This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 3


Chapter 3 Slow Walking
Du Tao was really frightened, he was standing at the desk Beside, see the whole process very clearly.

The huge solid wood desk of more than 300 pounds was easily lifted by Gao Qian’s hands.

Gao Qian has slender limbs and a very beautiful figure, but it has nothing to do with being thick.

Du Tao has also seen the power of Source Master, even if the Source Master armed with Source Armor is not so arrogant.

What’s more terrifying is that Du Tao can’t bring a gun every time he comes here because of Duan Heihu’s cautious personality.

He watched as Duan Heihu was smashed over by hundreds of pounds of desk, and he couldn’t do anything about it.

Du Tao said to Gao Qian with a face full of horror: “brother, everything can be discussed…”

“Captain Du, don’t be afraid, you won’t have time to hurt, it’s over. ”

Gao Qian laughed at Du Tao and slammed his fist into the opponent’s head.

Du Tao’s eyes and nose were immediately eroded like mud, and a big hole was directly on his face. The huge impact made his head snap backwards, and his cervical vertebrae were forcibly broken.

It’s just this fist, Du Tao can’t die anymore.

“I didn’t lie to you.”

Gao Qian was talking to Du Tao’s body when he heard a loud bang, and the overturned desk suddenly turned over. Fly.

Duan Heihu, who was overwhelmed by the desk, actually stood up again, but he was completely different.

At this moment, Duan Heihu is covered with long black hair, his mouth is raised high and forward, his mouth is wide open, revealing sharp white teeth, his eyes are dark green, and a pair of furry Pointy ears.

He also grew more than two feet tall, and the muscles all over his body broke the suit, and his hands also became long sharp claws.

Well, looks like a wolf-headed werewolf!

“I,” Gao Qian almost blurted out a sentence of national quintessence, but fortunately he immediately realized that he was wrong and changed it temporarily, “I, this luck…”

There are no werewolves in this world , but there is Monster Wolf.

Several decades ago, human beings discovered a pathway to alien space. And thus discovered the existence of source power.

Humans gradually realized the importance of source power, and developed source power into a specialized system.

The person who masters the source power is called the Source Master. Since then, Source Master has also become the highest level human.

The different space channel has awakened human beings to source power innate talent. At the same time, it also brought Monster Race.

The Monster Race from different space has intelligence that is not inferior to that of human beings, but its body is far superior to the ordinary person class.

Monster Wolf is a kind of Monster Race in different space. They can disguise themselves as humans and lurk in the human world.

For several decades, Monster Race has wreaked havoc on the human world. It is also the source of confusion in this world.

Generally speaking, Monster Race needs to ask Source Master to solve it. The teacher who inspected the Academy has repeatedly emphasized this point to the students.

In a small gang like the Black Tiger Gang, I met Monster Wolf. This is a small probability event.

After the transformation, Duan Heihu has a huge and powerful body, a ferocious and ugly wolf head, and exudes terrifying ferocity all over his body.

It’s just that he also exudes a strong stench, and the corners of his mouth keep drooling.

Gao Qian laughed at Duan Heihu, and he said sincerely: “Mister Duan, you are so handsome, but your body odor is a little bigger. I recommend a deodorant, it must be suitable for you. You…”


Duan Heihu, who turned into Monster Wolf, didn’t lose his mind, but he was very angry.

Gao Qian smashed his desk and nearly killed him.

Fortunately, he was born with strong muscles and bones, far better than the ordinary person class. It’s just that after he was knocked unconscious, his hidden bloodline power was activated, involuntarily revealing Monster Wolf’s original form.

Duan Heihu has been lurking in the alliance for 20 years, and in the past few years, he has established a foothold in Linhai and created the Black Tiger Gang.

Although the gang is small, it controls a few blocks, and its influence can radiate to the bottom ten-twenty thousand people. Upward, there is collusion with the Executive Office, the Inspection Bureau, and the Judicial Bureau.

Black Tiger Gang can be said to have taken root in Linhai City, and it will take less than 20 years to cultivate all the gangs in Linhai.

All this was ruined by Gao Qian.

The original form will appear, and it will not change back for a while.

Fortunately, this is in his closed office. As long as Gao Qian is dealt with, he still has a chance to change back into a human form.

In this case, Monster Wolf certainly didn’t have time to chat with Gao Qian, so he swooped at Gao Qian with a low growl.

The transformed Monster Wolf is 2.23 meters tall, with long arms and fast speed.

Facing the extremely ferocious Monster Wolf, Gao Qian did not retreat but advanced, he rushed over and hugged Monster Wolf by the waist.

The small office didn’t give Gao Qian room to wander. On the other hand, Gao Qian actually has a mediocre martial skill. He simply used his wrestling skills directly to maximize his advantages.

Monster Wolf’s weight has increased to nearly 300 pounds after returning to its original shape. Gao Qian didn’t know where the extra weight came from.

But this extra weight is nothing to him at all. Gao Qian lowered his waist with strength, and picked up Monster Wolf at once.

Monster Wolf realized that something was wrong, he hurriedly locked Gao Qian’s waist with his legs, and a pair of sharp claw fiercely grabbed towards Gao Qian’s back.

With his brute strength and the sharpness of his sharp claw, he was enough to pull out Gao Qian’s internal organs.

To Monster Wolf’s surprise, Gao Qian’s body was tough and slippery, and the sharp claw slid to the sides uncontrollably, only tearing Gao Qian’s inspector’s uniform, leaving a long trail on his back. Ten bloodstains.

Monster Wolf knew, however, that this was a real wound. Almost no real harm was done to Gao Qian.

This human body is simply stronger than their Monster Wolf! How can this be?

When Monster Wolf found something bad, Gao Qian counterattacked.

His waist suddenly exerted force and folded back, and his super core strength made his movements extremely fast and powerful.

Before Monster Wolf could react, his head was fiercely on the ground.

The thick pure wool rug couldn’t hold back such a ferocious force, and Monster Wolf’s head was half sunk into the reinforced concrete floor.

This style is a very ferocious move in wrestling. Although Gao Qian’s use is a bit rough, his power is too strong.

With such a ferocious impact, Monster Wolf, although his muscles and bones are strong, was hit with a bloody head, and his jade green eyeballs began to bleed outwards.

Monster Wolf, who was severely injured, suddenly pinned Gao Qian’s arms down with his arms down. The muscles around his body suddenly swelled and became bigger, and a shrill wolf howl came out of his mouth.

Gao Qian hurriedly clasped his hands tightly. Although the opponent’s strength is strong, it is still a lot worse than his King Kong Divine Force.

To Gao Qian’s surprise, Monster Wolf’s swollen body suddenly contracted and shrunk, and he slid out like a mouse dexterously out of his embrace.

Monster Wolf, who escaped, slammed his head out, and his tall body smashed the glass and jumped out.

Waiting for Gao Qian to follow, Monster Wolf has jumped to the ground and rolled a few times before getting up and running away.

This is the fourth floor, more than ten meters from the ground. It is the backyard of Black Butterfly Bar again. There are a few cars parked in the yard, and it is empty and no one can be seen.

Gao Qian estimated that he jumped down until he couldn’t die, but he couldn’t run as fast as Monster Wolf.

He hesitated, and Monster Wolf had already crossed the high wall and disappeared without a trace.

Seeing that he couldn’t catch up, Gao Qian waved his hand at the bottom: “Mister Duan, walk slowly.”

As soon as Duan Heihu ran, Gao Qian felt a little itchy back , touched his back and said to himself, “I don’t know if this Mister Duan has rabies…”

The corpse in the office was quite bloody. Especially the death of a patrol Captain.

What’s more troublesome is that there is no one behind the Black Tiger Gang. Suddenly destroying the Black Tiger Gang will certainly offend some powerful people.

It’s not that easy to deal with.

Gao Qian found a phone on the ground. Fortunately, it was not smashed by the overturned desk.

This era of technology is probably equivalent to Earth in the 1970s and 1980s. The easiest way to get in touch is by landline.

It’s past nine o’clock in the evening, and the person Gao Qian is looking for is at home when he is not in the office, so he should be able to contact him.

Gao Qian dialed the other party’s office first. After three rings, the call was connected. An old man’s lazy voice came from the receiver: “Hello, who is it?”

“Third Uncle, I’m Gao Qian, I got into some trouble, Third Uncle, please help…”

(Twice a day ~ 12 noon, 6 p.m. ~ for now~)

(end of this chapter)

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