This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 33


Chapter 33 Krypton Gold Party

Due to its special nature of work, the inspection team must arrange inspections every night on duty.

Generally speaking, there will be one inspector on duty with three inspectors for the unexpected.

Now the security situation is bad, even if the patrol on duty receives an alarm, he will not go out at night.

Everyone is a mess, who still works at night. Staying for one night in the patrol team is already very interesting.

In fact, the duty inspectors often go out drinking. Get drunk and come back to sleep, even if you are on duty.

Although it is easy to be on duty, no one wants to be on duty.

After Captain Du Tao’s death, it was Li Yan who managed the battallion, including the night shift schedule.

It’s easy to adjust the schedule, but why does White Wolf adjust the schedule?

Gao Qian lives in the patrol team, they want to join the patrol team to engage Gao Qian!
Li Yan didn’t care about Gao Qian’s life or death, but he killed the inspector in the patrol battallion, and this matter became a big deal!
Li Yan immediately realized the seriousness of the situation, he stood up abruptly: “You are crazy! This is absolutely not possible.”

White Wolf chuckled up: “Li team is a smart man, then Let me be blunt, we just want to kill Gao Qian.

He changed to a vicious look: “If you don’t cooperate, we will kill you first! “

Li Yan couldn’t help touching the pistol on his waist. Now he kills White Wolf to solve a calamity, so as not to be threatened by him.

Before Li Yan can do anything, the door curtain is lifted, A big black man came in outside, and the black king character on his eyebrows was extremely dazzling.

“Duan, Duan brother…”

Seeing the coming Duan Heihu, Li Yan He was stunned at once. He had seen Duan Heihu’s brutality, and he was extremely afraid of this man.

Even if he had a gun in his hand, he would not dare to attack Duan Heihu.

What’s more, I heard that Duan Heihu is Monster Wolf. Although he was dubious, he was even more afraid of Duan Heihu.

Duan Heihu snorted: “Li Yan, I haven’t seen you for a few days, you have a temper. It has gone up a lot! “

“Brother Duan, I have no other intentions…”

Li Yan stood there nervously, with a pleasing smile on his face, looking extremely humble.

Duan Heihu sat down unceremoniously, and he shouted again: “You haven’t come in yet. “

The door curtain was opened again, and Wu Qiang, the Vice Group Leader of the serious crime team, walked in cautiously.

Li Yan and Wu Qiang looked at each other, both of them were very embarrassed.

White Wolf will become enthusiastic: “The two of you are our own people, you’re welcome, sit down…”

Li Yan and Wu Qiang took their seats, and White Wolf smiled again Pour them wine, “It’s all my brother, don’t be so serious. You guys don’t know who, what kind of friendship did you two have when playing dead women together…”

As soon as these words came out, both Li Yan and Wu Qiang looked very ugly.

They understand that White Wolf is reminding them, don’t even think about raising your pants and denying the account. Their butts are full of shit.

Duan Heihu didn’t care what the two of them looked like, he said sharply: “Today Gao Qian had to be killed at night, and we were both clear after the fact. “

Li Yan didn’t dare to refuse, he said cautiously: “Brother Duan, I will listen to you. “

“Okay, I have a list here and assign them on duty.” You don’t need to do anything, just watch it outside. “

Duan Heihu winked at White Wolf, “Xiao Bai, you have arranged things well…”

Wu Qiang and Li Yan were bitter in their hearts, but at this step , and can only listen to Duan Heihu’s arrangement.

Back to the inspection team’s office, Li Yan sighed deeply, he really wanted to tell Gao Qian everything.

However, he used to But he has done a lot of bad things for the Black Tiger Gang. If this is a set account, he will definitely die.

Gao Qian seems to be easy-going, but he is very honest, I am afraid it will be difficult to cover him up.


Besides, Gao Qian is alone after all, and he can’t fight against Duan Heihu’s group.

Li Yan decided to cooperate with Duan Heihu after weighing it again and again. Killing Gao Qian is of course It was a major event, but it was not his turn to take the blame.

Thinking of this, he decisively rearranged the duty schedule for today.

In order to prevent accidents, Li Yan went to work again when he got off work. The office looked for Gao Qian, but found that Gao Qian was sleeping on the sofa, obviously fishing.

Li Yan was disdainful in his heart, this kid just pretended to be righteous and awe-inspiring. Get promoted and get rich.

Sleeping Gao Qian doesn’t know that Li Yan is spying on him.

Gao Qian is staying in the Grand One Palace, witnessing the arrogance belonging to Zhou Yuxiu !
Zhou Yuxiu took out a bag of Origin Diamonds, and the crash-bang poured into the circular lotus pond.

one after another beautiful golden Origin Diamonds floated and sparkled in the water waves, releasing extremely golden sparkles The luster.

Ling’er also widened her eyes, she asked Zhou Yuxiu in surprise: “Elder Sister Zhou, how many source diamonds are these? “

Zhou Yuxiu said indifferently: “I bought 4,000 one-carat original diamonds. “

“Wow… Elder Sister Zhou is so rich!” “

Ling’er’s face was full of envy, and at the same time she quietly glanced at Gao Qian, which meant to let Gao Qian study hard.

Gao Qian was also surprised, 4,000 one-carat source diamonds, at least 20 million!

This apostle is a bit embarrassing!
As her father Second Rank Source Master, she has saved 20 million to nowhere. It’s rare.

Actually, to Zhou Yuxiu, Grand One Palace is still a bit illusory, and many things cannot be grasped.

To spend 20 million at a time, just for the cultivation Phaseless Yin- Yang Wheel, Zhou Yuxiu’s determination and arrogance really impressed Gao Qian.

Zhou Yuxiu threw all the source diamonds into the pool, she looked towards Ling’er, “Then what to do? “

Ling’er said with a smile: “Then it’s easy, Elder Sister Zhou just takes care of cultivation, the rest will naturally where water flows, a canal is formed…”

Zhou Facing the lotus pond, Yuxiu sat cross-legged and silently ran the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel.

She was also curious to see how the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel would be improved with such an investment.

After a while, Zhou Yuxiu’s Source Star in the center of his eyebrows suddenly shone with a blazing white light.

The first Source Star ignited by every Source Master must be the one in the center of his eyebrows. This Source Star Star , also known as the main star of Source Master.

Source Master controls source power, in fact, it must pass through this main star.

With the progress of Source Master cultivation, all parts of the body It will correspondingly condense one after another Source Star.

Generally speaking, Source Master can condense up to ten Source Stars.

The color of the Source Star is different depending on the level of source power. Not the same.

The Source Stars of the First Rank Source Master are all white. The external source power is basically white.

This is also the source power characteristic, and the Source Master cannot Change.

The source power level reaches Second Rank, the source power level increases, and the white Source Star will be transformed into blue.

Zhou Yuxiu’s eyebrow star is white light, and she is mysterious in her body The Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel spins, hands, legs, and feet, one after another Source Star lights up constantly.

She was originally a First Ra nk Four-Star, in addition to the eyebrows, only the heart and the Source Star on the arms are lit.

This time, under the urging of Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel, she lit up six Source Stars at a time.

It has been upgraded to the first rank ten-star level.

Realizing this, Zhou Yuxiu was extremely shocked. Is there such a quick and simple shortcut?

Unprecedented, unheard-of!

Not to mention how much the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel can improve, just the improvement on the source power cultivation base, makes Zhou Yuxiu extremely surprised.

This is not over yet, Zhou Yuxiu’s eyebrow starlight gradually transforms into pure blue, the blue light is so pure and beautiful…

Zhou Yuxiu is even more shocked, the main star changes from white to blue , which is clearly a sign that source power has entered the Second Rank!
“It’s amazing, it’s amazing!”

At this moment, Zhou Yuxiu’s admiration for teacher Taiyi has reached its peak!

(end of this chapter)

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