This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 26


Chapter 26 Admiration
Huang Great Immortal has a very clear mind, only by stepping into the woods can she have May get rid of Gao Qian.

This is her only chance to survive!
Linhai City is called Linhai because there are trees everywhere.

In other words, this is a city established in the deep mountains and forests, and the purpose of existence is to better exploit forest resources.

Beside the avenue is a large forest of masson pine, which has lush branches and leaves that hang down to the ground and exudes a strong pine resin smell.

As long as you run a few meters forward and a person drills into it, it will be difficult to track even in broad daylight.

Just as Great Immortal Huang was about to rush into the woods, he heard Gao Qian reminding softly from behind: “It’s dark, be careful under your feet, don’t fall…”

The voice seemed to be in her ears, Huang Great Immortal was horrified, and before she could turn around, the fierce, howling, fierce fist wind had penetrated her ears.

Before Huang Great Immortal could react, she seemed to have been hit by a high-speed car and flew out seven or eight meters away, hitting a pine tree.

With a bang, the pine branches and leaves were broken, and the trunks were swaying back and forth.

Huang Great Immortal was even more dizzy after being hit. She lay on the ground and struggled to get up, but all the bones in her body seemed to be broken, and she was in pain to death.

The white light on her Source Armor is gone.

This means that the source power field stimulated by the Source Armor is completely destroyed.

Gao Qian strode up to Huang Great Immortal, and he praised: “Ms. Huang, I didn’t see it, you are in good health.”

“Master, don’t kill me. I, everything can be negotiated…”

Huang Great Immortal was half lying on the ground, she begged bitterly: “I have money, I have tens of millions, I will give it to you!”

Gao Qian pondered for a while and said, “It’s always good to use the money you made from doing evil to do good deeds and compensate the victims.”

The reason Gao Qian said was just and honorable, Huang Great Immortal didn’t believe it in his heart, this kid just wanted her money.

Only at this step, she can only listen seriously.

β€œI am willing to make a change and be a new person.”

Since Gao Qian likes to hear this, Huang Great Immortal cooperates with him.

“Ms. Huang, let’s talk about something useful.”

“There is a hidden cave 300 meters behind the wood house on Xiuyun Peak. 100 gold bricks.”

Huang Great Immortal said with a flattering smile at Gao Qian, “There are several places to hide money like this, all of which are very secret, I can take you there to get it… “

“I don’t bother you anymore.”

Gao Qian said softly, “It’s a good night to hit the road.”

Huang Great Immortal face deathly pale, “Why do you have to embarrass me, a woman! I gave you the money…”

“It’s not embarrassing for you.”

Gao Qian corrected: “Those who were hurt by you all want justice.”

Huang Great Immortal knew that Gao Qian would not let her go, so she frantically gathered her source power to trigger the Broken Soul Arrow again.

Gao Qian just looked at Huang Great Immortal so quietly, letting the other party urge the secret technique.

This time he could see clearly, the vertical pupil-like ruby on Huang Great Immortal’s forehead flashed, and after that, his brows froze, and he was in a trance.

Huang Great Immortal saw that Gao Qian was unscathed, she screamed wildly: “This is the world of cannibalism, what’s wrong with me!”

“You are so wrong, I just don’t have time to explain.”

Gao Qian didn’t give her a chance, he reached out to grab Huang Great Immortal’s ankle, “Ms. Huang, goodbye.”

Speaking of Gao Qian He suddenly stood up and exerted force with one arm, and Huang Great Immortal was rounded by him and smashed to the ground.

With a muffled sound, Great Yellow Immortal’s upper body was deeply embedded in the ground, and the body in Source Armor turned into a pool of rotten flesh, blood and minced flesh slowly spilling out along the Source Armor gap. .

With the moonlight drifting down from the sky, Gao Qian could see clearly.

“Elder sister, I’m sorry, I took your makeup on…”

Gao Qian habitually muttered, he squatted down and stroked Source Armor, this low-level Source Armor There was no real damage, just some deformation.

See the tenacious level of Source Armor.

Great Immortal Huang’s headband was deformed, but the ruby was intact.

Gao Qian was rude, he buckled the ruby. This thing doesn’t look like Source Armor, he’s going to take it back and study it.

Gao Qian checked Jiang Kuaishou and Feidao again, and they both had a lot of money on them. Fei Dao carried a pocket of gold bars on his back. It should be around a million or so.

It can be seen that the three of them are going to run away after finishing this ticket, so they carry so many gold bars with them.

Gao Qian moved the two corpses to the side of the road, and it would be bad to scare pedestrians in the middle of the night.

He returned to the inspection team on foot and notified the duty inspector to come over to deal with the scene.

Several people are wanted criminals, and killing them is justified.

The efficiency of inspections is very low, and the inspection department did not come until dawn. At the same time, the second inspector of the battallion in this jurisdiction also arrived.

People surveyed the scene and took pictures of the bodies.

Wu Qiang led Shi Ming and several serious crime teams to inspect and came to assist the work.

Jiang Kuaishou, who had only one chin left, and Wu Qiang, who was experienced and knowledgeable, both turned pale.

Seeing the Yellow Great Immortal, who fell into a pool of rotten flesh, Wu Qiang’s heart began to twitch wildly.

Shi Ming, the old inspectors, were also shocked, and no one dared to examine the body carefully.

This scene is really scary.

The second inspector battallion, an inspector approached, he looked strange and said to Wu Qiang: “Old Wu, the group leader Gao didn’t come?”

Wu Qiang reluctantly laughed: ” If he has something to do, I’ll come to work with him. Just tell me anything.”

“tsk tsk, your senior team leader, you are really ruthless!”

The inspector was amazed, “I have been inspecting for 20 years, and this is the first time I know that a person can be smashed into pieces. When carrying a woman’s body, half of the flesh was scattered on the ground…”

“Trouble you guys.” Wu Qiang pressed his uneasiness and greeted the other party.

“Xiaodao helps bad things happen. I don’t know how many people have been killed over the years! It’s a good death. It’s a good death.”

The inspector’s words suddenly changed, “High The team leader has eradicated a major scourge for Lin Hai, awesome!”

The inspector gave a thumbs up, “I’ll invite Team Leader Gao to drink if I have a chance!”

Wait until the inspector When the official left, Wu Qiang, Shi Ming and the others all had complicated expressions.

There are still people who praise Gao Qian, and it doesn’t look like a flattery. It’s not easy.

Wu Qiang also sighed in his heart, Gao Qian not only has someone above, but he can fight like that. He is really a good guy.

He originally wanted to play some tricks with Gao Qian, trying to squeeze Gao Qian away.

Now, his thoughts are completely gone.

A ruthless fight with Gao Qian, isn’t that courting death…

Shi Ming is different from Wu Qiang. He is now Gao Qian’s follower. Hearing someone praise Gao Qian, he is also With honor.

At this time, he suddenly understood what Gao Qian said: Fighting evil and doing justice is a happy thing…

Indeed, when the wicked are put to death, justice is done , which is quite happy.

The reason why Gao Qian didn’t go to the scene was not to put on airs. He drove to Xiuyun Peak alone.

In the early morning, a few old men who lived nearby were walking under Xiuyun Peak.

The Xiaodao Gang was swept away, and all the rambunctious people wandering around here disappeared, so it was very quiet.

Gao Qian doesn’t trust Huang Great Immortal, but gold bars worth 10 million are no small sums of money.

Whether it’s true or not, he always comes to see it.

Gao Qian has a good memory and a strong sense of direction, so he quickly found the wood house.

The body in front of the wood house has long been taken away, and the inside of the wood house has also been turned over. Leaving a rubbish all over the place.

It’s mostly men and women breaking their clothes. There are also cheap carry-on items like wallets, belts, plastic accessories, and more.

These must have been left behind by the victims. It can be seen that how many people have been killed and how many women have been kidnapped in this wood house.

It is also underdeveloped information and inconvenient transportation. So many people are missing, but they have not been noticed.

Of course, this is also the connivance of the first patrol team in the jurisdiction, even if someone reports the case, it will be ignored. The Knife Gang can be so rampant.

Gao Qian stopped at the wood house for a while without finding any useful clues.

According to Huang Great Immortal, Gao Qian went to the back of the wood house.

After walking a few tens of meters, the mountain suddenly became steep, almost a vertical cliff at a 90-degree angle.

The cliffs are densely covered with bushes and thorns, and there are no roads at all.

Gao Qian thought about it, and decided to look again.

Fortunately, he was already prepared, wearing a wear-resistant training suit, and wading in hard to separate the bushes and thorns.

With agility, Gao Qian descended the steep hillside.

After walking for about several hundred meters, the mountain is abruptly flat, and many bones are also found here.

Looking at the shape of the bones, they should all be human bones.

Gao Qian walked closer and looked carefully, and found that there were deep bite marks on the bones. Some of the bones were broken.

Looking ahead, there is a small road about 3.33m wide that has been stepped out, extending diagonally upwards.

I can’t see where this road leads, even with trees and grass.

Gao Qian doesn’t feel very well. From the teeth marks on the bones, it can be seen that there is either a beast or a Monster Race hidden in it!
(End of this chapter)

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