This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 27


Chapter 27 Snakes and Demons
Although Xiuyun Peak is considered a tourist attraction, it is usually not there.

There are also fixed routes for tourists to come up.

This mountain is almost three thousand meters high, and the overwhelming majority area of the mountain is in a pure natural state.

Judging from the climate of Linhai, it is not uncommon to see wolves, black bears and even tigers and other beasts here.

It’s just the beasts like tigers, which are not very intelligent. There are people wandering around the mountains every day, and they will definitely attack people.

Gao Qian, judging from the traces of the bones, guessed that the cannibal should be the Monster Race.

Only then can he hide. It was only possible for the Knife Gang to cooperate with him and feed him the corpse.

Because the mountain is steep, it is enough to throw people directly from it. So there is no way to go.

Gao Qian thought about it and decided to go in and have a look.

He doesn’t believe it anymore, there will be a Second Rank blood demon hidden in it!
The blood demon is a powerful Great Demon with much higher intelligence than the ordinary person. The living habits are also close to those of humans.

In addition, blood demons don’t eat people, they drink some blood at most. That’s why it’s called a blood demon.

If it was really a blood demon, it would never stay in the barren mountains and ridges to survive by eating raw human flesh.

Gao Qian walked along the path for dozens of meters, turned a few tall pine trees, and saw a cave.

The entrance to the cave, which is as high as one person, is dark inside, and you can’t see anything clearly.

Look at the overwhelmed traces of vegetation at the entrance of the cave, where animals or people often come and go.

Gao Qian walked to the entrance of the cave and smelled a faint stench inside.

The cave is deep and there is no end in sight.

Although Gao Qian has a tenacious body, he doesn’t want to be reckless and reckless.

That’s not his style.

Fortunately, he was well prepared and took out the bright flashlight from his backpack.

A bright beam of light cut through the darkness, and the cave immediately brightened.

Gao Qian moved forward cautiously with a flashlight. After walking a few dozen meters, the cave became more and more spacious.

After walking for about more than a hundred meters, he saw the sky light falling from above, and the whole space suddenly opened up.

This space is a hollow cave, about the size of a basketball court. In the depths of the grotto lies a silhouette. At least looks like a tall human.

Gao Qian used the strong light to pass by, only to find that this person was covered with finely layered black yellow scales, which reflected a strange luster under the strong light.

In terms of texture, it looks like snake skin or lizard skin.

This man has a flat and long head, and his face is covered with fine scales. His nose has no bridge but only two nostrils, but his jawbone is extremely developed.

Just talking about facial features, this guy is like a snake’s head on top, and it’s ugly and terrifying.


Gao Qian was slightly surprised, the snake demon has the lowest intelligence among the known Monster Races, and its temperament is closer to wild beast.

Its ugly and special appearance also makes the snake demon very easy to identify.

However, the snake demon’s battle strength is not weak. Moreover, basilisks are very good at lurking and hiding. It can even control its own body temperature, heartbeat, and enter a semi-hibernation state.

Therefore, this kind of Monster Race will be named as snake demon.

Sure enough, Huang Great Immortal harbored malicious intentions and wanted to use the snake demon to kill him!

The sleeping snake demon was also awakened by the strong light. He opened his jade green vertical pupils and blinked, then hurriedly closed his eyes.

For the snake demon who is used to the dark environment, the light beam of the flashlight is too dazzling.

The snake demon with his eyes closed gently stuck out his tongue, and through the scent molecules wandering in the air, he knew that the other party was a human being.

He moved his throat and identified Gao Qian’s position again through subtle sonic vibrations.

The snake demon’s legs and waist are both ejecting forcefully at the same time, and the person shoots directly at Gao Qian like an arrow.

The distance between the two sides was no more than six or seven meters, and the snake demon rushed in front of Gao Qian in an instant.

Gao Qian didn’t hide, he threw the flashlight and went up to meet him. The snake demon is much faster than him, and fighting with the snake demon will actually suffer.

Gao Qian punched the snake demon’s chest with a punch, and the huge force sent the snake demon flying backwards.

This snake demon has never suffered such a big loss. Although his body is strong, he can’t stand such a ferocious force.

I don’t know how many scales on my chest were blown away, and my sternum was smashed into a dozen pieces.

The snake demon didn’t come up in one breath and almost fainted on the spot.

Gao Qian succeeded with one punch, he went up to grab the snake demon and slammed it down against the ground with one foot.

With a bang, the scales on the snake demon’s body collapsed and blood spurted out.

It’s just that the snake demon has a long life force, so it won’t die.

Gao Qian swiped with his backhand again, this time the snake demon was smashed into a bloody mess, screaming si si in his mouth.

Gao Qian smashed again seven or eight times in a row, and the snake demon’s flesh and blood smeared all over the ground. In the end, only the leg on his hand was barely intact.

“Sorry, I’m reckless, don’t take offense.”

Gao Qian wanted to compliment the other party out of politeness, but the other party turned into a puddle of mud. Nothing to brag about.

He thought for a while and said, “Your legs are quite long and straight.”

He slowly put down the thighs as he spoke, with a very gentle attitude.

Ling’er suddenly appeared next to her, and she said with surprise: “father, we suddenly have five more moral auras. What are you doing?”

She said Before he could finish speaking, he saw flesh and blood all over the ground.

Ling’er hurriedly covered his eyes: “It’s too violent, so scary.”

“A snake demon.”

Gao Qian explained, He also asked curiously: “Does killing Monster Race still reward moral aura?”

Generally speaking, he will accumulate a little moral aura when he keeps the ring for a day.

For more than a decade, he has also done all kinds of good things, and his moral aura has never been added.

Suddenly there are five more moral auras, it can only be because he killed the snake demon.

Ling’er covered her eyes with one hand, and said nodded: “That’s right, it must be because of killing Monster Race.”

She said happily: “very good, there is Monster Race can score points. Those few moral lotus will be opened soon…”

The moral aura cannot directly improve the Vajra Divine Power Sutra cultivation base, but it can open the moral lotus.

Each plant of moral celestial lotus represents a peerless martial arts.

This is very, very important to Gao Qian.

Gao Qian is also very happy that after being cultivated for so long, he finally found a shortcut.

However, Monster Race is not easy to find. It’s not that easy to kill Monster Race to score points.

Ling’er and Gao Qian reported the good news, because she couldn’t stand the harsh environment here, so she hurried back to Grand One Palace again.

Gao Qian picked up the flashlight and spun around in the grotto.

Many human bones were also found here, all of which were gnawed in disbelief. These bones are also the source of the stench.

In a corner, Gao Qian actually found a heavy suitcase.

He brought it up and tried it, it was about 100kg. When I opened it, I saw a lot of gold bars inside.

Huang Great Immortal really didn’t lie to him, just didn’t tell him that there are snake demons here.

Don’t look at the snake demon being easily killed by him. If someone else comes, it can only be the food of the snake demon.

It is an expert like An Changping, even if he wears Source Armor, he may not be the opponent of the snake demon.

The intelligence of the snake demon is not high, but the battle strength is very strong. Even higher than Duan Heihu.

In particular, the scales on the surface of the snake demon’s body have high protection, and with the support of the source power field, assault rifles are no threat to the snake demon.

Such a Monster Race is a nightmare for low-level Source Masters.

That is, Gao Qian, the powerful King Kong Divine Power Sutra, and the precise and efficient operation of the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel, can kill the snake demon easily.

Gao Qian is still very satisfied with this battle, he played well and defeated the snake demon!
The harvest is also good, starting with ten million gold.

This money is full of blood, Gao Qian is not hypocritical, but there are many victims of the Xiaodao Gang who are alive and have files to check.

Killed Huang Great Immortal and the others, just to help the victim out. But not enough to make their lives better.

With this money, a share for each person is enough to improve life.

However, it is a hassle to compensate according to what standard and how to ensure the implementation is in place.

Gao Qian thinks it is best to give this money to An Changping. Although this guy is slick, he is reliable in his work. Also, there is a lot of sympathy for the bottom.

He knows Lin Hai and has various connections. Even if some of the money is lost in the process, at least most of the money can be sent to the victim.

Gao Qian was about to leave with a suitcase when he suddenly felt something was wrong.

Why is the snake demon staying here and not leaving? This is very strange…

Also, the snake demon is not very intelligent, how did Huang Great Immortal hook up with him?

(end of this chapter)

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