This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 15


Chapter 15 Difficult to deal with
In the area under the jurisdiction of the Fourth Inspection Team, there have been six incidents in the past six months. from the extinguish sect tragedy.

Mysterious disappeared while investigating the extinguish sect.

The extinguish sect tragedy is a major case, and it is also a series of extinguish sect massacres, and it is a major case among major cases.

It’s just that the news of this era is blocked, and all the people who die are the poor at the bottom.

The media is in the hands of the authorities. No one dared to report such a thing without permission.

So, until now, people don’t know about the serial extinguish sect massacres.

Wu Qiang has already made up his mind. When Gao Qian takes over the serious crime team, he will find someone to report the news and smash the serial extinguish sect massacres out.

As the serious crime team leader, Gao Qian, if he can’t solve the case in a short time, the pressure from above and below will make Gao Qian get out.

However, this move is too ruthless and will offend many people.

Wu Qiang didn’t dare to use it until it was a last resort.

After Li Yan announced his new appointment, a group of people gathered around Gao Qian and said various compliments.

Li Yan chased away all the flattery shooters. He waved his hand and called Wu Qiang over, “This is Wu Qiang, the Vice Group Leader of the serious crime team, and his ability is very good.”

He He said to Wu Qiang, “Gao Qian will be your team leader in the future, and you must cooperate with him in his work.” With a pleasing smile, he slightly bowed his waist and stretched out his hand, “Team leader, you can talk to me in the future.”

Gao Qian smiled and shook hands with Wu Qiang, “Angkor has rich experience, I want to learn a lot from you. …”

Although Gao Qian said polite words, Wu Qiang listened very comfortably. The hatred in his heart was reduced by three points.

The serious crime team works in a single bungalow with a total of twelve people, all of whom are wearing casual clothes and equipped with large-caliber pistols.

Under the leadership of Wu Qiang, I will go to Gao Qian to introduce myself one by one.

After the cutscene, it’s time to get off work.

With a big wave of his hand, Gao Qian decided to invite his colleagues in the serious crime team to dinner. The crowd was naturally happy.

Eating a meal is nothing, the key is Gao Qian’s close attitude.

Gao Qian also has money in his hands, so he is naturally a bit more generous in his work.

After the meal, everyone became more close and recognized to Gao Qian.

Not to mention anything else, Gao Qian is very forthright when it comes to drinking.

Everyone at a table poured Gao Qian wildly, and all of them were drunk by Gao Qian.

Lin Hai is located in the northernmost part of the alliance, and the folk customs are fierce. The most important thing for men is to be brave.

The ability to drink alcohol is one of the most important criteria for judging bravery.

Gao Qian won the respect of everyone in the serious crime team with his bottomless alcohol intake.

A guy like Wu Qiang who is full of resentment towards Gao Qian, when he leaned against the wall and vomited wildly, he also muttered to his confidant: “This kid is really good at Hah!”

“Pretty boy is not simple!” That subordinate was also a little more admirable.

The level of alcohol intake depends on the ability of people to digest alcohol. It has nothing to do with bravery or not!
Gao Qian’s body is extremely strong and his organs are extremely strong. To him, alcohol is really no different from water.

Drinking so much wine, he was also a little bit drunk.

Gao Qian rode his motorcycle back to the patrol team, and halfway, he felt someone staring at him.

That kind of strong malice made his heart throbbing violently, and the hair on his hair exploded.

Gao Qian was shocked. The enemy hiding in the dark was far stronger than Duan Heihuke, which made him feel a huge threat.

But that maliciousness comes and goes fast. In a blink of an eye, the malice disappeared.

When Gao Qian returned to his room, he kept thinking about who the enemy was tonight when he was soaking in the bathtub?

The biggest possibility is Duan Heihu’s accomplice!
Monster Race is the most vengeful, and it is normal for Duan Heihu to take revenge on him.

Although the Black Tiger Gang was destroyed, the top gang members such as White Wolf and Black Wolf all ran away.

Black Tiger Gang has been rooted in Beisong District for ten years and is quite powerful. Can’t be too underestimated. Plus this unknown expert, um, isn’t this guy the blood demon?

Duan Heihu is Monster Wolf, and it seems reasonable to get together with the blood demon.

Thinking of this, Gao Qian was startled.

This world is too chaotic, we still have to cultivate well and improve our strength as soon as possible.

After Gao Qian entered the Grand One Palace, he saw Zhou Yuxiu sitting in the cultivation facing the pool.

Ling’er greeted Gao Qian, she smiled hehe and said, “father, I sealed off Elder Sister Zhou’s space alone, she can’t see us.”

Ling’er took the gauntlet from Gao Qian’s hand, and she happily said: “Source Armor can really bring it in.”

She said curiously, “father, let’s take it apart and see? “

“Can you put it back on after taking it apart?”

Gao Qian said: “It’s someone else’s thing, and it has to be returned!”

Ling’er looked hesitant. There were a lot of rivets on the gauntlet.

“Ling’er, the Divine Power Sutra of King Kong can ignite Source Star when it reaches Second Layer, right?”

Gao Qian saw the power of Source Armor, and was strongly stimulated this evening , he desperately wants to ignite the Source Star.

Ling’er affirmed nodded: “The King Kong Divine Power Sutra reaches the Second Layer, when the time comes the muscles and bones are refined and strengthened, the whole body is exchanged blood, and the organs can also be greatly strengthened.

” Source Star is nothing but the source power of the whole body condensed into a seal. With the tyrannical power of the fleshy body of the father, it will naturally reflect the Sea of Consciousness and ignite the Source Star! ”

King Kong Divine Power Sutra and source power cultivation are not the same system, but the underlying power is the same.

King Kong Divine Power Sutra cultivation to a certain extent will inevitably ignite Source Star .

Only for King Kong Divine Power Sutra, igniting Source Star is just incidental and has no special meaning.

Gao Qian opens the data panel, distance from King Kong Divine Power Sutra Second Layer Sixty-five more days.

And that’s if he doesn’t break the commandments.

“Two months, too long. “

Gao Qian shook his head. He saw Zhou Yuxiu’s battle last night, and it also made him understand Source Master a little more.

Based on Zhou Yuxiu’s performance, he is now The strength should be able to compete with the top First Rank Source Master.

When encountering a Second Rank Source Master or a blood demon, it is very likely that he will kneel.

Gao Qian is not afraid, It’s just that he has offended Monster Race and the powerful people behind Black Tiger Gang.

Neither Monster Race nor Source Master are to be trifled with.

He It’s just one person, and if you lose once, you’ll be finished. Of course, I want to improve my personal martial power as much as possible.

The reason I took a hand armor from An Pingchang is actually out of this mentality.

It’s a pity that he didn’t ignite the Source Star, and no matter how strong his body is, he can’t exert the formidable power of Source Armor.

Gao Qian asked Ling’er: “You don’t say you have an extraordinary martial skill, where is it? “

Ling’er pointed at the four gates of “Heaven, Earth, Profound and Yellow”, “It’s all inside!” “

“How to open the door?” “

Gao Qian asked this question before, but Ling’er said it vaguely.

“It takes certain conditions to open the door.” “

Ling’er’s little face is full of helplessness, “I don’t know how many times the father asks…”

Gao Qian sighed: “It’s difficult! ”

The next few days have been calm and tranquil.

Gao Qian stayed in the office every day, studying the serial extinguish sect tragedies.

The murderer’s method of committing the crime is brutal. All the deceased were headshot by 5.5 caliber pistol bullets, and there were multiple gunshot wounds on their bodies.

According to Gao Qian, the crime was a pervert. A lot of shots have to be fired.

For more than a year, the murderer has committed crimes many times, and the patrol team has been investigating. Archives.

In this era, there are no cameras, the quality of inspections is not good, and the on-site investigation is not well done. The inspection technology is also poor, and useful clues cannot be found from the on-site physical evidence.

This is an important Gao Qian will naturally try his best to solve the biggest case in the case team’s hands.

For the public, it is to eradicate the scourge of the society and to achieve justice for the victims. p> Also, Mu Guofeng made him the leader of the serious crime team, probably because he wanted to watch him make a fool of himself!
Gao Qian was thinking of finding an opportunity to ask An Pingchang to see if he had any relevant clues, but he First received a call from An Pingchang: “Saturday, help me with some work…”

(end of this chapter)

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