This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 126


Chapter 126 Apologize
Gao Qian laughed at the bloody hand and felt guilty, but he didn’t know what to do good. He looked anxiously towards the boss, the blood knife, hoping that the boss could stand up and say a few words.

Seeing the bloody hands covered in sweat, Xue Dao was very disdainful in his heart. He was really useless waste, and he was scared to pee his pants before he did anything.

He coughed dryly: “Fifth, this Mister Gao is here to investigate a murder case, don’t be afraid and cooperate well.”

He paused and reminded: “Mister Gao and the others are all elites, and they will definitely enforce the law fairly and will not wrong a good person.”

These words are both for the bloody hands and for Gao Qian.

The meaning is very simple, so many of us are watching, don’t mess around!

The bloody hands understood, and he felt a lot more at ease. With the support of the boss, the other party should not be able to do anything to him.

After all, there are people behind them.

The bloody hand forced a smile and said to Gao Qian: “brother,”

He turned and felt that this address was a bit too casual and not respectful enough, so he hurriedly changed it again: “Gao, sir, yesterday I had eyes but fail to recognise Mount Tai, how offended. I apologize to you.”

He said boldly: “I will return the money to your relatives immediately. , double the amount and go back!”

Gao Qian smiled: “These private matters will be discussed later. We are talking about public affairs today.”

He also became serious as he spoke: “The murder case involving the murder of four Source Masters is at stake. Please cooperate with me.”

The bloody hand looked innocent: “Senior Senior, we are a nobody in the mixed society, how can we dare to touch it? Source Master, let alone the ability to kill Source Master.”

Chang Mao and the others also hurriedly expressed their position, “Sir, this has nothing to do with us…”

“You You can’t wrong people either…”

A group of people saw that Gao Qian didn’t respond, their shouting became louder, and their imposing manner became more and more adequate.

Gao Qian just watched quietly and didn’t stop him.

Although Shen You was a little impatient, but this time it was Gao Qian in charge, so she couldn’t take it easy, so she could only endure it.

It was too hard for the bloody knife to see it, he coughed dryly, and then the bloody hand suddenly came to his senses, he fiercely glared at Changmao and the others, and then everyone shut up.

Only then did Gao Qian say at a moderate pace to the blood knife golden light ancestor: “This blood hand big brother is right. With a group of them, they can’t kill those few Source Masters.”

The ancestor of golden light nodded with force: “The senior officer has a clear view.”

“Therefore, there must be many colleagues to help.”

Gao Qian is right to golden light Zu said: “Mr. Jin, there are suspects in your company. There is no other way but to bring you all back for interrogation.”

He also assured: “Mr. Jin, rest assured, we will not let one go A bad person will not wrong a good person.”

The golden light ancestor complexion greatly changed, this kid is unsatisfied, it’s not enough to trouble him, and he has to bring them all up and down?

Is this kid crazy?
Seeing Gao Qian’s serious look, the other party doesn’t seem to be frightening him.

The golden light ancestor looked at the fully armed Shen You and other Source Masters, but he didn’t dare to impudent after all.

Judging from the bloody conversation just now, this kid has offended Gao Qian, so the other party will take revenge for one reason.

“Sir Gao, wait a second, I’ll ask you clearly, and I’ll give you a satisfactory answer.”

Gao Qian is not in a hurry: “Okay, I’ll wait for you. “

The golden light ancestor called the bloody hand out of the Conference Hall, and he asked angrily: “How did you offend that brat?”

“It’s all trivial…”

The bloody hand recounted the conflict last night, and he finally said aggrieved: “I didn’t know he was so energetic, if he showed his identity earlier, I would definitely return the money to him, not to mention not. I will threaten him.”

The ancestor of golden light understood now, no wonder Gao Qian named him to look for the bloody hand, it turned out to be for this matter.

It’s really a small thing for them. Just didn’t expect Gao Qian to have such a solid background.

Second day find a reason to retaliate!
This time they were unlucky and kicked the iron plate. It really wasn’t that Gao Qian deliberately made trouble. That’s it!

Golden light Zu pondered for a while and said, “Gao Qian wants to get back his face, we will give him enough face. You will be a little wronged.”

Bloodhand asked a little uneasy : “Boss, what am I going to do?”

“It’s all the trouble for the long-haired guy. You break his legs and apologize to Gao Qian. This should be resolved. .”

The golden light Zu explained again: “You have to show your apology attitude, if you can’t, you will kneel down for him.”


The bloody hands are a little reluctant, the man has gold under his knees, and they are in the society, and they are most concerned about face.

He kneels, how will he mess around in the future.

“You want to die, don’t you? Several brothers were injured because of you.”

Golden light Zu was also angry, “This matter If you can’t settle it, I will kill you!”

Seeing that golden light Zu was really angry, the bloody hands immediately persuaded, “I kneel, I can’t kneel.”

The two of them agreed to return to the Conference Hall together.

The bloody hand knew what to do this time, he walked up to Gao Qian and bowed deeply: “Sir Gao, I was wrong yesterday, I apologize to you. I will definitely give you that too. A satisfactory explanation.”

He beckoned and called the long hair under his hand, and the long hair didn’t feel very good, and he trembled and walked in front of the bloody hand.

“Apologize to the senior officer.”

Chang Mao hurriedly bowed to Gao Qian: “I was wrong, I was wrong,”

When Chang Mao apologized, the bloody hand pulled out a pistol and shot peng peng at Chang Mao’s knee twice.

The bloody hand bowed to Gao Qian again: “Sir Gao, this is my explanation, are you satisfied?”

Gao Qian indifferently looked at the screaming and crying. Longhaired, “Blood-handed big brother, what do you mean?”

He looked towards golden light ancestor, “Mr. Jin, what’s this saying?”

golden light Zu immediately understood that Gao Qian was not satisfied with this. He fiercely looked towards Bloody Hands.

The bloody hands were helpless, he could only kneel on the ground with a thud, and Bang Bang Bang kowtowed three times to Gao Qian.

He used so much energy that there was blood on his forehead.

He shouted loudly: “Sir Gao, I made a mistake, I will kowtow to you and apologize!”

In the crowd, both An Yuan and Chu Huijun felt very happy. This bald head was rampant yesterday. Extremely, how is it now, not to kneel kowtow and admit your mistake.

The grandfather of golden light laughed at Gao Qian: “Sir Gao, our fifth child is a rude person and is ignorant, so don’t get to know him.”

Gao Qian Wei Wei Shaking his head: “Mr. Jin, what are you talking about is a business, what are you doing like this? Are we here to avenge our personal anger?” . This kid is not finished yet.

But the initiative is in the hands of Gao Qian. Gao Qian said that this matter is not over, then it is really not over.

No way, golden light Zu winked at the bloody hand standing straight and kneeled, signaling him to be ruthless.

Blood Hand was also full of anger at this meeting, he said coldly: “Senior Senior is not satisfied, okay, I will definitely satisfy you.”

He said and stood up, Raising a gun at the crying longhair is a shot.

With a bang, a blood flower exploded from the long-haired chest. His screams stopped abruptly.

The man twitched twice, and then lost his breath in a blink of an eye. Blood was pouring out of his heart, and blood on the concrete floor in a blink of an eye.

This scene also shocked both An Yuan and Chu Huijun.

These guys from the Blood Knife Gang are really brutal, and they kill their subordinates without blinking an eye.

Shen You and a group of Source Masters from the action group were also a little surprised: This bald head is quite cruel!
The bloody hands were even more frightened, all of them were ashen-faced.

The bloody hand killed Chang Mao with one shot, and the anger in his heart became even stronger. He turned his head to look at Gao Qian: “Sir, how is it?”

To the disappointment of Bloody Hand, Gao Qian’s expression was as calm as water, and it seemed that killing Changmao just now had no effect on him.

Gao Qian ignored the bloody hands, he looked at the golden light ancestor and said, “This is Mr. Jin’s sincerity?”

The golden light ancestor’s face was darkened, and he killed one. Dissatisfied, what does Gao Qian want to do?
However, these little bastards are of little value, and if you kill them, you will kill them.

The golden light Zu nodded the bloody hand, signaling him to continue.

Before the bloody hand came to walk under his hand, he said to one of his subordinates: “You are suffering, you offended the great character who should not be offended, don’t blame the big brother.”

This A group of bastards could hear that something was wrong. A kid just asked for mercy, and a bloody shot slammed into his heart. The boy fell down on the spot, his body twitched, and he soon lost his voice.

Blood Hand is the Source Master, Spear Art is very accurate, this distance is aimed at the key point, and the solution is very happy.

After the bloody hand killed this person, he looked towards Gao Qian, and Gao Qian’s expression was still so indifferent and calm.

This also made the bloody hand even more angry. He shot continuously, killing all his little brothers.

In the blink of an eye, the younger brother he brought was all dead.

An Yuan was dumbfounded, even though Chu Huijun came down from the battlefield, she was dumbfounded. This bloody hand is crazy!
It was Shen You who kept laughing at hehe, but there was no smile on his face. The expressions of many Source Masters also became serious.

The bloody hands had collapsed and his face was covered in blood, and his eyes were red.

He asked Gao Qian fiercely: “Sir Gao, are you satisfied now?!”

Gao Qian shook his head slightly: “Murder is a serious criminal offense. Brother, you have killed so many people, the consequences are very serious.”

He was so angry that he apologized to Gao Qian according to the rules of the rivers and lakes, but Gao Qian told him the criminal law here.

This kid is really not human!

The ancestors of golden light, including other members of the Blood Knife Gang, couldn’t see it. The bloody hands killed all the subordinates, isn’t it?

At this time, both An Yuan and Chu Huijun felt that it was almost the same.

An Yuan wanted to persuade Gao Qian, his anger was out, there was no need to do this.

The golden light Zu walked in front of Gao Qian, he said with a sullen face: “Sir Gao, killing people is no more than a nod, you are not satisfied, what do you think?”

“I don’t know what it means.”

Gao Qian looked into the eyes of the golden light ancestor and said indifferently: “Mr. Jin, your so-called apology is meaningless to me.”

” I’m here to perform official duties. All you have to do is cooperate.”

Golden light flushed with ancestral anger, he pointed at Gao Qian and shouted: “Don’t bully intolerably, we are Wang Family members.”

“In front of the national law, everyone is equal. No one can protect you.”

Gao Qian sincerely said to the golden light ancestor: “Mr. Jin, you still cooperate. work, otherwise, we can only use coercive measures.”

The golden light Zu understood this time, Gao Qian never planned to let them go from the beginning to the end. play!
“Draft it, I will kill you!”

He couldn’t hold back his bloody hands, he raised his gun and shot at Gao Qian.

The blood pistol was raised, the silhouette flickered, Gao Qian was already in front of the blood hand, he pushed aside the right hand pistol of the blood hand, and pressed the right hand pistol on the chest of the blood hand.

Although the Bloody Hand was wearing Source Armor on the right hand, a layer of source power field light white light rose from the body surface, but it was instantly collapsed under the palm of Gao Qian.

The palm force penetrated the bloody hand’s chest, crushing his ribs and numerous organs on the spot.

Pressed by the ferocious palm force, the bloody hand eyeballs bulged high, the capillaries all over the body almost exploded, and the whole person changed a color.

The bloody hand wasn’t dead for a while, and his deformed eyes could barely see Gao Qian, but the silhouette was already twisted and terrifying.

The voice of Gao Qian he heard in his ears also seemed so far away and empty: “Life is precious, family is precious and must be cherished, how good are the truths you told me, big brother, Why don’t you cherish it, it’s too impulsive…”

The bloody hand remembered in a daze, he seemed to have said these words to Gao Qian last night. didn’t expect Gao Qian to return it to him at this time.

The more he thought about it, the more angry he became. He spit a mouthful of blood, but his consciousness suddenly fell into endless darkness.

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