This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 121


Chapter 121 Extraordinary
Gao Qian and Chu Huijun cut each other with real swords, this battle is too fierce So hot.

There are more than 100 students in the audience, and this group of students spreads the show everywhere after class.

At noon, the news of Gao Qian’s defeat of Chu Huijun spread in the training Academy.

After all, it is a closed Academy, and there are only more than 1,000 students plus instructors and other employees.

Ordinary students were surprised when they heard the news.

The female instructor with the same hot and domineering figure and personality actually lost? !

But they don’t care too much either. After all, most people don’t know how strong Chu Huijun is.

In their opinion, Chu Huijun is a woman after all. Although she claims to be able to fight, what is really memorable is her hot body.

It is indeed difficult for the students who are not present to watch the game to understand why this group of people watching the game is so enthusiastic and excited.

For most students, it’s just a little more interesting gossip. They found out that the Academy had a new director, who was young and handsome.

It was the instructors who were really shocked.

The instructors who train the Academy, even those who teach theory, are all Source Masters.

How can a Source Master not be able to fight, everyone wearing Source Armor will inevitably have to learn a few tricks.

Chu Huijun’s source power is only Second Rank, but her battle strength is indeed amazing.

Except for a few veteran third rank Source Masters who never played, those who competed with Chu Huijun lost.

Although it’s just a discussion, it can be seen that Chu Huijun is indeed strong in battle strength. In particular, the martial skill is truly unparalleled.

Gao Qian and Chu Huijun fought without armor and cut off Chu Huijun’s sword, proving that Gao Qian martial skill is one level higher than Chu Huijun!
Many instructors felt incredible after hearing the news. Then, many instructors guessed whether there was any inside story.

Perhaps it was because of the pressure from the dean that Chu Huijun had to lose to Gao Qian…

Especially the instructors of the combat team didn’t believe it at all.

A few instructors approached Chu Huijun and asked, “Sister Chu, you really lost?”

Chu Huijun said angrily, “It’s not spread all over, you still ask , What do you mean, I’m hurt and came here to sprinkle salt?”

Chu Huijun couldn’t afford to lose, but the incredible expressions on the faces of these people made her a little unhappy.

She’s not invincible in the whole world, it’s not normal to win or lose.

“Sister Chu, you didn’t lose on purpose, did you?” Some instructors were still suspicious, “Just relying on that pretty boy to win you?!”

Chu Huijun It was originally meant to be a bit of a joke, although he scolded people, his expression was very relaxed.

Hearing this man’s words, Chu Huijun’s face sank, “What the hell are you talking about? I deliberately lost to Gao Qian?
“You are not only insulting Gao Qian, but also insulted me. “

Chu Huijun walked up to the instructor and pointed at his nose and scolded: “I lost once, so I thought my sword was unhappy, do you want to try it?” “

The instructor’s face was red when he was scolded, and he quickly explained: “Sister Chu, don’t, don’t be angry, I don’t mean that, I just want to hold injustice for you.”

Chu Huijun Sneering: “I was not convinced that Gao Qian was the director, so I went to him to learn from him. His Blade Technique is far superior to me, and I am completely convinced that I lost.

“You’ll just chatter and speak ill of people behind their backs. What thing are you, hold injustice for me. You’re so brave, you go to Gao Qian to make a gesture, no matter if you win or lose, I will look up to you You look like a man.

“Do you dare? ”

The instructor bowed his head after being scolded and didn’t dare to say a word.

It’s okay to let him shoot fire behind his back, but he wouldn’t have the guts to challenge Gao Qian.

Gao Qian is a Level 2 supervisor, training director, and their immediate boss. When Gao Qian took office, the dean and the minister personally accompanied him, just to help Gao Qian shake the scene and let everyone know how great he was.

Only a warrior like Chu Huijun who came down from the battlefield, who is bold and a member of the Chu Family, would dare to challenge Gao Qian in public.

Ordinary instructors like them dare to do this, second Day may be dismissed.

The cowardly and cowardly appearance of the instructor makes Chu Huijun look down on it.

“It’s okay to have no ability. In a word, don’t play your little smart. Grip your tail well! “

After Chu Huijun scolded, the instructor couldn’t lift his head, and the other instructors were also very embarrassed.

One instructor said carefully, “Sister Chu, don’t look up.” Angry, we care about you too. You put out the fire, put out the fire, let’s go first. “

Several instructors walked a long way before they muttered, “This bitch is crazy, it’s like a barrel of dynamite!” “

“Looks like I really lost, I’m so angry.” ”

“Damn it, it’s really hard to speak, and we are also kind. ”

“They are from the Chu Family, and they are qualified. Let’s stay away, don’t think about flirting…”

The attentive instructors are mainly Chu Huijun, who is hot and unmarried, and a member of the Chu Family, which makes them have some illusions in their hearts.

I just found out today that Chu Huijun is usually polite to them, but actually doesn’t take them seriously.

Chu Huijun scolded them, and she felt a lot more relaxed. She was not angry when she lost to Gao Qian. Gao Qian was so much better than her, she deserved to lose.

It’s just that the reactions of the people around her made her very angry. It’s not enough for her to lose, she will continue to challenge, and she will ridicule her and Gao Qian.

She knows too much about the dark thoughts of this group of people. Ask her to go home to find help, and then fight with Gao Qian again.

They will be happy if people have a brain like this. People who watch the fun are never afraid of big things.

Seeing that your house is on fire, some people wish they could hand you two barrels of gasoline.

Chu Huijun is really annoyed the more she thinks about it, it’s her business to find Gao Qian, and everyone wants to take her When the gun, is she so stupid!

During lunch, Chu Huijun came to Gao Qian’s table with a rice tray, “Director Gao, do you mind if I sit here? “

The staff canteen is actually very spacious. Gao Qian is the new director, and no one is familiar with him.

Gao Qian is sitting here to eat, and no one else dares to come over. Because of the morning battle, everyone was peeking at Gao Qian and talking in a low voice.

Seeing that Chu Huijun took the initiative to find Gao Qian, everyone stared wide-eyed and pricked up their ears.


Gao Qian smiled, and he stretched out his hand to signal: “There is no one vacant, Team Leader Chu, please take a seat. “

Chu Huijun was not polite, and sat down opposite Gao Qian. She looked at Gao Qian and said, “Director Gao, it’s a bit too rude for me to invite the battle in public this morning, please don’t take offense. “

“It’s good to have friendly discussions and exchange skills. “

Gao Qian doesn’t have much opinion on Chu Huijun. This woman is a bit sturdy and has a little opinion about him, but it’s okay.

In fact, all the instructors have an opinion about him. No one likes a young high-ranking official.

Everyone will ask: Why?
However, others are not as sturdy as Chu Huijun. Dare to challenge him face to face.

Gao Qian is polite and gentle, but Chu Huijun can see that Gao Qian’s politeness is just out of habit and doesn’t really value her.

Chu Huijun’s face shows a little bit After hesitating, she pondered for a while before making up her mind: “Director Gao, I have a request, I want to ask you to be my teacher and learn the sword from you. “


Gao Qian didn’t quite understand, what kind of tricks does this woman have? If you can’t beat him, join in? Or do you like his beauty?
He said humbly: “Everyone is a colleague, and we can communicate more about what to say to a teacher. “

Chu Huijun said seriously: “Director Gao, I’m not joking.

“I don’t have a hobby in my life, I just like Blade Technique. I have practiced hard for many years, and I think I have achieved quite a lot in Blade Technique. Even those fourth rank powerhouses, although strong, are not good at Blade Technique. It will beat me.

“Your Blade Technique has shown me a whole new world. Please give me a chance to learn the really superb Blade Technique. ”

Gao Qian is a bit of a mess. It was the first time he met such a direct person. He was defeated by him in the morning, and he turned around to worship him as a teacher.

The key is that Chu Huijun is very honest and sincere. It’s not easy to refuse.

“We can communicate a lot on Blade Technique, but it is too inappropriate to be a teacher. “

Chu Huijun said: “I worship you as a teacher because your Blade Technique is like a god, enough to be my teacher. Age and gender are irrelevant. “

She paused and then said: “Director Gao, you are elegant and elegant, and you are extraordinary. Why care about the eyes of those vulgar people. “

Gao Qian couldn’t help laughing, this woman is hot and sturdy, didn’t expect to be able to speak.

Chu Huijun only thought that Gao Qian agreed, she got up Give Gao Qian a deep bow: “Master. “

Numerous instructors and staff in the cafeteria were stunned when they saw this scene. What kind of plot development is this? What a wild way!
Chu Huijun’s bow is not enough, she still Picking up the prepared pot of tea, Gao Qian poured a cup of tea and offered it with both hands: “Master, drink tea. “

Gao Qian’s first impression is that Chu Huijun’s drama is possessed, the drama is too full!

It’s too exaggerated to do this in public. She can say this in private.

On second thought, this is also the difference between people and people. Because of this difference, the world will be interesting. If everyone is the same, the world will be too boring.

On the other hand, when Chu Huijun acted in public like this, she actually took a great risk. After being rejected, she could only be embarrassed.

Being in public like this really made him feel more ceremony. I have face.

In fact, Gao Qian didn’t think much about it. Whether or not to accept it is actually a trivial matter. It’s not worth thinking about at all.

For Chu Huijun’s sturdy and free-spirited appearance, he just You can accept it. As for Chu Huijun’s hot body and beautiful facial features, it doesn’t matter.

Being a teacher is to teach the arts and solve puzzles, how could he think so much.

Gao Qian took the teacup and drank it, and he said to Chu Huijun, “Sit down, you don’t have to be so serious and formal. “

“Thank you Master.” “

Chu Huijun also mustered up her courage. Her idea is very simple, that is to learn the sword sincerely.

The drama is also for the whole point of ceremony, to make up for this morning It is impolite to challenge.

After sitting down, Chu Huijun couldn’t wait to ask: “Master, when are you free, I have time at any time. “

She thought for a while and then corrected: “Disciple has time at any time. “

“Don’t worry, I have some personal matters to deal with these two days. I will find you when I have time. “

Gao Qian is not shirk. With his Blade Technique Grandmaster realm, it is more than enough to point Chu Huijun.

It’s just that he made an appointment with Anyuan at night to solve the trouble of his cousin. By the way Get the 50,000 yuan back.

The 50,000 yuan is not worth mentioning to him, but it takes three or five years for his second aunt to save the savings.

On the other hand, he also has to teach his cousin a lesson. Don’t think that money is so easy to earn.

A person doesn’t know how hard it is to make money. Chu Huijun was very enthusiastic: “Master has something to do with discipline clothes. I have something to do! “

“No, it’s a small matter…” Gao Qian suddenly realized that this disciple is still a bit clingy, isn’t she a sturdy woman!
Many instructors around are clicking one’s tongue in wonder , they saw Chu Huijun apprentice, they thought it was a farce, didn’t expect Gao Qian to actually accept the apprentice.

In the blink of an eye, the master and the disciple became intimate and warm… …

For everyone, this is really hard to understand!

However, this incident is so strange that after everyone went back, they couldn’t help but spread it around.

In the afternoon, the training Academy spread, and Chu Huijun challenged Gao Qian. He was beaten by Gao Qian on the spot, and knelt down and kowtowed to his teacher. Gao Qian refused, Chu Huijun pressed her to death, and Gao Qian accepted her as his apprentice… …

He also said that Gao Qian is proficient in the secret technique of spiritual source power, and he used secret technique to control Chu Huijun’s spirit. Now Chu Huijun has been taken into the house by Gao Qian and has become his plaything…

Gao Qian just arrived at the Academy, so naturally she doesn’t hear these messy rumors.

Chu Huijun is different. She has friends, girlfriends and relatives, and these rumors will spread to her ears.

She ran to Gao Qian’s office and told these rumors again. After she finished speaking, she laughed heartily, “Master, these people can’t work well, and there is still another way to make up jokes. “

“Haha…” Gao Qian also laughed, which is really funny.

After such a fuss, he and Chu Huijun are getting closer. Less.

Gao Qian said: “Don’t worry, I will teach you Blade Technique in a few days. Now I really have to go out to work. ”

“Master has something to do, I will definitely help. “

Chu Huijun just wanted to find Gao Qian to learn Blade Technique, but these jokes made her a little bit better, don’t you tell me, I just got together with Gao Qian.

“The old lady is happy, I have to sleep for the Master, you can only be envious and jealous! “

Not waiting for Gao Qian to refuse, Chu Huijun said, “Master, you don’t have a car, it’s inconvenient, I’ll drive you.” “

It’s true that taking a taxi is a real hassle. Especially going to the Old Town.

“Then I’ll trouble you.” “There is a free enthusiastic driver, Gao Qian is really hard to refuse.

“No trouble…”

Chu Huijun drives a pegasus off-road vehicle, which is a Pegasus The luxury upgraded version of the 2019 2019 has a rougher and heavier appearance, better performance, a higher level interior, and of course more fuel consumption.

The matte black paint makes this pegasus off-road vehicle with a domineering appearance. A little more depth and texture.

Gao Qian also has to admit that this kind of big car is powerful.

The two drove to the door of Gao Qian’s second aunt’s house, and shocked Uncle Su who was hanging out at the door.

Although the old man had no knowledge, he knew that this must be a luxury car. He was even more surprised when Gao Qian came down from above.

Knowing that Gao Qian was doing well, but he was doing so well! It made him feel unrealistic.

Old Man Su I really regret it. Patrol is so profitable. He should have his son read Patrol Academy!
Gao Qian greeted the old man and entered the second aunt’s house. Cousin Zhao Peng was lying in the room watching magazines and beauties.

Seeing Gao Qian running over, he was a little surprised: “Is something wrong with Third Brother? “

“I have something to do, come with me.” ”

Gao Qian asked Zhao Peng to change his clothes, he went to the main room to talk to his second aunt, and took Zhao Peng into the car.

Seeing the pegasus off-road vehicle, Zhao Peng’s eyes widened. On, “Third Brother, is this your car? “

“No. “

Gao Qian didn’t explain much. If this cousin knew that he was a high-ranking official, he would definitely use his name to swindle.

After getting into the car, Zhao Peng saw Chu Huijun , his eyes are brighter. This woman has a beautiful appearance and an explosive body, she is simply Top Grade!
Because Gao Qian explained, Chu Huijun was nodded with Zhao Peng and didn’t speak.

This also made Zhao Peng feel the pressure, and Chu Huijun was still very aura.

In fact, Gao Qian also has it, but Zhao Peng has never cared about this cousin, so he can’t see anything special about Gao Qian.

Gao Qian pointed the way, and they soon arrived at the hot pot restaurant. It is also the place where Gao Qian and the others ate hot pot last time.

This shop is called: Lao Niu Big Copper Pot. It is a famous hot pot restaurant in Bei’an District.

The price is also relatively low for the common people, and the business of this store has always been very good.

Zhao Peng was very happy when he saw that it was a restaurant. Gao Qian was very serious along the way, and Chu Huijun was there. He thought something was wrong, and he was always a little uneasy.

“This hot pot restaurant is good, the mutton and beef are fresh…”

Zhao Peng smiled and said: “Third Brother treats you today, don’t you tell me earlier, I still have it at noon. I ate a lot!”

Gao Qian said, “Don’t worry about eating, just do business first.”

Entering the restaurant, Gao Qian took the two of them straight to the largest box .

Across the curtain of the box, I heard a group of people screaming inside, very lively.

Gao Qian opened the door and went in, and saw An Yuan sitting in the main seat. Five men were sitting next to him. They were all well-dressed and looked like a social person.

This group of people had already drank some wine, and each one’s face was a little red.

Seeing Gao Qian come in, these people were a little unhappy, a man with shawl hair shouted, “Who are you, go out!”

Zhao Peng, who was behind Gao Qian, said, “Chang Mao, are the several brothers drinking here?”

The man with the shawl frowned, “What are you doing, we are discussing that with Chief An? , don’t worry, go back first and wait for the news, it will be almost done in two days!”

At this time, Chang Mao wanted to fool Zhao Peng. He knew that Zhao Peng had nothing to do with An Yuan, and it was impossible for him to know An Yuan.

Since Anyuan had something to do with them, he took the initiative to invite them to dinner, and it was impossible to demolish them in public.

An Yuan laughed to Gao Qian: “It was them who played games for your cousin. This kid is called Chang Mao, and he is their boss. He has the worst mind.”

I heard When An Yuan said this, Chang Mao was taken aback, and he looked at An Yuan with an uneasy face: “Brother An, what do you mean?”

“You don’t look in the mirror, Brother An is you. It can be called.”

An Yuan despised this group of people, he raised his hand and slapped Changmao’s face with a big slap, bang, and whipped Changmao from the chair to the ground.

The long-haired instinctively stretched out his hand and tugged at the tablecloth, the cups, dishes, and dishes fell to the ground, and sauces, dips, drinks, etc. were also scattered all over the long-haired body.

The long-haired person was stunned. He covered his face and asked, “What do you mean?”

An Yuan pointed at Zhao Peng, he said to Long-haired with a sneer: “This little brother is my friend. You spit out all the money you cheated on him. I’ll spare you this time!” It turned out that An Yuan was for Zhao Peng’s sake.

Longhair and the others were both shocked and angry, but didn’t dare to attack. Chang Mao asked with a puzzled look: “Sir An, what’s the matter!”

He paused and then emphasized: “We are all mixed up with the bloody boss!”

“Damn bloody hands, and showing your name to Lao Tzu, what kind of thing!”

An Yuan was so angry that even a gangster dared to yell at him, “You take out your money now, things will come to an end! So far. If you are not sensible, then I will teach you how to be human.”

Chang Mao and the others were silent, it seemed that An Yuan was determined to stand up for Zhao Peng.

They just don’t want to spit out the money.

Chang Mao said in embarrassment: “Sir An, all the money has been spent, and we really have no money for a while, so let’s put together 20,000 yuan for Zhao Peng. The rest will be paid later…”


Before Long Mao could finish speaking, An Yuan picked up the wine bottle and knocked it on his face. The bottle blew up on the spot. Long Mao’s face was covered in blood, and the bridge of his nose was smashed and deformed.

Such a brutal scene almost scared Zhao Peng to pee!
Long Mao was also beaten up, he covered his face and howled and begged: “Stop hitting, don’t hit, I’ll pay back the money, pay back the money…”

He called a person Little brother: “Go back quickly and ask someone to send the money.”

As he said, he winked at the little brother, and the little brother hurried away.

An Yuan also noticed this little move, and he didn’t care either. He didn’t believe whoever the other party called over, and there were still people who dared to have a hard time with him!

Chu Huijun felt that all this was very new, and An Yuan’s rude practices also appealed to her.

She went out of the private room to take a look, then quickly turned back and whispered in Gao Qian’s ear: “Master, the car that has been following us just didn’t leave. It seems something is wrong. …”

A car was following them as they came out of the Academy.

Chu Huijun didn’t care at first, but when he arrived in Bei’an District, the other party followed, obviously something was wrong. Now they have followed to the hotel, and the other party has no intention of concealing.

Looking at the other party’s behavior, it’s not the same as these little bastards.

“It’s fine.”

Gao Qian didn’t know who was following him, and he didn’t care. In Liao’an, he also had a backer.

Who dares to mess around, he will never be polite!

(end of this chapter)

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