This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 4


Chapter 4 Third Uncle
The old man on the phone is An Pingchang, his best friend An Pingchang Source of the pro Uncle. He had studied source power breathing with An Pingchang for two months, and An Pingchang admired him.

An Pingchang is currently a Supervisor of Linhai Special Affairs Bureau and a First Rank Nine-Star Source Master.

In a small place like Linhai, An Pingchang is already a first-class expert. The Special Affairs Bureau holds the most power and is specially responsible for dealing with special affairs related to Monster Race and Source Master.

Gao Qian chose Lin Hai for employment partly because An Pingchang was here.

In any era, having someone on top is crucial.

Just like today’s incident, if there is no such person as An Pingchang to come forward, he will definitely not be able to handle it himself.

An Pingchang on the other end of the phone said at a moderate pace: “Don’t panic, tell me my name, few Lin Hai dare not give me face…”

” Uh, Third Uncle is like this, I killed a few gang members…”

Gao Qian briefly explained what happened, and finally said: “Duan Heihu is a Monster Wolf, I am ashamed , I couldn’t keep him and let him run away.”

“Damn it!”

An Pingchang on the other end of the phone became restless, he hurriedly said, “You stay here. Don’t move there, I’ll rush over immediately.”

An Pingchang hung up before Gao Qian could answer.

Gao Qian said to the busy microphone, “Then I’ll wait for your Third Uncle…”

While An Pingchang didn’t come, Gao Qian wandered around the office. He soon found a safe in the corner.

With his strength, he can smash open the safe. I just invited An Pingchang over, it would be too ugly to eat alone.

Whether An Pingchang cares or not, there is no reason to do things like that.

Gao Qian found another secret door leading to a huge bedroom. There is also a cloakroom inside.

There are a bunch of white shirts and ties hanging inside, and there is a watch shaker next to it, which contains seven or eight various mechanical watches.

β€œDo gangs make so much money?”

Gao Qian was a little surprised. He didn’t know much about luxury goods, but he also knew that those mechanical watches were worth at least 100 yuan. ten thousand.

You must know that his monthly salary is less than 1,000 yuan, and he will save 10,000 yuan for a year without food or drink. One million was an astronomical number to him.

Gao Qian doesn’t envy a good watch, he’s just a little surprised at the money-making ability of the little Black Tiger Gang.

His uniform was scratched, so he chose a new shirt to put on.

It really is a high-end shirt, crisp and comfortable to wear. Duan Heihu was about the same size as him, and he was well-dressed.

Gao Qian returned to the office and found the Black Star 3 pistol dropped by Duan Heihu.

This pistol is an improved version of Black Star. The gun body is made of special alloy and engineering plastic, which is lighter in weight and more reliable and stable in performance.

Gao Qian also found a leather underarm holster. Adjust the holster and insert the pistol.

Gao Qian also felt satisfied when she looked in the mirror. He imitated the way 007 drew his gun and put on a deep pose.

Unfortunately, the audience did not cooperate.

Gao Qian could only call out Ling’er, “Is the father handsome?”

Ling’er rolled his eyes Gao Qian, “father called me out. Just for such a boring thing?”

“Uh, I wanted to ask if I had a relapse today?” Gao Qian forced a smile and hurriedly changed the subject.

“No, father did a good job.”

Ling’er said expectantly: “After twelve o’clock tonight, you will be able to gather moral aura.”

She thought for a while and said to Gao Qian: “Ling’er advises the father to shut up from now on, silent and motionless.”

“Don’t exaggerate.”

Gao Qian asked again: “I’ll take some money here and share some spills of war, will it be no problem?”

Ling’er looked straight at Gao Qian with her beautiful crescent eyes: “Father, you have to ask yourself, not Ling’er.”

Say no evil, do no evil. The standard of this ‘ceremony’ is in Gao Qian, not in anyone.

“The gangster’s stuff will only be divided among the various layers after it is seized. Why don’t you give it to me.” I have no regrets in my heart.”

This is a very good reason, Gao Qian was persuaded by himself!

“Someone’s here, goodbye father.”

Ling’er laughs beckons with the hand, the silhouette disappears quickly.

After waiting less than half a minute, someone knocked on the door outside the office. Gao Qian walked over and looked through the cat’s eyes. It was An Pingchang who came.

An Pingchang has long gray hair and looks quite handsome, but there is a look of laziness and exhaustion on his face.

I was wearing a long black windbreaker, and the black metallic luster could be faintly seen inside the windbreaker. Should be wearing Source Armor.

Gao Qian opened the door and welcomed An Pingchang in, “Third Uncle, you came so fast.”

“It’s no small matter to discover Monster Wolf.”

An Pingchang didn’t care, he walked quickly into the office, and when he saw the corpses all over the floor, he couldn’t help but look a little more awe-inspiring.

Although Gao Qian had already introduced what happened on the phone, the scene was ten times bloodier than he imagined.

Most of the corpses were horribly dead, and Old Fox like An Pingchang was horrible to see.

“You killed them all?”

“Well, they wanted to kill me, Third Uncle. I was forced to fight back in self-defense.”

Gao Qian was still explaining, An Pingchang laughed and scolded: “We don’t have to make up the truth, no matter who is right or wrong, I will support you.

He paused and said: “This is It doesn’t matter what the reason is. What matters is how it ends. “

An Pingchang thought for a while and said, “If a patrol Captain died, it’s still your superior.” The following grams, this is a taboo in officialdom.

“Just say Du Tao was killed by Duan Heihu. It’s easy to handle.”

Gao Qian nodded: “Listen to Third Uncle.”

Although An Pingchang looks lazy, this person is actually very capable, and he is also very familiar with Lin Hai, so it’s right to listen to him.

“Duan Heihu is Monster Wolf’s business, and it must be determined as soon as possible. The talents behind Black Tiger Gang dare not pursue it.”

An Pingchang said regretfully: “It is to let Duan Heihu ran away, and our words alone are not enough to convince.”

Gao Qian pointed to the deep hole on the carpet and said, “It’s all traces that Duan Heihu hit, it should be his. Blood and hair traces. Take it back and test it…”

“Oh, that’s easy.”

An Pingchang’s eyes shined, he squatted down and checked the ground. Traces, found where the cement has been knocked out of a deep pit, blood on the carpet.

He looked at Gao Qian with a complicated expression: “Gao Qian, you are getting better and better!”

Gao Qian smiled shyly: “Third Uncle, you know, I am naturally strong. Recently, I have also made progress in cultivation source power.”

“If you can do this step, you should be lighting up the Source Star soon!”

An Pingchang was pleased with nodded, “I’ve seen your aptitude extraordinary, but didn’t expect you to improve so fast!”

He stood up and patted Gao Qian’s shoulders hard: “Genius!”

“Third Uncle praised me too much.” Gao Qian looked humble.

“You have innate talent in source power, and do things decisively.”

An Pingchang said with some regret: “It’s a pity that you are not my nephew!”

Source power innate talent can be compensated by acquired resources, but a person’s temperament is difficult to change.

Gao Qian is usually polite and courteous, and looks like a humble gentleman. Act decisively very ruthless.

This alone is better than countless peers. Gao Qian’s psychological quality is also exceptionally strong, and after killing so many people, he can still be calm and calm, without a trace of panic.

In addition, Gao Qian also knows how to ask for help and know how to solve problems most efficiently.

This kind of wisdom is even more powerful.

Anjia is considered to be a Great Family, and it is quite powerful in Liao Prefecture. But Anjia’s generation of youngsters can’t do it.

Compared with Gao Qian, it is even worse.

“Although I am surnamed Gao, An Yuan and I are half biological brothers, and I am Third Uncle’s nephew.” Gao Qian hurriedly expressed his position.


An Pingchang laughed, he liked Gao Qian’s character, polite but not rigid, on the contrary, Gao Qian in the bones With an indescribable spontaneity.

Even if it’s flattery, it doesn’t look numb, but it gives people a very close and comfortable feeling.

An Pingchang thought about it and said, “You don’t have a girlfriend yet. I have a niece. She is very beautiful, gentle in character, and capable in work. I’ll introduce you to it.”

“The conditions are so good, I’m definitely willing.”

Gao Qian said: “I’m afraid people won’t like it.”

An Pingchang laughed: “You are so good , and handsome, handsome and clean, how can a girl not like it. It’s all up to me…”

(end of this chapter)

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