This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 29


Chapter 29 Avoiding its edge
A bloody demon that kills people is nothing but a beast in the end .

No matter how powerful the beast is, Lin Hai can kill several hundreds of thousands of people!

However, the blood demon lurks behind the scenes and controls a large gang like the Xiaodao Gang, and the nature of the matter is completely different.

This is the same as what happened with Duan Heihu. When Monster Race integrates into the human world, and uses wisdom and strength to dominate human beings, they form a strong Great Influence organization, which turns from beast-eating people into riots.

It is the real destruction of the human social order by Monster Race, and this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated by any human political organization.

The most important task of the Special Affairs Bureau is to kill Monster Race and prevent Monster Race from making waves in the human world.

Huang Great Immortal colluded with the blood demon, which was a big taboo for An Pingchang.

An Pingchang is simply furious, Duan Heihu himself is Monster Wolf, it is normal for him to pretend to be a human and do bad things.

Huang Great Immortal is a pure human, but colluded with the Monster Race, which is extremely hateful!

An Pingchang scolded a lot, but he was still angry, “Where is the body of Huang Great Immortal, Lao Tzu smashed her bones and ashes!”

“Third Uncle, not so much It won’t happen.”

Seeing that An Pingchang was going to run wild, Gao Qian hurriedly reassured her, “Everyone is dead, let’s not care about her.”

Gao Qian changed the subject : “Third Uncle, I have a box of gold, it’s all money from the Knife Gang, I want to use it to compensate the victims…”

After Gao Qian finished speaking, An Pingchang looked a little weird, “This is More than 10 million, do you really want to do this?”

He knew that Gao Qian’s family background, more than 10 million, was a lot of money for Gao Qian and his family.

Just taking it out and sharing it with the victim can’t be described as generous.

β€œThis money is full of blood, so it’s better to use it to do something good.”

Gao Qian said: β€œI have more than one million, which is enough.”


Gao Qian didn’t think much about the money from Black Tiger Gang when he took it. Furthermore, An Pingchang also split the money at that time. He also doesn’t look too arrogant.

A real man does things with a clear conscience, not everything.

An Pingchang saw Gao Qian insist, he sighed then said: “Well, it’s always a good thing. Just say it clearly, there is no reason for people to do things for nothing.

“You Of these more than ten million, it is inevitable to lose a part. “

“It’s natural.” “

Gao Qian understands this very well. He is very kind, but he can’t let others work for him for free.

An Pingchang nominates, since Gao Qian understands the truth, things will be fine I did it.

Gao Qian wanted to ask about the green stone, but the stone disappeared after opening the yellow door.

In case An Pingchang is interested , asked him for details, he couldn’t explain it at all.

So, he had to give up.

However, the snake demon thing is very important, and it cannot be hidden from An Pingchang.

An Pingchang was even more surprised when Gao Qian finished speaking. He hurriedly went to Xiuyun Peak with Gao Qian.

When he entered the cave, Gao Qian realized that something was wrong, because the snake The demon’s leg was gone, and the closed boulder was also opened.

The boulder moved a narrow gap of about twenty centimeters. Judging from this gap, the opponent’s strength should be much worse than his.


Gao Qian was also relieved, at least he still had the advantage in strength.

An Pingchang didn’t think so much, he followed the gap and entered, although he didn’t find anything , but his face is very bad.

Judging from the layout of Monster Race, the other party has been here for several years. Although I don’t know what they are doing, there is absolutely nothing good!
An Pingchang also If you don’t dare to stay longer, it will be miserable to encounter a blood demon here.

He pulled Gao Qian away quickly, and when he returned to the special affairs bureau, he said to Gao Qian: “You go on vacation first, Go out of town for a while to avoid the limelight…”

“Huh? “

Gao Qian was a little surprised, An Pingchang’s reaction was much more exaggerated than he expected.

“That is a Second Rank blood demon, and its intelligence is very high, hiding in the forest. What kind of conspiracy…”

An Pingchang analyzed Gao Qian: “You killed the Xiaodao Gang and killed the snake demon, you must have offended the blood demon greatly. This is a blood demon, it’s useless for you to stay in the patrol team.

“There is no Second Rank Source Master…”

An Pingchang said helplessly: “I am filing a report and applying for rescue now, and the approval process will take a few days. , the top is a little messy now, I’m afraid no one wants to take care of it.

“If one is not good, it will be outsourced to the Hunter Association.

“All in all, it’s not reliable.”

An Pingchang finally said: “You stay in the special affairs bureau, I dare not say that you can be safe. It’s appropriate to leave Lin Hai.”

Gao Qian knew that An Pingchang had good intentions, but he didn’t want to leave, he felt that the blood demon was not that strong, and he and An Pingchang should have a chance to win together.

If he ran away, An Pingchang would be dangerous alone.

He thought about it and said, “I can stay and help Third Uncle. Also, I just killed a few people from Huang Great Immortal, and I want to close the case. I’m gone, people think I do it What’s wrong…”

“Help me, I’m still using you to help.”

An Pingchang scolded: “Your life is more important to your case?”

“Idiot. Don’t be brave!

“This is the Second Rank blood demon! “

Gao Qian could only smile bitterly, “Third Uncle taught me a lesson. I’ll go back and ask for leave…”

Back to the inspection team, Gao Qian still called Mu Guofeng and offered to take a vacation.

After all, the inspection team is a law enforcement department, and usually The management is lax, but the various rules and regulations are actually very strict.

Mu Guofeng is Gao Qian’s direct superior. At his level, he must get permission from Mu Guofeng if he wants to take a vacation.

“Going on vacation? “

Mu Guofeng didn’t wait for Gao Qian to say more, he said to himself: “That’s not good, Huang Great Immortal’s case, I still need you to close the case and go through the proceedings.” If you have any urgent matters, you have to wait until the case is closed. “

Mu Guofeng added: “It will be delayed for three or five days, and you will go on vacation after the case is closed. “

After finishing speaking, Mu Guofeng hung up the phone very rudely.

Gao Qian listened to the busy tone on the phone, and he slowly put down the phone.

The other party is his immediate boss, so it’s not easy to make things difficult for him.

Mu Guofeng disagrees, he really can’t just leave. Of course, he can go to Shen Huilan for help.

Just for vacation, I went to Shen Huilan, Shen Huilan didn’t say anything, what did the Shen Family think of him!

Gao Qian didn’t know if Mu Guofeng was intentional, or if he was deliberately embarrassing him.

Since he is not allowed to take a vacation, he will stay for a few days to see the situation.

Gao Qian feels that the blood demon should not be so impulsive, after all, the other party was seriously injured half a year ago.

Monster Race has a monster in its name, but it is completely different from the monsters in Myths and Legends.

Monster Race is a race of life from different space, which is very close to humans in terms of life form. It is only natural to be able to control the source power, so the Monster Race physique is far more than the ordinary person class.

The flesh and blood body has been fatally wounded, and in the human world, the Monster Race will be suppressed by the environment, and it is impossible It will be back to normal so soon.

In addition, he has opened the yellow door!

The new world is beckoning to him…he has a chance to gain more power!

Gao Qian thought of this, he couldn’t wait to go back to his room, locked the door, he went to bed and fell asleep.

Opening his eyes again, he has come to the place of gold and jade in glorious splendor Grand One Palace.

(End of this chapter)

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