This Martial Artist Is Super Talented Chapter 43


Chapter 43 Multiple friends, multiple paths (add more for Alliance Leader hnjfs)

10pm More, it is the most lively time of Black Butterfly Bar.

The young men and women danced wildly to the beat of the manic music, not to mention how well they danced, but the young lithe and graceful body was full of temptation.

Shi Ming and his two friends sat in the largest booth. He stared at the young body on the dance floor with drunken eyes.

Alcohol made his brain a little drowsy, but this drowsiness also made him put down his usual pretense, and the whole person was in a state of almost indulgent excitement.

“Master Shi, I respect you.”

A slick middle-age person in his thirties approached, he bowed deeply, and the wine glass in his hand was about to be put on the ground. .

Shi Ming casually raised his glass and touched it. This man’s name is Xiao Wang, and he is the bar manager. He has been trying his best to please him all this time.

A bar manager, but a pawn in front. According to the saying passed down from the south, it is the horse boy.

The Black Tiger Gang went down, but the Black Butterfly Bar didn’t. The wyvern gang got through the branch, bought the Black Butterfly Bar, and quickly continued to operate.

Because the Black Butterfly Bar is quite famous, the name of the bar has not changed.

It’s just the operator of the bar, with a different group of people.

Shi Ming used to be just a little inspector, there were people behind businesses like bars, and it wasn’t his turn to take advantage of it.

It’s just that things are different now, he’s been promoted to Vice Group Leader of the Major Crime Squad. Although it is only a substitute, it is enough to show that his status is very different.

Don’t say anything else, just because he is Gao Qian’s confidant, he can walk unhindered in the fourth patrol battallion area.

After observing for a few days, all the people in the district felt that Gao Qian had really gained a firm foothold.

This group of people began to actively contact Gao Qian.

Unfortunately, Gao Qian is a foreigner and has almost nothing to do locally.

As for An Pingchang, there are really not many people who can get on with it.

Therefore, as Gao Qian’s confidant, Shi Ming’s status rose immediately.

Wherever you go, you will be greeted warmly.

The inspector’s status is not high, but it has great power.

From public security to environmental sanitation and fire safety, all are under the inspection and management.

Not to mention illegal business, it is legal business, and it is very easy for the inspector to clean up you.

What affects the appearance of the city, the fire protection is not up to standard, come to check twice a day, don’t even think about doing business.

It is the lowest inspector, who can eat and drink, and live a very comfortable life.

Bars, hotels, KTV and other entertainment industries will do some illegal business to some extent. This kind of money is so good.

The wyvern gang bought Li Yan before, and no one in the fourth patrol battallion dared to provoke the Black Butterfly Bar.

Now the situation is different, Li Yan is dead, and it is Gao Qian’s turn to call the shots.

The wyvern gang doesn’t really care much about this famous inspector.

However, doing business in the 4th battallion precinct means dealing with Gao Qian.

The wyvern gang is the largest gang in Linhai, far surpassing the Xiaodao Gang and the Black Tiger Gang in terms of size and power.

They are mainly engaged in water transportation, and almost all the ships entering and leaving the forest are theirs. Hence the name wyvern gang.

Unlike other gangs in Lin Hai, wyvern Gang Lord wants to engage in smuggling.

Because of the alliance control policy, smuggling various electrical appliances is extremely profitable. Getting caught but shutting down for about a year at most, the risk is very small.

Corruption of officials at all levels reduces the risk of smuggling.

For more than a decade, the power of the wyvern gang has continued to expand. Because smuggling makes a lot of money, they hardly touch other illegal businesses.

The wyvern gang has a good reputation in Linhai. After all, many people have transferred money from it, and the bottom has also bought bargains.

Aside from the big loss of taxes for the league, everyone is happy.

The wyvern gang has a huge power and has close relationship with the senior officials of Lin Hai.

Just do business, pay attention to harmony and make money. It is also the most basic routine to have a good relationship with the inspection of the jurisdiction.

Shi Ming is actually very clear about the way of this, to say that he does not have the courage to stand in front of the wyvern gang.

However, a small class manager is not worthy of too much attention.

Manager Xiao Wang drank the beer in one gulp. He slapped his butt on the deck sofa, and asked Shi Ming cautiously: “Master Shi, who do you like and tell me, I’m sure it will be arranged for you. perfectly clear.”

Shi Ming’s eyes shined, how can a man not be a good wine. Enough to drink, that’s all.

But he also knew the depths, so he didn’t dare to answer like that.

The wyvern gang is not a small gang, they eat beautiful people, don’t even think about it and don’t admit it.

He thought about it and asked, “What do you want?”

Manager Xiao said with a smile: “Master Shi, it’s the fourth brother who wants to invite Captain Gao to dinner, Please send a message.

“Anytime, our fourth brother is always waiting for Captain Gao. “

Shi Ming thinks things are not difficult, he nodded said: “This is not difficult, I will tell the high team. “

However, the words can’t be full. He added: “I don’t dare to make a ticket.” Gao team is very honest! “

Manager Xiao Wang’s face was flattering: “Who doesn’t know that you are Captain Gao’s confidant, such a trivial matter, you can just say a few words…”

Shi Ming is very proud nodded , he didn’t look at Manager Xiao Wang, his eyes fell on the white flower’s thigh, and he couldn’t take it away.

“You guys are so naive, you still don’t give Shi Ye a toast…” Manager Xiao Wang is very sensible. As soon as he waved his hand, he called a few beautiful girls over.

Seeing the white and tender beauties coming over with wine glasses, Shi Ming was drunk before he even got drunk…

Several beauties gathered around Shi Ming drinking and chatting. Shi Ming was also very proud. He had never been so beautiful in his life.

While he was happy, Shi Ming saw a beautiful girl suddenly twitching all over, face deathly pale , looking at the situation is very bad.

The other girl hurriedly took out a pink pill from her handbag and put it in the girl’s mouth.

In less than one minute, The twitching girl returned to normal, her face flushed red, her eyes became more blurred, and her movements became more and more daring and indulgent.

Shi Ming understood immediately, it was taking medicine…he thought in his heart. There was a flash of reluctance to take medicine at such a young age.

However, he was immediately attracted to the young and tender body of the girls. What does it have to do with these girls taking medicine!
He played with his… …

Second day, Shi Ming came to make tea for Gao Qian with a thermos.

This is also what he must do every day.

Gao Qian said Twice, Shi Ming insisted on doing this. In order to better unite the grassroots comrades, he did not stop him.

Poured a cup of tea for Gao Qian, Shi Ming carefully looked at Gao Qian’s expression, and felt that this mood should be better Not bad.

He cautiously said: “Team Gao, there is something…”

Gao Qian saw Shi Ming hesitated, he laughed: “Brother Shi, you have something to say Just say. “

“Uh, that’s it, a friend wants to invite you to dinner, what time do you think is convenient?” “

Shi Ming’s face is full of apologetic smiles, but the smile is somewhat uneasy.

I have been following Gao Qian for a few days, but he has not been able to understand Gao Qian. This person does not seem to be so She loves money, she is not lustful, she does not smoke or drink.

My daily life is very simple and regular.

Gao Qian is like an old fogey with few desires!
Shi Ming has always been in awe of Gao Qian because he couldn’t see through Gao Qian.

Even if it was such a small thing as inviting him to dinner, he was still apprehensive.

Gao Qian smiled slightly: ” friend, which friend? We have different identities, so we can’t make friends. “

Although Gao Qian’s attitude is gentle, Shi Ming is worried, no matter how he hears it, it doesn’t feel right.

Shi Ming regrets it, he shouldn’t take this job .It’s just that all the words have been said, it will be too late to regret it.

He said with a smile: “It’s the boss of the Black Butterfly Bar, Wang Sier. “

“Wang Si? “

Gao Qian felt that the name was a bit familiar, he thought about it and asked, “Is it the fourth Wang of the wyvern gang? “

“Um…” Shi Ming lowered his head, he didn’t dare to look at Gao Qian’s face.

“I heard that wyvern helped the old Wang Family brothers all four.” There is ability, but they are in Nanjiang District, and it has nothing to do with us. “

Gao Qian said: “Everyone is not in the same group, and there is no need to sit and eat together.” “

“Yes, yes.” “

Shi Ming has been nodded, but he took advantage of it, so it’s hard to explain it when he goes back.

Don’t look at people being polite to him, that’s to save Gao Qian’s face.

Even though Gao Qian had already expressed his refusal, Shi Ming dared to persuade: “Team Gao, Wang Family several brothers have always had a good reputation. as the saying goes, multiple friends, multiple paths…”

(Thanks to Alliance Leader hnjfs, old friend, old friend~)

(end of this chapter)

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