This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 24


Chapter 24 Cooperation (Added to Alliance Leader Kunlun Sword Bleeding Ocean)

On the hollow table A large copper stove, the charcoal torch is roasted red, the soup at the bottom of the pot is boiling and surging, and the strong fragrance of one after another dissipates with the white air.

The Boss was pouring good wine for Gao Qian and the others, and he introduced with some self-satisfaction: “Hu Bao, Niu Bao, Ma Bao, Lu Bao, Yang Bao, Dog BJ Bao, Qi Bao is boiled. Old soup, nourishing yin and strengthening yang, men’s Saint Grade…”

Wu Qiang, Shi Ming and the others all smiled knowingly. Adult men all want to have a strong kidney, and they all have a dream of not being soft after a hundred battles.

Aphrodisiac food, no matter how it tastes, is a good thing.

What’s more, the names like Tiger Treasure, Lu Bao, and Donkey Treasure are very popular. If it doesn’t make up for it, it doesn’t make sense.

Gao Qian doubts that this is a gimmick. Can something so stinky really make old soup?

However, these details don’t matter. He’s not false, it doesn’t matter if it’s supplemented or not, it’s just delicious.

Boss is certainly a smart man to open such a big restaurant. He had also heard about the name Gao Qian long ago.

Gao Qian is a hot new star in the Lin Hai inspection system. Only a few days ago, Heaven and Earth that had already stirred Lin Hai turned upside down.

You can not befriend such a character, but you must not offend him.

The Boss toasted Gao Qian diligently and sent four bottles of pure grain aged wine before accompany them with a smiling face and left.

Wait until the Boss left, Wu Qiang, Shi Ming and the others began to take turns toasting Gao Qian.

Gao Qian welcomes all who come, and after a few glasses of white wine, the atmosphere naturally becomes lively.

Everyone was holding Gao Qian and shooting flattery wildly, but Gao Qian was humble and polite and spoke nicely.

After a meal, the host and guests enjoyed themselves.

At ten o’clock, the crowd dispersed.

It was getting dark, Wu Qiang and Shi Ming wanted to send Gao Qian, but Gao Qian refused.

“The moonlight is very good, I will walk by myself.”

Wu Qiang and Shi Ming left first, while Gao Qian walked slowly along the avenue.

At the end of June, the evening wind was still a bit cool.

Gao Qian has only drank a lot of wine. Although he is not drunk, he has been roasted in a copper furnace for so long, but he is also a little dry. Being blown by the wind, I felt refreshed.

There are no street lights on this avenue, the shops and businesses on both sides are brightly lit, and the people who eat and drink have not dispersed, so it is still lively.

Gao Qian walked out of several hundred meters and turned to another avenue, and the surroundings immediately became dark.

The security of Linhai is not good, it is dark and quiet here, not a silhouette can be seen, and even the vehicles passing by on the avenue cannot be seen.

There is a crescent moon hanging diagonally in the sky, and the moonlight is sparse and faintly discernable.

Gao Qian slowly paced along the long dark road, feeling at ease and relaxed, but it was a bit more flavorful than the wine he had just now.

β€œGao Qian.”

Suddenly someone called his name from behind, and the voice was a bit sharp, making it uncomfortable for the listener.

Gao Qian turned around and saw two people walking quickly from behind.

With the dim moonlight, Gao Qian could see clearly that there was a man and a woman.

A woman in her thirties is not very pretty, but her brows and eyes are enchanting and charming. This mature style makes her attractive.

She has a metal headband on her forehead, with an intricate and beautiful pattern. The center of the headband is set with a red gemstone the size of a pinky thumb.

The oval-shaped gemstone is inlaid upright, because its inner luster has layers of luster, and it looks a bit like an upright eye.

The woman was wearing a short black trench coat, with a deep metallic luster hidden in the trench coat.

Gao Qian has been playing with Source Armor in the Grand One Palace the past few days, and is all too familiar with the luster of black iron.

He could tell at a glance that the other party was wearing Source Armor. He also guessed the identity of the other party.

β€œHuang Great Immortal?”

The alluring woman raised her eyebrows in surprise, β€œYou are quite smart!”

Gao Qian laughed He said: “I have heard the name of Xiaodao Gang Lord Huang Great Immortal for a long time. When I saw you today, I realized that you are a beautiful woman.”

He sighed a little: “This night, suddenly Great color.”

Huang Great Immortal looked at Gao Qian deeply, she didn’t quite understand whether Gao Qian had a bad brain or was really fearless.

At this time, what kind of poet is still here.

But, I have to say, this kid speaks very nicely.

The old man beside him couldn’t help it. He pointed his gun at Gao Qian and sneered: “Boy, don’t pretend to be crazy, it’s useless!”

The old man holds the gun very strangely , the hand is placed low on the waist, the wrist rests on the crotch, and the gun is held very firmly.

Gao Qian turned his attention to Jiang Kuaishou, “I haven’t asked you yet?”

“I am Jiang Kuaishou.”

“It turned out to be Old Mister Jiang. , I also heard your name. I once stole seventeen wallets on a bus. A real craftsman, amazing.”

Gao Qian offended the Xiaodao Gang, and An Pingchang He reminded him of course that he wanted to investigate the situation of these heads of the Xiaodao Gang.

There is no detailed documentation about Huang Great Immortal and the others, only some oral legends.

Through these legends, Gao Qian also roughly knows the abilities of several people.

Huang Great Immortal is the Source Master of the Spirit Department. This is what An Pingchang said, and there is absolutely no difference.

Flying knives are naturally powerful. Jiang Kuaishou is an old thief who takes out his wallet. Of course, the hand must be fast.

It’s quicker to take out the wallet, and naturally faster to take out the gun. Jiang Kuaishou may not be able to fight, but killing is a good one.

Gao Qian also heard footsteps behind him. He turned his head and glanced at him. A middle-aged man silhouette appeared behind him, and a silver light flickered faintly in his hand.

There is no doubt that the man behind is good at throwing knives.

Gao Qian said with a slight smile: “A few of you who came to visit late at night want to surrender to me?”

“What the hell, I broke you!” Jiang Kuaishou The oldest, but the worst temperament, he couldn’t help cursing violently.

As soon as Huang Great Immortal raised his hand, Jiang Kuaishou immediately closed his mouth.

She said straight to Gao Qian: “I don’t like to joke. We didn’t come to you for a joke.”


Gao Qian was a little puzzled, “What does Ms. Huang want to say?”

“The only thing you want is money. You have destroyed our Xiaodao Gang. This is also due to this tribulation.”

Huang Great Immortal said slowly: “As long as you cooperate with us, the past can be written off.”

These days, Huang Great Immortal and the others have not left the forest, but they are holding their breath to find Gao Qian takes revenge.

You can meet Gao Qian himself, but Huang Great Immortal thinks Gao Qian is of interest.

In the middle of the night, he was blocked by the enemy, but he was able to take it easy and dare to talk nonsense with them.

I don’t know how this person’s ability is, at least he has a big heart.

Killing Gao Qian is just a breath. Gao Qian is patrolling the system and there are still people. If they kill people, they will have to go to the end of the world. They can no longer stay in the forest.

So, Huang Great Immortal decided to chat with Gao Qian.

If Gao Qian is willing to cooperate, they will soon be able to rebuild the Xiaodao Gang and even dominate Lin Hai, which is not difficult.

Jiang Kuaishou’s old face showed some reluctance, but Huang Great Immortal was strong, so he didn’t dare to talk nonsense.

As for the middle-aged man standing behind Gao Qian flying the knife, he completely listened to Huang Great Immortal.

Huang Great Immortal saw that Gao Qian was silent, she thought that Gao Qian was a little moved.

She continued: “You have someone at the top, but no foundation at the bottom. We just happen to be able to cooperate. We are in charge of the gang, it would be great for you to be the boss of Lin Hai!

Shushu Under the moonlight, Huang Great Immortal’s coquettish eyes shone brightly, and the red gemstones on her headband were also shining with a bewitching luster, which gave her an indescribable strange charm.

Somehow , Gao Qian thinks Huang Great Immortal is so pleasing to the eye and his voice is so nice, it seems that it is not difficult to accept cooperation with such a person…

(Alliance Leader Kunlun has a bloody sword, an old friend~ and Gao Zhenghuan, I want a cup of kumquat lemon, thank you~)

(end of this chapter)

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