This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 127


Chapter 127 Always will come

Bloody hands and seven orifices bleed, fell on his back, and died on the spot .

Everyone in the Conference Hall could see clearly that the bloody hand was beaten to death by Gao Qian.

The key is that Gao Qian does not have a Source Armor on his body, but he does have a Source Armor on his body.

In this state, Gao Qian couldn’t catch the palm of his bloody hand! It can be seen how powerful Gao Qian is.

Shen You’s face also became serious. Everyone knows that a source master without armor is not much better than an ordinary person.

Only the Source Master above the fourth rank, the source power is tyrannical, and the battle strength can be maintained even without armor.

Gao Qian is obviously impossible to reach the fourth rank level. So how did he get this power?

Not only Shen You, but all the Source Masters at the scene were aware of this. They looked towards Gao Qian, their eyes full of shock and exploration.

What kind of magical source power does this man have to be so powerful in a state of no armor.

Even if it’s a blood knife, it can’t help but think about this issue.

The speed and strength that Gao Qian showed were stronger than the fully armed First Rank Source Master.

The blood knife turned and woke up again, now is not the time to think about it.

Gao Qian is a sinister and vicious person, forcing them to kill his subordinates, and he has no scruples to turn his face and kill.

It was clear that Gao Qian would never let them go.

Blood Knife figured this out, and he turned and ran without the slightest hesitation.

The rivers and lakes are sinister, and he wears a breastplate all day, so he wears a very wide Great Tang suit.

As a Second Rank Source Master, the golden light ancestor’s cultivation base is very strong. Years of fighting in the rivers and lakes have made him have a keen reaction far beyond that of ordinary Source Masters.

Because the time was too urgent, the golden light ancestor didn’t even call his younger brother to go with him.

So I don’t shout, because I’m afraid of disturbing others, and I’m also leaving the younger brother to block the opponent.

The ancestor of golden light knew the younger brother’s character, and his first reaction was to solve it.

The sudden escape of golden light Zu made the Source Master of the action team a little bit unresponsive.

Everyone didn’t expect, and the golden light ancestors just escaped.

Just as Shen You was about to shoot, Gao Qian had already passed by her and said, “borrow the blade to use.”

Before Shen You could answer, Gao Qian had already pulled out After she got out of her waist, the horizontal knife followed the raised hand, and the horizontal knife shot away like an electric light.

Golden light Zu heard the whistling of the sharp knives behind him, he wanted to dodge sideways, but the flying horizontal knives were too fast.

Before the golden light ancestor could react, the shining snow-colored blade light had penetrated the golden light ancestor and nailed him to the wall.

The ancestor of golden light still wanted to struggle, but this blade penetrated his heart, and his whole body twitched in pain when he moved, where is there any strength to struggle.

His limbs soon fell limply, but some muscles in his body were still twitching instinctively because of the severe pain.

The blood knife helped everyone to see clearly that their boss would not survive, and they were all extremely panicked.

Golden light ancestor’s younger brother Golden Light Sect eye shows the ominous light, “I fought with you!”

Golden Light Sect wears a pair of metal gauntlets on its left hand, Inspired by his source power, he found the half chi long black iron hook.

He screamed and rushed towards Gao Qian, as if he was desperate to perish together.

Before Gao Qian could act, the members of the action team moved.

Two action groups Source Master, one left and one right attack. The short hook in the hand of the golden light ancestor is too short, and his source power level is also poor.

Faced with two fully armed Source Masters, with less than three moves, a layer of light source power on his body was blasted and killed on the spot.

Other action team members also moved quickly to capture the Blood Knife Gang members. As long as there is a little resistance, kill it on the spot.

In the blink of an eye, all the members of the Blood Knife Gang in the conference hall were killed.

Shen You waved a small hand: “Everyone here is arrested, and the resisters are killed on the spot.”

The action team immediately scattered in groups of two.

The deputy director and other inspectors all looked like dirt. They know that the special affairs bureau is domineering, but this is the first time they have seen the prestige of the special affairs bureau.

It’s really not a word of nonsense. The people of the Blood Knife Gang don’t say resistance, as long as they hesitate a little, they will kill them on the spot, and they will never show mercy.

An Yuan was so excited to see that, such a domineering style was too much to his liking.

Of course, what shocked him the most today was his brother Gao Qian. He knew that Gao Qian was thoughtful, but he never knew that Gao Qian was so cruel. terrified him.

However, this is also for his evil spirits. How to think how happy!

Shen You looked at the golden light ancestor nailed to the wall, she said to Gao Qian with some disgust: “That guy died so ugly, it stained my knife. You take my knife Clean it up and return it to me.”

“It’s nature.”

Gao Qian walked to the golden light ancestor and pulled out the knife, and nailed the golden light ancestor to the wall. fell to the ground.

The ancestor of golden light wasn’t dead yet, he stared at Gao Qian, saying something in his mouth.

Looking at the mouth should be greeting the Gao Qian family.

Gao Qian squatted beside the golden light ancestor, he said slowly: “Mr. Jin, I understand your anger. To be honest, I was a little unhappy when I was threatened in person by the bloody big brother yesterday.

“However, people still need to be generous, learn to be tolerant and learn to forgive. I’m not angry at all now. Let him go over the little things in the past…”

golden light Zu became more and more angry, and the intense emotions also consumed the last bit of his life force.

Gao Qian Just as he was talking, he saw that the pupils of the ancestors of golden light were dilated, and the person had no breath.

He felt that he still had to praise, “If you say let it go, let it go, you are also a wise person. “

Chu Huijun and Shen You both stared at each other, Gao Qian spoke politely and politely, without a single swear word, but both women felt that the golden light ancestor was mad.

Shen You even came over to look at the corpse of Golden Light’s ancestor curiously, she tsk tsk sighed: “This person is not all split up and in pieces by you, he is really powerful! ”

Gao Qian stood up and shook the horizontal knife in his hand, buzzing high-frequency vibrations on the blade, sending all the remaining blood stains flying.

He politely held the knife and returned it to Shen You, “Yeah, Mr. Jin is not bad, very cooperative. “

Shen You glanced at the golden light ancestor again, she said with a little worry: “I’m really afraid that this guy will be brought back to life by you. “


Gao Qian gave Shen You a thumbs up, “Although this joke is old, it fits the occasion. Thumbs up for you. “

Shen You returned the horizontal sword to the sheath, and she muttered: “You are really perverted like this, and you have to be punished for killing people!” “

“I’m just being more reasonable.” “

“You are such a lovable guy…”

Shen You is not afraid of Gao Qian, she actually thinks Gao Qian is very interesting. Who can’t kill people? Killing people while being angry at the same time, this ability is not ordinary, it is very interesting.

She asked again: “You have been back to Liao’an for so long, and you don’t want to see my third sister? Did you have a new love? “

“I’m too busy with work, and I haven’t had time to get together with Whelan and the others.” It’s been a year. “

Gao Qian and Yang Yunjin have a relationship, so it’s not good to contact Shen Huilan and the others again, so as to avoid misunderstanding.

However, Shen Huilan and An Mingxia are both friends, so they can’t be ignored. Contact.

Shen You snorted, she doesn’t believe Gao Qian’s words. She heard that Gao Qian and Yang Yunjin of Yang Family are a little unclear.

It’s just this kind of private She can’t ask too much about things.

She turned and asked curiously, “You don’t wear Source Armor, why are you so powerful? “

“It’s a secret.” “

Before Gao Qian finished speaking, Shen You snorted, “Forget it.” “

Shen Youda is not angry either. This kind of secret that involves her own strength is impossible to tell others easily.

She understands this very well, but she is a little disappointed. .

“Good friends share secrets, though. “

Gao Qian said with a slight smile: “It’s actually very simple, I was born with a strong body, after activating the Source Star, part of the source power can be transformed into the body…”

After the Source Master ignites the Source Star, the stimulated source power will naturally strengthen the body. However, the strengthening effect varies from person to person.

Generally speaking, the source master of the strengthening department will get more strengthening of the body, Therefore, the body is far superior to the ordinary person in all aspects.

It’s just too exaggerated to be like Gao Qian, who is not a top Source Master in battle strength equivalent to First Rank in a state of armor.

Shen You Doubtful, “Really? “

Gao Qian is very sure: “I won’t lie to my good friend. Go back and ask Chief Shen, although it is rare for me to be in this situation, it is not uncommon! ”

Gao Qian dared to show his strength in public, and he has long thought of a reason.

In fact, Shen Zhengjun asked once, and he also agreed with Gao Qian’s explanation.

Because Gao Qian does not have a Source Armor or any special Divine Item hidden on his body. It’s just that his body is naturally domineering. This is the difference in aptitude, and there is no reason to say it.

Gao Qian and While Shen You was chatting, Deputy Director Lin Dong watched not knowing what to do.

Until now, Lin Dong didn’t understand that Gao Qian came here this time for the Blood Killer Gang.


The reason is very simple, because the bloody hand offended him last night.

Lin Dong looked at Gao Qian who was smiling, but his heart froze. Where did this guy come from? He’s here, he’s so vicious!
Gao Qian also noticed Lin Dong who was in a daze, he walked over a few steps and greeted: “Director Lin, you have to coordinate with the action team, and be sure to wipe out the blood knife help the senior management. Don’t have a fish that escaped the net . “

He said resolutely: “This group of people is extremely harmful, and even dares to publicly assassinate Source Master, and must be severely punished.” This matter must be completely resolved before the new year, and Director Lin is also requested to cooperate fully. “

Lin Dong understands, if he doesn’t cooperate well this time, he is likely to be unlucky.

Lin Dong is really scared after seeing Gao Qian’s methods. He hurriedly expressed his opinion : “I will definitely cooperate with all my strength to completely wipe out the Blood Sabre Gang that is the one that caused the disaster! “

Lin Dong hurried with people. He is very familiar with the Blood Knife Gang. To wipe out the Blood Knife Gang to ensure that there will be no future troubles, more people must be used.

Lin After Dong returned to the Inspection Bureau, he immediately reported the news to the Wang Family.

He couldn’t afford to offend Gao Qian, nor did he dare to offend the Wang Family.

The Blood Knife Gang must be destroyed. Yes, but this does not affect his tip-off to the Wang Family.

Gao Qian ignored Lin Dong, they arrested a lot of people from the Xuedao Gang, and after a little cross-examination, they asked the Xuedao Gang in detail. Clearly.

As a gang organization, the internal structure is very simple, that is, the blood knife has four Source Masters as the high-level, the others are middle-level and thugs.

There are hundreds of blood knife gangs in total. People, doing all kinds of illegal business, the main business is loan sharking.

The action team attacked everywhere and wiped out all the middle and high-level blood knife gang.

Leaving a financial man , to control the important assets of the Blood Knife Gang.

Most of the assets of the Blood Knife Gang are loaned money, and some industrial assets such as real estate are of high value, but are quite complicated.

Gao Qian and the others also found a safe, which contained hundreds of thousands of cash and twenty kilograms of gold.

Gao Qian discussed with Shen You: “These are mine, and the rest are yours. “

Shen You was a little surprised, “Aren’t you at a loss?” “

“It’s okay, I’m mainly out of breath.” Those assets are also difficult for me to deal with, which is very troublesome. “

Gao Qian said with a slight smile: “Miss Shen can’t work in vain. “

Shen You seems to be useless, but it’s not. With Shen You, it represents the Shen Family.

There is also the Wang Family behind the Blood Knife Gang, all of which must be carried by Shen Zhengjun. Shen Zhengjun It is reasonable to take the big head.

Of course Gao Qian wants to get enough money to upgrade as soon as possible, but he must always follow the rules.

Also, the blood knife is very troublesome to help these assets, and it can only be Only the Great Family can digest it. He just got a part of it, and he has no way to realize it.

Shen You nodded: “No wonder Second Uncle likes you, and he really knows how to do things! “

“I’ll leave the rest to you…”

Gao Qian left first with the gold in his hand. The follow-up was very troublesome and tedious, and he wasn’t interested in watching.

An Yuan didn’t leave, he led the team to sweep the Blood Knife Gang and did a great job.

Gao Qian threw ten gold bricks in his car, good brother, good friend, also Maintaining the relationship.

He takes so much money, and it is reasonable to say that he has little to do with An Yuan. However, it is too ugly for him to eat alone. An Yuan can’t say anything, and he feels uncomfortable.

Back to the Academy by car, Gao Qian gave Chu Huijun another gold brick. A kilogram of gold bricks is not really big, but worth a little over 100,000.

Chu Huijun was a little surprised, she Watching the fun all the way, didn’t expect to share money. She hurriedly refused, “Master, I can’t ask for this. ”

β€œEveryone has a share, this small amount of money is not worth being polite. “

“Thank you Master.” “Chu Huijun can’t refuse any more, so she can only accept it.

She is not less than 100,000 yuan, but Gao Qian’s small gesture still makes her feel very good, at least Gao Qian regards her as herself. People are generous.

Generous people are always liked.

Gao Qian returned to the dormitory with the gold, just happened to Lan Jie also came back from errands, and the two of them ate together Lunch.

After a few days of busywork, Sister Lan finally completed the transfer of the house. The house is also being remodeled.

The people introduced by Zhang Rong are a bit expensive, but their craftsmanship is not bad.
In the afternoon, Sister Lan went out to stare at the renovation of the house again. Gao Qian was lying at home, thinking about whether to go to work in the afternoon or just read a book at home.

I have to say, Director of the Training Department This job is really leisurely, I can go if I want, and I won’t go if I don’t want to. It has no effect on my normal work at all…

Gao Qian thought about it, and thought it was better to visit Er Gu and give the money to Er Gu by the way. Take it.

50,000 yuan, which is not a small amount for the second aunt’s family.

Before he could leave, Shen Zhengjun’s call arrived: “At three o’clock in the afternoon, go to Golden, Jin’an District. Dragon tea room, let’s chat with the Wang Family…”

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