This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 37


Chapter 37 Blood Knife
Gao Qian’s words are nice, but the meaning in them is very bad.

Li Yan was shocked, he hurriedly defended: “Gao Qian, I was forced! I don’t want to embarrass you…”

Wu Qiang and several other inspectors heard something wrong, and they also He held the gun nervously, ready to strike at all times.

β€œWhen in the world, one cannot move freely.”

Gao Qian sighed lightly at Li Yan, β€œTeam Li, everyone understands each other,”

Li Yan didn’t wait for Gao Qian to finish speaking, he raised his gun and shot. Several other patrolmen also fired without the slightest hesitation.

Gao Qian saw that several people were about to do something, so he threw White Wolf in his hand.

Several inspectors saw the silhouette shaking, and they fired wildly together.

The storm assault rifle instantly smashed White Wolf who was blocking Gao Qian into a sieve.

Everyone emptied the bullets, only to find that there was only White Wolf’s body on the ground, but there was no silhouette of Gao Qian.

While they were in shock, gunshots rang out. Li Yan, Wu Qiang and the three inspectors were all gunned down by their brows and fell to the ground, killing them on the spot.

Gao Qian walked out slowly from one side. Just now, he used White Wolf to attract attention, and he took the opportunity to dodge to the side.

With the blessing of the flying technique and his powerful strength, he is now faster than the ordinary person’s dynamic vision.

Although Li Yan and the others widened their eyes, they couldn’t catch his silhouette.

Gao Qian put the gun in the hands of White Wolf who turned into a sieve, he looked at the bodies of Li Yan and the others and sighed and said: “I will record your heroism in the report. It will not be sacrificed in vain, the organization will remember your contributions…”

Li Yan and the others joined forces with Duan Heihu to kill him, and the conflict between the two parties has become irreconcilable.

However, Li Yan and the others are inspectors, and Gao Qian always finds a good reason to kill them.

The group of people like Duan Heihu is the best reason.

Everyone is dead anyway, so don’t let him say it.

Gao Qian took less than a minute to get rid of the trashy fish like White Wolf and Li Yan.

In the corridor outside the door lies Duan Heihu, who has already changed back to his original form, but he was injured so badly that it would be difficult to move even if he returned to his original form.

The hallway is equipped with sensor lights, which are trying to emit light just now due to the intense gunshots.

Duan Heihu was curled up on the concrete floor, although his body was huge and covered with thick black hair, under the dim light, he actually had a bit of sadness.

Gao Qian walked to Duan Heihu and slowly squatted down, “Mister Duan, how is your injury?”

Duan Heihu opened his mouth to speak, but spit out a mouthful first Congestion.

His jade green eyes were covered with a layer of red, and his eyes were dim, which made him look very weak.

“It looks badly hurt, sorry, but I can’t handle the heat.”

Gao Qian is not pretending, he really doesn’t want to hurt Duan Heihu so heavy.

After all, he still has a lot to talk about with Duan Heihu.

The injury is too severe, and it is not convenient to have a candid and direct communication.

Gao Qian said sternly, “I don’t need to kill you, as long as you cooperate.”

Duan Heihu snorted disdainfully, but he was injured so badly that he didn’t scold anyone. strength.

“You’re pretty cute when you’re proud…”

Gao Qian touched Duan Heihu’s head, which is covered with thick, sturdy black hair, just like a dog or a cat. There was even a hint of admiration in the smile on his face.

This can hurt more than just swearing.

Duan Heihu was trembling with anger, he desperately clenched his fists and tried to resist, but before he got up, Gao Qian pressed his head down hard.

“You’re so seriously injured, don’t get excited.”

Gao Qian saw that Duan Heihu didn’t want to cooperate, and he didn’t want to toss.

The other party was so seriously injured that Duan Heihu was easily killed by forcing a confession.

It’s better to submit An Pingchang instead.

The Special Affairs Bureau is professional in dealing with Monster Race, maybe they have some way to get something out of Duan Heihu’s mouth.

Gao Qian turned around and was about to go back to the office to make a phone call, but suddenly sensed something was wrong. He got up and looked up, and saw a man in a black trench coat turning from the entrance of the stairs.

At this time, the sensor light just went off.

In the corridor, only the office lights shone on Gao Qian and Duan Heihu.

Two people stand and one bed, and the lights leave two projections in the corridor.

The man walking towards the two was out of direct light.

The silhouette of the other party was fuzzy in the dimness, but this man’s red blood-like eyes were sparkling, and there was an indescribable strangeness.

“Red eyes!”

Gao Qian’s heart tightened violently. He studied at the patrol school, and red eyes are the most unique sign of a blood demon.

There is no doubt that the other party is a blood demon!
Moreover, Bacheng is the blood demon hiding behind the scenes, the culprit who killed Zhou Yuxiu father.

“It’s just, why didn’t the other party act sooner, and the others showed up when they were almost gone, in order to highlight the BOSS?”

Gao Qian thinks it is not, Black Tiger Gang , Xiaodao Gang is a big gang of Lin Hai, and they are all controlled by him, but no one knows.

Judging from this silent layout style, the style of this work is down-to-earth, cautious and low-key.

This guy shouldn’t be interested in pretending.

Then, the blood demon has to wait until the situation is not good before showing up. It should be out of frustration and can only come out and clean up the mess in person!

Gao Qian’s confidence greatly increased when he thought of this, what terrifying a blood demon can do, not to mention that the other party has been seriously injured!

What’s more, his power has increased greatly now, and he can even fight against Second Rank Source Master consciously.

Gao Qian pointed his gun at the man in black trench coat, “Stop, don’t move.”

The man in black trench coat didn’t seem to hear it, he walked straight towards Gao Qian with steady steps. In the sequence, there is an indescribable tension.

β€œpeng~ peng~ peng~  …”

Gao Qian shot directly, the black clothed man’s blurred silhouette raised a layer of dark blue light, and the bullet shot in the dark light One after another ripples arose on it, but it failed to penetrate the dim light.

The hallway sensor light came on again, but the man in the black trench coat was wearing a black mask on his face, revealing only a pair of scarlet eyes. Can’t see the face either.

It was a layer of dark blue light that appeared on his body. Under the dim light, it was Faintly discernable like smoke, and it was a little more unfathomable and ethereal.

β€œSource power field!”

Gao Qian sighed inwardly, whether Monster Race or Source Master can use the source power field to defend against modern firearms.

Because of the particularity of the source power field, only the same powerful source power can break the source power field.

This is also the fundamental reason why both Source Master and Monster Race are accustomed to close combat.

Of course, the blood demon is a low-level Monster Race after all, and the use of heavy firearms can also break his source power field.

For example, the heavy machine guns mounted on helicopters or battleships, with thousands of bullets per minute, are enough to smash a low-level Monster Race like a blood demon into flesh.

Or a heavy sniper rifle, it can also kill an unsuspecting blood demon with one shot.

Only in a complex urban environment, it is difficult to rely on firearms to solve a Monster Race like the blood demon.

Gao Qian saw that the pistol would not work, so he hurried back.

There is also a storm assault rifle in the room, which can consume the opponent’s power even if it cannot penetrate the opponent’s source power field.

Although the source power field is strong, it also needs source power support. The greater the impact, the greater the consumption.

Only then did Gao Qian move, and the man in the black trench coat on the opposite side also moved. He raised his wide trench coat, and a blade light that was as red as blood suddenly appeared in Gao Qian’s eyes.

The bloody blade light came so suddenly, so sharply, so sharply.

Gao Qian just looked at this blade dao light, he felt like he was about to be cut into two pieces.

He has an intuition, even with the Vajra Divine Power Sutra bodyguard, he can’t hold up this blade.

Gao Qian instinctively accelerated and retreated rapidly. With the blessing of the flying vertical technique, his retreating speed suddenly accelerated, and the number of people was a little more erratic.

The blood-colored blade light that was slashing at it also accelerated suddenly, and when Gao Qian retreated to the desk, he suddenly flew upwards and slanted upwards.

The operation of the flying technique is wonderful, completely beyond the normal laws of physics. There was no warning when Gao Qian exerted his strength, like a pair of invisible wings under his ribs.

Its attitude is like a flying swallow soaring, light, fast and smooth, and it is difficult to measure.

The man in the black trench coat was also a big surprise.

The heavy old-fashioned solid wood desk, divided into two under the blood-colored long knife, collapsed suddenly.

The man in the black trench coat stepped on the wall behind the desk and took advantage of the leap, and slashed with a long knife in his hand.

The snow-colored blade drew a sharp arc of blood light in the air, hitting Gao Qian directly.

Under normal circumstances, people cannot avoid this blade in midair.

Gao Qian, without any help, moved sideways two meters in the air, avoiding the long knife.

The scarlet eyes of the man in the black trench coat also revealed a bit of surprise. He has killed an unknown number of people, but he has never seen such a special power.

But his Blade Technique brilliant, people can actually switch hands in mid-air.

The long knife slashes against the trend, which is strange and unpredictable and exquisite.

In an instant, the blood-colored blade light slashed towards Gao Qian’s neck.

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