This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 40


Chapter 40 The Eight Ways of Losing Your Way During the inspection of the compound, Vice Captain and several other inspectors died, and the guns in the gun room were robbed.

This is a shocking case!
According to the procedure, Gao Qian is actually to be censored.

Only with the endorsement of the Special Affairs Bureau, Mu Guofeng cannot hold Gao Qian accountable.

Mu Guofeng and An Pingchang made a deal. Both parties pressed this matter down and did not report it to the public. He gave Gao Qian a promotion and a raise.

Although An Pingchang disliked Mu Guofeng, considering Gao Qian’s situation, he still agreed.

Even if the case is publicized, it may not be able to overturn Mu Guofeng.

Besides, what’s the benefit of overthrowing Mu Guofeng! But it was an enemy for nothing.

After reaching an agreement with Mu Guofeng, An Pingchang arranged for Gao Qian to go to a hotel.

If such a thing happened, the patrol compound would naturally be unable to live.

An Pingchang usually lives in the special affairs bureau, um, mostly for safety reasons.

After all, doing their business will inevitably offend people. The world is so chaotic, it’s too unsafe to live outside.

Source Master also has a big problem, when he is not armed with Source Armor, he is not much better than the ordinary person.

When An Pingchang left, Gao Qian went to bed and fell asleep, and his consciousness quickly entered the Grand One Palace.

Zhou Yuxiu has arrived and is chatting with Ling’er there.

Seeing the appearance of Gao Qian, Zhou Yuxiu stepped forward and greeted him with respect.

For the teacher, this is also the most basic respect.

After so many things, Zhou Yuxiu is more and more in awe of Gao Qian.

Gao Qian also gave a few words of encouragement, but didn’t say much.

Although the blood demon is related to Zhou Yuxiu, it has too much to do with him, and it is inconvenient to tell Zhou Yuxiu this.

Waiting for Zhou Yuxiu to meditate on the cultivation, Ling’er approached Gao Qian and whispered: “Elder Sister Zhou still wants gold, so she directly raised the Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel to the third realm!”

“It’s a good thing!”

If Gao Qian is willing to pay Zhou Yuxiu krypton gold, he can sit back and enjoy it.

If Zhou Yuxiu’s Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel can reach the third realm, he is confident in taking out the blood demon.

Ling’er shook his head: “Phaseless Yin-Yang Wheel enters the Second Layer, and normal four hours of cultivation every day can increase the cultivation base by a little. If you want krypton gold, you need a two-carat source diamond to increase the cultivation base by a little. base .

“The market price of a two-carat source diamond is 20,000, and 7,200 source diamonds are worth 144 million. Elder Sister Zhou doesn’t have so much money…”

Gao Qian understands this very well, although Zhou An is a Second Rank Bounty Hunter, it is unlikely that he wants to make one or two hundred million.

Gao Qian suddenly has a complexion slightly changed, “After the King Kong Divine Power Sutra ascends to the Second Layer, is this also the case? ”

“en. ”Ling’er nodded with sympathy on his face.

Gao Qian was in a bad mood. He had waited until he was promoted to Second Layer to start making money.

At this price, what kind of krypton does he get? Selling kidneys is not enough…

“That one carat source diamond is useless? “

He also has a bag of 1-carat Origin Diamonds in his hand, and it would be too bad if it was useless.

“Ten 1-carat Origin Diamonds can raise a little cultivation base… “

Ling’er reassured: “It’s not entirely useless. If the quality is not enough, the quantity can make up for it. “

Gao Qian doesn’t want to talk about this anymore, “I’ll go and talk to Yan Qing. “

Time Qian has cleared the customs, let’s see if Yan Qing has any surprises. The blood demon’s fierce Blade Technique also made Gao Qian realize the importance of martial skills.

His King Kong Divine Power Sutra still needs more than 40 days to upgrade, Zhou Yuxiu has no money, and if you want to increase the power as soon as possible, you can only dig more resources from the yellow gate.

Because Ling’er can In a closed space, Gao Qian doesn’t have to worry about what Zhou Yuxiu sees him doing.

Opening the yellow door, Gao Qian sees two doors of light, one leading to Shiqian’s Inn and one leading to Yanqing The arena where it is located.

The value of time change has been squeezed out, so Gao Qian chose Yanqing without the slightest hesitation.

Gao Qian also found a problem, the world in the yellow door is very Real, on the other hand, is very illusory.

No matter when he comes, Yan Qing and Shi Qian seem to be waiting there.

In the ring, Gao Qian has Looking around, he realized that the arena was built on a piece of water, surrounded by large reeds, and in the distance there was a surging river.

The sky was high and the water was long, the river was howling, and the reeds swayed in the wind. Open-mindedness.

Gao Qian also gave birth to two points of pride, he bowed his hands and saluted: “Mr. Yan, please advise. ”

He put on a modern boxing frame, with one hand in front and the other behind, sideways facing the midline of Yan Qing’s body.

Normally, with his strength, he is most afraid of getting close Fighting. Don’t care about any fancy tricks, close combat is to see the strength of the two sides.

With Shi Qian’s lesson, Gao Qian dare not underestimate Yanqing. Although the opponent is probably a wrestler hand.

Yan Qing surrendered to Gao Qian: “Please. ”

Gao Qian adjusted his pace and circled around, but Yan Qing slowly turned his body with a smile on his face to adjust the direction.

After such a circle, Gao Qian became impatient. With his strength and speed, there is no need to be so cautious.

Gao Qian exerted force under his feet, and instantly accelerated towards Yanqing.

The speed of his full-strength burst was terrifying, and the distance between the two sides was only four or five. Mi, Gao Qian threw himself in front of Yan Qing within 0.1 seconds.

Gao Qian throws a punch, and the turbulent punches roared like Shen Lei.

Yan Qing also smiled, the power of this fist is really terrifying, and the speed is astonishingly fast.

He stomped his feet, and the force started from his feet. They all trembled in an orderly manner, and the tangled muscles rolled like pythons.

Yan Qing used the horse shape in the Eight Ways of Losing Traces. The muscles and bones move up and down, like a galloping horse.

It’s just that all this force is running on the body and not released.

Until Gao Qian’s fierce fist slams down , Yan Qingcai responded with a wild horse split mane.

The wild horse split the mane to take the wild horse’s galloping and publicizing momentum, and the posture is chic but extremely explosive.

Yan Qing’s arm and Gao Qian As soon as his arms were raised, he knew something was wrong.

The opponent’s strength was too arrogant, and although the horse’s shape was strong, it couldn’t stop this fist.

As a fist master, Yan Qing’s arms were muscular. Bombing uses four force changes: collapse, bounce, unload, and turn.

From the horse shape of a hard bridge and a hard horse to a snake shape that breaks the rigidity with softness, Yanqing’s arms are as soft as snakes, smooth and smooth. With Gao Qian’s fist swaying outward, others also turned around Gao Qian’s body like a snake, and his leg was like a snake through grass, and he did not know when to insert it between Gao Qian’s legs.

Snake The shape is soft but the changes are mysterious. Although Gao Qian’s strength is strong, it is too rough in Yan Qing’s eyes.

As soon as he inserts one leg in, he arches and squeezes with force, and the force is fast and clever. It’s breaking Gao Qian’s center of gravity.

No matter how powerful Gao Qian is, if the center of gravity is broken, people can’t stand firm.

Gao Qian is not alert, so he will use the fly The Longitudinal Technique leverages the strength.

Yan Qing has walked behind Gao Qian like a snake, wrapping her arms tightly around Gao Qian’s waist.

In this way, her arms are wrapped tightly around Gao Qian’s waist. , take the python wrap The momentum of killing is enough to break a person’s ribs, and even cut off a person’s qi and blood from running up and down.

It’s just that Gao Qian’s body is as hard as steel, but Yan Qing can’t stop her. But his boxing skills were superb, and when he realized that this move was useless, he immediately turned it into a throw.

Not waiting for Gao Qian to struggle, Yan Qing’s waist collapsed and fell violently.

Gao Qian suddenly saw Heaven and Earth flip in front of his eyes, and he knew it was not good. This was because Yan Qing grabbed his waist and made a head turn.

He shrank his neck and hid his head to protect himself, but Yan Qing’s throwing method did not allow him to escape.

As soon as he heard a muffled thud, Gao Qian inserted most of his head under the board of the ring.

Yan Qing succeeded in one move, and followed by spinning up, and the person in the midair raised his legs high and suddenly fell.

This way of using the instep to exert force is exactly the whipping of the legs in the Eight Ways of Misunderstanding.

The long whip can produce a near sonic boom effect with the force of the swipe. The way of exerting force is to transmit it to the tip of the whip through each section, and every part of the force will be amplified to ten.

Whipping the legs in the Eight Ways of Losing and Tracking is to take the swipe of a long whip, transfer the whole body strength to the instep, and urge the destructive power to the extreme.

Before the whip leg arrived, the high-pitched whistle from the whip leg had already penetrated Gao Qian’s ears.

Gao Qian’s heart tensed. He didn’t know what moves the opponent was using, and where he was going to hit him. He just instinctively clamped his legs.

Because of Gao Qian’s reaction, the whip leg only hit his ass. The terrifying power of the whip leg knocked Gao Qian down half a meter.

Gao Qian was really angry after being beaten continuously. His manic arms exerted strength, and the man was pulled out of the plank.

Before Gao Qian could stand firm, Yan Qing had already climbed up and launched a fierce attack like howling wind and torrential rain.

(end of this chapter)

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