This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 118


Chapter 118 Relationships
The scolding youngster is so upright that he has permed his curly yellow hair , wearing a leather jacket and a pair of sunglasses hanging from the neckline in winter, dressed as a jerk.

Although Liao’an is the capital, people here are accustomed to exporting dirty. Those who have hatred are of course foul-mouthed, and close friends also meet and greet each other’s relatives to show closeness.

Although this person’s scolding is a bit ugly, it’s actually nothing in Liao’an.

Just clamoring to break An Yuan’s leg is a bit arrogant.

An Yuan actually has a very tough personality, and there is nothing taboo about joking with Gao Qian, but he can’t stand being yelled at in person.

Even if it’s his little brother-in-law.

An Yuan stood up abruptly, “Yang Yunfeng, don’t yell. It’s not because of your sister’s face, you and he were killed by me.”

Although the Source Star was not ignited , An Yuan is tall and strong, a head taller than Yang Yunfeng.

He has been an inspector for more than half a year, dealing with bastards a lot. Even shot and killed people.

An Yuan’s student smell had long since faded away, and he stood up suddenly, quite murderous aura.

Yang Yunfeng dresses like a jerk, but his family background is there, and it is impossible to go out and hack people all day long.

It’s like a car, bullying ordinary person.

As soon as An Yuan was ruthless, Yang Yunfeng was a little cowardly, he instinctively took two steps back, “Don’t be crazy, someone can take care of you!”

A thin youngster beside Yang Yunfeng Taking the first two steps, he pointed at An Yuan with his right hand, “I’ll say it for the last time, stay away from my girlfriend.”

He paused coldly and smiled: “If you dare to harass my girlfriend again, I’ll pinch your shit out!”

The thin youngster is not ugly, but his eyes are long and narrow, his cheekbones are a little high, and he looks a bit hostile.

Youngster pointed to An Yuan with a black metal gauntlet on his hand. Obviously, he was a First Rank Source Master.

An Yuan glared at the thin youngster: “Wang Junying, using Source Armor privately is a crime, you are so courageous!”

This thin youngster is exactly what Yang Family found for Yang Yunli Boyfriend Wang Junying.

Wang Junying is much stronger than An Yuan in terms of family background and personal ability.

It’s just that Yang Yunli hates Wang Junying, she feels that this person is narrow-minded and selfish.

It is these two points that make this man a good husband.

Wang Junying doesn’t really like Yang Yunli very much, but Yang Yunli always rejects him, but instead arouses his competitive spirit.

He just thinks about me, he’s going to sleep with you, and then throw it away.

With such extreme thoughts, Wang Junying stalked Yang Yunli, which made Yang Yunli hate him even more.

Wang Junying couldn’t help Yang Yunli, so she was full of resentment towards An Yuan.

At this time, Wang Junying couldn’t wait to start a private meeting between the two.

Hearing what An Yuan said, Wang Junying shook his finger at An Yuan arrogantly: “Our special affairs bureau is qualified to use Source Armor. Boy, today I will let you know how powerful Source Master is! “

“The Special Affairs Bureau can’t use Source Armor at will.”

Gao Qian just waited for the other party to use Source Armor, and he could justifiably clean up Wang Junying.

He had to speak when he heard Wang Junying reveal his identity as a special affairs bureau.

The Secret Service does have the right to use Source Armor, however, it depends on the situation. Wang Junying’s use of Source Armor for personal grievances clearly violated the rules.

Wang Junying was very angry, he squinted Gao Qian, “Boy, who exposed you without clipping his crotch, what are you!”

Gao Qian didn’t Angry, he laughed: “Hello, let me introduce, my surnamed Gao is Gao Qian.”

“Where’s the idiot!”

The polite Gao Qian instead let me Wang Junying was even more angry. He dared to declare his surname in a serious manner. Who knows which green onion he is!
Although Wang Junying scolded An Yuan, she also knew that An Yuan had a background, so she didn’t dare to beat An Yuan to death and maim her.

Gao Qian, who suddenly appeared, became the best object of demonstration.

Wang Junying pointed at Gao Qian: “What do you want to die for? I’ll do it for you!”

Based on his family background, it’s okay to beat an ordinary person to death. Got some reprimands.

Yang Yunli just came back from outside, and when she saw Wang Junying about to start, she hurriedly shouted to stop: “Wang Junying, what are you doing! Are you crazy?”

She knew that Gao Qian was Third rank Source Master, but Gao Qian didn’t wear Source Armor at all. Wang Junying, who has Source Armor, will definitely not take advantage of it.

Yang Yunli shouted this, but instead provoked Wang Junying. He flipped the table and punched Gao Qian in the face.

The black metal gauntlets appear faintly shiny under the excitation of source power.

Don’t look at it as a gauntlet, but it is enough to completely forward the source power to the outside world, and even form a source power field.

Wang Junying’s fist has a lot of power, far beyond the limit of the ordinary person. Coupled with the hardness of the metal gauntlet, this fist can really easily hammer people to death.

Standing behind Wang Junying, Yang Yunli couldn’t stop her, so she screamed in fright.

An Yuan was also shocked. He pulled out his gun, but it was too late to stop Wang Junying.

Waiting for Wang Junying’s fist to fall completely, Gao Qian stretched out his hand to grab his wrist and pushed his other hand on the opponent’s elbow.

The force of Wang Junying’s slamming forward was mostly on his elbow, and his arm suddenly folded against the joint.

Amid the crisp sound of bones breaking, all the bones were pierced and exposed.

Wang Junying froze for a while, then howled frantically in pain.

The anti-joint of the arm is broken, and few people can endure this level of severe pain. Not to mention that Wang Junying is just a brave and ruthless dude.

Other people are also stunned, no one would have thought that this would be the result. I didn’t expect the result to be so tragic.

A group of people usually shouted loudly, but when they encountered a situation, they panicked. Nobody knew what to do.

Both Yang Yunli and An Yuan were shocked, especially An Yuan, who was the same as Gao Qian half a year ago.

Now, it’s easy to defeat the Source Master armed with the Source Armor.

Anyuan is in a very complicated mood now. He is happy for his brother’s ability, but also has some pantothenic acid. Everyone is the same. You suddenly sparkle, what should I do?
On the other hand, An Yuan is very worried, Wang Junying is a member of Wang Family, even if his status in Wang Family is not high, it would be a big trouble to beat him seriously!
It’s just not the right time to say that.

Gao Qian casually opened the magnetic buckle of Wang Junying’s gauntlet and forcibly pulled it down.

This kind of separate gauntlet, without other Source Armor parts, is relatively easy to disassemble.

He said to Yang Yunfeng and the others: “Take him to the hospital, find a good doctor, and use this arm to eat for the rest of your life.”

With Gao Qian’s reminder, this group of people woke up like a dream, and they hurriedly walked out, supporting Wang Junying.

Wang Junying, who was so dizzy with pain, lost her mind and didn’t have the heart to speak ruthlessly.

So a group of people came aggressively and left battered and exhausted.

When the group of people left, Yang Yunli said with a worried face: “This matter has become a big problem, we must think of a way to deal with it.”

She knew very well. , Gao Qian shot to help An Yuan. Wang Junying looked for An Yuan because of her again.

Although she was an audience for this incident, she couldn’t take herself out.

Of course, she can take herself out.

It was Wang Junying and Gao Qian who did it, strictly speaking has nothing to do with her.

However, a person who is so refined and selfish will not have friends.

Yang Yunli understands this very well. As soon as she opened her mouth, she said how we should solve this problem, and included herself. He also expressed his attitude of advancing and retreating with Gao Qian.

Anyuan thought about it when he arrived, and he said nonchalantly, “It was that kid who made the first move. He came up with harboring malicious intentions and wanted to hurt people. He asked for it by himself.”

He patted Gao Qian’s shoulder: “Brother is fine, I’ll go to my father to come out and settle the matter! Just break an arm and lose money at worst!”

This incident is just an arm, What else could it be!
Gao Qian came out for him, of course he has to come out and take responsibility.

β€œGood brother, enough loyalty.”

Gao Qian laughed: β€œHowever, don’t exaggerate. I am the Level 2 supervisor of the special affairs bureau. On the public, he is the following crime. Personally, he used Source Armor without permission, which is enough to convict him.

“It’s fine if the Wang Family doesn’t say anything. “

An Yuan was a little worried: “Old Gao, don’t take it seriously, this is the Wang Family. “

“Don’t worry.” I am the confidant of Chief Shen. In this place in Liao’an, Wang Family should give some face to Chief Shen, right? “

“Which Chief Shen?” “

An Yuan is a little confused. There are too many officers in the Shen Family. He doesn’t know who Gao Qian is talking about.

“Shen Zhengjun, Director Shen.” “

Gao Qian was a little unconfident when asked by Anyuan: “This one should have some platoons, right?” “

“You, what the hell…”

An Yuan scolded angrily, “I said that you are awesome, so it turned out to be a golden thigh.” Damn it, you ask Mr. Shen, do you still have any pendants on your legs? ! “

Yang Yunli is also relaxed, and the identity of the third rank Source Master is incomparable to Wang Family.

But adding Shen Zhengjun, this is different.

Liao Although An is old, few people dare not give Shen Zhengjun face!

She was a little surprised, but she thought it was reasonable. Jump directly to the special affairs bureau and become a Level 2 supervisor!

It can be seen that the people who mobilize him are very powerful!
The name Shen Zhengjun is the perfect answer.

Yang Yunli also has some I’m curious, how did Gao Qian report on Shen Zhengjun’s thigh. It seems that the relationship is not bad, he dares to use the banner of Shen Zhengjun outside!

An Yuan is envious and about to cry. I went to Lin Hai with Gao Qian, maybe now I’m hugging Shen Zhengjun’s thigh!
Before leaving, Gao Qian explained to An Yuan again, don’t forget about his cousin Zhao Peng.

β€œ I have to say this little thing twice. I remember. An Yuan felt that there was no need for this at all. He could still forget what Gao Qian asked him to do!

When Gao Qian left, Yang Yunli asked An Yuan worriedly, “Brother Gao really belongs to King Shen?” “

“Gao Qian doesn’t talk nonsense. No need to lie to me. “

An Yuan knew Gao Qian very well, and he didn’t think Gao Qian would tell lies about this kind of thing. If Gao Qian dared to say so, he must be sure.

Yang Yunli Sigh: “Wang Junying is really a lunatic, but my younger brother is a fool. There’s really no way…”

An Yuan was hesitant to speak, but after all, he didn’t dare to say that his mother-in-law was not good in front of his girlfriend.

Yang Yunli explained again: “An Yuan, Gao Qian is always trying to help you get ahead, so you can’t just leave it alone. You have to keep an eye on this matter…”

“I know I know…”

“You are a friend who is loyal and can be paid. “

Through this incident, Yang Yunli felt that Gao Qian was a really good person. He was really good at dealing with things. Moreover, his battle strength was amazing.

It’s just that his methods were too cruel. When he came up, he severely injured Wang Junying. The other party is likely to become disabled for life…

An Yuan was proud: “That’s right, I made such a buddy when I was inspecting the Academy. Others say that Gao Qian has a deep mind, but I know that this kid has a bottom line in doing things and being a man, and he can pay! ”

After leaving the hotel, Gao Qian went directly to the office building of the General Bureau of the Special Affairs Bureau.

As the general director of the Special Affairs Bureau, Shen Zhengjun will always work in the top floor office.

In public or in private, Gao Qian has to visit Shen Zhengjun. Of course, the time is also long-established.

Shen Zhengjun is such a great character and has a lot of time, but it is not something he can meet.

Shen Zhengjun also seemed very happy to see Gao Qian again. He chatted with Gao Qian a few times, so that Gao Qian could stay at ease in training Academy for a period of time and settle down well.

In addition On the one hand, we must also beware of the revenge of the Blue Flag consortium. After all, Andre is a rising star, and his status is very important.

Shen Zhengjun really values Gao Qian very much. Gao Qian has innate talent, ability and ability. He is courageous and has the ability to do major events.

Secondly, Gao Qian was picked up by him alone, and the relationship is very different.

The so-called friendship is like this. Yes.

As for whether Gao Qian can join the Shen Family, this is another matter. At least Gao Qian cannot be forced.

The internal relationship of the Shen Family is tangled and complicated, and Shen Zhengjun is not too I am willing to take Gao Qian into troubled waters. As long as Gao Qian recognizes him, this relationship is enough.

Shen Zhengjun had a conversation with Gao Qian, and he felt that he still had to pave the way for Gao Qian, so he called I called the training Institute Head, Shen Anan.

The dean didn’t know what to do, so he rushed to the office in a hurry. As a result, Shen Zhengjun introduced Gao Qian to him.

“Gao Qian is my little friend and has helped me, but I owe him a favor. He is young and has no work experience. He is going to be a training director at the Academy. You have to take care of him.

“If there are any omissions, you have to help…”

“The director has already explained, I will take good care of Director Gao, you can rest assured…”


Shen Anquan nodded again and again, and when he looked at Gao Qian again, his Fang Zheng’s face was already filled with a warm smile.

How smart this old man is, Shen Zhengjun told him to take care of Gao Qian face to face, this is not a polite word, but an order from the director.

Shen Zhengjun, the core child of the Shen Family, never explained it so much.

The old man looked up and down Gao Qian carefully, and muttered in his heart: “This kid is not a heavenly king outside but an illegal child…”

(end of this chapter)


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