This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 30


Chapter 30 Fleas on the Drum

Gao Qian stood in front of the yellow gate, looking at the thick gate On the complex mysterious lines, the face is full of anticipation.

Ling’er’s eyes glowed from the side, and her little face was full of undisguised excitement, “father, come on!”

“Uh, there’s no danger, right?” Gao Qian said again confirm.

“There is no danger.”

After the yellow door opened, Ling’er naturally knew the basic situation inside the door.

She assured Gao Qian very confidently: “Father, don’t worry, it’s not actually a real material world. Even if you get killed, it’s just an injury to your conscious body. It’ll be fine to cultivate for a while.”


Gao Qian nods, he pushes open the double thick golden door and walks in.

As the thick door slowly closed, the dark space became a little brighter.

This room is quite spacious, with a total area of about two or three hundred square meters. There are more than a dozen supporting columns in the room, and above the columns are overlapping beams.

Rough wooden tables and chairs are laid out in an orderly manner, and tableware such as stoneware tableware, chopsticks, teapots and other tableware are placed on the tables and chairs. The ground is covered with the same rough planks.

There are several windows on both sides of the room that stand up high, and the yellow paper on the window lattices is mostly broken.

Gao Qian looked around and judged that this place should be an ancient restaurant.

Because the styles of the tables and chairs are very simple, the tables and chairs are not even painted, they are all original wood. Because of the use of too much, the pulp has been ground.

Stoneware cups, saucers, teapots, equally rough and ugly. It is very different from modern pottery.

Looking at the room frame, it is also the ancient beam-and-column structure.

Gao Qian picked up a large stoneware bowl, which was heavy and heavy.

He squeezed it casually, and the stoneware bowl shattered into pieces, and then twisted with force, and the stoneware was twisted into a powder like sand.

Under the sunlight outside the window, some fine dust like smoke fluttered from the powder.

It’s the tiny details that make this world so real.

Gao Qian was sighing when he heard a very frivolous voice saying: “Boy, what are you doing?”

Looking along the voice, Gao Qian saw a The thin middle-aged man was riding on the beam, looking up and down at him.

The middle-aged man has small eyes, nose and mouth, withered skin and a small mustache.

When he looks at people, his eyes roll like mung beans, and he is not a good person.

This person is wearing short brown cloth and a black cloth scarf on his head. At first glance, he is an ancient person with low status.

Gao Qian nodded slightly! “

Greetings: “I’m Gao Qian, I don’t know what you call me?”

When the fleas are on the drum”

The middle-aged man laughed , seems to be very proud of his name.

“Time to move?”

Gao Qian is very familiar with this name, this is the number one thief in the Water Margin!
The world he traveled through is very similar to Earth China, and even the historical trajectory a hundred years ago is similar.

Similarly, there is also the classical masterpiece Water Margin.

Gao Qian couldn’t tell what the time was! this world, what is it?

However, Shi Qian is the first weak chicken in the Liangshan Mountains of the Water Margin.

Knowing that the other party is Shi Qian, Gao Qian has no interest. It took so much effort to open the yellow door, and then arrange a time shift for him?

What ability does this product have? What can he learn?
Even Wu Song, who can fight tigers, is not enough in front of his inhuman strength.

When Gao Qian was disappointed, Shi Qian said, “I don’t welcome outsiders here. Boy, hurry up, or I’ll be welcome…”

Shi Qian He pulled out a long dagger about one chi from nowhere, and he tossed it in his hand, looking like a rogue ruffian threatening people.

“Sorry, I won’t leave.”

Gao Qian is not interested in Shiqian, but he finally came in, how could he leave like this.

“Then you are courting death…”

Don’t look at Shi Qian’s stance as a little thief, but the person is quite horizontal, and he jumps off the beam when he talks.

He held a dagger in one hand, and stabbed Gao Qian directly in the face by taking a leap.

Gao Qian couldn’t help but want to laugh. Such a little thief would dare to fight him head-on.

What’s even more exaggerated is that he dared to jump down from in midair. Isn’t this courting death!
His martial skill is mediocre, but from the apostle Zhou Yuxiu, he bought a lot of martial skill for free. This greatly improved his fighting skills.

What’s more, the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel gives him nuanced control over his physical strength. This is an essential level of improvement.

The so-called martial skill is nothing more than the efficient operation of power. The Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel is the peerless martial arts for the most efficient operation of power.

Gao Qian disliked Shi Qian very much, and he waited until Shi Qian jumped to the front before throwing a punch.

He expects this ferocious punch to be enough to kill Shi Qian on the spot.

This is not the real world anyway, and there is no need to keep it.

To Gao Qian’s surprise, Shi Qian people in midair unexpectedly accelerated to drift.

Gao Qian had calculated very well at first, but when he moved, he could drop this fist and hit the opponent’s chest.

The time is changing quickly and lightly, but he can easily avoid Gao Qian’s punches and come behind Gao Qian in an instant.

When Gao Qian realized something was wrong and was about to turn around to punch, Shi Qian had already stabbed him in the back with a smirk.

Shi Qian couldn’t laugh anymore. Gao Qian’s skin was tough and firm, and several consecutive stabs failed to penetrate the opponent’s skin or even see blood.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Gao Qian turned around and punched again.

Shi Qian’s feet gently drifted backwards, and his speed of dodging was faster than Gao Qian’s punches.

Gao Qian’s punches were only a few inches away from Shi Qianmen, but they couldn’t touch each other.

It’s just a turbulent fist wind that blows the opponent’s strands into the air.

Shi Qian squinted his eyes slightly, and he still had the energy to ridicule Gao Qian: “I have a lot of strength and thick skin, but unfortunately my brain is not good!”

Gao Qian didn’t speak up either, He used the Japanese-character punch, a punch as fast as a punch, constantly approaching the time.

This boxing technique has a small range of movements, and the series of punches are like Swift Wind Rainstorm.

Shi Qian smiled and drifted backwards, his body was as light as a feather, and with a light touch of his toes on the ground, he retreated very far.

In addition, he can change direction at will in the air.

This person has a thief look on his face, but his figure is as agile as a fish, as light as a swallow, and he can advance and retreat freely in a complex environment without being surprised. It actually has several points of free and easy meaning.

In contrast, Gao Qian looked extremely rough and fierce.

Shi Qian just floated onto a table, and when Gao Qian’s fist fell, Shi Qian hooked his foot lightly, the table turned over to block Gao Qian, and he took the opportunity to float back.

Gao Qian punched in a series of punches, the wooden table shattered, and sawdust scattered all over the sky.

Such a ferocious punch also made the complexion changed.

This solid wood table is about one inch thick. With a big axe, it is impossible to split it at once.

If he accidentally took a punch, he would have died on the spot.

Shi Qian was also a little more careful. His movement method was quick and agile, and his eyes were sharp, so he could always judge Gao Qian’s movements in advance.

The hall is full of tables and chairs, and the environment is complicated. Shi Qian jumped flexibly on the tables and chairs. Gao Qian followed Shi Qian and frantically demolished.

Everyone who stood in his way was smashed to pieces by him.

After a while, the hall was in disarray, and a complete table and chair could no longer be found.

Gao Qian was not feeling well either. He was at least stabbed by Shi Qian dozens of times, one of which was even stabbed in the face. Although it was not lethal, it was extremely insulting.

Gao Qian is also a little angry now, the other party obviously has no battle strength, but he can’t meet him.

He is wearing Divine Force, completely useless.

“Boy, no matter how strong you are, it’s useless, I will slowly grind you to death…”

Shi Qian sneered while holding the dagger, Gao Qian adjusted his breath and suddenly exerted strength under his feet.

He doesn’t know about Movement Art, but he’s powerful.

Through the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel, the strength of the toes, soles, ankles, calves, thighs, and lumbar vertebrae can be fully mobilized.

After Gao Qian mastered the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel, he tested all aspects of his strength at the Grand One Palace.

His instantaneous burst speed can reach 40 meters per second. This speed is faster than the fastest cheetah.

In the battle just now, Gao Qian also roughly estimated the speed of the time change, and the opponent would not be faster than him in a straight line distance.

It’s just that the movement method is erratic and agile, and it’s hard to figure it out. This is how to fly kites around him.

Gao Qian has been forbearing, and seeing Shi Qian screeching, he burst out without the slightest hesitation and dashed forward with all his strength.

The terrifying explosive force made the wooden floor under his feet explode.

Gao Qian is like an arrow that shoots straight through time!

(end of this chapter)

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