This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 12


Chapter 12 Hunter Association
Zhou Yuxiu is only a First Rank Four-Star Source Master, even if armed with Source Armor , there is also a big gap in strength compared with Monster Wolf.

This hunter trial was not favored by everyone beforehand.

It’s just that Zhou Yuxiu strongly requested to participate in the trial, and these two people, Luo Bin and Bai Ping, also wanted to take the opportunity to solve Zhou Yuxiu, and this is the reason for this public trial.

On the proving ground, Zhou Yuxiu stood quietly in front of Monster Wolf’s corpse, his eyes looked thoughtful.

She was actually waiting for the Taichi teacher to speak.

To her disappointment, Taichi teacher seems to be gone.

Thinking back to what had just happened, Zhou Yuxiu still felt like he was in a dream.

When she was in a critical situation, Taichi directly gave her strength to help her pass the level easily.

She has a very familiar feeling with the sudden and powerful power, and she is very familiar with it.

When the enemy is resolved, the power in her is still there, and it is very stable and stable, just like her own power.

This also made Zhou Yuxiu full of confidence. She glanced at the people in the observation room. She was sure that she could solve the white-haired Bai Ping and the Vice-President within a few moves. Robin.

Rationality told her that it was the worst option to do it now.

With the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel and the unfathomable Tai Yi teacher, her future is infinitely broad and lofty. There is no need to go down the wrong road because of a momentary anger.

The shocked expressions of everyone in the observation room also made Zhou Yuxiu feel happy for a while.

These villains just want to embezzle the crimson Source Armor left by her father! She can inherit the Crimson Source Armor by passing the hunter test. Completely destroy the greed and delusion of this group of villains!
Bai Ping with white hair noticed Zhou Yuxiu’s cold and sharp gaze, she heart shivered with cold.

This time, in order to completely solve Zhou Yuxiu, she put a stimulant in Monster Wolf’s body.

Stimulated by blood, Monster Wolf will go berserk.

She never imagined that the violent Monster Wolf would be solved so easily by Zhou Yuxiu!
Obviously Zhou Yuxiu’s situation is already very bad, he can’t hold it anymore, why fight back?

Bai Ping lived to be more than sixty years old. Although her source power is not high, she is experienced and knowledgeable.

After she was shocked, she felt that something was wrong, just rely on what Zhou Yuxiu used to parry Monster Wolf’s claws.

And Zhou Yuxiu, who turned around and shot at the end, was too fast. Monster Wolf’s tyrannical body is resistant to pistol fire, and it cuts like tofu under her knife.

This means that Zhou Yuxiu burst out with great power in an instant! This is completely inconsistent with Zhou Yuxiu’s strength!
Bai Ping was a little excited and said to Luo Bin, “Vice-President, Zhou Yuxiu must have cheated!”

Luo Bin looked towards Xu Huiyun, her eyes full of doubts!
Xu Huiyun is Zhou Yuxiu’s teacher, if Zhou Yuxiu cheats in the trial, she will also be held responsible.

“Director Bai, you can’t talk nonsense.”

Xu Huiyun was also shocked and puzzled by Zhou Yuxiu’s counter-kill, but she must protect her students, and she must also maintain own reputation.

Seeing several great characters quarreling, a group of preparatory hunters all widened their eyes and did not dare to take a breath.

Such a scene is rare.

For the sake of Zhou Yuxiu, several senior officials of Changyang Hunter branch are going to openly turn against each other?
“You all go out.”

Robin didn’t want youngster to see a joke, so he sullenly kicked the reserve hunters out.

He said to Xu Huiyun: “Cheating is never allowed in the hunter trial. If Zhou Yuxiu cheats, your hunter qualification will also be cancelled, and the consequences are very serious!”

Xu Huiyun She said firmly: “I didn’t cheat!”

At this step, she didn’t dare to say that Zhou Yuxiu didn’t cheat, so she could only tell herself first.

This student has always been very assertive. In order to pass the trial, it is hard to say what special medicine he really used!

Luo Bin also understood what Xu Huiyun meant, he said with a cold face: “I want to have a blood test on Zhou Yuxiu.”

“Yes, but I want to ask always will come Do the test!” Xu Huiyun was afraid that Luo Bin would be fooled, so she made her request.

Luo Bin laughed instead: “You can test wherever you go.”

He is very confident, Zhou Yuxiu is definitely not so powerful, he must be cheating.

As long as it is determined that Zhou Yuxiu cheated and expelled her from the Hunter Association, the crimson Source Armor left by her father will become a masterless object.

At that time, if you just find a name, you can take the Crimson Source Armor as your own!
Gao Qian watched several people arguing, and he could see that Luo Bin and Bai Ping were the villains.

The source power of these two people is strong, and it seems that they are higher than An Changping. Should be Second Rank Source Master.

In the state of consciousness, Gao Qian is also very sensitive to source power. Although he didn’t know much about source power, he took An Changping as the coordinate, but he was able to make a relatively clear judgment on Luo Bin and the others.

Several Source Masters are very difficult to deal with, but without wearing Source Armor, Gao Qian has the confidence to blow them up easily.

The physical quality of the Source Master is far better than that of the ordinary person, but it is still far from his perverted level.

At this time, Zhou Yuxiu pushed the door and walked into the observation room.

Zhou Yuxiu, wearing a half-length Source Armor, has an indifferent face on her beautiful face, but her eyes are shining brightly, with an undisguised edge.

Luo Bin and Bai Ping both looked tight, and now Zhou Yuxiu gave them a great oppression.

Both of them were a little regretful, Zhou Yuxiu armed with Source Armor was very threatening, they shouldn’t let Zhou Yuxiu in like this.

At this time, they can’t show weakness, both of them suppressed their unease. It’s just that both of them eased their attitudes at the same time.

It is not a wise choice to stimulate Zhou Yuxiu now.

Robin smiled and said, “The Nine Slashes are very beautiful. You passed the test this time.”

He paused before saying, “However, according to It is stipulated that you still need to check your blood. Make sure that you have not used any special medicine before you can be issued a hunter certificate…”

Zhou Yuxiu took a deep look at Luo Bin, she was silent for a while before Nod slightly.

Until now, she could still feel the power surging inside her. She was sure that this was by no means a potion. It is the mighty and mysterious power from the One.

Check, just let the other party check!
The girl’s reaction was so calm, even a bit deep, which made Luo Bin and Bai Ping feel bad.

Gao Qian was standing beside Zhou Yuxiu, and he was not surprised by Zhou Yuxiu’s reaction.

Although he had only met him once, he already knew quite a bit about the girl’s character.

He was really interested in Source Armor on Zhou Yuxiu.

This half-length Source Armor is so close to the body curve, showing Source Armor’s simple and strong lines. The deep black has the ultimate industrial beauty.

The exposed rivets, bulging arcs and ridges make Source Armor different levels.

This world technology is equivalent to Earth in the 1970s and 1980s, but this Source Armor has a strong futuristic sci-fi style.

It doesn’t match the rough industrial level of this world at all.

Although Gao Qian has seen Source Armor before, it is very rough, and it is very different from Zhou Yuxiu’s Source Armor.

Source Armor brings out the toughness of metal in a wonderful way. Make it hard for every man to refuse.

“This is too handsome, too cool!”

Suddenly, Gao Qian fell in love with Source Armor. It’s a pity that he didn’t even ignite the Source Star.

Even if Zhou Yuxiu gave him this Source Armor, he couldn’t handle it.

Gao Qian comforted himself in his heart, don’t worry, wait another two months, the King Kong Divine Power Sutra will be able to ignite the Source Star when it reaches the Second Layer.

When the time comes, let’s get a set of the coolest Source Armor!

(end of this chapter)

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