect on him.

To Gao Qian, these are gimmicky but useless moves.

Tang Hongying flashed like a ghost-like, and the head of Split Sea Three, who was urging the source power secret technique, flew up at the same time.

The rest of the Iron King Kong relies on Source Armor to be thick and heavy, and the cultivation is also a strengthening system, and the body is extremely tyrannical. He rushed towards Tang Hongying.

The Red Lotus Sword flashed again, and the Iron King Kong split into two pieces in the middle.

Heavy King Kong Source Armor and tyrannical body, like tofu in Red Lotus Sword.

In the blink of an eye, all six third rank Source Masters were beheaded. Only the iron shark was not completely dead, lying in that crazy Khumai.

The rest of the pirates were terrified, they all turned around and ran wild.

Tang Hongying’s figure flickered, and in an instant, it seemed to split into a dozen white shadows that followed many pirates and ran wildly.

The flashing white shadows dissipated in an instant, and many pirates were killed by their swords.

I don’t know when, Tang Hongying has returned to the original place, and the Red Lotus Sword in her hand is also returning to its sheath like a bird returning to its nest.

So far, all the invading pirates have been killed.

Gao Qian also felt quite happy, Tang Hongying was wearing the Nine Yang Promise Sword, much taller than him. Regardless of the opponent’s Source Armor or weapon, they are unable to withstand a single blow.

The so-called vertical, horizontal and reverse, slashing and washing the grid, can not help. After this battle, it can be considered to verify his Sword Art.

Tang Yuanzheng looked at younger sister with a complicated expression, not knowing what to say.

If Tang Hongying felt something, she also glanced at Tang Yuan. The indifferent and deep eyes made Tang Yuan’s heart tighten, and he instinctively lowered his head to avoid the other party’s gaze.

Tang Hongying blinked her eyes, she felt that the teacher’s consciousness had left, and she regained control of her body.

Looking at the corpses all over the floor, Tang Hongying felt a little nervous, but she had an indescribable excitement.

Beheading people with a sword turned out to be such a joy!

Tang Hongying found Tang Yuan’s expression strange again, she took a few steps and approached: “Brother, are there any pirates?”

Tang Yuan listened to the familiar tone and looked at Tang Hongying again. , found that younger sister’s eyes were clear and bright, and her bright face had a bit of innocence that could not be erased.

He is relaxed, this is the younger sister he is familiar with.

He pulled Tang Hongying to the corner and asked in a low voice, “What happened just now?”

Tang Hongying hesitated and shook her head: “The teacher said that you can’t tell anyone about this. People…”

Tang Yuan asked again: “What’s the matter with your cultivation base?”

“Teacher is not allowed to talk about it.”

Tang Hongying felt Tang Yuan had too many questions, but he forgot to say the most important thing.

She asked Tang Yuan, “Brother, was I very imposing just now, like, like a god?!”

Tang Yuan glanced at younger sister angrily, thinking You said you were majestic just now, but is that you? You don’t have a clue yourself?
Tang Hongying was a little dissatisfied with Tang Yuan’s questioning eyes, “hmph, I saved you this time, and I owe you 30 million yuan!”

(end of this chapter)

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