This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 28


Chapter 28 Opening the Door

Snakes like to live in one place, but only if the place has Adequate food.

Xiuyun Peak is very remote. Even if there are people from the Knife Gang to feed it, food is a big problem.

Also, the Knife Gang was wiped out half a month ago. Huang Great Immortal and the others must not be in the mood to feed the snake demon.

With the ability of the snake demon, it is completely possible to go hunting in other places. He would rather endure it than leave the cave.

This is outrageous!
Gao Qian wanted to leave with the box, but suddenly thought that there was something wrong with the cave, so he put down the box again.

After looking around, Gao Qian found that the place where the snake demon sleeps is smooth, like it was polished on purpose.

Looking carefully, there is a huge boulder behind the snake demon that can obviously be moved. The smooth ground is the result of multiple movements.

The rock walls of the grottoes are bumpy and bumpy. This huge boulder with a height of one person is inlaid on the rock wall. If you don’t look carefully, you can’t see the problem at all.

Gao Qian tried it, the rock was very heavy, but luckily he could barely move it.

Gao Qian carried the corner of the bottom of the boulder to exert force outwards, even with his strength, he felt a little difficult.

Soon he moved out a gap where people could get in and out, revealing a passage inside.

Gao Qian also let out a breath.

The short-term exertion made his muscles a little sore. This stone weighs at least six or seven thousand catties.

That is him, if it was someone else, even if there was a problem, he could only watch it.

Gao Qian regained his strength, and then he stepped into the passage.

This passage can clearly see the traces of artificial excavation and rest. Not long after he walked, he saw the jade green stone at the end of the passage.

The shape of the stone is like a basketball, but the roundness is not so regular. jade green The dim light of the stone flows.

If you look closely, the dim light in the stone is divided into different levels, as if the starry sky is deep and endless.

The more Gao Qian looked, the more intoxicated he became. His whole consciousness was completely attracted to the stone.

After a few minutes, Gao Qian felt exhausted. He knew something was wrong, so he hurriedly closed his eyes and cut off the connection with the stone.

After a while, Gao Qian let out a long sigh and barely returned to normal.

In the dark, this round stone looks eerily beautiful.

Gao Qian forcibly restrained the impulse in his heart and turned away from the stone.

He was addicted for a while just now, he felt as if he hadn’t slept for ten days and ten nights, and felt extremely tired from the inside out.

He has never felt this bad since his cultivation of King Kong Divine Power Sutra.

There must be something wrong with this jade green stone!

Gao Qian called out Ling’er, “Ling’er, do you see?”

Ling’er cautiously glanced at the strange stone, and suddenly her eyes shined, ” Good stuff!”

“What’s this?”

“I don’t know…”

Ling’er’s cute little face is full of ignorance, The two little paws were also spread out, almost shrugging.

Gao Qian said angrily: “I don’t know you are talking nonsense!”

“Ling’er is not talking nonsense, I really don’t know what this thing is, but I know What can this thing do?”

Ling’er said excitedly: “This stone can open the door of ‘Yellow’!”


Gao Qian was a little surprised and a little surprised.

The Grand One Palace has four gates “Heaven, Earth, Profound and Yellow”. Ling’er said that every door is a strange foreign world, into which you can get a variety of extraordinary martial arts.

He’s been trying to open a few doors, but he can’t find a way to open them.

didn’t expect this stone to open the yellow door, really only to return and find it easily.

Gao Qian immediately hugged the stone and closed his eyes, quickly falling asleep.

When his consciousness entered Grand One Palace, jade green stone was also brought into Grand One Palace by him.

Ling’er touched the stone in front of the yellow door, and the jade green stone turned into a faint blue light that shone, and soon dissipated completely.

Thousands of complicated patterns on the door of the yellow door also began to flash. After a while, the door vibrated with a “weng” like a bronze bell, and the two opposite doors slowly opened inward.

The gate was dark, and Gao Qian couldn’t see what was inside.

Gao Qian looked towards Ling’er again, she is the spirit of the Grand One Palace and should be able to know what’s inside.

Ling’er thought for a while and said, “There is no danger inside, and the father can go in at any time.”

She also suggested, “It is too unsafe outside, so the father should go back first. .”

Gao Qianp>No, the cave is indeed unsafe.

The snake demon’s intelligence is so low, I’m afraid this stone is not his. There should be someone behind the snake demon.

This person is also in collusion with the Knife Gang!

Gao Qian quickly exited the Grand One Palace, leaving the cave with a yellow cheat suitcase.

Going down from Xiuyun Peak, Gao Qian went directly to the special affairs bureau with gold.

An Pingchang lazily took Gao Qian into the yard, he joked: “I should get you a pass!”

“That’s very good.”

Gao Qian was very happy, “It will be much easier to get in and out.”

“You really want to come here often.”

An Pingchang thought about it and said: “If you like the Secret Service, I will transfer you when you ignite the Source Star.”

To enter the Secret Service, you must be a Source Master. An Pingchang must also follow the rules.

However, he really hoped that Gao Qian would come. The people in the special affairs bureau are very boring. If Gao Qian became a colleague, he would be able to accompany him to chat with him all day.

Gao Qian said: “That’s not in a hurry, Third Uncle, I have something to tell you.”

“So serious?”

An Pingchang was a little helpless Sighing: “What’s wrong with you brat?”

Gao Qian has been here for a few days, causing a lot of trouble. An Pingchang is not afraid, but Gao Qian has already offended the entire inspection system.

This is not a good thing for Gao Qian.

“No trouble, Great Huang Immortal came to kill me, I counterattack reasonably according to law, unfortunately, the three of Great Huang Immortal died on the spot.”


An Pingchang was a little surprised, “You really killed Huang Great Immortal?!”

He knew that Gao Qian would not joke about this kind of thing, but he was still a little surprised.

Huang Great Immortal is the source master of the spiritual system, and his power is strange and unpredictable. She deliberately calculated Gao Qian, Gao Qian could run away even if he was dead, but he actually killed him!
Gao Qian emphasized: “The three of them resisted to the end, and I can only kill them according to law.”

An Pingchang couldn’t help laughing: “You brat likes to engage in these vain-headed formalisms.”

He sighed and said, “It’s good to kill, I don’t dare to go out at night these days, and the date of a few girls can only be pushed! Damn…”

An Pingchang got excited again, “I’ll meet a few beauties at night, let’s find a place to have fun!”

After solving Huang Great Immortal, you can rest assured.

Gao Qian took out the ruby from his pocket, “Third Uncle, I found this thing on Huang Great Immortal, look…”


An Pingchang took it over and looked at the sun, his face quickly turned serious, “This is the blood nucleus!”

The blood nucleus is the source condensed from the blood demon’s body Power crystal core, which can be used to increase source power and increase the formidable power of source power secret skills.

However, the Blood Core comes with the Spiritual Imprint of the Blood Demon. After using the blood core for a long time, the Source Master is easily assimilated by the Spiritual Imprint of the blood demon, becoming bloodthirsty and murderous.

The Alliance lists blood nuclear as a highly dangerous contraband.

Moreover, because of the particularity of the blood core, generally only the blood demon has this thing in the hands.

With the strength of Huang Great Immortal, she is not qualified to hunt down blood demons, and she has no way to buy such contraband. This blood core can only be taken from the blood demons.

The main reason is that there are blood demons in Linhai.

An Pingchang is sure that Huang Great Immortal must have an ass deal with the blood demon in order to get the blood core.

Thinking of the blood demon hiding in the forest and secretly manipulating the Knife Gang, An Pingchang’s hair exploded all over his body!

He couldn’t help cursing: “The fool Huang Great Immortal is also colluding with the blood demon, fuck him…”

(end of this chapter)

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