This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 41


Chapter 41 Sensational
With the sound of β€œpeng”, Gao Qian was thrown on the back by Yan Qing In the ring, the thick solid wood boards were smashed and deformed.

Before Gao Qian could get up, Yan Qing kicked Gao Qian straight at his temple. This style uses the metatarsophalangeal joint, which is the hardest part of the forefoot.

Gao Qian was kicked several times, and every time it hurt to the bone.

When he saw this, he hurriedly put his head in his hands, but Yan Qing’s raised legs turned from kicking to splitting.

Gao Qian couldn’t keep up with Yan Qing’s rhythm, and was slashed right on his chest by the other side.

This leg uses the heel to force, such as the Heavy Axe slash, with a penetrating force. Gao Qian’s heart tightened, and he almost spurted blood.

Cheating in the Eight Ways of Losing and Tracking, momentum is big, power is deep, and the most fierce.

Gao Qian endured the severe pain and hugged Yanqing’s legs with both hands, but only grabbed a leather boot.

Yan Qing saw that she could not take advantage of it, so she had already retreated.

Waiting for Gao Qian to get up slowly, Yan Qing also showed some admiration on his face, and he asked, “I admire your outstanding performance. Do you want to fight?”

Yanqing’s trousers were also torn, and both boots were torn off.

He looked a little embarrassed, but he wasn’t injured.

Gao Qian adjusted his breathing, “Mr. Yan is kind enough to teach me how I can walk.”

In front of the boxing master Yan Qing, he was really powerless to fight back, all alone Aspects were beaten.

However, Gao Qian is still smart after all. After so many beatings, even if he can’t learn the opponent’s skills, he has learned a lot of beating experience.

Relying on the strength of his body, he fought back several times, at least scratching Yanqing’s pants.

Actually, Gao Qian also hit Yan Qing, but the opponent’s body was slippery and tough.

To say that time moves fast, then Yanqing is clever, and his boxing skills have reached an extremely delicate realm.

In terms of speed, strength, and physical strength, Yan Qing seems to be inferior to him. That is, he was battered and exhausted by brought to the point of perfection.

From Zhou Yuxiu’s free Wing Chun boxing and other techniques, it is simply not enough in front of Yan Qing.

This kind of setback is actually more uncomfortable than the time-shifting one. Because it really can’t be beat.

Gao Qian was also ruthless, and he fought with Yan Qing to the death.

Yan Qing obviously has a long endurance.

Seeing Gao Qian’s high fighting spirit, Yan Qing also smiled and accompanied him.

After fighting for another hour, Gao Qian couldn’t hold it any longer. Although he made great progress in actual combat, being abused like this is a kind of devastation to his body and mind.

The key is that he can see that Yan Qing is not very stamina, but he is not tired. It should be the speciality of this world.

Gao Qian wanted to grind the other party to death, but found that this way would not work, so he gave up decisively.

Gao Qian just came out of the yellow door when Ling’er greeted her and asked with concern: “father, are you okay?”

“What do you think?” Gao Qian replied angrily.

Ling’er forced a smile: “It looks good.”

In fact, Gao Qian doesn’t really see anything from his appearance, he is wearing Taiyi Dragon Mark golden robe , Golden crown, boots, the material is very special.

Although it has no protective effect, it will not be easily destroyed.

It’s just that his hair is messy, and his face is bruised and red, and he’s quite embarrassed.

You can wait for Gao Qian to put on a mask and tidy up her bun, that is the majestic and mysterious His Highness Grand One again.

Ling’er comforted again: “father, no one knows you lost. That means you didn’t lose. No shame.”

Gao Qian couldn’t help laughing, “Ling’er , you are really caring.”

Zhou Yuxiu was still watching cultivation, not knowing that she respected the teacher and was beaten with sandbags for two hours.

Gao Qian also adjusted his mentality, yes, as Ling’er said, no one would be ashamed to know.

He said to Ling’er: “There is a replay, we are not as good as others, so let’s study hard…”


Ling’er excitedly turned on the light mirror and replayed the image of Gao Qian being abused.

It was two hours long, and the first hour was all Gao Qian was beating. Gao Qian didn’t even get a chance to speak.

In the next hour, it was much better. At least Gao Qian knew how to use his body to fight back.

Gao Qian focused on the next hour of battle, because it was barely called confrontation.

“father, I’ve counted it for you. Yan Qing has a total of four boxing forms: horse, snake, swallow, and tiger. He also has four types of legs, which can be roughly divided into whip legs. , split legs, sweep legs, and bounce legs…”

Ling’er is mediocre in martial arts, but her memory analysis ability is much stronger than Gao Qian.

Yan Qing’s boxing moves have obvious characteristics. Through the light mirror, it is easy to distinguish different types of moves.

However, even if you break down the movements into tens of thousands of frames per second, you can clearly see the details of Yanqing’s muscles and muscles, but he still can’t learn the opponent’s boxing skills.

Yan Qing’s boxing moves look simple, but it is not a simple muscle, bone and muscle force, but involves a deeper level of qi and blood transport. There is even some kind of internal force working.

Therefore, Yanqing can also fly as fast as flying, rising five or six meters high. The body is more tenacious than ordinary people.

No matter how much an ordinary person practices, he will never be able to practice at this level.

It’s like Zhou Yuxiu’s Wing Chun, which looks exquisite, but cannot withstand a single blow under Yan Qing’s style.

This is because the two types of boxing are inherently different.

Gao Qian couldn’t learn the profound mystery of Yanqing’s boxing technique, but he learned a lot from watching how Yanqing fought and how to deal with various changes.

Through Yan Qing, Gao Qian realized for the first time that his own boxing was so rough.

Being able to oppress others in the face of peers. In the face of a real expert, it is difficult for him to exert his strength.

Gao Qian originally thought the blood demon Blade Technique was fierce, but compared with Yan Qing, it was really the difference between Heaven and Earth.

If there is Yan Qing’s extreme height, it should not take much effort to kill the blood demon.

Unfortunately, in a short period of time, he may not be able to fight against this Yan Qing.

Only wait for his King Kong Divine Power Sutra to reach the second realm and forcibly crush the opponent with transcendent strength.

Calculating the time, it’s just over 40 days…

Gao Qian came out of the hotel in the morning and ate breakfast at the roadside stall before arriving at the inspection compound.

The inspector compound will be fried. All inspectors and inspectors are staying in the compound, in groups of three or four getting together to discuss.

Even if you are a few mature and calm people, this will be unbearable.

No way, it’s really too big.

The crowd came late, only to see bloodstains all over the ground, so I don’t know how many people died.

But the gun room was pried open, and the assault rifles were gone.

Just this, you know how dangerous things were last night.

These patrols are all slick, and few are stupid. Yesterday, Vice Captain Li Yan adjusted the shift schedule, which was nothing at all, but suddenly something happened at night.

Linking back and forth, there is a big problem here.

The inspector from the sub-bureau couldn’t explain the situation clearly. He just put everyone on standby and was not allowed to leave the inspection compound.

As soon as Gao Qian arrived, many of the inspectors became excited.

Because Gao Qian’s office was full of blood, the heavy desk was split in half, and the scene was extremely tragic.

Everyone guessed that Gao Qian was beaten to death, and no one didn’t expect Gao Qian to be completely fine.

Everyone on the fourth patrol battallion didn’t know how to face Gao Qian.

Only henchman Shi Ming, his square face was smiling and blooming, eagerly greeted Gao Qian: “Leader, I knew you were fine…”

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