This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 31


Chapter 31 Assessment
The distance between Gao Qian and Shi Qian was only seven or eight meters, within 0.2 seconds He rushed in front of Shi Qian.

It takes 0.4 seconds for a person to blink once, which means that Gao Qian has already arrived before the time has come to blink.

Such a speed also surprised Shi Qian, and he jumped up almost without thinking.

Time Qian has a lot of experience in combat, even if he can’t accurately calculate Gao Qian’s speed, he knows that Gao Qian’s straight-line impact is too fast.

It’s hard to avoid Gao Qian when you step back or turn around.

After fighting for so long, Shi Qian also saw that Gao Qian’s feet were steady and powerful, but he was not good at Lightweight Art.

No matter how fast Gao Qian is, he can’t jump too high.

Shi Qian’s Lightweight Art brilliant, without bending his legs, he pulled himself up with one breath. .

When Gao Qian rushed to the front, Shi Qian had already jumped more than three meters high. Gao Qian didn’t hold back, he put his foot on a supporting column next to the bowl.

With the help of this step, Gao Qian is already at the same height as the time. The two sides were less than two meters apart.

Gao Qian kicked another foot on the column, and a deep footprint appeared on the column, and he used his strength to move forward.

At this time, Shi Qian was in mid-air and had nowhere to hide.

Gao Qian was also ruthless in his heart: “I’ll see how you can dance this time!”

He has already thought about it, as long as he catches Shi Qian, he will definitely beat this old thief fiercely .

To Gao Qian’s surprise, Shi Qianren actually pulled up two meters in midair again, and he even moved a few meters horizontally in a showy manner, and then he floated lightly on the beam.

Gao Qian people have nowhere to help in the air, they can only fall down depressed.

Shi Qian provoked Gao Qian with a smile: “Boy, you are too young to fight with me!”

“Can’t you jump, come up!”

After more than ten years of cultivation, Gao Qian almost couldn’t help but say foul language.

old thief This mocking kung fu is more brilliant and hateful than his Lightweight Art.

“Your Lightweight Art is really excellent, I admire it.”

Gao Qian gnash the teeth angrily, but he can still compliment each other quietly on his face.

Shi Qian’s face also showed a bit of surprise, Gao Qian’s reaction was too abnormal.

However, he wouldn’t be polite just because the other party said a couple of nice words.

He disdainfully said, “It’s useless to shoot Lao Tzu’s flattery. This is not the place for you to stay. Go back and study with your wife for a few years…”

Gao Qian did not speak. Now, he is afraid of scolding himself. He suddenly swept his leg on the column beside him, and the pine wood column with a thick bowl was kicked off immediately.

In the blink of an eye, Gao Qian had kicked off more than a dozen pillars in a row.

The hall with beam-column structure has lost half of its pillars, and the roof beams are obviously inclined.

“What the hell are you doing…”

Shi Qian watched Gao Qian demolish the house, but didn’t dare to go down to stop it. He could only watch the hall collapse, but there was nothing he could do.

Gao Qian chased after the ruins.

Instead, Shi Qian stabbed him several times.

Although it was not painful or itchy, Gao Qian felt very bad.

During a long period of negotiation, Gao Qian also realized that Shi Qian’s stamina is very good, and it is almost impossible to slowly consume the opponent.

There is no other way, Gao Qian can only exit through the yellow door.

Ling’er was waiting for Gao Qian at the gate. She said with a strange expression: “This old thief has no ability, but it runs very fast. It’s a bit troublesome.”

Gao Qian said fiercely: “I took the gun in and killed him!”

Though Lightweight Art is good, it’s not as fast as a bullet. No pistols, he also has assault rifles.

Ling’er reminded a little embarrassedly: “father, the yellow door is a world of its own, you can’t bring other items to enter. Source Armor can’t either…”

” Huh?”

Gao Qian had already thought about taking an assault rifle tΓΊ tΓΊ old thief, but this wonderful idea could not be implemented!
He was even more depressed, “Actually, the old and the old baby are faster than me. As long as I am stronger, I can win!”

He almost blurted out and scolded old thief, it was still more than ten years His cultivation made him temporarily change his mind.

Ling’er seldom saw Gao Qian so impatient, she comforted: “father, don’t worry, you can’t run if you put the yellow door there. Wait for your King Kong Divine Power Sutra to reach the Second Layer, clean up the old thief is easy.”

“Can’t wait.”

Gao Qian was actually a little anxious when he thought about the current situation.

An Pingchang won’t scare him, he has to try his best to prepare whether the blood demon comes or not.

He thought that opening the yellow door would improve his power, but he didn’t expect to encounter a change of time, and it seemed that he was also impossible to learn art from a teacher.

The only way is to defeat Chrono.

What didn’t expect was that Shi Qian was obviously a weak chicken, but he couldn’t solve it.

Gao Qian suddenly thought of an idea, “When Yuxiu comes over in the evening, let her try it.”

He asked Ling’er: “This should work, right?”


Ling’er nominated, “Elder Sister Zhou is taking a quick and easy way, maybe she can restrain the old thief.”

“That’s it. It’s over…”

Wait until after ten o’clock in the evening, Zhou Yuxiu launched Grand One Palace.

Gao Qian called Zhou Yuxiu in front of him, and he said softly: “You have been studying the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel for a while, you should also test the results of your cultivation…”

Zhou Yuxiu has a serious look on her beautiful face. She has been in the Grand One Palace for more than 20 days. She has also received strong support from teacher Taiyi, and has survived the most dangerous difficulties.

In order to repay the teacher and also for herself, she has been assiduous cultivation these days.

However, the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel’s daily entry is very stable and can only improve a little.

Zhou Yuxiu was also a little nervous when she heard that teacher Taiyi wanted to assess her cultivation success.

She was really in awe of this mysterious and mighty teacher.

Gao Qian pointed at the yellow door and said, “Yuxiu, you can go in and defeat the old man inside.”

Zhou Yuxiu looked towards the thick yellow door, she There is a bit of curiosity in his eyes, and he also has several points of caution.

The four gates of Heaven, Earth, Profound and Yellow were there, and she had already seen them. It’s just that she has a reserved personality, and although Ling’er is enthusiastic, she never takes the initiative to inquire about the Grand One Palace.

Since the teacher gave her the assessment, it should not be simple.

Zhou Yuxiu bowed nodded: “teacher, I will try my best.”

When Zhou Yuxiu entered the yellow door, Ling’er waved his hand, and a huge light appeared on the pool mirror, clearly showing the world behind the yellow door.

equivalent to is a big movie starring Zhou Yuxiu, not a small movie!

The hall that was demolished by Gao Qian has been restored to its original state, and the old thief Shiqian is still squatting on the beam, and that’s the same rhetoric.

Zhou Yuxiu didn’t speak, she just beckons with the hand to Shi Qian.

Shi Qian was rude, and pounced directly at Zhou Yuxiu.

Zhou Yuxiu carefully clasped her arms, until the dagger stabbed in front of her, then she wrapped her hands around Shi Qian’s arms.

At this time, Shi Qian turned strangely and turned around. Zhou Yuxiu was alert, so he took a step back and turned around, but he was a step slower.

about one chi’s long dagger mercilessly pierced into Zhou Yuxiu’s vest, her beautiful little face suddenly turned white, and her bright eyes were full of shock!
This expression also became the last scene on the light mirror!
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