This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 22


Happy Chapter 22
β€œHuang Great Immortal? First Rank Spirit Source Master?”

After listening to An Pingchang’s words, Gao Qian was a little puzzled. What’s wrong with having this ability? He had to join a gang.

Source Master can be roughly divided into four categories: elemental, strengthening, mechanical, and spiritual.

Among them, the Source Master of the spiritual department is the rarest. Although the First Rank Spirit Source Master is not very powerful, he can also enjoy excellent treatment.

Why join a gang? !
Gao Qian asked: “What on earth does this person think?”

“Huang was born in the Great Immortal gang, and has been doing murder and arson since childhood. You can understand that she is the kind of natural bad person.

“This person is also extremely vicious! “

An Pingchang said: “The Xiaodao Gang was swept away, and the main leaders Huang Great Immortal, Jiang Kuaishou, and Feidao all ran away.”

“After the limelight, they will definitely retaliate wildly.”

“Why are you looking for me?” Gao Qian felt a little innocent.

An Pingchang pouted: “Don’t pretend to be a good person. If you didn’t deliberately bring two chicks to the patrol team, how could such a thing happen.

“You Don’t underestimate the Xiaodao Gang, there are no fools who can get along with the gang leader. Besides, they have no ability to retaliate against the two chicks, Wang Fuan and the others didn’t dare to move, they could only kill you to vent their anger. “

“Third Uncle, why didn’t they trouble you?” Gao Qian asked curiously.

“I’m also the First Rank Nine-Star Source Master and the Supervisor of the Special Affairs Bureau. They won’t come to me for revenge unless they’re crazy. “

An Pingchang said: “Of course, Huang Great Immortal is not normal, I have to be careful. “

He added: “The most terrifying thing about the Source Master of the psychic system is the mind control.

“However, Huang Great Immortal’s cultivation base is too low, it’s okay to control the ordinary person, and it’s unlikely to control your spirit. You just need to be careful…”

An Pingchang still trusts Gao Qian’s strength, after all, he is a guy who can fight Monster Wolf covered head and sneaked away like a rat.

He explained to Gao Qian and left in a hurry.

Knives help many people and must be handled properly. He spent the past few days in the Inspection Bureau of Nanjiang District, supervising the case-handling inspector.

Huang Great Immortal These leaders ran away, and those who have been caught must be severely punished.

Gao Qian returned to the fourth patrol battalion on his own, he was not seconded and was not eligible to participate in the operation.

To be honest, Wang Fuan, the No. 1 leader of the inspection system, may not have a good impression of him.

He will even make a note of him in the black account in his heart.

Gao Qian is also very self-aware and will never take the initiative to come over.

Returning to the inspection team compound, everyone who met Gao Qian looked strange, but they were very respectful.

In such a small place as Lin Hai, everyone knew when something happened to the Xiaodao Gang.

No one knows who An Mingxia and Shen Huilan are, but the inspectors all know who Gao Qian is!

It is said that this major case was pulled out by Gao Qian, which led to the destruction of the Xiaodao Gang. The First Inspector Great Captain Yang Changhai was arrested.

The news came back to the fourth patrol battallion, and the whole battallion was a sensation.

This Gao Qian is simply Deity!

In just a few days, the two Lin Hai gangs have been destroyed. Overturned two patrol Great Captains!
Compared with Gao Qian, other inspectors have become salted fish.

But no one is stupid.

If the gang can gain a foothold in Linhai, there must be some support behind it. Each gang represents a huge web of interests.

Gao Qian is in the limelight, but offends countless people.

As the old saying goes: Guns hit the ground running.

The ancient text also said: trees seem beautiful in a forest, but are easily toppled by the wind.

It’s not a good thing for Gao Qian to be so strong anyway. The point is that Gao Qian has no foundation yet.

The fourth patrol team was in awe of Gao Qian, but they were not optimistic about his future.

It was Shi Ming who was holding his thighs crazily in the past few days. He was a little hesitant when he saw Gao Qian come in.

The current Gao Qian is so hot that it can burn people to death.

But, as the old saying goes, danger lurks within the riches and honour.

At this time, no one dared to hold their thighs, and it was his chance to perform. If everyone is slapping the horses together, where can he show up.

Shi Ming clenched the teeth and greeted Gao Qian with a smile, “You’re here, I’ll make tea for you…”

Many inspectors watched from afar, all It feels a little strange. This Shi Ming really fought his life to shoot flattery.

“Then I’ll trouble you, Brother Shi.”

Gao Qian also appreciates Shi Ming two more points. He will dare to come over and shoot flattery, at least has several points of courage.

He is the leader of the serious crime team, has his own independent office, and there is still a lot of space.

Although there is no decoration, it is spacious and quiet.

Gao Qian sat on a heavy solid wood chair, drinking green tea brewed by Shi Ming, and watching today’s Lin Hai Daily.

The headline of the first page of Lin Hai Daily is, as usual, the daily activities of the consul.

On the second edition of the headlines, it was reported that the Xiaodao Gang was wiped out.

The title is: “The Inspector Strikes Hard, The Results Are Great! 》

Judging from the title, it mainly emphasizes the merits of the inspection, and does not describe too much the evil deeds of the Xiaodao Gang.

It can be seen that the reporter’s report is actually very oriented. Just try to downplay the crime of the Knife Gang.

This is not to clean up the Xiaodao Gang, but to clean up the white patrol.

If the public knew that the Knife Gang’s crime was so rampant and vicious, they would have to scold the patrol first.

Gao Qian knew what Wang Fuan meant when he read the reports in the daily newspaper.

It is certain that Wang Fuan was still unhappy when Shen Huilan forced him to handle the case.

Wang Fuan is naturally not qualified to take revenge on Shen Huilan, and it is easier to get hold of him.

Only the front foot offended Mu Guofeng, and the back foot offended Wang Anfu, what a sad day!

Although Gao Qian was not afraid, he felt a little tired.

Shi Ming saw that Gao Qian’s expression was a little complicated, and he said boldly, “Master Gao, I have something I don’t know if I should say it.”

“Hey, Don’t be called Master Gao, you can’t afford it.”

Gao Qian waved his hand, “We are all colleagues and brothers, Brother Shi, if you have anything to say.”

Seeing Gao Qian’s attitude is so modest, and Shi Ming has a little more courage. He persuaded: “Team leader, the First Layer of this society is not about doing things, but being a person. It is good for you to work hard on cases, but you must pay attention to the way.

“There must be collusion between gangs and district inspectors, which is a huge net of interests. You attacked gangs and put people on the table…”

Gao Qian nodded: “I understand what you’re saying. “

He pondered and said, “But since we are inspectors, how can we ignore bad people and bad things? “

Shi Ming shook his head: “This world is not good, there are gangs and bad people everywhere, how can you manage?” “

“Yeah, I can’t handle it.” “

Gao Qian also sighed, “But if you can’t manage it, just don’t care about anything? “

He shook his head: “Fighting sin is not only out of a sense of justice, but also our duty.” We do our duty and at least make the world a little better…”

Thinking of the little boy who was rescued, he felt that it was all worth it.

Shi Ming didn’t quite understand Gao Qian’s idea, in this troubled world, just take care of yourself, no matter what you do.

Gao Qiao laughed to Shi Ming: “Actually, it is also a very happy thing to do justice to fight evil. “

Shi Ming is even more confused, what’s the joy of this?

“Well, it’s like washing the dust off his face, kicking the stones off the road, and messing up the mess.” The fly swatter is dead, making everything orderly, tidy and stable…”

Gao Qian explained a few words, and seeing that Shi Ming still looked confused and not very smart, he gave up.


“I’m a little sleepy, I’ll sleep for a while, and you can call me if I have something to do. “

Gao Qian didn’t sleep last night, so he was a little tired. Besides, he was also curious about the Black Star 3 pistol.

While he was fine, he wanted to Research.

Gao Qian sent Shi Ming away, locked the door of the office, he lay down on the sofa next to him and fell asleep.

Next moment, his consciousness has come to the Grand One Palace .

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