This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 25


Chapter 25 single force subduing Tenth Meeting (Add more updates for the Alliance Leader’s three-life burial~)

Gao Qian, Huang Great Immortal was full of vigilance, but this meeting felt that it was unnecessary. This woman is not a bad person either…

The idea came to him, and he suddenly became vigilant, no, this woman is not a good thing.

Huang Great Immortal’s way of making money is to knock on the bones and suck the marrow and drink blood, and it can’t be regarded as a human being at all.

The face of the little boy whose legs were broken and his tongue was cut off also appeared in Gao Qian’s mind.

Gao Qian was completely awake.

Looking at Huang Great Immortal’s flirtatious appearance, he was also a little more disgusted. At this age, the corners of the eyes of an old woman are wrinkled, and she is also acted coquettishly and coquettishly.

What’s even more irritating is that he was almost fooled just now.

It’s not that Huang Great Immortal is really so attractive, it must have been shaken by her spiritual source power secret technique, causing emotional fluctuations, and then having a good impression of Huang Great Immortal.

This invisible spirit strength is very special and strange. Huang Great Immortal not only has ghosts in her eyes, but also has ghosts in the ruby on her headband.

Gao Qian was always on guard in the heart, but didn’t expect to be hit by the opponent.

Gao Qian secretly rejoices that he has been cultivating King Kong Divine Power Sutra for many years, and his body and mind are as tenacious as steel.

I have seen the vicious methods of Huang Great Immortal and know how hateful this person really is. This is not to be confused.

Otherwise, this time the boat will really capsize at the Yellow Great Immortal.

Having suffered this time loss, Gao Qian also has a little more murderous aura. It’s just that he has a deep thought, and his face is still as calm as water, showing no joy or anger.

Gao Qian asked Huang Great Immortal: “Cooperation, can you trust me?”

He was also a little curious, just relying on Huang Great Immortal spirit strength, at most temporarily affect people’s perception , but not enough to control one’s mind.

Why did they work with him?
Huang Great Immortal didn’t notice Gao Qian’s strangeness, and she was also very confident in her mysterious skills.

She said with a smile charmingly: “This is easy, you help us do something, everyone will be our own in the future.”

“What to do?”

“Yang Changhai has a daughter who is seventeen years old this year. She looks pretty good. Our Xiaodao Gang was destroyed by this waste, so let’s take his daughter out.”

Huang Great Immortal said slowly: “You don’t need to do anything, we’ll help you catch it back. You can deal with her when you get tired of playing for a few days.”

“Are you applying for a name?”

Gao Qian laughed dumbly, “Ms. Huang, you really have ancient inheritance in this line of work.”

“It’s easy isn’t it?” Huang Great Immortal continued to bewitched, her rays of light shone uncertainly, The ruby on the headband also shone at the same time, and the whole person became more and more coquettish and weird.

β€œWhat if I disagree?” Gao Qian asked again.

Huang Great Immortal’s face changed slightly, and her eyes were also cold and murderous aura, “If you don’t agree, I will kill you today to avenge the knife’s gang of brothers!”

Jiang Kuaishou’s old face also tightened suddenly, he stared at Gao Qian, and pointed the gun firmly at Gao Qian.

Just waiting for Gao Qian to do something, he will shoot without the slightest hesitation.

Gao Qian said sternly: “There is a good saying: good and evil do not exist. You and I are impossible to cooperate. Several of you have surrendered now, and I can help you win leniency…”


Jiang Kuaishou couldn’t listen anymore, he pulled the trigger and shot continuously.

As an old thief, his Spear Art is very accurate. The distance between the two sides was less than ten steps, and all twelve bullets in the magazine had been poured onto Gao Qian within two seconds.

Gao Qian saw the gunfire spewing from the opponent, and the others rushed forward.

Twelve rounds of bullets did not affect his movements in any way. In fact, the bullet didn’t even penetrate the skin.

When Jiang Kuaishou was out of bullets, Gao Qian also rushed in front of him.

Jiang Kuaishou looked at the appearance of Gao Qian vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger. He didn’t seem to be injured at all. He hurriedly backed away, and at the same time, he had already completed the action of returning and replacing the magazine.

The name of Kuaishou is by no means a false rumor.

However, Gao Qian’s fist also arrived.

A straight punch hit Jiang Kuaishou’s face.

Jiang Kuaishou’s breath was stagnant because of the punching wind, and he couldn’t help being shocked.

When this fist comes down, his life will definitely be gone.

At the most critical moment, standing beside Jiang Kuaishou, the yellow Great Immortal’s eyes were bright, and she drank a low voice: “Broken!”

Invisible source power passed The rubies on the forehead gathered and enlarged, and under the control of Huang Great Immortal’s mind, it turned into an invisible arrow and shot directly between Gao Qian’s eyebrows.

Breaking Soul Arrow, Huang Great Immortal’s most powerful spiritual source power secret technique.

Under the blessing of Source Armor, Broken Soul Arrow is enough to destroy the consciousness of ordinary people and make the other party completely become a fool.

Even if the Source Master was hit by the Broken Soul Arrow, he would instantly lose consciousness.

The higher the source power cultivation base, the faster the recovery time. For low-level Source Masters, this is almost a surefire way to kill.

Because of a second or two of sluggishness, the source power will run sluggishly. At this time, it becomes very easy to kill Source Master.

She relied on this move to walk the rivers and lakes and never lost.

Although Gao Qian had the Divine Power Sutra, he was hit between the eyebrows by the Broken Soul Arrow. In an instant, his mind was also in a trance, and the entire world seemed to be swaying with the shock.

His ferocious punch also slowed down.

Jiang Kuaishou got this gap, and he raised his hand to shoot at Gao Qian’s head.

The continuous shooting just now failed to injure Gao Qian, which made Jiang Kuaishou realize that Gao Qian was probably wearing a bulletproof vest.

He couldn’t believe it, Gao Qian’s face could still block bullets.

Gao Qian quickly came to his senses.

Jiang Kuaishou shot in the air, but Gao Qian’s punch was hitting the old man’s face.

The consecutive hits made Gao Qian stop trying.

Humans have 639 muscles and 6 billion muscle fibers. An ordinary person can lift up to five times its own weight.

King Kong Divine Power Sutra strengthens Gao Qian’s muscles and bones in all aspects, ten times stronger than the ordinary person. He could theoretically lift fifty times his own weight.

That’s four tons. In fact, Gao Qian can lift up to two tons.

With the blessing of Zhou Yuxiu’s Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel, he is meticulous about the operation of power.

Although it is still far from fully mobilizing 6 billion muscle fibers, 206 bones and 639 muscles can be mobilized in an orderly manner.

This also tripled his power efficiency.

It is conceivable that Gao Qian’s fist is so ferocious.

Jiang Kuaishou’s white-haired head exploded like a firecracker.

The spewed flesh and blood fragments also sprayed the yellow Great Immortal’s face.

She was stunned. Human skulls are the hardest, and they can blow people’s heads with bare hands. What kind of power is this!

The point is that Gao Qian is not armed with Source Armor!

After dealing with Jiang Kuaishou, Gao Qian turned around without hesitation and punched towards Huang Great Immortal again.

Huang Great Immortal parried with both hands while backing away.

In Source Armor state, her strength and speed are far beyond normal.

Compared to the powerful Gao Qian, it’s just a lot worse.

Gao Qian punched through Great Immortal Huang’s hands, hitting her face full of panic.

The Source Armor on Great Immortal Huang suddenly flashed a faint white light, covering her whole body.

Gao Qian’s fist stagnated, as if he was stuck in a quagmire. It was a sticky, soft and thick feeling.

He knew that this was the source power field that the Source Master provoked the transformation of source power, which could resist various external attacks.

The level of the Source Master is different, and the intensity of the source power field is also very different.

Although Huang Great Immortal was beaten and staggered back, the white light of the source power field on her body also shook.

But the power of this fist was completely dissolved by Huang Great Immortal.

Huang Great Immortal hurriedly turned around and ran. Gao Qian was about to pursue him when he heard the gust of wind whistling behind him.

Gao Qian grabbed two throwing knives in a row with his backhand.

Four other throwing knives were shot at his back, the back of his head, etc.

It’s just that the kinetic energy of these flying knives is not as good as that of bullets, and they are thrown away when they land on him.

The middle-aged man who threw the flying knife saw Gao Qian turn around as if nothing had happened, and his indifferent face also showed a look of surprise.

With his throwing knives sharp enough to pierce a human skull. Why did Gao Qian have a knife in the back of his head but didn’t care.

The middle-aged man was shocked, but four throwing knives had been drawn out of his hands again.

He raised both hands, and four cold lights shot directly at Gao Qian’s face. Among them, two throwing knives shot directly into Gao Qian’s eyes.

Gao Qian also threw out the two throwing knives in his hands.

The flying knife technique borrowed from the apostle Zhou Yuxiu allowed him to shoot ruthlessly and accurately.

Flick the forearms out of both hands, while simultaneously exerting force on the wrists and fingers.

The blessing of Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel makes his explosive power extremely terrifying.

Although his two throwing knives were shot from the back, they were almost like two cold lights, and they shot into the middle-aged man’s chest first.

The flying knife easily penetrated the middle-aged man’s body back and forth, and then flew forward a few meters with a cloud of blood.

The two flying knives also completely destroyed the heart of the middle-aged man, and the man stood there, his eyes quickly dimmed.

Gao Qian shook his head, avoiding the four throwing knives that came in the face.

No matter how accurate the opponent’s knife is, lack of strength is a huge weakness. With his current reaction ability, it is a little difficult to avoid bullets, but it is not difficult to avoid flying knives.

He complimented him out of politeness: “The flying knife is very beautiful!”

Huang Great Immortal didn’t watch the battle between the two sides at all, she was running frantically towards the roadside woods.

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