This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 122


Chapter 122 Bloody Hands

Gao Qian knows very well that he has many enemies.

The biggest enemy is definitely the Blue Flag consortium, there is even a strong Great Demon clan, the fourth rank powerhouse.

However, Liao’an is the capital of Liao Prefecture, where fourth rank powerhouses such as Shen Zhengjun and Yang Mingxiu are located.

Saying “expert as clouds” is no exaggeration.

If the Lanqi consortium really had the ability to come to Liaoan to seek revenge from him, then he would have nothing to say if he was beaten to death.

In addition to the Blue Flag consortium, there are some other messed up enemies. These people are not worth caring about.

No matter how many come, Gao Qian is sure to solve them all.

Gao Qian dares to be so confident because he has the Divine Power Sutra, Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel, Jiuyang Promise Sword and many other Divine Art.

He doesn’t need Source Armor to get his full power.

For the Source Master, without a Source Armor, it is equivalent to an ordinary person without a gun, and the battle strength is too poor.

So, Source Master is very cautious when going out.

A sturdy person like Chu Huijun doesn’t dare to be careless. As the Second Rank Source Master, she doesn’t want to be killed by the ordinary person.

So, although she doesn’t wear Source Armor all the time, she always carries a Source Armor in her bag.

Chu Huijun quietly put her hand into her satchel, and quietly put on a gauntlet inside.

Gloves are like metal gloves, weighing only two or three pounds, although they are still very convenient to carry.

Chu Huijun’s heart suddenly calmed down when the magnetic buckle was fastened on the metal gauntlet.

With this metal gauntlet, she can exert at least 30% of her source power. Never be shot to death by an ordinary person.

Armed with a full set of Source Armor, although it can have stronger power, it consumes a lot of source power.

Generally speaking, a source Armor or two should be enough to keep yourself safe.

Gao Qian noticed Chu Huijun’s small movements, and also heard the crisp sound of Source Armor’s magnetic lock.

But he didn’t say anything. Chu Huijun came down from the battlefield of the capital and has a strong sense of vigilance, which is normal.

If he didn’t have the Divine Power Sutra, he would have to wear a Source Armor with him.

Zhao Peng was a little stunned, completely unaware of Chu Huijun’s small movements.

Longhair and the others are very difficult characters to deal with in his eyes, didn’t expect to be beaten like a dog, and didn’t even dare to fart.

He’s not very timid, people are actually smart. At this time, it was also seen that the long-haired few were partnering to defraud him of money.

Gao Qian found someone to ask for money for him. It’s just why he didn’t say it beforehand, he was scared to pee.

Zhao Peng looked towards Gao Qian sadly.

Gao Qian laughed to Zhao Peng: “Little friend, sit down and have something to eat first. Don’t worry.”

Zhao Peng looked at An Yuan with a fierce look. Afraid.

An Yuan stood up and waved to Zhao Peng: “Come on, kid, right? I’m your brother’s best friend. You don’t need to see outside, sit and eat!”


An Yuan asked, pouring Zhao Peng a full glass of white wine.

Zhao Peng smiled apologetically: “You can drink a little.”

“Right, how can a man not drink!”

An Yuan patted Zhao Peng with his back to show it Intimacy, I almost photographed Zhao Peng under the chair.

Zhao Peng didn’t care much about Gao Qian, but he was in awe of An Yuan. Instead, he felt that it was a kind of intimacy, and there was a pleasing smile on his face.

Gao Qian also smiled and greeted Chu Huijun to sit down together, “This is my colleague, Chu Huijun, Instructor Chu.”

An Yuan did not dare to neglect, he signaled to Chu Huijun nodded : “Instructor Chu, it’s the first time I’ve seen you, do you drink?”

“You don’t have to be so polite.”

Chu Huijun was also arrogant when she arrived, and poured a glass of wine herself, “No. Once we meet, let’s have a drink.”

An Yuan laughed heartily, he likes this kind of outrageous temperament, and he will do it with a toast.

Zhao Peng saw that both of them were drinking, so he also forcibly drank a glass of wine. He couldn’t drink enough, and his face turned red with a glass of wine.

“Little friend can’t drink enough, drink less.” Gao Qian didn’t drink, there were people outside, he wasn’t afraid or not, and he wouldn’t be too careless.

As for An Yuan, of course, Gao Qian will not be forced to drink. Chu Huijun also knew that there was something else to do, so he drank a cup and then stopped drinking.

The big copper hot pot was set on the table and was not pulled over. The waiter was greeted with lamb and beef, and several people gathered around the hot pot to eat.

A few people with long hair squatted aside, watching a few people eat he he, they were angry and hated, but no one dared to say a word.

An Yuan’s fierce look just now shocked them all.

A few people had eaten for about an hour, and they were all full. An Yuan was picking his teeth while bragging with Gao Qian and Chu Huijun.

An Yuan also despised Zhao Peng. This child looked smart, but he was not very sensible. He didn’t see it at all, Gao Qian was his thigh.

While eating, I kept shooting flattery around him. An Yuan was amused, without your brother, who would be looking at you. I can’t tell the difference between the inside and the outside, so it’s no wonder that he is still a little bastard in his twenties.

He could also see that this Chu Huijun was mainly Gao Qian, and he respected Gao Qian in his attitude.

Chu Huijun looked older and more mature than them. But with such a good figure and so forthright, he has a very good temper towards An Yuan.

After a meal, the two seem to have become good friends.

Of course, An Yuan also knew that this was Chu Huijun looking at Gao Qian’s face.

He’s not Zhao Peng, so he can’t tell the difference between priority and secondary.

A few people were chatting when they heard rapid footsteps and a rustling sound rushed in a group of people outside.

The man headed was tall, bald, but with a bushy full beard.

In the winter, this man wore a leather jacket with a shirtless shirt inside and a very thick gold necklace slung around his neck.

A scarlet dagger was tattooed on the man’s chest, just right where the heart was. It looked rather weird.

An Yuan’s face became solemn when he saw the tattoo on the big man’s chest. He whispered to Gao Qian, “It’s from the Xuedao Gang, it’s a little troublesome.”

The Xuedao Gang has been entrenched in Bei’an District for many years and is the largest gang here. The Blood Knife Gang is also known for being very ruthless.

Whoever offends them, they pierce each other’s heart with knives.

An Yuan had heard of the name of the Blood Knife Gang, but had never dealt with them.

There must be organized and powerful support behind such a big gang. It’s not something that a small inspector like him can touch.

Chu Huijun didn’t even know about the Blood Sword Gang, this kind of local gang was too far away from her.

She noticed that the big guy in the lead was wearing a crimson metal Source Armor in his left hand, and this guy was actually a Source Master!

This also made Chu Huijun feel two points of vigilance.

The bald man didn’t care too much about Chu Huijun, he looked at An Yuan and laughed: “An Yuan, right? I’m a bloody hand, and they are my little brothers with long hair.”

An Yuan stood up with a sullen face: “You hand over the money today, and this is the end of the matter.”

He didn’t want to provoke the Blood Sword Gang, but he really wanted to, and he never bowed his head to the other party. the truth.

“Tens of thousands of dollars, it’s nothing to give you face.”

Xueshou snorted: “But you didn’t say hello, you just hit my little brother, my face Where to put it.”

An Yuan knew the tricks of these gangs, which was to scare him by deliberately putting on an imposing manner. He hated the other person’s pretence.

But he also saw that this guy is actually a Source Master, which is really troublesome.

He held back his anger: “What do you want?”

“I’ll give Deputy Director An a face, and the money can be returned to you.”

The bloody hand turned the conversation and said, “But you hurt my little brother, so you can’t just let it go.”

“In this way, you should apologize to Changmao, and compensate 50,000 yuan of medicine. fee. That’s it. “

An Yuan was furious, the other party was playing tricks on him. He held the pistol at his waist, and his face also showed a bit of murderous aura.

He worked hard at the grassroots level. Half a year later, his ferocity in the bones was slowly revealed.

The bloody hands didn’t care, he said with a sneer: “If it wasn’t for your Uncle An Pingyuan’s face, what would I be? I’ve killed you long ago, dare to take care of our affairs, and don’t weigh your own weight! “

Actually, tens of thousands of dollars doesn’t matter at all. But even a little Level 1 inspector dares to take care of their affairs. If he bows his head, will he still hang around in this place in the future.

The bloody hand came here this time to teach Anyuan a lesson!
Zhao Peng, who was sitting beside him, was terrified. He didn’t expect the long-haired gang to be so cruel that even the inspector didn’t put them there. In her eyes, she dared to threaten openly.

Chu Huijun raised her eyebrows. The arrogance of the other party was beyond her expectations. If she came, she would knock out the other party’s mouth full of teeth in the morning. How can she make the other party arrogant?

However, this is Gao Qian’s business after all, and it depends on Gao Qian’s attitude.

Gao Qian held An Yuan’s hand, “No way, I’ll come. “

To tell the truth, he had expected this. Since the other party is a veteran gang, it is normal not to give face to a small inspector like Anyuan.

It’s just that the other party knows Knowing that Anyuan Uncle is An Pingyuan, and being so arrogant, really exceeded his expectations.

Gao Qian laughed to the bloody hand: “Introduction, my name is Gao Qian, and I am from the Special Affairs Bureau. . This is my cousin. You return the money, and then apologize to my friend. This is the end of the matter. “

The bloody hand glanced at Gao Qian, this kid is actually from the special affairs bureau?
However, the special affairs bureau is big, and there are whos in it. How high can this kid be? ?

If you really have a strong identity, how can you find a small inspector to come forward!
Bloody pointed at Gao Qian disdainfully: “Boy, the signboard of the Special Affairs Bureau is not suitable for everyone. . If you want to challenge us, you are not worthy. “

The bloody hand stretched out his left hand and gestured to Gao Qian: “I have the Source Armor too, so what, the Source Master also eats, drinks, shit and piss, and is not an ordinary person!” “

He thought for a while and added: “Don’t think about being aggressive, think more about your family, think more about your relatives and friends…”

The bloody hand said and glanced at Chu Huijun, he said with a special meaning: “Your woman is good, you must cherish it! ”

(end of this chapter)

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