This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 23


Chapter 23 is still a child (additional updates for Alliance Leader AD~)

“The father is here.”

Ling’er greeted him with a smile, his face full of energy.

Ling’er spent more than 4,000 nights with Gao Qian.

Gao Qian is also familiar with Ling’er’s smiling face, but every time he sees it, he can feel relaxed and happy from the bottom of his heart.

Traveling into this troubled world, Gao Qian actually doesn’t like this world, and always has a kind of isolation, a kind of alienation.

It is this kind of mentality that makes him have a very low tolerance for the wicked in this world, and he will kill without the slightest hesitation.

In this world, Ling’er is his most trusted and closest friend. Or even a daughter.

Gao Qian touched Ling’er’s forehead lovingly, Ling’er was a little surprised, she looked at Gao Qian: “what’s the matter father?”

“It’s okay, it’s just not a day. See you, I miss you a little.”

Gao Qian suppressed the emotion in his heart, there is no need to talk to the little child about such trivial matters, it is too immature.

No matter how close Ling’er is, it’s not appropriate to say this.

“There’s something wrong with this gun, Ling’er, take a look…”

Gao Qian took out the Black Star 3 pistol and handed it to Ling’er.

Ling’er’s face became serious after taking the pistol, “father, this gun is not ordinary…”

Ling’er can feel that the gun itself has been Entered the Grand One Palace.

Simply put, this gun already has extraordinary properties. Therefore, it can be brought in directly by Gao Qian.

“What’s unusual?”

Of course Gao Qian knew that it was unusual. This gun had the ability to confuse people’s minds, making him want to let go and kill.

However, he disassembled the gun several times, and all the parts were normal, and nothing special was found.

So, he tried to bring the pistol into the Grand One Palace for inspection.

Now, it’s not a problem with one part of the pistol, but the whole gun.

Ling’er shook his head and said, “I don’t see anything unusual…”

She is just the spirit of the Grand One Palace, who can help Gao Qian run the Grand One Palace, yes Gao Qian’s assistant.

However, Gao Qian has limited abilities and limited control over the Grand One Palace.

The Grand One Palace is amazing, but it doesn’t show its true power.

Gao Qian said angrily: “You are good at literature.”

Ling’er frowned: “father, I’m still a child…”

Gao Qian said again that this gun likes to kill, Ling’er was still at a loss.

Most of her memory wisdom comes from Gao Qian, and a small half comes from Grand One Palace.

Although this gun has extraordinary properties, it has nothing to do with Grand One Palace.

Because of her knowledge, Ling’er doesn’t know the Source Master system, and she doesn’t know anything about the power of Monster Race. She can’t help Gao Qian make any judgment and analysis on this gun.

Gao Qian is also helpless, he has penetrated into this world, the cultivation is King Kong Divine Power Sutra, and he doesn’t know much about Source Master and Monster Race.

Unless, ask An Pingchang.

Gao Qian thought about it again and felt inappropriate.

His relationship with An Pingchang is close, but not close enough.

If this gun is some kind of treasure, things get a little trickier.

Gao Qian doesn’t really care about this gun, he can give it to An Pingchang.

The problem is that this gun is very evil, he is really afraid of An Pingchang.

People’s hearts are unpredictable, and no matter how good a relationship is, it can’t stand the test.

On the other hand, Gao Qian thought about the extinguish sect cases in his hands.

The deceased were all killed by the Black Star pistol, which should be the good thing that this murderous gun did.

In this way, the extinguish sect tragedy for no reason makes sense.

Because this gun likes to kill!
Considering that the accident happened in the battallion area of the fourth patrol, it coincides with the Black Tiger Gang site.

It makes more sense logically.

Gao Qian is sure that the ballistic test of this gun must meet the ballistic characteristics of the extinguish sect murder case.

This gun is Duan Heihu with a gun, it should be Duan Heihu who kills people with it.

Monster Race, there are some bizarre black magic secret techniques, and they make sense.

This gun is so special, Duan Heihu will definitely try to grab it back.

“The water is a little deep…”

Gao Qian was playing with a pistol, which is really difficult to handle.

Of course, it is safest to put it in the Grand One Palace. The problem is that in the Grand One Palace, it will not be able to unlock the secrets in the gun.

After considering it again and again, Gao Qian decided to take it with her. He is still very confident in himself.

What Duan Heihu, Huang Great Immortal, the level within the First Rank, he can handle it completely.

It’s best for Duan Heihu to take the initiative to find him, and to catch him and ask about the situation.

Gao Qian stayed in the Grand One Palace for two hours. When he returned to reality, he became full of energy, and the tiredness of sleeping all night was swept away.

In the next few days, Gao Qian entered a state of doing nothing.

Because of the Xiaodao Gang, the fourth patrol battalion kept a distance from him.

It’s that Shi Ming is not afraid of death, and surrounds him every day to ask questions and warm things up.

Gao Qian felt that Shi Ming was very sensible and somewhat useful, so he was transferred to the serious crime team.

The serious crime team does not need to go to the streets for inspections, nor does it need to be on duty day and night, and the wages and subsidies are much higher. It’s just that the status has improved a lot.

Shi Ming is very satisfied with this.

An Mingxia and Shen Huilan have both called, especially Shen Huilan, who comforted him not to worry, saying that she had already done it.

After half a month of tossing, the Xiaodao Gang finally came to an end.

The middle and high-level members of the gang were all sent to the judicial bureau for trial. The bottom members were sent to reeducation through labor.

Yang Changhai hanged himself in the detention center.

Gao Qian naturally does not believe this, how could someone like Yang Changhai commit suicide. It must be that he knew too much, and some people were afraid that he would talk nonsense, so they silenced.

For Yang Changhai, Gao Qian is not at all sympathetic. This guy is stupid and bad, damn it.

The case of the Knife Gang has come to an end.

For most people, they don’t even feel anything.

After half a month of cold treatment, the General Bureau of Lin Hai Inspection still sent a document, commending Gao Qian’s outstanding performance in the Xiaodao Gang case.

This commendation represents the affirmation of Gao Qian’s work.

Gao Qian knew that this must have been Shen Huilan speaking for him.

The fourth inspector of the battallion also understood what it meant. Everyone became enthusiastic about Gao Qian again.

In the evening, Wu Qiang, the Vice Group Leader of the Serious Crime Team, took the initiative to invite Gao Qian, “Team Leader, are you free in the evening, I’ll invite you to dinner. Must appreciate the light.”

He added He emphasized: “The newly opened Qibao Residence, the Qibao Bronze Furnace, has been repaired very well…”

The past few days Wu Qiang had been waiting to see Gao Qian’s excitement, and a reward document made him realize Gao Qian will not fall in a short time.

Wu Qiang felt that he still needed to have a good relationship with Gao Qian first.

This guy is too evil. He has only been in Linhai for more than a month. He has already killed two inspectors, the Great Captain, and wiped out the two major gangs.

Wu Qiang originally wanted to play tricks and get Gao Qian down, but now he was completely frightened.

Promotion is good, but life is more important. It’s not worth the effort to get promoted!
Gao Qian doesn’t like Wu Qiang, but he always wants to get along well with his colleagues.

If others don’t treat guests, it will affect unity.

He happily said: “That’s good, let Angkor spend a lot of money…”

At six o’clock in the evening, Gao Qian entire group arrived at the newly opened Qibaoju.

The Boss knew that Wu Qiang was coming, so he personally greeted him at the door and greeted everyone warmly. The attitude towards Gao Qian is even more humble.

When everyone was polite at the door, a middle-aged man with an indifferent expression stood in the shadow across the road and watched coldly, a flying knife in his hand turning like a wheel at his fingertips…

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