This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 39


Chapter 39 Layout (For Alliance Leader Dongliu~)

The long corridor on the concrete floor The long knife marks, coupled with the desk that was cut in half, all reflected the strength of the knife maker.

Although Zheng Hui is only a 10-star Source Master of First Rank, he has a sharp eye and is very familiar with the situation of Lin Hai, a blood demon.

After checking the scene, Zheng Hui was sure that the shot was a blood demon.

Before he came, he was a little suspicious, because even if the blood demon appeared, it was impossible to leave alive.

It was only because of An Pingchang’s affection that Zheng Hui ran out in the middle of the night.

Now, Zheng Hui has a question, why did this handsome and polite young man escape under the blood demon knife?
Facing Zheng Hui’s scrutiny, Gao Qian just smiled politely without any explanation.

It was An Pingchang who couldn’t see it, he explained with a dry smile: “My nephew, born with Divine Force, martial skill brilliant, is best at fighting. The blood demon was seriously injured, and he must have 20% or 30% of his power left. , he can only get away with it…”

Gao Qian nodded again and again, An Pingchang said it was very close to the truth.

Zheng Hui also accepts this explanation, because only this is reasonable.

He sighed and said: “Indeed, the blood demon must be seriously injured and not healed.”

“Uncle Zheng, where did the crimson long knife in the blood demon’s hand come from?”

The name Crimson is very familiar, Gao Qian couldn’t help but ask.

“This, speaking of which is a bit miserable. Half a year ago, a Second Rank Bounty Hunter brought his assistant to kill the blood demon, but was killed by the blood demon. It also fell into the hands of the blood demon.”

Zheng Hui sighed: “It is said that this hunter’s set of crimson Source Armor is made of special materials and is of super high quality. Source Armor, became a famous Bounty Hunter in Liao Prefecture, didn’t expect to be killed by a blood demon…”

As an expert of the Special Affairs Bureau, Zheng Hui and the Hunter Association often cooperate.

He is also very clear about the situation of the Hunter Association.

Especially Zhou An, who was killed by Bounty Hunter, was known as the first hunter in Changyang. Most of them rely on the crimson Source Armor.

The horizontal knife is crimson, said to be extremely sharp, and can easily cut through the Monster Race body protection source power field.

Falling into the hands of the blood demon also makes the blood demon extremely dangerous.

After hearing what Zheng Hui said, Gao Qian suddenly realized that the long knife in the blood demon’s hand was left by Zhou Yuxiu father.

That bloody horizontal knife is really sharp. It’s a pity that it was taken away by the blood demon!
Zheng Hui also said: “Since we are sure that the blood demon is not dead, and we are holding a crimson knife, we are definitely not opponents. We must ask for help as soon as possible.”

He thought about it and said, “I will contact you. Changyang Hunters Association, they must have hated this blood demon too. They will definitely send someone over to help…”

Zheng Hui finally praised Gao Qian a few words, thinking that he could escape from the blood demon. There must be true ability.

and expresses the meaning of solicitation.

He promised: “As long as you ignite the Source Star, you are welcome to join the special affairs bureau at any time. Come in and give it to the Level 1 supervisor!”

Gao Qian hurriedly expressed his thanks, and Zheng Hui was Level 1 supervisor, it can be said that he is the leader of the special affairs bureau.

The Special Affairs Bureau does not have positions such as Chief and Section Chief, which are divided into officers, supervisors, supervisors, and directors.

Zheng Hui had the highest status, so he naturally wouldn’t be here to deal with the scene, he took Monster Wolf’s body and left first.

In any case, beheading a Monster Wolf lurking in the forest is also a great reward.

When Zheng Hui left, An Pingchang took Gao Qian to the next office, “Gao Qian, if such a big thing happened, we have to make a unified statement, do you understand?”

Gao Qian smiled: “Third Uncle, I’m not a child, I understand. I won’t eat alone.”

He said: “This operation is the battallion of the Special Affairs Bureau and our fourth patrol. A joint operation to lure the Hemorrhagic Demon and Duan Heihu.

“Because of the fierce fighting, the Monster Race was ferocious, and several colleagues of the patrol team died. However, we also left Monster Wolf Duan Heihu. It’s just a pity that I couldn’t leave the blood demon…”

“Good child. “

An Pingchang patted Gao Qian’s shoulder with satisfaction, “I have always been optimistic about you, just because you can not only do things, but also know how to be a person.” “

He sighed deeply: “Being a person is actually more complicated than doing things. Being a man is not servile, not being comprehensive, but considering the situation and adjusting different coping strategies according to different people…”

An Pingchang is really very emotional, he is not very good at being a man, he was born in the Great Family, but he ran to Lin Hai is a little supervisor in such a cold place.

Although he is young, it is foreseeable that there will not be much changes in the future.

Gao Qian is too smarter than him Much more. In his early twenties, he knows the world and knows how to share benefits.

When doing this, I can be calm and graceful and gain respect from others.

Also, Gao Qian There is still a bottom line. He is willing to spend money to do good things. He is not demanding of others, and he can be in the same dust as the light.

When it is time to make a decision, he is vicious and merciless without hesitation.

This transparency is both wisdom and measure. He is really a person who can become a major event.

An Pingchang was born in the Great Family, and also knows many talents, including some bigwigs. In terms of aspects, Gao Qian can be called the strongest.

It is just that his background is not very good, and he has a bottom line, so the future will be difficult to walk.

An Pingchang said seriously: ” If you cooperate like this, I can do a lot better. Even a little bit of credit. I’m in your light! “

“Third Uncle Don’t say that, it’s you who took me to play.” Otherwise, I wouldn’t be qualified to do things, I would have been killed by others…”

Gao Qian is not polite, An Pingchang’s contacts and influence have helped him a lot.

Without An Pingchang, he can’t bear the consequences of killing Du Tao. At least it is impossible to do another inspection.

An Pingchang started to help him purely out of favor and unilateral help.

However, this kind of unilateral help is actually very human-consuming. Only through contacts can the connection between the two sides become stronger and more stable.

The old friend said earlier: it’s impolite not to make a return for what one receives.

It is polite to give the helper something in return. This is also Gao Qian’s basic principle.

An Pingchang laughed happily: “We don’t have to be so polite. . “

He thought for a while and warned repeatedly: “The blood demon is cunning, you must guard against it. Don’t relax just because you escaped once…”

An Pingchang had already seen it, his nephew must have some special ability hidden. p>

In addition, Gao Qian is obviously not the opponent who seriously injured the blood demon. The power of this level is actually nothing.

An Pingchang is all kind, and Gao Qian is naturally nodded. Yes.

The operatives of the special affairs bureau are very capable, and with the special special squad, the corpses at the scene are quickly cleaned up.

When Mu Guofeng arrives , you can only see bloodstains all over the ground.

An Pingchang was in his early days and briefly explained what happened tonight, basically according to Gao Qian’s statement, that is, the special affairs bureau and the fourth patrol battallion jointly Action.

During the action, Vice Captain Li Yan and several inspectors died in battle.

Mu Guofeng’s scalp was numb when he heard it, but Duan Heihu actually brought people with him The patrol team is really daring to kill people!

He is secretly glad that Duan Heihu is dead, otherwise it will be a big trouble for the special affairs bureau.

However, He didn’t believe An Pingchang’s words at all.

What a joke, Li Yan was held by Duan Heihu to death, how could he have the guts to fight against Duan Heihu.

To say Duan Heihu and Li Yan colluded to kill Gao Qian together!
There is no doubt that Li Yan and the others were killed by Gao Qian.

Or did An Pingchang also do it?

Mu Guofeng thinks this is the real answer. Gao Qian is An Changping’s pawn who is placed in front of him as a bait. The two of them play the game together, and that’s how many things can happen!
Mu Guofeng took a deep look at Gao Qian with a bit of gloom in his eyes…

He thought to himself, “This kid is really a big trouble! ”

(end of this chapter)

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