This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 124


Chapter 124 act wilfully
Chu Huijun has a sturdy and straightforward personality, and she acts like a girl .

This will become obedient, even a little soft.

Gao Qian is a little funny, but the girl’s first priority is to be gentle!

β€œLet’s go.”

Gao Qian threw the knife away, the knife was good, but only good.


Chu Huijun hesitated to remind Gao Qian: β€œFingerprints will be left on the knife.”

She could see clearly, Gao Qian Qian has nothing in his hands. If he cuts people with a knife, he will definitely leave marks on the handle of the knife.

Now trace exploration is very difficult to deal with, and individual DNA can be easily extracted from the handle. In this way, Gao Qian’s identity can be precisely locked.

β€œIt’s fine.”

Gao Qian has no fingerprints on her hands, nor any personal characteristics like sweat.

Chu Huijun didn’t say much when she saw that Gao Qian was so confident.

The two returned to the car, Chu Huijun looked towards Gao Qian with a look of asking for instructions on her face.

“Please take me back to the Academy dormitory.”

Hearing Gao Qian’s words, Chu Huijun was surprised and killed four Source Masters. Gao Qian was about to return. Sleeping at home?

Is it really worth it?

Even if she doesn’t say it, there must be someone behind the Source Masters, so the messenger doesn’t matter?
Chu Huijun was full of doubts, but she didn’t dare to ask more.

She didn’t really see the battle just now. However, she saw that several Source Masters were the worst in Second Rank, and one person may even have reached the third rank level.

The most terrifying thing is that Gao Qian killed the strongest Source Master with his bare hands. It was just one move, and the Source Master’s head exploded.

As for the Source Masters that Gao Qian subsequently killed with a knife, Blade Technique is superb, but, after all, a knife was used.

Chu Huijun couldn’t figure it out, Gao Qian had no Source Armor on him, so what kind of move did he use to kill the Source Master.

This upended her understanding of power and her perception of Source Master.

It’s just that she didn’t dare to ask more. Obviously, this is Gao Qian’s secret.

Even if she saw just a little bit, she felt uneasy.

Although Chu Huijun covers up well, the restless in the bones cannot be concealed.

Gao Qian thought it was normal, no matter how tough people were, they would be afraid of death. Especially when life and death are completely out of control, people will definitely be restless.

People who are not afraid of death are not normal people!

Gao Qian comforted Chu Huijun: “Don’t think too much, that group of people and I are personal grievances and won’t involve you. He made a mistake this time, and he tried his best to wipe his ass clean. , never had the guts to look for me.”

It was easy for Wang Yunxi to send a killer to kill him. But if he killed him and left a corpse all over the place, Wang Yunxi would be very troublesome.

What he has to do at this time is to throw the blame desperately, and it is impossible to jump out to find out the murderer.

Of course, this is impossible.

For a nobleman to take revenge, ten years are not too late. Wang Yunxi is in Liao’an and will fall into his hands sooner or later.

The situation is a bit complicated, and it has nothing to do with Chu Huijun, there is no need to tell her this.

Gao Qian changed the subject and said, “The last three cuts, I’m showing you an example. What do you think?”


Chu Huijun was a little dazed, she was so far away and so dim, she could see the silhouette shaking and the blade light shining, but she couldn’t see anything else clearly.

“Now Source Master relies on the protection of Source Armor, and they all rush to kill. Martial skills are too rough. I used the knife to make a few people make wrong judgments…”

Gao Qian thinks this discipline is quite reliable. On the other hand, it would be nice to have one more discipline. At least I can be a driver to help me with some things.

He didn’t explain theories to Chu Huijun. Most of the theories of swords and knives can’t be said to be wrong, and they are of little significance in actual combat.

Actual combat is to talk about specific details.

Gao Qian told Chu Huijun about the details of using the knife, how to operate the source power, how to chop faster, how to adjust the pace and so on.

After a battle with Chu Huijun, Gao Qian could see that this disciple was very fierce, that is, the martial skill was rough.

Although Chu Huijun is 30 years old, fortunately there is still spirituality in Blade Technique, and she has not gone the wrong way, laying a solid foundation.

When she has a deeper understanding of Blade Technique, she can still have some achievements in the future.

Chu Huijun was originally nervous, but with Gao Qian’s explanation, she gradually became fascinated.

What Gao Qian said is actually very simple, just some practical skills.

Chu Huijun can do some of these skills, but it is not so clear, and it is not so specific.

Chu Huijun has a feeling of suddenly seeing the whole thing in a clear light, um, very serious.

She wished she could just take a knife and find someone to practice against, to test her own experience.

Arriving downstairs in the dormitory, Chu Huijun got out of the car and watched Gao Qian go upstairs, her face full of reluctance.

Seriously, she wished she could accompany Gao Qian home. It doesn’t matter if you sleep with it.

After sleeping with me, I will definitely learn a stronger Blade Technique from Gao Qian. Besides, Gao Qian is so handsome, young, and strong, and sleeping with him is an advantage!
Chu Huijun watched eagerly, hoping that Gao Qian would look back or give her some hints.

Unfortunately, Gao Qian went upstairs without looking back.

Chu Huijun sighed and said with a little regret, she felt that she was still quite popular, especially with this hot body, how could any man not like it?
However, this cheap Master is really not an ordinary person.

A few little gangsters, he can keep his head down. Encountered a few Source Masters but shot and killed them without the slightest hesitation, and then walked away in a dashing manner, not even dealing with the scene!
Chu Huijun now understands a little bit, Gao Qian smiles mildly, humble and polite, he in the bones is a man-eating tiger!
Gao Qian did not kill a few gang members because they were too weak to be worth his while.

Several Source Masters threatened him, so they killed him on the spot without showing any mercy.

Of course, those gang members didn’t end well!
But she still didn’t understand, why Gao Qian didn’t deal with the scene, was it out of fear, or did she have other ideas?

Liao’an is very big, and there are many Source Masters. However, the fact that four Source Masters are dead on the street is no small matter.

Chu Huijun left with a lot of confusion.

Gao Qian just entered the door, and Sister Lan greeted her. She had been waiting for Gao Qian.

Sister Lan helped Gao Qian take off his clothes and waited on him to wash before leaving.

Gao Qian changed into clean and soft pajamas. He lay lazily on the bed for a while before picking up the phone and dialing Shen Zhengjun’s number.

This is Shen Zhengjun’s personal phone call, Gao Qian just hopes that the old man won’t sleep.

“Sir, it’s me, Gao Qian.”

“Well,” Shen Zhengjun was obviously still awake, his tone was calm.

“Wang Yunxi sent people to kill me, and I killed them all.”

Gao Qian said, “It was a trivial matter, but I felt the need to tell you.”

“A fool.”

Shen Zhengjun pondered for a while and said, “This matter can’t be ignored, I’ll go talk to Wang Family.”

Gao Qian was transferred to Liao’an by him, and he arranged the work. Even a fool knows that Gao Qian is his person.

Just sending someone to kill Gao Qian would be hitting him in the face of Shen Zhengjun.

Shen Zhengjun certainly understood what Gao Qian meant, and he had to give Gao Qian a head on this matter.

Not only to appease Gao Qian, but also to let everyone know that Shen Zhengjun’s people can’t be touched!

Gao Qian asked again: “Sir, do you know the Blood Sword Gang?”


Shen Zhengjun smiled, “You can do whatever you want. Go get it done. In Liao’an, all gangs are nothing but toilets. That’s all.”

“I see.”

Gao Qian said, “Tomorrow in Bei’an District, I want to join the case.”

“Okay, let Shen You help you.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Good night.”

β€œGood night sir.”

Gao Qian entered the Grand One Palace, Tang Hongying and Zhou Yuxiu were both there.

The two came together to say hello to Gao Qian. Tang Hongying enthusiastically pulled Gao Qian and kept talking.

Zhou Yuxiu listened quietly. She thought it was fine.

She will feel depressed if she is left alone with the teacher. With Tang Hongying around, the atmosphere will be very lively.

With Ling’er talking to her from time to time, the atmosphere is laid-back and relaxed, even a family reunion.

Finally, Gao Qian asked the two about their homework as usual, and gave them some pointers.

It is mainly the guidance on source power and martial skill.

Zhou Yuxiu cherishes this very much. Teacher doesn’t say much, but he can point directly to the essence.

A word from the teacher is better than months of hard work.

As for those teachers in Academy, the gap between them and Taiyi teacher is too big!

Zhou Yuxiu is not looking down on Academy teachers now, their level is not enough to teach her anything.

It’s just that her cultivation speed is too slow, and she can’t be as good as Junior Sister. Facing the teacher, she always feels a little ashamed.

After the teacher left, mysterious and secretive Tang Hongying found Zhou Yuxiu, “Senior Sister, how is your recent cultivation?”

Zhou Yuxiu was a little puzzled, “It’s alright, very stable. !”

Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel, four hours of cultivation every day can raise a little cultivation base. However, this cultivation method has limitations. No matter how long you meditate every day, you can increase it a little at most.

So, the cultivation progress is very stable.

She has no source of income now, so she can only wait to see how to make money as soon as possible after graduation.

Zhou Yuxiu thinks it may take ten years for her to reach the third realm.

Tang Hongying nodded with the same feeling: “Yes, this kind of cultivation is too stable!”

She added: “The teacher is very concerned about Senior Sister’s cultivation base, and Senior Sister wants to Come on!”

Zhou Yuxiu really wanted to give Tang Hongying a blank look, no matter how she said it, it sounded like a sarcasm.

Fortunately, the two have been together for a few months, and she has a good understanding of Tang Hongying’s character. Knowing that this bright and beautiful girl is kind and generous, she may sometimes be careless when she speaks, but she has no bad intentions.

“I will do my best.” Zhou Yuxiu also encouraged himself.

Tang Hongying held a small fist at Zhou Yuxiu, she said seriously, “I will also help Senior Sister!”

Zhou Yuxiu laughed, Tang Hongying was still very funny and funny Yes, this is a worthy friend!

Ling’er noticed the little episode, but didn’t care. It’s normal for the two girls to whisper and cheer each other on.

It’s not even worth talking to Gao Qian about such a trivial matter.

On the second day, Gao Qian received a call from Shen You before he had breakfast.

“Gao Qian, you are shaking now, you can let me do things for you!”

Shen You speaks very aggressively, but her tone is sweet with a girl’s sweetness. It sounds more like flirting.

Gao Qian said, “I don’t dare, I’m all helping Chief Shen.”


Shen You didn’t quite believe it. It’s just that Shen Zhengjun asked her to help Gao Qian deal with the problem, and she didn’t dare to be petty.

“Across from the Big Copper Pot Restaurant on Shuanglin Street, Bei’an District, come here quickly. I’ll be waiting for you…”

Shen You glanced at the bloody corpse on the ground, she Disgusting went a little further.

The winter in Liao’an is very cold, and after one night, the corpses are frozen hard. Including those scattered blood and various body parts.

That’s it, several Source Masters died tragically, but they were still very impactful.

A group of inspectors and members of the special affairs bureau are taking pictures and recording the scene and investigating traces.

It’s been too long, and there’s a little snow in the evening. In fact, it’s hard to find useful clues.

Shen You didn’t care about it either. Shen Zhengjun had already told her that these people were killed by Gao Qian.

For this reason, Shen You deliberately checked the wounds of several dead Source Masters. She found that the rank of the Source Master is not low, and there is a Source Master that looks like a third rank Source Master.

The four Source Masters ambushed Gao Qian, but were all killed by Gao Qian? !

Shen You thought it was outrageous, but she couldn’t believe it. Because Gao Qian killed several extremely powerful third rank Source Masters in Baiyin Lake.

Including the famous Jagged Sword Andrew!
Because the mission team was almost wiped out, only a few people such as Shen Zhengjun and Yang Mingxiu knew about it.

Liao’an, probably few people know that Gao Qian is so tyrannical!
Shen You was a little unconvinced. When she was in Lin Hai, Gao Qian was obviously not as good as her. How could she become so strong in a few days!
About half an hour later, Gao Qian arrived in a pegasus off-road vehicle.

The driver is naturally Chu Huijun.

Returning to the murder scene, Chu Huijun’s face was calm, but her heart was somewhat uncomfortable.

Although she didn’t do anything last night, she could be considered an accomplice now.

What’s the matter, is it really good to stand here like this?
Fortunately, the inspection of the scene has been completed, and the body has been put away, ready to be taken back to the forensic examination.

Shen You saw Gao Qian, she beckoned to Gao Qian: “Gao Qian, here it is!”

Gao Qian actually saw her long ago, wearing emerald green Source Armor, wearing a long knife on the waist, although petite, is still very eye-catching in the crowd.

“Hello, Miss Shen, long time no see.” Gao Qian smiled and said hello, but Shen You twitched his lips, “To be a bull and a horse, what a fart!”

Everyone around was a little surprised. Shen You and Gao Qian spoke so casually, which showed that the relationship between the two was different.

Look at Gao Qian’s epaulette with silver double swords and two seven-pointed star shields, damn, Level 2 supervisor!
What’s up with this guy?
Everyone is in this business, and of course they know what a Level 2 supervisor stands for. You must know that Shen You is the direct descendant of the Shen Family and the third rank Source Master. He leads the action team by himself, but he is only a Level 1 supervisor.

Members of many action groups, when they look at Gao Qian, they are a little more awe-inspiring and curious.

No matter what the reason is to get into this position, it shows that Gao Qian is not simple.

The deputy director of the Inspection Bureau was also in awe of Gao Qian, and he formally took the initiative to introduce himself.

As the deputy director of the branch, he is very strong in his own area. But when it comes to the Special Affairs Bureau, the status is naturally one level. Besides, Gao Qian is Level 1 higher than him!
Among the many inspections, Anyuan was actually there. He saw that Gao Qian came to say hello, but found that the deputy director was well behaved like a good child. He was also very surprised. Damn it, this boy is really shaking!

Of course, An Yuan knew that Gao Qian had a high rank, but he didn’t have a direct impression of it.

It wasn’t until the always dignified deputy director in front of him showed a flattering smile to Gao Qian that he suddenly realized that this kid is really different!

The deputy director was polite, and Gao Qian was even more polite, and took the initiative to shake hands with each other.

Shen You watched coldly from the side, seeing the two of them being polite, she was a little impatient, “The Lord is here, just tell me if you have any rules.”

Only then did everyone understand that Gao Qian was actually here to take charge!
Chu Huijun standing behind Gao Qian feels absurd, Gao Qian just murdered someone, and turned around to be the murder director. With power, he can act wilfully!

She also suddenly understood, no wonder Gao Qian left after killing someone, and didn’t clean up the scene! People have this confidence!

As a side member of the Chu Family, although Chu Huijun has enjoyed privileges, she has never enjoyed the privileges of this level. She is really envious.

Gao Qian laughed to Shen You and the Deputy Director, “Then I’ll just say a little bit of my opinion. If there are any mistakes or omissions, please help me to add.”

Everyone smiled politely, No one is a fool, who dares to help the leaders to supplement!
Gao Qian said, “Actually, we ate at this restaurant last night…”

He pointed to Laoniu Datongguo Restaurant.

Chu Huijun looked a little weird on the side, what did Gao Qian mean, he confessed himself, this is too crazy, right?

Gao Qian waved to An Yuan who was standing beside him stupidly: “Just have dinner with An Yuan, and my colleagues around me. Let’s go together.”

Gao Qian called An Yuan over, and he formally introduced to Deputy Director Shen You: “My best friend An Yuan, please take care of everyone.”

The Deputy Director laughed out loud, ” An Yuan, he has strong ability and drive, and he is a good guy!”

He knew that An Yuan was An Pingyuan’s nephew, and usually gave him some face. It’s just that An Pingyuan and Gao Qian are far from each other.

Gao Qian’s official position doesn’t say how high he is, but at this age and status, who knows how big achievements he will have in the future. Who dares to offend such a person!
An Yuan couldn’t let go in front of his immediate leaders, so he smiled honestly.

Gao Qian changed the conversation: “We had dinner yesterday, and we met a group of Blood Knife Gang members here, armed with Source Armor privately, carrying weapons, and their whereabouts are mysterious.”

He paused. Slowly said: “I heard that this is the territory of the Blood Sabre Gang. There are people from the Blood Saber Gang who appear at the scene, and they must be involved in this matter…”

Chu Huijun and An Yuan are here. They all understood it, and both of them shouted in their hearts: “Fuck, this kid is so sinister!”

(end of this chapter)

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