This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 119


Chapter 119 Dismounting

“Everyone, this is Gao Qian, the new training director, responsible for Combat training…”

Shen An An brought Gao Qian back to the training Academy, and immediately called everyone above the middle level for a meeting, mainly to introduce Gao Qian to everyone.

Generally speaking, even if a training director is airborne, there is no need to hold a meeting to introduce it so solemnly.

The training director is high-ranking, but has little power. In places like Academy, the equipment department, logistics department, and finance department are the core departments.

The training director has a great reputation, but in the end he is just a high level teacher. Can manage at most a few training instructors.

It’s a smart person to get in the middle of the Academy. Seeing that Shen An’an introduced Gao Qian’s identity so solemnly, he knew that this youngster must have a background.

On the other hand, Gao Qian is younger than many of the trainees. If he can be a training director at this age, no one will believe him.

For such a character, of course, everyone warmly welcomes him.

Gao Qian introduced himself politely, saying that he was young and inexperienced in many aspects.

These polite remarks are very ordinary, mainly because Gao Qian is very humble and polite, but there is a kind of in the bones that exudes generosity and calmness, but is very charming.

Some middle-aged women looked at them with glowing eyes, while middle-aged men couldn’t help rubbing their half-bald foreheads, looking at their bulging stomachs, and sighing that their youth was gone.

After the meeting, Dean Shen Anquan and the training director personally took Gao Qian to the training department.

Along the way, the training director briefly introduced the situation of the training department.

The training department is the largest department of the Academy, with more than 100 instructors.

It is divided into Source Armor group, source power group, firearms group, martial arts group, criminal investigation group and so on.

Among them, the combat team had the fewest members, with only thirteen instructors.

For Source Master, skill attack is very important, but not as important as Source Armor and source power.

At least for low-level Source Masters, slashing is just a secondary skill. The battle of Source Master mainly depends on Source Armor equipment and source power cultivation base.

The Training Academy is a three-year program with three-four hundred students enrolled each year.

Each martial arts instructor must take at least six major classes a week. The workload of speaking of which is actually not small.

As the training director, Gao Qian, of course, does not need to teach in person.

He only needs to manage his thirteen instructors and arrange a teaching plan.

It’s very simple, Gao Qian can show his face when he has time.

These are the exact words of the Minister of Training. This bald uncle felt that Gao Qian was here to gild. After about a year, Gao Qian will be promoted elsewhere.

For him, Gao Qian is better off not doing anything.

Gao Qian is also quite satisfied. The leaders have clearly told him to fish and what else to do.

The martial arts team also has its own training hall, with a total of three floors, divided into nine training grounds. The venue and equipment are normal.

Seeing that the dean was here, many instructors from the martial arts team ran over to greet him.

Most of the martial arts instructors were tall and stocky. The leader of the martial arts team was Chu Huijun, a short-haired woman with a straight face, long eyebrows and big, bright eyes. The facial features have the atmosphere of a northern woman.

She is almost 1.8 meters tall. Fortunately, her chest and hips are well developed, giving her body a just right curve. Deep blue training clothes are all worn by this tight-fitting yoga clothes.

The woman looks very heroic and should be in her thirties. It’s just that her skin is cold, white and firm, and her strong and energetic explosive body makes her look very attractive.

“This is Director Gao Qian, the head of your martial arts team.”

The training director called Chu Huijun over, “You have to cooperate with Director Gao in the future.”

Chu Huijun and the others were all surprised, Gao Qian was too young!
Training Academy, there are many related users. After all, the work is leisurely, the income is high, and the pay is good. It’s a good place to eat and retire.

But it was the first time for everyone to see such a young director as Gao Qian.

The training minister glared at Chu Huijun, but this woman was quite sturdy, and he didn’t dare to scold him in person.

He turned to Gao Qian and smiled: “Chu Huijun’s team leader is the Second Rank Nine-Star Source Master. He used to serve in the first-line defense division, but he was transferred to the Academy as an instructor because of injury.

“Having rich experience in actual combat, he is proficient in various weapons such as long sword, long knife, long spear, etc. He is the best martial arts instructor at the Academy…”

The training director highly praised Chu Huijun, after all She is the backbone of the business and expects her to do the work.

As for Gao Qian, as long as he does not disturb him, he is satisfied.

Chu Huijun listened quietly, and came to train Academy Gold-plated or It’s normal to mess around, but such a youngster is parachuted into her direct supervisor, which makes her a little uncomfortable.

She is a Second Rank Peak Source Master, experienced, and there are more than ten third rank Source Master instructors in the patrol Academy. But To be honest, she is not afraid of these third rank Source Masters.

Shen An An noticed that Chu Huijun’s face was not very good, so he had to stand up and say a few words: “Team Leader Chu, Director Gao is here for the first time. , you have to cooperate more with him…”

The dean had spoken in person, and Chu Huijun knew very well that this was to tell her not to stab her.

Obviously, this Gao Qian is really good!
Although Chu Huijun is a little straight, she is not reckless. She nodded to Shen Anan: “I will definitely cooperate with Director Gao in the work. “

Shen An An saw that Chu Huijun was sensible, and encouraged him a few words. Finally, he praised all the martial arts instructors.

Anyway, good words don’t cost money. It can also boost morale, which is beneficial without cost.

In order to show importance, Shen An-An even sent Gao Qian to his office in person.

Wait for Shen An-An, Gao Qian and the others to go upstairs, Many martial arts instructors couldn’t help but talk about it.

“Damn, what’s the origin of this kid? “

“I’ve never heard of such a surnamed Gao!” “

“Don’t say who the boss is illegalimate child, right? “

A group of people are full of dissatisfaction and envy. They have been around for half their lives, that is, instructors.

Gao Qian is only in his early twenties, so he has become the director. They have never had the chance to reach this level in their entire lives, so how can they not be jealous.

Chu Huijun glanced at everyone, “What are you muttering, I didn’t see that the dean wanted to serve the uncle, If you want to hang around here, take care of this guy. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! “

“Sister Chu, we just feel unworthy for you…”

“Yes, this kid jumped on your head at such a young age!” “

“It’s not fair…”

Chu Huijun was very calm, “The world is so uneven, you either accept it or fight it.” The most boring thing is that you don’t want to accept and don’t dare to fight, you just force you to complain! “

Many instructors are a little embarrassed, no matter how you listen to Chu Huijun’s words, it doesn’t feel right.

However, Chu Huijun is best at convincing people.

When Chu Huijun first came, there were also many instructors who were not convinced. In the end, they were all beaten and obedient.

Although everyone felt that Chu Huijun’s words were harsh, they did not dare to say anything.

Gao Qian didn’t hear these words that made sense.

He was in his office of more than 200 square meters, listening to the introduction of the training minister.

The office can It’s so big, mainly because the training hall is too big, so the space on this floor is naturally very open.

It’s just that the office furniture is simple and looks very empty. Fortunately, there is a separate bedroom, and the bathroom should have a separate shower A room.

Gao Qian can even live here all year round if he wants to. The Academy also has a cafeteria, which is enough for three meals a day.

Overall, the conditions are good, Gao Qian is still I am very satisfied.

If there is no Monster Race invasion and no space mutation, it is actually quite good to live here.

Shen An An accompanied Gao Qian to talk again, and it feels almost the same. After this, I left first.

The training director led Gao Qian to the equipment department, where he received uniforms, nameplates, training equipment, self-protection pistols and other equipment.

The training Academy is affiliated with the Special Affairs Bureau, and the uniforms and badges are the same as those of the Special Affairs Bureau.

With Gao Qian’s identity, he is naturally given the best equipment. He even got a few more sets of uniforms.

Naturally, someone will bring these things to Gao Qian’s office.

In the evening, Gao Qian goes to the staff canteen, and the dinner is very rich, with thirty kinds of main dishes, ten kinds of main dishes, and fruits Drinks are all free and all you can eat.

Of course, she is not as good as Lan Jie in terms of craftsmanship, but she is better than the affordable materials.

The appearance of Gao Qian has also attracted a lot of attention. Most of the No one knows what Gao Qian does?

Of course, there are people who know Gao Qian and explain to their companions in a low voice. Soon everyone knows that Gao Qian is the new training director, who has a great relationship and is the dean. Be careful with everyone.

Looking at Gao Qian again, he is young, handsome, in a high position, and has an extraordinary family background. Everyone is inevitably jealous again.

Gao Qian is his partner. The hair uniforms have been brought back. Although the uniforms fit very well, Sister Lan has to adjust the details.

Sister Lan is ingenious and has a very high level of cooking, tailoring and sewing.

and Sister Lan replied, and Sister Lan also talked about the process of buying a house today. It will take at least three or four days to complete the process.

Gao Qian explained to Sister Lan and asked her to tidy up the house when she had time in the past few days. The furniture was changed, and some exaggerated decorations had to be removed. Try to keep it simple and unified.

To this end, Gao Qian also drew several manuscripts for Sister Lan. He didn’t know how to draw, but with the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel, he was meticulous about power control.

Drawing, for him, means duplicating the picture in his mind. very easy.

Sister Lan didn’t even know that Gao Qian had this ability, and was surprised when she saw the finely detailed drawings.

Gao Qian’s face was calm, but his heart was very excited, and he had mastered new coercion skills.

The key is that you can justifiably ask a beautiful woman to take off her clothes and become a model…

Gao Qian glanced at Sister Lan who was wearing a nightdress. The white nightdress is very conservative, but it is especially homely. That relaxed feeling.

Her exposed calf shone with a unique soft luster under the light, which was sexier than wearing a bikini.

Sister Lan seemed to sense Gao Qian’s gaze, and her face slowly turned red.

Gao Qian’s throat was also a little dry, and the heating in this room was a little too dry…

Back in bed, Gao Qian sank into the Grand One Palace.

Tang Hongying, who had been waiting for a long time, warmly greeted her, “teacher, you are finally here…”

Tang Hongying looked very excited, hugging Gao Qian’s arm and saying a lot of thanks If so, the attitude is very sincere.

Gao Qian calmed down a few words softly. Tang Hongying was enthusiastic, just the opposite of Zhou Yuxiu.

This kind of strong enthusiasm is also very contagious, and it is easier to get people’s favor.

He also had to admit that of the two disciples, he liked Tang Hongying more.

Of course, he still treats these two disciples equally, and does not specialize anyone.

Tang Hongying hugged Gao Qian and talked, she really wanted to send some gifts to the teacher to express her feelings, but the teacher didn’t want anything, just let them have a good cultivation, which made Tang Hongying a little embarrassed.

“My father said it, he will think about it. But I don’t think he can come up with that much cash in a short time. Hmph, this old man knows how to make money, but he is reluctant to spend it. !”

Tang Hongying promised Gao Qian that she would try her best to get the money as soon as possible, upgrade the money well, and not let the teacher down.

Gao Qian sighed in his heart, in fact, just give him 150 million…

I can’t say this, it’s too cheap!

Tang Hongying was thinking secretly in her heart, and must ask Ling’er for some news. teacher Although Divine Ability is endless, there must be his preferences.

That day, she clearly saw the teacher playing with armor and weapons.

Being so taken care of by the teacher, you must try your best to repay the teacher!

Second day, it was almost ten o’clock when Gao Qian arrived at the training hall in his ironed and straightened uniform.

A large class is being held on the first floor of the training hall. More than 100 students are standing all around wearing training uniforms. Chu Huijun is standing in the middle of the field with a horizontal knife explaining.

Chu Huijun stood in the middle of the training ground barefoot in a white training suit, holding a horizontal knife, looking valiant and formidable looking.

“The horizontal knife is the standard weapon of the Federation Source Master. The straight blade makes the horizontal knife more formidable power, and the narrower blade is also convenient for stabbing.

“Compared to Down, the arc-shaped long knife is easier to control and easier to use in the slash. Because of the arc of the knife, it can defend a larger area when defending. With a little training, even an ordinary person can master the arc-shaped long knife.

“However, the straight-edged cross knife has more advantages, stronger formidable power, but the handling is much worse. The one who can use the straight-edged cross knife well must be an expert…”

Gao Qian was also nodded when he heard it next to him. What Chu Huijun said was very simple, but very insightful.

Seeing that her hand holding the knife is rock solid, and the demonstration movements are precise and accurate, she is indeed an expert in actual combat.

As far as the combat skill is concerned, it should reach the level of Nissen and Andrew. That is, the source power cultivation base is slightly inferior.

When this person reaches third rank, he will definitely be able to be an expert.

Gao Qian was a little surprised by the ability to train Academy instructors at this level.

Chu Huijun turned his eyes and saw Gao Qian standing outside the arena to listen.

Deep blue wears uniforms on this man, neat and stylish, and even has a sparkling feeling.

She realized when she turned around that it wasn’t the clothes that were shining, but Gao Qian’s eyes that were unusually black and bright, full of charm.

Chu Huijun’s mind was moved, she beckoned to Gao Qian: “Director Gao, come and tell the students a few words?”

Gao Qian laughed: “No need, you talk It’s very good.”

The students followed the voice and were a little surprised to see the unusually handsome Gao Qian, who was the director who appeared to be the same age as them!
Chu Huijun walked across the team and came to Gao Qian, she said sternly: “I heard that Director Gao is a true expert. I want to ask you for advice, and my classmates are there, let them experience the real charm of weapon fighting. .”

“This…” Gao Qian pondered for a while, and it was normal to discuss and communicate, but in front of so many people, he was afraid that this person would not be able to lose.

Chu Huijun smiled: “You don’t need to let me go, I won’t cry if I lose.” points of sarcasm.

Gao Qian also laughed: “Instructor Chu is joking, it’s okay, just ask Instructor Chu for some tricks. Also ask Instructor Chu to show mercy.”

Chu Huijun was a little surprised, That’s what she actually said. If Gao Qian is unwilling, there must be many reasons for rejection.

She couldn’t force Gao Qian to do it either.

didn’t expect Gao Qian to agree readily, this calm and confident appearance made Chu Huijun two points of goodwill.

No matter what the martial skill is, at least Gao Qian dares to do it! It’s that courage, and that’s great.

Many students have also heard clearly that this new Director Gao is actually going to start with Chu Huijun, the first actual combat expert recognized by Academy, tsk tsk, really courageous!
The students all looked at the show and watched Gao Qian take off his shoes and enter the hall with wide eyes.

Chu Huijun suggested, “We use wooden swords?”

Gao Qian felt that it was still necessary to show some strength, gain respect, and avoid many troubles.

He said: “Let’s use a real sword, it’s closer to actual combat. We just need to be careful.”

Chu Huijun was a little surprised, Gao Qian actually used a real sword?

You should know that the horizontal swords are all Source Armor weapons, specially used for armor piercing. If you miss a move, you will not die.

But Gao Qian suggested using real knives, so she shouldn’t be afraid anymore.


A group of students was even more shocked. They actually used real knives to learn from each other. A little carelessness could lead to casualties, and the excitement level increased a hundredfold.

“Who is this person? He’s not afraid of death, he dares to use a real knife to fight against Instructor Chu!”

“I don’t know, where is the stupid and bold person who came out!”


“tsk tsk, this kid is so energetic, his brain is not very good…”

“I think he is going to be unlucky!”

A group of students know Chu Huijun is amazing, everyone is not optimistic about Gao Qian. After all, he was too young. How does it not look like an expert!

There is a student who is staring at Gao Qian. He can see clearly now that the young man standing in the middle of the field is the guy who broke Wang Junying’s arm yesterday!
The student muttered to himself: “So this guy is really from the Special Affairs Bureau, or what kind of director!”

(end of this chapter)

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