This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 125


Chapter 125 We meet again
Gao Qian said the words “Blood Knife Gang”, Deputy Director And all the patrols are complexion changed.

The inspectors in Bei’an District all know the murderous name of the Blood Knife Gang! There are even many inspectors who have close contacts with the Blood Knife Gang.

β€œI heard that the Xue Dao Gang is brutal and kills the whole family at every turn. They have been doing evil in Bei’an District for many years, and no one dares to care.”

Gao Qian said in a serious tone: β€œLanglang, where is it? There is room for these rats to be arrogant. They dare to assassinate the Source Master, arrogant, arrogant and despotic.”

Gao Qian came up to characterize the Blood Knife Gang, and many inspectors did not dare to say a word.

The deputy director also lowered his head and remained silent. He didn’t know what kind of grudges Gao Qian had with the Blood Sword Gang, but Gao Qian’s attitude was obvious, that he wanted to rectify the Blood Sword Gang.

The deputy director of course knows the Blood Knife Gang. He and Blood Knife Gang Lord Blood Knife are still old friends.

At this time, the deputy director was thinking about what he should do. Gao Qian was aggressive, but is this Gao Qian going to beat the Blood Knife Gang or solve the Blood Knife Gang?
How much energy does Gao Qian have? Is this Gao Qian’s personal meaning, or Shen Family’s meaning?
The deputy director’s head was spinning wildly, trying to figure out Gao Qian’s intentions.

Blood Knife can flourish in Bei’an District. Of course, there are people behind him, and he has a great background.

The deputy director has been in the officialdom for several decades and is a smart guy. However, he really didn’t understand it.

Although the Blood Knife Gang is rampant, they won’t blatantly assassinate a few Source Masters. After killing them, they still don’t deal with the scene, which is even more impossible.

Besides, several fully armed Source Masters are not so easy to kill. The Blood Knife Gang did their best to kill these Source Masters.

A discerning person will know at a glance that the murderer is definitely an expert, and the means are very ruthless and arrogant!
Therefore, how to deal with this matter, how to stand in line, and how to grasp the proportions, is a big problem.

The deputy director didn’t want to offend Gao Qian, but he didn’t even want to offend the Blood Knife Gang. What he was most afraid of was that the Two Great Influences would do something, and the little fish and shrimp caught in the middle would be unlucky.

The deputy director complained in his heart, dammit, if I had known that I would not be able to pretend to be sick today.

Shen You rolled her eyes at Gao Qian. If you make trouble, make trouble and say so many high-sounding words.

She said: “The Blood Sword Gang didn’t open a Jinsheng company, just go there and ask them.”

Shen You smiled and looked at the Deputy Director: “We are here I’m not familiar with it, and the deputy director should lead the way.”

The deputy director complained in his heart, but he could only smile, β€œThat’s what it should be, it should be…”

The deputy director The director’s car led the way, and the action team led by Shen You followed behind.

Chu Huijun’s pegasus off-road vehicle is in the middle, because of its tall and luxurious model, it looks like the main car in the fleet, which is very stylish.

Shen You also got into the car, she touched the passenger seat curiously, tsk tsk exclaimed in her mouth, “It’s really a luxury car, and it has a beautiful driver, Gao Qian, it’s really good. !”

“This is my colleague, not the driver, and her car is also hers.”

Gao Qian explained slowly: “I’m all friends, come here to help me temporarily.”


An Yuan, who was sitting next to Gao Qian, grinned. Now he really doubts that Gao Qian and Chu Huijun have something.

Of course Shen You didn’t believe it either. She rolled her eyes and said to Chu Huijun, “This elder sister, you have to be careful about Gao Qian. This person is the most troublesome, and if you lie to my elder sister, don’t care. !”

She lowered her voice and whispered in Chu Huijun’s ear: “He is really scum.”

Chu Huijun coughed dryly: “Miss Shen misunderstood, Gao Qian is my Master. , we are master and disciple relationship.”


Shen You was greatly surprised, she looked back and forth between Gao Qian and Chu Huijun suspiciously, “Master and disciple relationship? Is it so exciting?”

Chu Huijun was a little speechless, she met Shen You for the first time, and this woman really spoke without any scruples, and she didn’t have the scale to joke.

This arrogant character is a bit annoying.

But Shen You was talking to herself there, and she couldn’t say much.

Gao Qian ignored Shen You, he said to Chu Huijun: “She is a child, she likes to make fun, don’t worry about it.”

Shen You can make fun, but Chu Huijun is not Little child, the two sides are not so familiar with each other, it is not suitable for such a joke.

“hmph…” Shen You felt a little boring, but she also knew that it was not a good thing to say, so she kept her mouth shut.

Gao Qian turned to He Anyuan and said, “Brother, you were angry yesterday, but today you are helping you out!”

“Take care of them and let them I know how powerful the grandfathers are!”

Speaking of this, Anyuan immediately became excited.

He will never forget the humiliation he suffered last night. Fortunately, Gao Qian helped him ignite the Source Star. The intense joy overwhelmed the humiliation, and he couldn’t sleep until last night.

That’s it, An Yuan gritted his teeth in hatred when he remembered how bloody hands were rampant.

Gao Qian smiled and didn’t speak. He couldn’t say harsh words, and there was no need to say harsh words.

The convoy arrived at the gate of Jinsheng Company, but was blocked by several sturdy men.

“What are you doing?” A big man stepped forward and asked, his attitude was very blunt.

The aggressive team made members of Bloodhand Gang feel threatened. Several big men have already held the pistols around their waists, ready to start at any time.

Even if there was an Inspection Bureau vehicle in front, they would not allow the
Deputy Commissioner to lower the window, “Is Mr. Kim there, we have something to call him.”

“Yes. Lin Bureau.”

Dahan knew the deputy director, and when he saw this, his expression became lighter, and he asked again: “What’s the matter with the Forest Bureau?”

If the deputy director came alone, there would be no need to ask. But Lin Dong brought the team aggressively over, so he had to ask clearly.

The deputy director is also a little unhappy, and a gatekeeper has so many things to do.

He said with a cold face, “I have something important.”

The big man wanted to ask again, and several of Shen You’s subordinates had already come over. They are all fully armed Source Armor, equipped with horizontal knives, pistols and other weapons.

Seeing a few Source Masters approaching, the big man became nervous, “What are you doing?”

Several Source Masters didn’t say anything, and slapped the big man’s face with a palm. On the top, half of the big man’s face was smashed, blood spurting from his mouth, and he passed out on the spot.

The other big guys were terrified, their eyes twinkling, they wanted to draw their guns but didn’t dare.

They knew very well that a pistol would not be able to deal with a fully armed Source Master.

A Source Master said, “Put down the gun and immediately kneel down.”

Several big men were still hesitating, but the Source Master of the action group had already fired.

peng~ peng~ peng~ In the low sound of gunshots, several big men were shot in both legs, lying on the ground screaming incessantly.

The Special Affairs Bureau Action Team has a tough style. When Shen You came, he made it clear that this time was to clean up the Blood Knife Gang.

Everyone is welcome to move their hands.

With such a tough and sturdy style, not only the members of the Blood Knife Gang were frightened, but the deputy director sitting in front also sank in his heart.

An Yuan, who was sitting next to Gao Qian, also widened his eyes. They were not so majestic and domineering when they inspected things.

Shooting if a word is wrong, this kind of resolute and ferocity is completely different from patrolling.

An Yuan is very envious, this is too tough, that’s how it should be!
Shen You could see An Yuan’s envy, “How is it, majestic, do you want to come and work with me?”

An Yuan’s heart skipped a beat, he glanced at Gao Qian, Gao Qian Shaking his head at An Yuan, the Special Affairs Bureau’s action team is majestic, but every time they work, they are desperate.

The opponent is either Source Master or Monster Race, which is too dangerous.

It is this danger that makes them very aggressive. Because of a little hesitation, one could die.

An Yuan probably also knew about the situation of the special affairs bureau, but Gao Qian disagreed, he could only force a smile and said: “I’m not good enough, wait for me to practice first…”

Shen You was a little unhappy: “You don’t want to give me a chance, don’t regret it later!”

After solving a few gatekeepers, a few members of the action team opened the iron gate, and the convoy entered the large hospital.

Jinsheng Company is actually very grand. The yard is two or three thousand square meters. The ground is all poured with cement, and many poplars are planted on both sides.

Dozens of cars of various types, parked on one side.

The main body is an eight-story high-rise building with blue glass exterior walls, which looks quite luxurious.

The sound of gunfire just now drew out more than a dozen big men, all of whom had guns in their hands, even assault rifles, shotguns and other weapons.

However, when a group of big men saw more than a dozen fully armed Source Masters approaching, they all had expressions of fear on their faces.

Although the blood knife gang is fierce, it is relative to the ordinary person. So they are not even afraid of patrolling.

But when they met Source Master, this group of big men would be a little cowardly.

The action team led by Shen You is doing the work of assaulting and killing people. They all raised their guns and shouted loudly for the first two Source Masters: “Put down the gun immediately, kneel on the ground, immediately,”

Seeing that the situation was not good, the Deputy Director also hurriedly shouted: “Put down the gun, put down the gun,”

Although these big men were afraid of Source Master, they were reluctant to let them put down their weapons.

The leader, Source Master, raised his hand and was about to shoot, a middle-age person walked out of the building quickly, he yelled: “Put down your guns!”

The middle age person was a stout figure, with several staggered scars on his face, and a black eye patch, which made him look very ferocious.

The big men put down their guns when they heard the order, and they slowly stepped aside.

A middle age person with one eye came over and smiled: “Everyone, everyone, you can tell me something, there is no need to use force.”

He said to the deputy director: “The Forestry Bureau , what do you mean?”

The deputy director said: “Mr. Jin, I have something to check with you, is Mr. Jin there?”

This one-eyed middle age person , is the younger brother of the blood knife, and has a nickname called the blood hook. The real name is Golden Light Sect.

Golden Light Sect is also relieved with the deputy director’s reminder. Since it is not here to sweep them, it can be discussed.

“Yes, yes, everyone, please come in.”

Golden Light Sect smiled and took the entire group upstairs.

The firearms thrown on the ground were all confiscated by the inspectors. It is illegal to own a gun privately unless you have a license.

These firearms can be held privately, but if they are taken out in public, they must be confiscated according to regulations.

There are people from the special affairs bureau, and the inspectors must also follow the rules.

Arriving at the Conference Hall on the fourth floor, the blood knife golden light ancestor was already waiting for them at the door.

The golden light ancestor has strong features, he is tall and wears a very loose Tang suit, standing there really has several points of big man style.

Golden light Zu behaved politely and took the initiative to say hello. When he came up, he said, “My subordinates are ignorant. Don’t take offense, sirs. Please come in…”

The deputy director is very sensible Walking behind, Shen You also naturally stood behind Gao Qian.

Gao Qian was not polite and led the crowd into the Conference Hall.

The ancestor of golden light understood immediately that Gao Qian was the person in charge. It’s just that this one is too young, look at the epaulette again, Level 2 supervisor!

He couldn’t figure out what was going on, so he secretly glanced at the deputy director, who shook his head at Golden Light Zu, indicating that he didn’t know anything. It is also a signal to the golden light ancestors not to mess around.

The ancestor of golden light understood immediately, he smiled at Gao Qian: “This officer, I don’t know what to call him?”

“Gao Qian, noble noble, humble modest. “

Gao Qian politely shook hands with the golden light ancestor, “You are the ancestor of the golden light ancestor. We had a little skirmish just now because of our official duties. Please understand and cooperate.”

Golden light Zu saw that Gao Qian’s attitude was so modest and polite, and he had a little more affection for this youngster.

However, the fact that several of his subordinates were injured just now also proves that this person is not as talkative as he looks.

“It’s easy to talk, we are all law-abiding citizens, and we have the responsibility and obligation to cooperate with law enforcement.” The attitude was also very polite.

He couldn’t figure out the other party’s intention, but he believed that there was someone behind him, so he wasn’t too afraid of Gao Qian. The performance is also relatively calm.

“That’s right, there was a murder last night, and four Source Masters were killed. We suspect that several of Mr. Jin’s subordinates are suspected. Please call them over, and we have to conduct inquiries… …”

Gao Qian briefly explained the matter, and finally said the names of Bloody Hand and the others, “There are thirteen people in total, and none of them should be missing. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome.”

Golden light Zu probably understood, Gao Qian ran over with great fanfare, just to ask him for someone.

Although Bloody Hand is a Source Master, he can kill four fully armed Source Masters with his ability!

Obviously, the bloody hand has offended this guy…

Golden light Zu weighed a little and decided to call everyone over.

As long as you give Gao Qian an explanation and give him enough face, this matter can be over!

The ancestor of golden light had strong strength control over his subordinates. In less than an hour, the bloody hand brought a group of subordinates to the company.

As soon as the bloody hands entered the Conference Hall, he saw Gao Qian standing at the front, and he was slightly taken aback. Why is this kid here?

He has been on the rivers and lakes for so long, and when he sees everyone’s standing, he knows that this kid is standing in the main seat. Even his boss, Xue Dao, was standing beside him, and his attitude was a little respectful.

The bloody hand sank in his heart. He probably understood that this was to avenge him for what happened yesterday.

He regrets it a little bit, just for tens of thousands of dollars, he shouldn’t have threatened the other party yesterday!

Longhair also recognized Gao Qian, mainly because Gao Qian is too recognizable. I have seen his face once, and I can remember it in two years!
Longhair and the others are very disturbed.

Gao Qian smiled slightly at the bloody hand: “This big brother, we meet again…”

Gao Qian smiled politely, and his attitude was even more cordial and polite than yesterday. But the heart of the hand “ge-deng”, and the bald head suddenly became a layer of oil and sweat.

(end of this chapter)

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