This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 42


Chapter 42 is promoted again

Shi Ming is sincerely happy, he circles around Gao Qian every day, Not to get rich with Gao Qian’s promotion.

If Gao Qian dies, his efforts will be in vain.

So, seeing that Gao Qian is all right, Shi Ming is happier than anyone else.

Many inspectors are a little disdainful, this Shi Ming is also a lot of age, surrounded by a young man to shoot flattery, he really doesn’t want to face at all.

Of course, there are also many people who look at it with jealousy.

After such a big incident, Gao Qian is all right, this guy really has boundless prospects.

Some people regret it, and they should hug Gao Qian’s thigh in advance.

As long as you can get promoted and get rich, what are you doing with your face!
Immediately, a few people took the initiative to greet Gao Qian, and they greeted Gao Qian with a well-behaved face.

Gao Qian is also polite and kind to everyone.

This also made the filming flattery feel very comfortable. Du Tao and Li Yan were all very arrogant and arrogant.

He treated the inspector just like his own son.

To be as polite and polite as Gao Qian is something I have never seen before.

In fact, Gao Qian has always been like this before, but his status was not so high before, so Gao Qian’s politeness was worthless.

People who oppose it will despise Gao Qian.

Now, Gao Qian’s attitude is approachable and tolerant.

The inspectors from the sub-bureau also came over to greet Gao Qian with a low attitude.

In the past, everyone thought that Gao Qian was not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth and that he was a fool. As soon as he came to Lin Hai, there were several major events.

A guy like this, even if he has some relationship, won’t last long.

As a result, all those who opposed Gao Qian died. Even the blood demon couldn’t help Gao Qian.

This ability is very awesome!

The low stance of the inspectors of several sub-bureaus also made the fourth inspector battalion see the taste.

Apparently, Gao Qian is now hot enough to scald one’s hands!

It’s just that these inspectors didn’t know the specific situation, and they were all a little surprised.

At ten o’clock in the morning, the deputy director of the branch, Mu Guofeng, personally attended the meeting to hold a meeting for the fourth inspector battallion.

The content of the meeting was very simple, mainly the announcement of new personnel appointments.

Gao Qian was promoted to the Level 2 Inspector, the fourth Inspector Battallion Vice Captain, and also serves as the Major Crime Team Leader.

Because there is no positive Captain, that is to say, from today, Gao Qian is the leader of the fourth patrol battallion.

The fourth patrol battallion was very surprised by this promotion. Although they could see that Gao Qian was very hot right now, they never imagined that he would be promoted so easily.

Looking at it like this, if it wasn’t for Gao Qian’s inexperience, he would have been promoted to Captain.

You must know that there are only eight patrol battalions in the entire Linhai District, and four patrol battalions in each of Nanjiang and Beisong districts.

Gao Qian’s official position has been promoted by one level, but he has stepped into the ranks of high-level officials in the Linhai inspection system.

Above him, there are only a few bureau chiefs.

Mu Guofeng finally remarked a few words about the situation of last night, and the statement is also very official, that is, the gang members boldly attacked the patrol battallion, and Wu Qiang, Li Yan and the others died heroically on the spot.

For those who died in battle, the bureau will give some compensation.

Of course, there is no recognition or anything.

As soon as Mu Guofeng left, Gao Qian was surrounded by the fourth patrol battallion.

At this time, even the dullest person knows that Gao Qian is the boss.

In the fourth patrol battallion, Gao Qian really has the power to decide life and death.

Mu Guofeng came out of the patrol compound by car and saw in the rearview mirror that Gao Qian was surrounded by a group of patrol officers.

Several of the veteran inspectors were extremely enthusiastic, even with a bit of humility.

Mu Guofeng withdrew his gaze, and the polite smirk on his face was completely put away.

“This Gao Qian, how come it’s not dead yet!”

Mu Guofeng is very irritable, Gao Qian is too capable of tossing, but every time he is tossing, he benefits, others are unlucky.

As Gao Qian’s immediate boss, he wanted to pinch this kid to death, but he had to pinch his nose to give him a promotion.

This depression, let alone how uncomfortable it is…

Mu Guofeng didn’t return to the branch, and went directly to the city bureau to find Wang Fuan.

“So, that’s it?”

Wang Fuan was very calm. He hated Gao Qian, but he didn’t want to kill Gao Qian.

Mu Guofeng smiled wryly: “He is leaning against the Shen Family, and he is covered by the Special Affairs Bureau, what else can we do?”

“I asked someone to inquire about it. , Gao Qian has nothing to do with the Shen Family. He just has a little relationship with the girl from the Shen Family.”

Wang Fuan was very concerned about this matter and asked someone to ask about it.

After all, the Shen Family is too powerful in the inspection system, and he can’t afford to offend a little Chief Patrol Envoy.

Wang Fuan added: “Shen Family, the most important thing is family history. If the Shen Family great character knows that Gao Qian hooked up with Shen Family girls, he will end up worrying.”

“It’s not as good as us. Talk to someone from the Shen Family?”

Mu Guofeng’s heart moved, he thought this was a good solution to Gao Qian.

“We don’t know the situation of the Shen Family, it’s not a good idea to inform.”

Wang Fuan shook his head, Lin Hai was too remote, and the Shen Family would not care about Gao Qian Such a nobody .

A solemn whistleblower, a bad one will anger the Shen Family.

Mu Guofeng sighed a little indignantly: “Aristocratic Family aloof and remote, you don’t know anything, but you have the lifeblood of the alliance, this world is really unfair!”

Arrived at Mu Guofeng This step, the upward ceiling can already be clearly felt.

No matter how well he did, at most he reached this step of Wang Fuan.

In fact, because there is no one behind him, it is almost impossible for him to take the position of director.

Wang Fuan sneered: “There is no Aristocratic Family, it’s just a group of upstarts.”

The alliance overthrew the monarchy and vigorously attacked various feudal remnants. Just suddenly discovered the source power, the Source Master suddenly became the master of the times.

During the fifty-sixty years, Source Master has actually formed a stable class, completely controlling the upper class of the alliance.

To these Source Master families, everyone else is the bottom line.

Wang Fuan is no exception, he also hates these Aristocratic Family.

Mu Guofeng was also deeply affected by it, and the two talked about this very common language.

After scolding, the friendship between the two deepened a lot.

Mu Guofeng saw that the heat was almost over, he asked in a low voice: “Director, the Special Affairs Bureau already knows about this matter?”

Wang Fuan knew about Mu Guofeng What was he worried about, he asked Mu Guofeng: “Do you still have a way out?”

Mu Guofeng’s face was ugly, he thought for a while and said: “Director, we always have to assess the risk, and it’s fine before. Well, now that the special affairs bureau is in trouble, we should retreat.”

“Who can make us retreat?”

Wang Fuan shook his head, “Don’t worry about it. Fortunately, after this step, there is no turning back.”

“If that one dies, we will be fine.” Mu Guofeng reminded.

“How can it be so easy…”

Wang Fuan sighed deeply, “Monster Race’s cheap is not so easy to take. I just hope this guy finishes things quickly, we take our own For that part, he will go to his major event, and everyone will get together and leave.”

Mu Guofeng frowned: “This is not easy.”

He turned his face full of hatred. Meaning: “It’s all Gao Qian’s business! I can’t let this kid get any better.”

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