This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 16


Chapter 16 Blind Dates
A green leather train roared with black smoke, The train kept slowing down and finally stopped at Linhai Station.

Passengers can’t wait to rush out from the open doors, crowded with large and small bags in their hands.

An Mingxia and Shen Huilan got off the sleeper carriage and saw that the platform was crowded with people.

These people are mostly shabby, with dirty faces and even more rude demeanor.

“This place is so broken…”

An Mingxia covered her mouth with snow-white gloves and stood with this group of poor people, she felt that the air she was breathing was a little bit Cloudy and smelly.

An Mingxia and Shen Huilan both have beautiful facial features and luxurious clothes, so they are not ordinary people at first glance. Poor people instinctively hide away.

Rich people are fierce and aggressive these days, and it’s never good to mess with them.

Of course, there are also bold men who use the eyes of harboring malicious intentions to look up and down the two beauties.

An Mingxia is dressed in gray and white casual clothes and wears a delicate lady’s top hat. The style is casual and a bit noble.

She is also in good shape, with long legs and a thin waist. The tailored casual clothes set off her figure very well and are extremely attractive.

Shen Huilan beside her, with soft facial features, wearing a simple and elegant floral dress, standing there naturally has a graceful demeanor.

Although An Mingxia’s facial features are more beautiful, the gentle charm of Shen Huilan is more attractive to men.

An Mingxia also noticed the thieves in the eyes of several men, she glanced coldly, and snorted in her mouth: “Something that acts recklessly.”

Although she was born Extraordinary, but quite experienced. At a glance, it was obvious that several men were thieves.

There are gangs of thieves in every station.

The world is too chaotic, and there are many bad people.

Several thieves also noticed An Mingxia’s eyes. Not only were they not afraid, but they smiled and leaned forward.

Just two women, what terrifying!

The small knife gang not only steals money, but also likes to abduct women. Especially young beauties, not only can play, but also sell for a good price.

These two beauties are the best at first glance. At least tens of thousands of dollars can be sold!
The expression on An Mingxia’s face became more and more cold and hard. The thief was nothing, but being a thief did not have eyes. This was very annoying.

As soon as the thieves approached, they heard someone talking behind them: “You guys, if you don’t want to be a guest on the inspection team, leave quickly.”

The thieves hurried Turning around, he saw an unusually handsome young man standing there with an impeccable polite smile on his face.

This man has a grey jacket, white shirt, sharp trousers and shiny black shoes. Just look at the clothes, mature and capable, with a style.

The thieves are not afraid of beautiful women, but they are a little afraid of this guy who suddenly appeared.

In broad daylight, they don’t dare to go too far. A few people stared at each other a little unwillingly, and turned away.

Gao Qian smiled slightly: “I’m Gao Qian, are you An Mingxia, Young Lady An?”

An Pingchang called him specifically to let him receive An Ming Xia.

According to the generation, this should be An Pingchang’s niece.

Gao Qian probably understood when he met people. An Pingchang really did what he said and wanted to introduce him to his girlfriend.

It should be said that An Mingxia is really beautiful, with a delicate and charming look of an urban beauty. This is too hard to find in Lin Hai.

However, the sharp-headed man looking at his eyebrows, um, should have a good temper…

It was the woman beside An Mingxia, who had a gentle and demure temperament. people feel comfortable.

Shen Huilan is also looking at Gao Qian, her forehead is full, her eyebrows are dark and long, her nose is straight, and her eyes are especially dark and sparkling.

At first glance, she felt that this man was very handsome, and he was poking at her aesthetics.

The dress is nothing extraordinary, but clean and tidy, with a mature and heroic spirit.

In a small place like Lin Hai, there is such an outstanding young man as Gao Qian, which really surprised her.

An Mingxia took the first two steps and glanced at the man up and down. She asked curiously, “Are you Gao Qian?”

“Third Uncle asked me to come and pick up the two of you. …”

Gao Qian stepped forward and took the small suitcase from Shen Huilan’s hand. He said, “Let’s go, the car is outside.”

“The forest is relatively small, and the infrastructure is very poor. It’s bad, but the natural scenery is still good, Xiuyun Peak has beautiful scenery, standing on the top of the peak and looking across the east to the Liaojiang River, the weather is quite extraordinary…”

Gao Qian drove the car while showing two beauties Briefly introduce the situation of Lin Hai.

Don’t look at the clear and logical he said, he has never been there. I just heard that I was going to entertain guests, so I asked Shi Ming temporarily.

An Mingxia looked at the shabby and dilapidated buildings outside the car window, and she lost all interest in playing.

However, out of upbringing and courtesy, she thanked her very politely.

Lin Hai is not good at this place, but Gao Qian is very good. Furthermore, looking at Third Uncle’s face, he should be polite to Gao Qian.

It’s okay not to make friends, but there’s no need to offend people.

An Mingxia was born well, but she was a little squeamish. However, people are very smart and will not lose their temper at the person they just met.

She turned and asked again: “A few people just now were thieves, were they so arrogant?”

“barren mountains and unruly rivers, poor materials, backward economy, only the bravest and the most arrogant. Only those who are belligerent can compete for enough resources.

Over the past few hundred years, people have naturally developed a people’s style of being brave and fighting. The gang…”

Gao Qian finally reminded: “Lin Hai’s security is very poor, you are all beautiful women, especially dazzling, you must be careful when traveling.”

An Mingxia and Shen Huilan Looking at each other, both of them were a little surprised: this Gao Qian has something!
Being handsome is born, but this careful analysis proves that Gao Qian has strong logical thinking and can see the essence in a small thing. This is really unusual.

An Mingxia also appreciates Gao Qian more, and her attitude towards Gao Qian is naturally much softer.

“Please come and pick us up, won’t it affect your work?”

“Third Uncle takes great care of me, An Yuan is my best friend, Young Lady An so It would be too outlandish to say it.”

Gao Qian said with a smile: “Even if there is no such relationship, it is my honor to be able to serve these two beauties.”

“Haha… “

An Mingxia also laughed, this time she smiled sincerely.

It’s so funny that it’s not Gao Qian’s words, mainly because Gao Qian’s attitude is natural and friendly, and his voice is magnetic and sweet, which is very infectious.

A few words of effort have brought the relationship closer.

After arriving at the Yunlong Hotel, even Shen Huilan, who doesn’t like to talk, chatted with Gao Qian quite speculatively.

Yunlong Hotel is the only five-star hotel in Linhai, which was newly built in recent years. The interior decoration and layout are pretty good.

Gao Qian booked a deluxe suite without knowing the two people who were coming.

He wanted to open another room, but was stopped by An Mingxia and Shen Huilan. The two best friends really like to live together.

It was already three o’clock in the afternoon, and it was a little late. Gao Qian sent people to the room and made an appointment to have dinner together in the evening. He left first.

Shen Huilan and An Mingxia entered the room and sat in the car for a day. Although they were sleepers, they couldn’t stretch their arms and legs. They were a little tired.

They lay together on the big soft bed, completely relaxed.

“Hey, what do you think of Gao Qian?” An Mingxia asked Shen Huilan.

Shen Huilan smiled: “It’s you who are looking for someone on a blind date, not me. You ask me what I do…”

“I see you and Gao Qian chatting happily, you see Get on him!”

An Mingxia suddenly turned over and lay on top of Shen Huilan, she stared straight at Shen Huilan with wide eyes, not letting go of her every subtle expression.

This made Shen Huilan a little shy, she turned her head slightly to avoid An Mingxia’s bright eyes, “I don’t have it, I just think others are good…”

“Hahaha, you You said no, your Face is red!” An Mingxia lay on top of Shen Huilan and laughed, and Shen Huilan’s face turned even redder.

(end of this chapter)

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