This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 32


Chapter 32 White Wolf
There are waves in the lotus pond, a black lotus flower blooms out of thin air, wearing black Zhou Yuxiu in lotus-patterned robe, walking out of the lotus.

Zhou Yuxiu’s pretty face was full of lingering fears.

Although she is naturally indifferent, she is also very calm. But after all, she was only seventeen years old and had never experienced death.

The one move just now was killed by Shi Qian, and it was not too uncomfortable to be stabbed. The real terrifying was Terror of Death.

Zhou Yuxiu was also frightened. Although she was fine, her heart was still beating and her breathing was a little disordered.

She has always thought she was strong, but it was when she faced death that she realized her vulnerability.

Ling’er held Zhou Yuxiu’s hand with a distressed look on his face, “Elder Sister Zhou, don’t be afraid, the yellow door is just a world of consciousness, and being killed is only some mental damage. You’ll be fine after a good night’s sleep. It’s over…”

Gao Qian felt a little distressed for Zhou Yuxiu, and it could be seen that the little girl was terrified.

He used to think that Zhou Yuxiu was very calm and rational, but now it seems that she is still a child.

Even though he is naturally calm and indifferent, he has never experienced any wind and rain, and after all, he has lost a bit of firmness.

This also works fine.

No one is born Superman. Everyone has to be polished by time in order to shine rays of light.

To Gao Qian’s surprise, Zhou Yuxiu, who was still in shock, quickly calmed down.

Zhou Yuxiu walked to Gao Qian and bowed deeply: “teacher, this disciple is incompetent. I want to try again.”

Although death is simulated, the fear of death It is true.

Zhou Yuxiu, who was killed once, still has the fighting spirit, which surprised Gao Qian.

Gao Qian thought for a while and said, “Don’t be discouraged if you lose, yes, you can go.”

There is no serious consequence of being killed. Since Zhou Yuxiu refuses to admit defeat, let him She tried it.

Of course, Gao Qian is not optimistic about Zhou Yuxiu.

The Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel allows her to fully unify her own power, but her First Rank Four-Star source power cultivation base, even if she unifies again, will not be very strong.

Without Source Armor protection, Zhou Yuxiu has little chance in the face of fast-moving Lightweight Art.

As Gao Qian expected, Zhou Yuxiu was very cautious this time, but Shi Qian seized the opportunity to stab him several times and ended the battle within ten moves.

Zhou Yuxiu didn’t ask Gao Qian for instructions this time, and went back to Shi Qian after reviving from the pool.

After being killed seven times in a row, Zhou Yuxiu still has the fighting spirit, but his spirit is completely unbearable.

Ling’er supported Zhou Yuxiu and persuaded: “Elder Sister Zhou, unhurried for a while. The teacher is only to assess your cultivation success, not to ask you how.”

Zhou Yuxiu Qingli Xiao Her face was pale, and her bright eyes were extremely dim. She was killed in a row just now, draining her spirit strength.

This meeting is almost unbearable.

She was silent and asked Ling’er: “Sister Ling, is there any way to increase cultivation base quickly?”

The continuous killing has completely inspired Zhou Yuxiu’s fighting spirit. . She was so proud in the bones that she couldn’t allow herself to fail like this.

Especially in front of the teacher, she felt very ashamed.

Of course, what Zhou Yuxiu didn’t know was that her teacher was also very depressed by the times.

Ling’er said: “You can increase cultivation base by taking Yuanzhuan. However, Elder Sister Zhou doesn’t need to worry. You are so young, you can cultivate slowly.”

“The source drill is enough, there is no limit?” Zhou Yuxiu was a little surprised, and it was too simple to increase cultivation base like this.

Ling’er said: “There are still restrictions. You can only promote one realm at a time.”

“I see.”

Zhou Zhou Yuxiu nods to Ling’er, she comes over and salutes Gao Qian respectfully, and then exits the Grand One Palace.

Waiting for Zhou Yuxiu to leave, Ling’er sighed: “Elder Sister Zhou was very stimulated today!”

Gao Qian didn’t care, “Yuxiu has always been a little arrogant, It’s okay to suffer some setbacks. Don’t always underestimate the heroes of the world.”

On the second day, Gao Qian stayed on the inspection team and did not go out, handling some files of Huang Great Immortal and the others.

During the period, he called An Pingchang and informed him that he had not been able to take a vacation.

An Pingchang is also very helpless about this. The last time it was because of his strong intervention, he offended Mu Guofeng.

He just went to find Mu Guofeng, and the other party had reasons to shirk.

An Pingchang can only remind Gao Qian to be careful, his report has been typed, and someone should come to deal with the matter within a week.

At noon, Vice Captain Li Yan came over to chat with Gao Qian, mainly asking about Huang Great Immortal. Gao Qian responded casually, but Li Yan didn’t ask any further questions.

In fact, everyone who read the case file at the scene was shocked. Several people of Huang Great Immortal died tragically.

Huang Great Immortal was still wearing Source Armor, clearly a Source Master, and was killed by Gao Qian?
Many people suspect that there is something strange about this incident. Gao Qian is not even a Source Master, so why should he fight back?

Everyone dared to question privately, but no one dared to question Gao Qian face to face.

Regardless of Gao Qian’s own battle strength, someone above him is sure.

Li Yan was also very suspicious of Gao Qian’s ability, but he didn’t come over to ask this, he was mainly entrusted to see Gao Qian’s situation.

In the afternoon, Li Yan went to a small restaurant and met White Wolf in the private room.

White Wolf is a very handsome youngster. He has been in charge of various entertainment business in Black Tiger Gang. He is good at talking, handsome and best at cheating women.

I don’t know how many women have been deceived by his face, not only defrauded of their wealth, but also forced to sell themselves.

According to Jianghu Sect, White Wolf is an expert in the word “yan”.

It’s just that the north is rough and not that particular about it.

When Li Yan saw White Wolf’s handsome face, he couldn’t help but think of Gao Qian. Gao Qian was much more handsome than White Wolf, and the calm and friendly attitude between his eyebrows was not comparable to White Wolf.

White Wolf looks handsome, but he always has a bit of evil spirit.

Li Yan sighed and said, “I asked about White Wolf and Huang Great Immortal, but Gao Qian said vaguely. Let Gao Qian come forward.”

“Is that so…”

White Wolf was obviously dissatisfied with this answer, he frowned pondered and said: “Team Li, I still need you Do me a favor.”

Li Yan was a little unhappy, “You are wanted now, so don’t make trouble. It’s still as far as you can go. It’s good for everyone…”


White Wolf suddenly laughed, laughing a little wildly, “Li team, you took so much money from us, and now it’s like wiping your mouth and denying the account, this is not good .

“This is so disrespectful. “

Li Yan looked gloomy, he took a lot of money from the Black Tiger Gang, but Du Tao took the lead in taking the money, how dare he not take it.

Now that Du Tao is dead, White Wolf actually threatened him with this!
White Wolf looked at Li Yan with a sneer, he knew what the other party’s virtues were, and he was sure that the other party would not dare to turn his face.

Sure enough, although Li Yan looked ugly, he still He didn’t dare to turn his face.

He asked, “What’s the matter? “

White Wolf put away his sneer, and he said to Li Yan with an affectionate face: “Li team, it’s easy, you have a few brothers on duty at night…”

Li Yan turned pale in fright: “What are you doing? ”

(end of this chapter)

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