This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 123


Chapter 123 Loyalty

The bloody hand speaks in a sinister tone, anyone who hears it knows him It is the threat of harboring malicious intentions.

Chang Mao and the others all stared at Gao Qian fiercely.

Zhao Peng was so face deathly pale that he lived in Bei’an District, how could he not know about the Blood Sword Gang.

If you provoke this gang, if one is bad, the whole family may suffer.

He looked towards Gao Qian for help, the trouble was too big, he would rather not have these tens of thousands!

An Yuan is furious, this gang is too arrogant!
However, this is not to be taken lightly. He wasn’t too afraid of the other party, but Gao Qian and his relatives and friends, provoking these people in Bei’an District was indeed a big trouble.

Chu Huijun was just watching the fun, but her bloody words angered her. How could she become a Gao Qian woman? !
Besides, it is extremely arrogant for a gang member to ignore the special affairs bureau.

She raised her eyebrows and looked towards Gao Qian, as long as Gao Qian made a gesture, she would interrupt the group of people’s dog legs.

To her surprise, Gao Qian’s face was unusually calm, and there was only a deep look in his dark eyes, and there was no trace of emotional waves.

For some reason, such a calm Gao Qian made Chu Huijun feel palpitations. This is a warrior’s keen sense of danger!
Gao Qian didn’t have any seizures and didn’t do anything. He nodded slightly to the bloody hands, with a very polite and polite attitude, “You’re right, family and friends are more important. It’s me who acted recklessly.”

He bowed to the long-haired face covered in blood nodded: “sorry, my friend is also helping me. I accidentally hurt you, I will accompany you. I’m sorry.”

The long-haired face Proud, he ignored Gao Qian when he twitched his lips.

Gao Qian didn’t care, he said to the bloody hand again: “The tens of thousands of dollars will be used as medical expenses for this brother. I wonder what you think?”

The bloody hand It’s also a little surprising, this kid is really well-behaved and sensible, but he’s much better than the angry big man.

He didn’t really want to do anything to Gao Qian, after all, the other party also had an identity.

Since the other party is so sensible, there is no need for him to do things absolutely.

Bloody hand laughed: “brother, you understand the truth and the rules, then I will not embarrass you. Today we also know each other, you can find me in the future.”

Gao Qian said with a slight smile: “It’s my honor to meet you. I’ll have a good chat with you when I get the chance.”

Xueshou was very satisfied and left with a group of younger brothers, Gao Qian politely They were sent out the door.

When Gao Qian came back, Chu Huijun couldn’t help but ask: “Master, let them go now?”

Gao Qian comforted Chu Huijun: “Don’t be with this kind of person. If you step on him, you will get yourself dirty. I’ll handle it, you don’t need to worry about it.”

Chu Huijun didn’t quite understand what Gao Qian meant, whether he cared about his family or the gang. behind the forces.

Gao Qian didn’t explain much: “Please send the little friend back, and I’ll chat with An Yuan.”

After all, Chu Huijun and Gao Qian are not that familiar with each other, although they are very familiar with each other. It’s suffocating, but it’s not easy to make decisions for Gao Qian.

This kind of local gang is really troublesome. She wasn’t sure that she would be able to solve the matter completely.

She thought for a while but didn’t say anything, and drove away with Zhao Peng.

Waiting for Chu Huijun to leave, An Yuan angrily overturned the table, “What the hell, I have never experienced this kind of pent-up frustration. You dare to threaten us, damn it, damn it! “

An Yuan said to Gao Qian again with a face full of shame: “Brother, it’s all because of me that I’m not good enough. If things didn’t work out, you also get angry.”

” We brother, it’s too outrageous to say these things. You’re not all for me.”

Gao Qian also sighed, thinking that the Linhai gang was very arrogant, didn’t expect Liao’an’s gang to be even more arrogant .

They didn’t have access to gangs before, so they didn’t feel it. All of Anyuan’s contacts were also small bastards, and had no experience working with big gangs.

“Damn it, when I get promoted, I will pull them up by the roots.”

An Yuan is ruthless, although he is often frustrated, he has never experienced such a strong setback feel.

He drank a lot of alcohol again, and his emotions were very excited and difficult to control.

“Fuck him, I’m really useless!”

As he spoke, An Yuan’s eyes were red. This kind of humiliation, he will remember it for a lifetime!

Seeing that An Yuan’s emotions became more intense, Gao Qian suddenly reached out and pointed at An Yuan’s eyebrows.

A trace of source power pierces directly into the depths of An Yuan’s forehead like an electric light. An Yuan’s emotions are agitated, and the source power in his body can’t help but rippling with his emotions.

This trace of electro-optical stimulation suddenly illuminated An Yuan’s mind.

In a flash, Anyuan’s source power instinct gathers and condenses with electric light as the center.

In the blink of an eye, a deep blue seven-pointed Source Star took shape, illuminating the dark spiritual world of Anyuan.

Under the guidance of this deep blue Source Star, the endless source power in the void gathers and flows in an orderly manner towards Anyuan’s body.

An Yuan closed his eyes and felt the incomparably bright radiance of his Source Star and the powerful sense of power brought by the gathering of source power.

At this moment, An Yuan forgot everything just now, and he was completely immersed in the magnificent and magical source power world.

As for the humiliation and anger just now, they are all as small as dust here.

After an unknown amount of time, An Yuan suddenly opened his eyes. He stretched out a finger, and on his finger, a ray of dark blue rays of light shone like a flame.

An Yuan stared blankly at this ray of flame, and he asked Gao Qian: “I ignited the Source Star?”

“Congratulations.” Gao Qian smiled and congratulated .

“It’s so easy?”

An Yuan was a little unbelievable, but extremely happy.

He can sense the existence of Source Star, and can release source power, which proves that he has become a real Source Master!

β€œYou have been cultivating for many years, and you have accumulated enough. Just now, your emotions were extremely intense, causing source power shocks, and with my guidance and stimulation, you succeeded.”

Gao Qian is very pleased. said: “Your source power rays of light are very pure. With a little cultivation, you will soon be able to advance to the Second Rank. In the future, you will have boundless prospects!”

“Really?” Suspected, he turned and said happily: “Even the First Rank Source Master is also very strong!”

“The source power concentration of the world is gradually becoming stronger, you are good luck, just stepping on the point. This The step is very good.”

In fact, this is mainly due to his good guidance. An Yuan has accumulated more than ten years, but he has no way to ignite Source Star.

Gao Qian adopted the most correct guidance method at the most suitable time, allowing Anyuan to condense a near-perfect Source Star.

With the in-depth understanding of source power, Gao Qian found an important problem, that is, the Source Star ignited by the Source Master is of equal order.

From the moment Source Star is ignited, it is doomed how far this Source Master can go.

With a Source Master with a high-rank cultivator refining secret technique, the quality of the ignited Source Star will be relatively better and more complete.

Rely on innate talent luck to ignite Source Star’s Source Master, Source Star will have all kinds of flaws.

Therefore, even if the ordinary Source Master is full of innate talent, it is difficult for most of them to become a powerhouse.

One of the most important examples is Zhou Yuxiu, she ignited Source Star very early, but the quality of Source Star is very poor, which also limits her progress.

Until the blessing of Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel changes the quality of Zhou Yuxiu Source Star, she can only advance by leaps and bounds in source power cultivation. have a bright future.

Although Tang Hongying’s source power cultivation base is low, the quality of Source Star is much better than that of Zhou Yuxiu. With the blessing of Source Star with Jiuyang Wuji Sword, the quality of Source Star has been raised to the highest level.

With the experience of these two apostles, Gao Qian also has a unique understanding of igniting Source Star.

He helped An Yuan, his good friend, to condense a very high-quality Source Star.

Of course, the quality of Source Star also depends on individual innate talent.

Anyuan’s innate talent is actually very good, but because of the lack of cultivation, Source Star has not been ignited.

Judging from his condensed Source Star quality, it is no problem to work hard for fourth rank, and even fifth-rank is not impossible!
Now the world source power level is rapidly improving, which means that there will be more and more Source Masters in the future!

The limit of fifth-rank will definitely be broken!
Of course, this all takes time.

Gao Qian asked Anyuan: “Are you still angry now?”

Anyuan wanted to be angry, but he is very good now, so he is angry because he does not raise.

He sighed helplessly: “It’s so cool, the anger is gone.”


Gao Qian laughed, “It’s just some mad dogs, If you look at him one more time, you will lose.”

He patted An Yuan’s shoulder: “Go home and rest well. I will help you out in two days.”

An Yuan is no longer interested in bloody hands now, he is more concerned about source power cultivation, he is a little embarrassed to ask: “What should I do next?”

He does nothing in source power cultivation Understand, he doesn’t trust others now, he just trusts Gao Qian.

“Don’t worry, stay stable for two days. Don’t deliberately cultivate.”

Gao Qian said: “Wait for me to ask, help you find a high-level source power cultivation method. .”

He has “Leiyin Breathing Technique” in his hand, which is passed down by Shen Zhengjun. However, this is something of the Shen Family, and Shen Zhengjun also said it, and told him not to spread it.

No matter how good his relationship with An Yuan is, he cannot teach this “Leiyin Breathing Technique” privately.

Even if he is not afraid of losing his trust, it will be a big trouble for Shen Family people to see that Anyuan will know Leiyin Breathing Technique.

He had to ask Shen Zhengjun for instructions on this matter.

If that doesn’t work, find a way. High-level source power cultivation Secret art, although precious, can always be found.

While inspecting the Academy, An Yuan really regarded him as a brother.

Gao Qian has the ability now, and of course he will try his best to help An Yuan.

“You go home first, have a good rest, don’t ask anyone to show off, and wait for my news.”

“I’ll drive you back.” An Yuan saw Chu Huijun leaving , Gao Qian doesn’t have a car, so it’s inconvenient so late.

“No, Instructor Chu will come to pick me up.”

An Yuan asked a little puzzled: “What is the relationship between the two of you, I think Sister Chu is very interested in you. , don’t you really sleep with her?”

“You think too much.”

Gao Qian said righteously, “I’m not that kind of person. We are related. Very pure!”

“I don’t know you yet, you are serious on the surface, but you are full of coquettish bones…”

An Yuan only ignited Source Star, and was in the mood to joke with Gao Qian .

Gao Qian also sent Anyuan away. He finally went to settle the bill. Of course, he had to pay for the tableware that was overturned and broken.

The Boss is also a real person. He said that he often comes to eat, and the tableware and other items are worthless, so there is no need to pay.

Gao Qian still gave him an extra 100 yuan, and it was a mess.

After coming out of the hot pot restaurant, Gao Qian saw a few people in black trench coats gathered around.

He could clearly see the Source Armor luster inside the black trench coat under the light of the shiny plaque on the door of the hot pot restaurant.

All four were wearing dark blue breastplates, two had crossed knives, and two had pistols.

“Gao Qian, come with us.”

The black clothed person in the lead said: “You’d better cooperate. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being rude.”

After following Gao Qian all night, I finally waited until Gao Qian was single. The group was also a little impatient.

Furthermore, they could see clearly that Gao Qian was wearing a slim fit suit and had nowhere to wear Source Armor.

A Source Master without Source Armor is not much better than an ordinary person!

Gao Qian did not resist, he nodded: “Okay, I will cooperate fully.”

Seeing Gao Qian’s cooperation, several Source Masters were a little surprised. Qian is said to be very good at doing things, how can he be so well-behaved?

Several Source Masters were also more cautious. They surrounded Gao Qian from front to back, left and right, surrounded him and turned into a remote alley next to him.

It was past eight o’clock in the evening, the night was dark, the wind was cold, and little snowflakes fell from the ink-like air.

Every house in the hutong is closed, no silhouette is seen, and no sound is heard.

The sound of vehicles whizzing by on the street not far away can be heard clearly in the alley.

Several Source Masters held Gao Qian hostage and walked to the depths of the alley. A back wall blocked the alley and blocked several people.

One of the Source Masters pulled out the horizontal sword, and he said to Gao Qian indifferently: “If you have any last words, just say it.”

The other Source Masters also used their weapons to fight Gao Qian was approved to prevent Gao Qian from desperately resisting.

Gao Qian asked in a puzzled way: “Everyone, we’ve never met before, why did you kill me?”

The Source Master took the knife and snorted disdainfully, “I’ll let you understand, If you offend Young Master Xi, you must die.”

β€œMr. Wang Yunxi?” When Gao Qian heard Young Master Xi, there was only Wang Yunxi.

Only Wang Yunxi would have trouble with him. Only Wang Yunxi could find a few fully armed Second Rank Source Masters at will to kill him.

Well, this guy with a knife is even a third rank Source Master! The other party looks up to him very much!
“That’s right, it’s Young Master Xi. If you have any grievances, go to the King of Hell and tell him.”

The Source Master with a knife is dedicated to doing dirty work for the Wang Family, killing is for him Just work, not even any mood swings.

He said to Gao Qian: “I know you have some ability, but if you don’t even have Source Armor, don’t resist. I will give you a decent way to die and leave a whole corpse.”

“Sorry.” Gao Qian sincerely apologized to the Source Master who took the knife.

The Source Master with the knife didn’t quite understand what Gao Qian meant. He thought that Gao Qian was going to resist desperately, so he slashed without the slightest hesitation.

Since Gao Qian is ignorant of fun, there is nothing decent!

Xue Liang slashed fiercely with the horizontal sword, directly slashing Gao Qian’s neck.

The third rank Source Master said it was easy, but in fact he was always vigilant.

After all, it is said that Gao Qian is a man who turned upside down the Heaven and Earth by Lin Hai.

When he started, he used all his strength. The source power ran through the Source Star between the eyebrows, inspiring the whole body Source Armor.

The gleaming luster of the deep blue Source Armor has penetrated the black trench coat, making it very eye-catching in the dark alley.

The source power and the stimulated Source Armor have established a close connection with the bones and muscles of the Source Master, which can magnify the musculoskeletal strength many times.

At this time, the metal Source Armor not only has a strong protective effect, but also becomes a body power amplifier, enhancing all aspects of the Source Master’s attributes in an all-round way.

Power, speed, reaction, under the blessing of Source Armor, Source Master has reached a level far beyond the limit of the ordinary person.

Not only the third rank Source Master, but the other three Second Rank Source Masters are also running source power at the same time.

Although Gao Qian doesn’t have Source Armor, as professional killers, they won’t be careless. They are all ready to go!
However, Gao Qian doesn’t have a Source Armor after all, so he can’t make any tricks no matter what. Although everyone was cautious, they were not nervous.

Gao Qian seems to give up resistance, motionless.

The swift horizontal knife provoked by the third rank Source Master releases strong dark blue rays of light, which are impeccable in terms of speed, strength and angle.

There is no doubt that this blade will decapitate Gao Qian, leaving a smooth bevel on his neck.

When the third rank Source Master thought this blade was stable, Gao Qian suddenly moved.

Gao Qian stretched out his hand to lightly waved on the swiftly slashing horizontal sword.

The horizontal knife deflected upwards uncontrollably and passed over Gao Qian’s head. The
third rank Source Master was shocked, but Gao Qian shot too fast, and it was too late for him to react.

It’s not that easy to use the wrong power with a ferocious and sharp sword.

Fortunately, he has Source Armor and a third rank source power field. Even if Gao Qian is holding a heavy machine gun, he can’t be hurt.

The third rank Source Master was comforting himself, and Gao Qian had put his palm on his face.

The deep blue is the silent rupture of the source power field, and the surprised face of the third rank Source Master collapsed and twisted instantly, and finally exploded into silent fragments with a bang.

The fully armed third rank Source Master was blasted in the head by Gao Qian casually.

Gao Qian grabbed the horizontal knife from the man’s hand, he sighed lightly to the headless body and then said: “It’s a little shameful to have no head, please forgive me.”

The headless body “chi chi” was spewing blood and seemed to laugh at Gao Qian’s hypocrisy.

The other three Second Rank Source Masters were terrified, and all three were unable to respond immediately.

It is Gao Qian’s counterattack too fast, and the murder method is extremely vicious. Everyone could only watch as the leader was killed.

Gao Qian held the horizontal knife and flicked the blade lightly. The sound of the knife was low, showing that the knife was thick and sturdy, and it was indeed a good knife.

Gao Qian said to the three Source Masters: “I am the most reasonable person. You gave me time to say your last words just now. Now, if you have any last words, just say it.”

He paused and then said, “I still have things to do, so don’t make your last words too long.”

The three Source Masters were in no mood to say their last words. chance.

Gao Qian also felt a little boring when he saw that the three of them didn’t mean to speak.

“Since you don’t speak, please go on your way.”

Gao Qian said that he was attacking with a knife. Three Source Masters responded at the same time, and two Source Masters responded. Shots are fired, another Source Master swings a knife.

But Gao Qian just moved his shoulders slightly, but he didn’t move in the opposite direction. He wiped the horizontal knife in his hand, and the head of the Source Master holding the weapon flew up along with the blade.

Two Source Masters were left, and they fired wildly at Gao Qian with their pistols.

β€œpeng~ peng~ peng~  …”

The gunfire shone uncertainly in the dark alley, and Gao Qian’s silhouette was also erratic in the swaying light and shadow.

A second later, the gunfire stopped abruptly.

Two Source Masters took guns, one of them was split in half diagonally, and the other was split in half vertically.

Chu Huijun, who was watching the battle at Hutongkou, only had a rough look, but many details were unclear.

The battle is over too soon!

In the blink of an eye, the four Source Masters lay dead on the spot.

Chu Huijun didn’t care about the corpses, her eyes were on Gao Qian.

The depths of the alley are very dark, and I can barely see the silhouette of Gao Qian, but the white shirt on his body is very conspicuous.

What is more conspicuous is Gao Qian’s extremely bright black eyes. Chu Huijun always feels that these bright eyes are so cold and imposing, with a majesty that overwhelms everything.

This is far from being polite and gentle in the restaurant just now!

Chu Huijun wanted to turn her head and run away. Gao Qian was too terrifying in this state.

But she knew very well in her heart that with Gao Qian’s strength, she would fall to the ground if she couldn’t run ten meters.

Chu Huijun breathed deeply, she told herself to calm down in her heart, she also tried her best to control her breathing to adjust her emotions, and walked to Gao Qian step by step.

She said to Gao Qian as casually as possible: “Master, I will help you deal with these corpses…”

Gao Qian laughed at Chu Huijun, her white and neat teeth were Even a little dazzling in the dark.

Chu Huijun’s heart sank when she laughed, but she could only try to squeeze out a smile on her face, but she couldn’t help clenching her fist with Source Armor’s hand.

β€œNo one knows what I did to clean up the corpse.”

Gao Qian said to Chu Huijun: β€œHuijun, you definitely won’t tell outsiders, right? “

“You are my Master, one day as a master and a father for life! I will never betray you!” Chu Huijun repeatedly nodded, and now she can’t wait to chop two knives on the corpse to show her loyalty!
(End of this chapter)

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