This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 130


Chapter 130 Confidence
The upgrade of Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel gives Gao Qian a super analysis , learning ability.

Unfortunately, Andrew’s source power secret technique is quite advanced, and Gao Qian can learn 70% to 80% by memorizing it.

It’s a long way from a complete copy.

That’s it, it’s enough for Gao Qian to master the correct usage of the Sunshine Sword.

This sword is of very high quality.

According to the level of Source Master, it should be between fourth rank and fifth-rank.

The most powerful aspect of the Sun Blade is that it has a unique structure inside, which can be transformed into another state when stimulated by source power.

According to Gao Qian’s understanding, it is transformed into an energy state, so the Sun-Bright Sword will become extremely fast and sharp after being activated.

Andrew’s strength is very different from his, but after activating the Sunshine Sword, Andrew seriously injured him with one sword.

Speaking of which, Andrew relies entirely on the power of the sword.

According to Gao Qian’s understanding, the Sunlight Sword is a sword with its own powerful skills.

After Gao Qian got the Sunshine Sword, he studied it for a while, but he didn’t know Andrew’s secret technique, so he couldn’t inspire the Sunshine Sword’s power.

Until today, Gao Qian mastered the power of Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel Third Layer, he was able to analyze Andrew’s secret technique and inspire the sun shining sword.

As a result, he killed Master Lu with one sword.

Lu Junyi is really tyrannical as far as martial arts is concerned.

Although Gao Qian can easily handle Lu Junyi now, he absolutely cannot kill him with a single sword, and he can kill so easily.

This sword is incomparable to him with two swords.

The key is that the Sunlight Sword itself is tyrannical, and it is better than the dragon scales sword in terms of material. Coupled with the special structure of the sword itself, it can greatly amplify the source power.

The foundation of Gao Qian is not on the source power, but it is no problem to use it to activate the Sunshine Sword.

Gao Qian recalls his battle with Marovite, and he forcibly beheaded Marovite after he blessed all the states.

Through memory, he can now look back on that battle.

Unfortunately, he was unable to learn Marovite’s power through the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel, and could only barely analyze some of the power characteristics.

Judging from the analysis results, the Nightmare Staff is at the same level as the Sunlight Sword, and even inferior to the Sunlight Sword in quality.

This is quite normal. Although Marovite is strong, he is a Spiritual Source Master. He cannot exert formidable power even with the Sunblade.

It was the Nightmare Staff that matched his power perfectly.

Gao Qian did some research and found that he still can’t handle Marovite.

The Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel of the Third Layer can only parse the third rank source power.

So, he can learn Andrew’s secret technique, but he can’t learn Marowett’s secret technique.

As for the Sunlight Sword, Gao Qian can only use it, and he can’t even talk about the mystery of it.

Gao Qian went to Wu Song to try the sword again, and the result was no suspense. Wu Song, who had Tianshangxing passive, couldn’t resist the Rihui Sword, and was instantly killed by a single sword.

According to Marovite’s calculations, he holds the Sunshine Sword, blessing Tianshangxing’s severely injured passive, and has the opportunity to kill Wang Si’an with one sword.

Of course, Wang Sian and Marovite are very different. Wang Sian is an expert in the element system and is better at melee combat.

If Wang Si’an can’t be killed with one sword, his little life will be hard to save.

Gao Qian has only fought against Marovite. As for the other fourth rank powerhouses, although he has seen Shen Zhengjun and the others fighting from a distance, he cannot observe the details of the battle.

There is no way to calculate the strength of Shen Zhengjun and the others.

Intuitively, Shen Zhengjun is also a first-class expert in the fourth rank powerhouse.

This can be one against two without any loss.

Compared to Wang Sian, Shen Zhengjun is also obviously stronger. Explain that Shen Zhengjun is one of the Four Great Heavenly Kings, and his name is not in vain.

Gao Qian didn’t want to kill Wang Sian at first, but Zhou Yuxiu’s sudden escalation gave him hope.

As long as you kill Wang Sian, you can open the “Profound” door, and also cut off an arm of Wang Family.

Wang Yunxi is so arrogant, it’s not just because of the power of his family. One less fourth rank powerhouse to sit in, see how crazy he is!
This idea lingered in Gao Qian’s mind, and he always wanted to take risks.

Gao Qian forced himself to calm down, the risk was too great, beheading a fourth rank, one bad would cost his life.

Benefits and risks are clearly not proportional.

After getting through this level, and about a year later, he will get an upgraded Origin Diamond, and a weak fourth rank like Wang Si’an is not easy to destroy.

Gao Qian thought about it, but still felt safe. After all, there is only one small life, and although killing someone by leaps and bounds is coquettish, it is easy to lose the small life.

He tried his best to test the Sunlight Sword. This sword is indeed very powerful. Under the excitation of source power, it can slash at 300 meters per second.

It’s just that the Sun Blade will naturally rotate and slash along the arc, which cannot be changed.

Therefore, driving this sword requires strong skill and strength control.

After many tests, Gao Qian found that the Nine Yang Wuji Sword can be blessed on the Sunlight Sword, further strengthening the formidable power of this sword.

At the same time, his own powerful strength will also make this sword more formidable power when slashing.

Of course, this requires exceptionally precise timing. One bad, the power he swings will destroy the formidable power of the sword itself.

With the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel, Gao Qian can fully control the power in fine detail.

After testing several times, Gao Qian is still quite satisfied with the Rihui Sword.

At present, the formidable power is much higher than that of the double-blade. It’s just that his Blade Technique is stronger, and he is worse than Sword Art.

This layer doesn’t look very different, but in battle, there will be a significant gap.

Fortunately, the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel has been upgraded, giving Gao Qian a stronger learning ability.

During this period of time, I can find Master Lu to hone and hone Sword Art, and I can also make progress.

Tang Hongying and Zhou Yuxiu had already left when Gao Qian exited from the Yellow Door.

Ling’er greeted Gao Qian, she asked impatiently: “How about father?”

“It’s not good, we still have to stop. You are only a father If you die, you will be an orphan…”

Gao Qian pressed Ling’er’s head and pushed her away a little.

Ling’er thought about it too, she was a little frustrated: “It’s very dangerous, father or don’t take risks, I don’t want to be an orphan!”

She thought about the proposal and said: ” Why don’t we steal it back?”

Gao Qian rolled her eyes at Ling’er, “This is too unethical, it will break the precept.”

Ling’er I don’t care anymore: “Anyway, there are so many Monster Races, and after killing a few more, they will be swiped back. It will not affect much.”

“Besides, father doesn’t have much moral aura now, and it won’t matter if it dies.”

What a pity.”

The last time I enchanted the red lotus and unlocked the Jiuyang Promise Sword, Gao Qian’s accumulated moral aura was completely consumed.

During this period of time, only a few dozen moral auras were saved.

Gao Qian shook his head: “This is not a good idea. Besides, the things around the fourth rank powerhouse are so easy to steal.”

Wang Sian will definitely know such small things. Carry. Not very likely to be stolen.

Besides, they don’t even know where Wang Si’an lives or what his habits are. It is better to grab something directly than to steal something rashly in the past.

Gao Qian got up and had breakfast, he took a gold brick and went to the Academy.

I found Chu Huijun to borrow a car, Gao Qian drove to the bank to withdraw 60,000 yuan, and went to the store to buy some gifts such as tobacco, alcohol, sugar, tea, and snacks.

New Year’s Day is ten days away, so I have to buy some gifts for my second aunt’s family.

Second aunt was very happy to see Gao Qian coming over, and seeing that he brought a lot of gifts, she couldn’t help but scold him.

At her age, she just can’t watch people spend more money.

Gao Qian obediently received training for a long time before telling Zhao Peng that he had been deceived.

Second aunt didn’t know about it yet.

Although she felt sorry for the young son, she couldn’t allow him to steal the family’s savings.

Gao Qian didn’t stop her, so the second aunt rushed into Zhao Peng’s room and lifted the big quilt, revealing Zhao Peng’s white flower and most of his ass.

She held the broom and slapped her head, and Zhao Peng, who was in a daze, screamed and bounced violently.

Second aunt was not soft, she pumped dozens of times, hitting Zhao Peng with red scales all over her body and tears falling out.

Although Zhao Peng has been hanging out outside, he is still in awe of his mother. He didn’t dare to fight back when he cried, so he kept begging for mercy.

Gao Qian saw that the second aunt was tired, so he went up to persuade the second aunt to leave, and then said that he wanted the money back.

Hearing this, the second aunt couldn’t help but be overjoyed. She didn’t have the heart to beat her son anymore, so she chased after Gao Qian and asked what happened.

Gao Qian briefly explained the matter.

Zhao Peng was stunned. He was scared to pee that night by bloody hands, and he didn’t dare to go out for two days.

didn’t expect Gao Qian to get the money back within two days. It can be seen that this Third Brother really has a bit of ability. It is indeed different from before.

Second aunt is very happy and will definitely keep Gao Qian for dinner. Before noon, my uncle who went out to play cards also came back, as did my cousin Zhao Jia.

The family had a great lunch around the dinner table.

During the dinner, Gao Qian told the second aunt that he was going to train the Academy, which belongs to the Special Affairs Bureau.

The second aunt’s family was surprised by this.

Zhao Jia responded the fastest, “Third Brother, you are the Source Master?”

She was studying outside and heard the rumors of Source Master. When I heard the Secret Service, the first thing that came to my mind was Source Master.

Gao Qian briefly introduced his current situation. The second aunt was very happy. This nephew has suffered a hard life, and now he has finally made a living.

Zhao Peng’s eyes are bright, Third Brother is in the special affairs bureau, then he will not have a backer in the future!

After dinner, Gao Qian secretly gave the gold brick to the second aunt and asked her to hold it first.

The second aunt only thought that Gao Qian had embezzled the money, but she didn’t dare to speak up. She promised Gao Qian to hide the gold bricks and get them when he needed them.

Gao Qian knew Er Gu’s character and didn’t explain much.

Back to the Academy, Gao Qian returned the car to Chu Huijun.

Colleagues and students in the Academy are all used to Gao Qian’s fishing. Although the legends of Gao Qian and Chu Huijun are still being talked about, they are no longer mainstream.

People’s enthusiasm for a thing, generally will not exceed three days.

One day passed by like that.

Second day, An Yuan came to Gao Qian. With the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel, Gao Qian tailored a source power cultivation method for Anyuan.

An Yuan was very satisfied and invited Gao Qian and Chu Huijun for dinner in the evening.

On the third day, Gao Qian fished, and the years were peaceful.

On the fourth day, Gao Qian fished, and the years were still peaceful.

On the fifth day, Gao Qian fished in the morning. When I went to the cafeteria to eat at noon, I realized that something was wrong.

Many instructors looked at him with some curiosity and some pity in their eyes. It felt like a group of people saw a disabled person, both curious about his past and pity for his present.

Although Gao Qian didn’t know what was going on, he also guessed that the Wang Family should have started a campaign.

Gao Qian didn’t care either, which was expected.

He chose the meal and found an empty table. He sat down and Chu Huijun ran over energetically and bustling.

Chu Huijun was surprised when she saw Gao Qian eating slowly, “Master, did you know?”

Gao Qian put down his chopsticks at a moderate pace and he drank After drinking the hot tea, he asked, “What do you know?”

“It is said that you are going to duel with the king of the Wang Family, Black Tortoise, is this true?”

Gao Qian nods : “en.”

Chu Huijun looked at Gao Qian’s calm expression, but she couldn’t calm down, “Master, do you know who Wang Black Tortoise is? He is the number one expert of the Wang Family generation, It’s called Dragon Slaying Sword!”

“I’ve heard of it. I haven’t seen it.”

Gao Qian said: “You don’t go to cook yet, you like to eat the crispy Red Braised. Pork will be gone…”

Chu Huijun didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, at this time Gao Qian still had the mind to say this.

She said solemnly to Gao Qian: “The Dragon Slaying Sword of King Black Tortoise is not screaming. He served in the Thousand Lakes Grotto, where he killed an Earth Dragon in another world. Only dare to call it Dragon Slaying Sword!”

“This nickname is quite majestic.”

Gao Qian commented, and he turned and sighed softly: “It’s a pity, this A young talent.”

Chu Huijun stared at Gao Qian with wide eyes, what does this mean? As a cheap teacher, she really thinks she will win?

Gao Qian beckons with the hand to Chu Huijun, Chu Huijun leans over for unknown reasons.

Gao Qian whispered in her ear: “By the way, do you know that there is no underground gambling house, that is, they will take our duel and bet on the banker, and I want the kind with strength and reputation. , introduce me to a family…”

Chu Huijun stared blankly at Gao Qian, what kind of brain circuit is this big brother, he doesn’t think about how to deal with a duel, but is thinking about how to find a place to bet!
She really wanted to ask: “How do you know that you will definitely win? Why? Where does the confidence come from!”

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