This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 128


Chapter 128 treasure
Golden Dragon Tea Room, the name is very tacky, but the tea room has white walls and black tiles , There are small bridges and flowing water in the yard, rockery and green bamboo.

In particular, a living water walks around the courtyard. There are thousands of five-color koi in it, cruising back and forth, which is very interesting.

You must know that this is Liao’an, and the lowest temperature in winter can reach minus 20 degrees.

The Liaojiang River, which is several kilometers wide, is covered by ice. One can imagine how cold Liao’an is in winter.

The Golden Dragon’s tea room maintains running water, so to keep these koi alive, they must use floor heating.

The compound has thousands of square meters, and the floor heating is used 24 hours a day, which is really quite luxurious.

This luxury also makes this yard full of vitality, and in the dead and cold winter, it has the charm of spirituality.

Only at this point, it shows the high level.

Wearing traditional ancient costumes in the style of cheongsam, the beautiful figure is fully highlighted.

This kind of girl leads the way forward, which is also a kind of scenery in itself.

When he got there, Gao Qian discovered that there was only one elegant pavilion in the middle of the courtyard.

Shen Zhengjun was drinking tea in the pavilion. Opposite him sat a thin old man, wearing a black Tang suit, with sparse gray hair, and the whole person had the smell of a drooping old man.

There was a youngster standing beside the old man. Although he looked pleasing to the eye, he couldn’t hide the arrogance between his brows.

Although Gao Qian had never seen this youngster, he immediately guessed the identity of the other party: Wang Yunxi.

Hearing the footsteps, Wang Yunxi also looked up at the person, and he immediately guessed the identity of the other party.

Wang Yunxi was a little surprised. He heard many people say that Gao Qian was handsome and had a dignified appearance.

Only when he really saw Gao Qian did he realize how pertinent these eight words are.

As a man, he has to admit that Gao Qian looks really handsome!

It’s just that this guy is really hateful, not to mention killing the Source Master he sent, but also killing the Blood Knife Gang.

The Blood Knife Gang is used by the Wang Family to do dirty work. It looks unimportant, but it is indispensable.

Gao Qian did this all of a sudden, but the loss was ten times greater than the loss of several Source Masters.

Wang Yunxi thought of this, and her eyes looking towards Gao Qian became a little darker.

Gao Qian didn’t look at Wang Yunxi, he stepped into the pavilion, first raised his hand to salute Shen Zhengjun: “Sir.”

Shen Zhengjun nodded, he pointed to the skinny old man opposite: ” Wang Sian, Wang Lao, that is Wang Yunxi from the Wang Family.”

β€œHello Wang Lao, and hello Young Master Wang.”

Gao Qian nodded and said hello, with a polite and polite attitude. Just the right amount of enthusiasm.

Wang Yunxi didn’t understand, how could Gao Qian act so warmly and politely if nothing happened.

Is this kid fearless, or what?
Wang Sian looked up and down Gao Qian: “Sure enough, he is a talented person with extraordinary bearing. He really has the appearance of a hero. No wonder Lao Shen values you so much…”

Although Wang Sian praised him, he was old-fashioned. It looks uncomfortable to hear.

When he spoke, he was wearing a string of white jade bracelets. Twelve pieces of white jade are strung with black ropes, and the round white jade is engraved with the patterns of the zodiac.

The carving technique is very simple and the lines are simple. Because of playing for too long, the pattern on the white jade is a bit blurry.

Gao Qian saw the white jade bracelet in Wang Sian’s hand at a glance. He didn’t care about this kind of jewelry plaything. The problem was that Ling’er couldn’t wait to run out and reminded him loudly in his ear: “father , Look, that bracelet!”

Ling’er’s face was full of excitement, she pointed at the white jade bracelet in Wang Sian’s hand and shouted.

Gao Qian glanced at Shen Zhengjun and Wang Si’an with some worry, they didn’t have any strange colors, and obviously didn’t notice the existence of Ling’er.

It also relieved him.

If Ling’er was discovered by outsiders, he really didn’t know how to explain it!

Ling’er knew that Gao Qian couldn’t speak, she whispered in Gao Qian’s ear: “father, this bracelet can open the door of ‘Profound’! You must get it!”

Gao Qian’s expression remained unchanged, and he didn’t even look at the white jade bracelet.

The girl said it easily, the old man looked at the old man, but he was a fourth rank powerhouse!
fourth rank is still very valuable at this time.

Gao Qian killed Marovite, but it was a combination of various conditions. Moreover, being driven to a dead end, he can’t do it without trying his best.

In order to open the door of ‘Profound’, I will find a fourth rank powerhouse to work hard, he is not crazy!
Wang Sian didn’t know what Gao Qian was thinking. He said to Shen Zhengjun, “It’s not right for us to do it first. However, it’s not enough for you to kill someone, and you also helped to destroy the blood knife. It’s too much.”

“You provocate first, and then you will suffer the consequences.”

“Too much. Unacceptable.”

“I suggest stopping here.”

Wang Sian firmly rejected Shen Zhengjun’s proposal, “No, this kid must pay the price!”

Gao Qian discovered that the dialogue between the big bosses is so simple and unpretentious , Do not play in the fog, what to say.

Shen Zhengjun laughed: “Old Wang, you are so old, you are still angry. Why bother.”

“You must protect this kid?”

“Yes.” Shen Zhengjun’s answer was equally firm.

Wang Sian stared gloomily at Gao Qian, but Shen Zhengjun wanted to protect Gao Qian at all costs, which really surprised him.

He couldn’t help but have some doubts. Could this kid be Shen Zhengjun’s illegal child?
However, Gao Qian is too handsome. No matter in facial features or physique, he is too different from Shen Zhengjun, so he is unlikely to be Shen Zhengjun’s illegitimate child.

It doesn’t matter, just keep Gao Qian, what does Shen Zhengjun mean, look down on him, Wang Si’an?
Wang Sian said: “If you don’t agree, then follow the rules.”

The rules of Source Master are very simple. Since Shen Zhengjun won’t give in, let’s solve it.

Shen Zhengjun shook his head: “Old Wang, you Wang Family expert as clouds, how old is Gao Qian, to duel with you, it is not a death sentence.”

“This is not good, then No way, Shen Zhengjun, what do you want?”

Wang Sian was also angry, “Liao An hasn’t surnamed Shen yet, it’s not your turn to be the master!”

He pointed Shen Zhengjun shouted sharply: “You don’t agree to the duel, take responsibility for the consequences!”

The old man is really angry, his sparse gray hair is flying up under the agitation of source power, revealing a bright blockbuster scalp.

Gao Qian took the opportunity to look at the old man’s bracelet again. It would be great if the old man threw the bracelet in a fit of anger!

Ling’er also looked at the white jade bracelet eagerly, wishing he could grab it directly.

As for Wang Si’an’s fourth rank powerhouse imposing manner, Gao Qian didn’t really care.

Wang Si’an is far worse than the mysterious technique that Marovite urges.

Wang Sian noticed that Gao Qian was calm and calm, his old face was even more ugly, and this kid dared to pretend to be calm in front of him.

If it wasn’t for Shen Zhengjun, he could kill this kid with one finger!

Wang Sian got up and left when he saw that Shen Zhengjun didn’t speak.

Since Shen Zhengjun doesn’t want to give in, just wait and see.

Shen Zhengjun is also a little helpless. This old man can’t afford to play. If he loses, he will tear his face directly, which is too boring.

It seems that the Blood Knife Gang is really important to them.

Shen Zhengjun wanted to go down and raised his voice to Wang Sian’s back: “Duel is OK, you can’t wear Source Armor, only weapons are allowed.”

He knows that Gao Qian fleshy body is tyrannical, Blade Technique Absolutely. It is in Gao Qian’s best interest not to wear the full set of Source Armor.

Even if the Wang Family sends a Peak expert, it is enough for a fight!
Wang Sian stopped, he thought about it and said, “Okay, it’s a deal. At twelve noon on January 1st, we will be training the Academy fighting field, see you soon!”

said After that, Wang Sian took Wang Yunxi straight out of the yard. The old man never looked back and walked very casually.

Wang Yunxi glanced at Gao Qian twice, then followed the old man and left quickly.

The two got into the limousine, and Wang Yunxi asked inexplicably: “Fourth Master, why do you have to kill Gao Qian?”

“Gao Qian source power is pure, There is a rhythm between gestures. He is an expert, and he is still so young.”

Wang Sian shook his head: β€œNow that source power is becoming more and more active, someone with innate talent like Gao Qian may have a breakthrough that day. fourth rank. When the time comes, it becomes a scourge.”

“Just by Gao Qian?”

Wang Yunxi is a little bit in disbelief, the fourth rank powerhouse in Liao Prefecture is less than two Ten, you must know that Liao Prefecture has a population of more than 100 million.

This ratio is actually very terrifying.

Moreover, among so many fourth rank powerhouses, only one is of unorthodox origin. The others are Aristocratic Family inheritance.

With Gao Qian, having what skills and abilities can achieve the fourth rank powerhouse!
“You don’t understand.”

Wang Sian shook his head, this world source power is becoming more and more active, and there will be more and more Source Masters in the future.

The level of source power is low, so you need subtle source power techniques to progress. Source power is high-level, and you can master source power with a little innate talent.

The subtle source power mystery becomes less important.

The reason why the Aristocratic Family can hold power is because they have mastered the powerful source power secret technique.

Therefore, for the Aristocratic Family, the source power concentration of the world is getting higher and higher, which is great bad news.

After Wang Sian met Gao Qian, he immediately saw the inner essence of Gao Qian and his extraordinary abilities. He had an intuition that this youngster would have something to do in the future.

This is the enemy of the Wang Family and is closely related to Shen Zhengjun. If Gao Qian really grows up, it will be detrimental to the Wang Family.

It’s fine if he doesn’t see it. Now that he sees it, he must find a solution to this hidden danger.

Wang Yunxi asked again: “It’s not difficult to kill Gao Qian, just find an opportunity to start, why do you need a duel.”

He thought it was a big deal. For this reason, he even tore his face with Shen Zhengjun.

“Shen Zhengjun is not a fool, Gao Qian is dead in the unfathomable mystery, do you still want to live?”

Wang Sian dislikes this dude very much, and it can be explained at the first time , The second time to assassinate, that is to hit Shen Zhengjun in the face.

Do you really think that Shen Zhengjun has no temper?
Wang Sian said: “Black Tortoise will be back in a few days, when the time comes, let him kill Gao Qian, that’s fine.”

“Isn’t it too much to let Black Tortoise big brother do it? Have you lifted Gao Qian?”

Wang Yunxi was a little surprised, Wang Black Tortoise was the first expert of their Wang Family generation, known as Dragon Slaying Sword, which means that dragons can kill, showing domineering.

This man has been in the army and has a great name in the army. His status in the Wang Family is much higher than his.

Wang Sian glanced at Wang Yunxi coldly: “It’s not about you personally, it’s about our Wang Family.

“After the battle between Shen Zhengjun and Yang Mingxiu at Baiyin Lake, The two got closer. The two companies are also strengthening cooperation. The Chu Family has little influence, but it has caused great pressure on our family.

“This battle is to show everyone the strength of our Wang Family!”

Although Wang Yunxi thinks it’s a big deal, but seeing Wang Sian’s seriousness, he can only be nodded.

Whether King Black Tortoise makes a move, at least this guy Gao Qian can be completely dealt with! Earn face for him!
In the Golden Dragon tea room, Shen Zhengjun also admonished Gao Qian: “Wang Si An’s eyes are small, I was not pleasing to the eye earlier, this time is also taking the opportunity to make trouble.

“You extraordinary natural talent, fleshy body tyrannical. But in this battle, the opponent will definitely send an expert. In their Wang Family generation, Wang Black Tortoise, Wang Yunfei, and Wang Yunlan are all extremely powerful third rank Source Masters, and Wang Black Tortoise is the strongest…”

Shen Zhengjun emphasized the characteristics of these experts, Remind Gao Qian that he must be ready for battle. If you need anything, just tell him.

Gao Qian doesn’t care much about these experts, how much threat third rank experts can pose to him.

He was thinking about whether to take the opportunity to ask for more money, but it was hard to come up with a reasonable excuse.

After thinking about it, Gao Qian asked, “Sir, Wang Family has several fourth rank powerhouses. How strong is Wang Sian? “

Shen Zhengjun Faint smile looked at Gao Qian: “Why, do you still want to kill Wang Si’an?” “

Gao Qian smiled: “No, no, I’m just curious, do you know yourself and know your enemy…”

(end of this chapter)

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