This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 2


Chapter 2 is about ‘Ritual’ people

The roaring gunfire on the levee and the pervading faint gunpowder The breath was scattered in the wind of the howling river.

Han Laoyao’s body has long since disappeared.

The only trace left is a few bullet casings on the embankment.

Gao Qian swiped with his foot and swept the bullet casings into the river. The last trace was completely erased.

As for whether Han Laoyao’s body will be found downstream, Gao Qian doesn’t care at all.

The states of the alliance are substantially autonomous, officials at all levels are corrupt, and gangs are rampant. As long as no one investigates, no one will care about the life and death of a little inspector.

Gao Qian said to the white-clothed girl: “Ling’er, go back, don’t stare at me.”

He was able to travel to this world, all because of Grand One Token. Ling’er is the spirit born from Grand One Token.

In the material world, Ling’er is like a ghost, only he can see it.

He can hold bullets strong as an ox, all because Ling’er helped him cultivate “King Kong Divine Power Sutra”.

It’s just that Ling’er is also a little chatty, chanting the precepts in his ear all day long.

Ling’er said with some worry: “father, you have been keeping the precepts for 999 days, and you are only one day away from condensing moral aura. Father, don’t be impulsive.”

She just now They were all watching from the side, and they concluded what happened. She knew Gao Qian’s character, and she must seek revenge on Du Tao.

“Don’t say anything indecent, do not act indecently.” The precepts of these two sentences seem simple, but it is very difficult to keep the precepts.

Especially when it comes to violent combat, she is afraid that Gao Qian will relapse if she is not careful.

“Don’t worry.”

Gao Qian pointed to his temple and said, “Father is very clear-headed…”

He understood Ling’er’s concerns , but this concern is not necessary.

Cultivation “Vajra Divine Power Sutra” for twelve years, he knows the importance of keeping precepts.

If you relapse once, you will lose one day of cultivation base.

What’s more, he has been keeping the precepts for 999 days. Holding the precepts for a thousand days, he can obtain moral aura and open the lotus of morality, which is extremely important to him.

A villain like Du Tao is not worthy of his relapse.

Ling’er is still a little worried: “Black Butterfly Bar is probably the home of the Black Tiger Gang, father, it’s too dangerous for you to run over alone.”

Gao Qian shook his head: “The soldiers are very fast. A surprise will take the lead. As long as Duan Heihu and Du Tao are dealt with, this little gang will break up on its own.”

He came to Lin Hai less than a month ago, right The gangs in the jurisdiction already have a basic understanding.

Among them, the Black Tiger Gang is the most powerful and has the most ruthless means of making money.

They use various means to force women to sell themselves, sell prohibited medicines, smuggle firearms, and every penny they earn is bloody.

Even if the Black Tiger Gang doesn’t mess with him, he will gather evidence to find a solution to the Black Tiger Gang.

This time it was Han Laoyao who lied to him that he had come to see an informant by the river and introduced him to him.

didn’t expect Du Tao and Duan Heihu to kill him.

The other party doesn’t obey the rules, so Gao Qian will naturally not obey the rules.

“Don’t say anything inappropriate, do not act inappropriately.” The standard of “propriety” is determined by his heart.

Gao Qian’s understanding is very simple, etiquette is order, rules, etiquette, and fairness.

It’s like killing Han Laoyao because it’s the opponent who moves first. He believes that what he does is in line with “li”, so he will not violate the commandments.

On the contrary, if he accidentally cursed swear words, or was rude in details, such as spitting at will, the day’s cultivation would be in vain.

As you can imagine, it is not easy to keep the precepts for a thousand days in a row.


Black Butterfly Bar 4th floor office.

The office is luxuriously decorated, and there is a huge crystal chandelier directly above, which illuminates the room.

The floor is covered with a thick wine red carpet of pure wool, and the main seat is a large solid wood desk with matching leather Boss chair.

The dark-skinned black tiger lazily was lying on a chair with two arrogant legs on the desk. On his forehead, the word ‘king’ in black was tattooed, and it looked extremely dazzling and arrogant.

Across from him was a square-shaped color television, playing an entertainment program.

There were also several big men sitting on the sofas on both sides, all with swords and guns, and their faces were fierce.

Duan Heihu glanced at the gold watch on his wrist in disgust, “It’s nine o’clock!”

“Can you send someone?”

“Han Laoyao, a fat man with a dark heart, Spear Art is very accurate, killing an unsuspecting kid is this not just reaching over to snatch away the grain.”

Du Tao, who was leaning on the desk, said : “Don’t worry, Fatty Han is reliable…”

Before he finished speaking, a big man ran in outside the door, “Boss, there is a guy named Gao Qian who came to see Brother Du…”

Du Tao’s complexion greatly changed suddenly, he stood up abruptly and asked: “Gao Qian?”

“Yes, wearing the uniform of the inspector, looking very energetic, with a back comb , looks very stylish…”

After listening to the description of the big man, Du Tao’s face became even more ugly, it must be Gao Qian’s right.

The most impressive thing about Gao Qian is that he is handsome and tidy. No matter when, he looks like he has just taken a shower, straightened his hair and changed his clothes. He is always so radiant.

“What the hell,” Du Tao cursed. Since Gao Qian came to the door, Fatty Han must have missed it.

Duan Heihu grinned and took out a sharp dagger from the drawer: “This kid brought it to the door by himself, so it’s easy. I’m going to take out all his heart and soul…”


As soon as Gao Qian entered the office, everyone’s eyes fell on him.

The eyes of several big men are very fierce, like a group of beasts that want to eat people.

What they are doing is the business of killing people and setting fires, and they all have blood on their hands.

This murderous aura is not fake.

To everyone’s surprise, Gao Qian was calm and didn’t seem to care about the fierce eyes of everyone.

Gao Qian is indeed handsome and graceful, standing there is dignified, especially the black and bright eyes, which are simply shining.

Gao Qian greeted Du Tao warmly as always: “Captain Du. I’m sorry to disturb you so late.”

He paused and asked naturally: “Captain Du, I have something I asked for advice, did you ask Brother Han to kill me?”

Du Tao’s question was a little stunned.
He wasn’t afraid of Gao Qian, but he always felt a little guilty, so he was too embarrassed to admit it.

Gao Qian noticed Du Tao’s subtle expression, he said with a slight smile: “Captain Du, is Brother Han talking nonsense? Or did you dare to admit it?”

Du Tao was a little embarrassed by what he said. He was not in a hurry, and Gao Qian didn’t speak in a normal way. For a while, he didn’t know how to respond.

Duan Heihu couldn’t see Du Tao’s weakness, he said loudly: “Boy, I’ll let you understand. If you accept Lao Tzu’s goods, you should die! Do you understand?”

“Blocking people’s way of making money is like killing one’s parents.”

Gao Qian said sincerely: “I understand this principle.”

Duan Hei Hu Ke didn’t care how humble Gao Qian was, he grinned and stood up with a knife, “Boy, you bring it to the door yourself, and I will send you off myself!” live. Two of the big men twisted Gao Qian’s arm respectively. A big guy behind him locked Gao Qian’s neck.

“You idiot, you talk too much!”

Duan Heihu’s eye shows the ominous light, he hates Gao Qian’s behavior, it seems to be polite, But didn’t show enough awe.

To him, this was a strong offense.

Seeing Duan Heihu carrying the knife, Gao Qian patiently dissuaded him: “Mister Duan, calm down. I’m going to fight back if you are so irritable.”

Duan Heihu didn’t want to. Nonsense, he pursed his lips tightly, raised high with a cold light flashing dagger in his hand.

He wants to take a look. When this kid’s belly is cut open and his liver, gallbladder and intestines are taken out, can this kid’s mouth be able to keep talking!
Gao Qian doesn’t talk too much, he just follows the principle of “do no evil”.

“Ritual” means order, rules and etiquette. So he must have a good reason to do it.

Waiting for the opponent to act first or to show strong malice is the safest strategy. Moreover, even if you kill the other party, you can’t say bad words!

Seeing Duan Heihu getting closer, Gao Qian suddenly exerted his strength.

Although the two big men on the left and the right twisted his arms with both hands, their strength was far worse than his.

Gao Qian’s arms were tense, and he naturally flicked his fingers apart. Before the two could react, Gao Qian reached out and grabbed the necklines of the two with a backhand and suddenly pushed forward to collide.

They didn’t even know what was happening, just saw a flash, people jumped into the air and drew a semicircle, gathering in front of Gao Qian.

The two big men slammed into each other fiercely, and a blood mist exploded at the bumped heads.

The big guy who locked Gao Qian’s neck found that it was not good, and he hurriedly used his arms to strangle Gao Qian.

Gao Qian threw away the two big men who were hit and killed, and slammed back with his elbows.

The tip of his elbow was hitting the rib of the big man behind him, and at least four ribs were smashed. The powerful force on the elbows continues to penetrate inward and hit the liver.

This elbow is fully exerted, and the big man’s liver is directly blasted. The radiating pain instantly made the big man faint.

Although people are not dead, they are almost dead.

Du Tao’s eyes widened, he couldn’t believe Gao Qian’s slender body contained such a tyrannical power!
The brutality shown is more different from the usual politeness.

Duan Heihu was much calmer than Du Tao, he turned around and ran to the desk without the slightest hesitation.

There is a loaded Black Star pistol in the drawer, the magazine has eleven rounds of ammunition, semi-automatic bursts, 5.5 caliber, enough to penetrate one centimeter thick steel plate within twenty meters.

Duan Heihu turned to the desk and opened the drawer before he took out the Black Star pistol.

Gao Qian has already rushed to the front with a stride, and the two sides are separated by a desk.

No matter how powerful the opponent is, they can’t touch him across a large desk.

A sneer appeared on Duan Heihu’s ugly face, his gun was fast within seven steps, and his gun was fast and accurate within seven steps.

When Duan Heihu was about to raise his gun, his eyes suddenly turned black.

Before he could react, the 300-pound solid wood desk had already flipped and smashed down.

The beautiful redwood desk slammed down, covering the entire Duan Heihu underneath.

With a loud bang, Duan Heihu and the Boss chair were knocked over by the desk together, and the floor shook suddenly.

Du Tao, who was beside him, shuddered.

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